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Edmonton Team Building Activity - The Corn Maze
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Edmonton Team Building Activity - The Corn Maze


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Edmonton team building company offers corn maze team building activity to bring people together.

Edmonton team building company offers corn maze team building activity to bring people together.

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  • 1. PH:(780) 984-1085
  • 2. Based on the popular TV show, “Amazing Race”, High 5’s interactive Cornmazing Race is a memorable adventure geared towards promoting camaraderie and interaction. This fast-paced team building event challenges teams to navigate a series of ‘detours’ and roadblocks’ as they race through the Corn Maze to complete the circuit. Teams solve clues and complete intriguing and exciting team tasks along the way, all with healthy doses of laughter thrown in. For groups looking to eliminate the “rush factor” of the race we can incorporate penalties for any teams caught running! The Race is set up so that teams can choose individuals best suited to perform some tasks. This means nobody is forced to do anything they’re not comfortable with, yet everyone gets the opportunity to try something new and challenging. Teams must pull together, communicate and rely on each other’s strengths to emerge victorious. Teamwork has never been so much fun! This activity can be further enhanced with team Race themed costumes and props! Facilitated Program Benefits  Team work  Creative thinking  Cooperation  Decision making  Improve relationships  Stress relief Time Frame 3 hours Group Size: 16+ Cost $1775 group sizes 16—64 $2475 group sizes 65—128 Contact us for larger groups.
  • 3. There will be lots of “High 5ing” with teammates when participating in this wildly fun interactive day! Giant Rideable Ponies, Huge Board Games, Wacky relays and Mental Challenges are just a few of the lively stations teams will encounter while navigating their way through the Corn Maze. All games are designed to build team strength, facilitate communication and develop problem solving skills while having a fantastically good time! High 5 Facilitators host the day and direct teams through all of the games stations and then bring them all together for a spirited finale that is sure to leave everyone looking forward to the next corporate gathering! Facilitated Program Benefits  Build camaraderie  Energize a team  Boost morale  Improve relationships  Strengthen communication Time Frame 3 hours Group Size: 16+ Cost $1575 group sizes 16—64 $2275 group sizes 65—128 Contact us for larger groups.
  • 4. Take the excitement of a Vegas like casino add in the thrill of navigating a corn maze and you have a very lively interactive experience! Teams travel through the maze searching for hidden money and secretly located casino games. Once a team finds a casino game they work together to collectively try to win as much money as possible. Our casino dealers have a few tricks up their sleeve to make things more challenging and more interactive and also to give teams a chance to increase their cash! Strategy and team work play an integral part in each team’s overall success. A Corn Maze Interactive Casino is guaranteed to energize your group and really get everyone interacting and having fun! Facilitated Program Benefits  Team work  Cooperation  Decision making  Strategizing  Interaction  Group mingling Time Frame 3 hours Group Size: 16+ Cost $1200 group sizes 16—40 $1700 group sizes 41—60 $2200 group sizes 61—80 $2700 group sizes 81—100 $3200 group sizes 101—120 Contact us for larger groups.
  • 5. Ready to go packaged Team Building Program that includes organizer instructions and everything needed to make the event a success! The secret to making High 5’s – Corn Maze Challenge run smoothly and basically on it’s own are the team scorecards and game instructions that were designed with years of experience with first hand facilitation of such events. After splitting the group into teams the organizer just has to say go and at the end announce the winners if they so choose. Included is an easy 5 step set of instructions that will guide the organizer problem free to the end of the event. Teams start off by personalizing their Team Monkey Mascots using included artist pens. Then the Corn Maze Challenge begins! The specially designed scorecards direct teams where to go in the maze and which checkpoint to locate. The program is organized so that 2 teams will meet up at a designated check point where they’ll challenge each other in a game. How successful you are in a game determines which path your team will take through the maze! Self Directed Program Inclusions  Souvenir Monkey Team Mascots  Artist Pens  Giant Connect 4 Game Rental  Paddle Ball Game Rental  Brain Food Game Rental  Team Scorecard Set  Organizer Instruction Set Time Frame Flexible; Plan for 2 hours minimum Group Size: 16+ Cost $275 group sizes 16—64 $475 group sizes 65—128 Contact us for larger groups.