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Oral presentation hickey, higgins, kim
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Oral presentation hickey, higgins, kim


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Published in: Business, Technology

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    Name of Client or Organization
  • 2. Design Brief
  • 3. Design Brief
    Client Company: Our client company would be PLTW.
    Target Consumer: Our target consumers would be anybody who would be interested in shipping something small.
    Designers: Tom Hickey, Matt Kim, Jess Higgins, Adit Patel, AarshSachdeva
    Problem Statement: We have to design a package that is capable of protecting a Pringles chip and ship it from Fremd to Conant.
    Design Statement: Our three ideas were to suspend the chip in a Jell-O like substance, make a mould for the chip out of Styrofoam or a similar material, or to use air filled plastic pouches to keep the chip in place.
    Constraints: We are limited to using four different sizes of packages. In addition to this, we are only allowed to label the package with “Fragile,” or “Careful Handling.” We also are not allowed to use any pre-made packages.
  • 4. Background Information
  • 5. Shipping
    Priority Mail: The average delivery time of
    priority mail is 1-3 days. The pricing on shipping
    differs because of the different types of
    packages. The price also varies with the weight
    and distance. The weight range is 1 to 70
    pounds, and the price ranges from $5.10 to
  • 6. Types of Boxes
     1) USPS Flat Rate Envelope Package 12.5" x 9”. $4.95
    2) USPS Small Flat Rate Box5-3/8” x 8-5/8” x 1-5/8” $5.20
    3) USPS Medium Flat Rate Box 11" X 8.5" X 5.5“ $10.95
    4) USPS Large Flat Rate Box 12” x 12” x 5-1/2” $12.95 (Domestic)
    Up to 70 lbs.
    No more than 108” in combined length and girth.
  • 7. Brainstorming
  • 8. Styrofoam
    1) Our first idea was to heat up a Pringles chip, and then place it on a piece of Styrofoam facing down, and then very gently push down on the chip so the chip will make a mould in the Styrofoam. After you do this with one piece of Styrofoam heat the chip up again and place it in the mould. Then get another piece of Styrofoam and push very gently down on the chip, but make sure the two pieces of Styrofoam are lined up very precisely. After this, take the chip out of the Styrofoam and cut it to fit the package. Then place the chip back in the mould, and place the mould into the package. Once you do this, seal the package shut.
  • 9. Jell-O / Agar
    2) For our second idea we narrowed our choices down to Jell-O or agar, because these substances seem to have the highest melting points, and seem to have the highest viscosity. What we would do is fill up one of the packages halfway vertically with either Jell-O, or agar. After this was done, take the Pringles chip and securely wrap it in the saran wrap. Next, take the Pringles chip that is in saran wrap and place it inside of the package so the chip is laying horizontally. Then, continue to fill the package to the top. Once it is full seal the package shut.
  • 10. Air Filled Plastic
    3) Our third idea was to take the air filled plastic and place it in our package. Fill up the package halfway vertically and then place the Pringle chip so the bottom curved part is over the apex of the curve on the air filled plastic. After this is done, continue filling the package with these until it is full. Last, seal the package closed. This idea probably would not work as well since the chip is not well fitted to the material surrounding it like the other two ideas are.
  • 11. Decision Matrix
  • 12. Durability
    5) Based on testing, the chip will most likely be able to withstand the bouncing around, and roughness the package endures through the United States Postal Services shipping process. 
    4) Based on testing, the chip will have one crack in it by the time that it has gone through the shipping process and has reached its destination.
    3) Based on testing, the chip will have two or three cracks in it by the time that it has completed the shipping process and has reached its destination. 
    2) Based on testing, the chip will have many cracks in various places and will be in small pieces by the time it has reached its final destination. 
    1) Based on testing, the chip will have so many cracks that it has almost turned to a dust-like substance and is incredibly hard to pick up. In this case the idea has failed.
  • 13. Edibility
    5) When you eat the chip, it is as fresh as it would be if it had just came out of the Pringles package. The chip has not lost its form, and is not soggy at all. 
    4) When you eat the chip, it still tastes fresh like when it came out of its original Pringles package. Although, the chip has lost its form due to cracks form shipping. The chip is not soggy at all.
    3)When you eat the chip, it tastes a little weird because it is soggy from the Jell-O or agar. The chip has lost its form a little from being soggy, but not from cracking.
    2) When you eat the chip, it has cracked from shipping and has also gotten a little bit soggy, but not to the point where it is unbearable to eat.
    1) When you open the package, you can see that the chip has cracked and is completely soaked from the Jell-O or agar. It is so soggy that you do not want to even eat it.
  • 14. Feasibility
    5) The idea is fool-proof. Nothing can go wrong during the shipping process to harm the chip. The chip will arrive at its destination in perfect condition.
    4) The idea was good while testing it, but something may possibly go wrong during the shipping process that may end up damaging the chip
    3) The idea had some flaws while testing, and could possibly happen again only worse during the shipping process that may cause the chip to crack in a few spots. 
    2) The idea almost did not work when testing, if the package were to be mistreated any way during the shipping process it could destroy the chip completely.
    1) The idea failed testing and will most certainly fail while actually shipping it. If it was shipped, there would be no way the chip would not be damaged.
  • 15. Size
    5)The product is able to fit into any package perfectly. Can be shaped to fit any package with ease. 
    4)The product is able to fit to every package but the envelope with ease. Able to be fit to all packages but the envelope.
    3)The product can be fit to either go into the medium or large flat rate box. 
    2)The product can only fit into the large flat rate box, there is no way of shaping or downsizing it to fit to any other package.
    1)The product is so big that it cannot fit in any of the packages and therefore, has failed the assignment it was designed for.
  • 16. Decision Matrix
  • 17. Styrofoam Idea
  • 18. Materials
    Floral Styrofoam
    Regular White Styrofoam
    Duct Tape
    Pringles Chip
    Saran Wrap
  • 19. Assembly
  • 20. Design
    Take the floral styrofoam and cut out a piece that is .
    Dig out a shape that is similar to a Pringles chip and make sure the top of the chip isn’t sticking out at all.
  • 21. Design (Continued)
    Next, take a piece of the regular white styrofoam and place the floral styrofoam so the bottom of it is on the white styrofoam. Trace the shape of the floral styrofoam onto the white styrofoam.
  • 22. Design (Continued)
    Cut out the small square that you traced onto the white styrofoam. After you have done this, cut the white styrofoam so it fits to the size of the USPS Shipping Box.
  • 23. Design (Continued)
    Wrap the Pringles Chip very carefully in saran wrap, making sure you don’t break the chip while wrapping, and place the chip into the floral styrofoam. Place another thin piece of floral styrofoam on top to shut it. Then duct tape the two pieces together.
  • 24. Design (Continued)
    Place the floral styrofoam with the chip in it into the white styrofoam, and then place the white styrofoam into the USPS Shipping Box.
  • 25. Inventor Drawings
  • 26. Assembled
  • 27. Exploded
  • 28. Testing
  • 29. Testing
    It took the USPS Small Flat Rate Box 1.18 seconds to fall 12 feet. Using the distance / time=rate formula I am able to calculate the rate it took to fall.
    12 feet / 1.18 seconds= 10.17 Ft/Second.
  • 30. Bibliography
    "Prices." United States Postal Services. United States Postal Services. Web. 3/3/11.
    "Conversion Formulas." Conversion Formulas | Select Carrier Group. CEVA Ground. Web3/3/11.
    "Convert grams to cubic inch - Conversion of Measurement Units" Convert grams to cubic inch Conversion of Measurement Units. Web. 3/3/11.