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Enterprise Project Management at Global CyberSoft
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Enterprise Project Management at Global CyberSoft


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Presentation on Enterprise Project Management at Global CyberSoft

Presentation on Enterprise Project Management at Global CyberSoft

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Enterprise Project Management Prepared by An Cao, Hieu Le November 2007
  • 2. In this session
    • What is Enterprise Project Management?
    • The needs of Enterprise Project Management
    • Benefits of Enterprise Project Management
    • Enterprise Project Management usage at Global CyberSoft
  • 3. Group Discussion
    • Do you have a clear view of the status of the company’s projects?
    • How do I prioritize initiatives across my organization?
    • What is the status of our top five initiatives?
    • Do we have the right people working on the right projects?
    52.7% of IT projects cost 189% of their original estimates. 74% of all IT projects fail, come in over budget or run past the original deadline. 31.1% of projects will be canceled before they ever get completed. For every 100 projects that start, there is 94 restarts, with some projects have more than 1 restart
  • 4. Enterprise Project Management
  • 5. Global CyberSoft in the Past...
    • All documentation activities are done in ad hoc ways
    • Resource balancing problem
    • Project historical data
    • Monitor and tracking activities
    • Review activities
    • Little of risk management
  • 6. Global CyberSoft Today
    • Centralize project management activities
      • Web access
      • Dashboard
      • Indicators
  • 7. Global CyberSoft Today
    • Establish a framework for project controlling and monitoring
    Initiating Planning Monitoring & Controlling Closure
  • 8. Global CyberSoft Today
    • Standardize and simplify project reporting
      • Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
      • Anywhere, anytime
      • Automated
  • 9. Global CyberSoft Today
    • Improve Collaboration
      • Project team room
      • Risk tracking
      • Issue tracking
      • Earned value management
  • 10. Global CyberSoft Today
    • Integrate with SAP system
    • Business Rules
    • Status Administration
    • SAP selection lists
    • Controlling data
    • SAP-Budget data
    • Central Project data store
    • Holds SAP Difference Analysis Tables
    • Holds Defaults/Standards
    • Difference analysis
    • Locking mechanism
    • Consistency check
    SAP Project Server Project Client Check-In with Create-Flag Create Structure / Project in SAP Check-In with Synch-Flag Synchronization Defaults / Selection lists Administrative Tasks Download Project from SAP Open downloaded SAP project
  • 11. EPM Benefits
    • Maximize resource utilization
    • Collaborate and share project plan data
    • Integrate with other line-of-business systems such as SAP
    • Eliminate manual process to improve the efficiency and productivity
    • Allow for scalability
  • 12. Thank You