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Hieu Nguyen CV

  1. 1. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu 12 YEARS IN USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN  Passionate man about User Experience.  Founder of 4 biggest websites in Vietnam.  Worked for multinational companies: Sony, Pyramid, Ringier…  Mentor at Founder Institue and The Start Network 12 YEARS EXPERIENCE SUMMARY COVER LETTER I started my career in 2001 - when I was 19 years old - as a Front End Designer at Pyramid Consulting – one of the largest creative outsourcing company in Europe. 2 years later, I joined Sony as a Webmaster. After 3 years with Sony, I joined VON as Product Manager and managed Timnhanh – the biggest portal in Vietnam at that time. In 2009, I joined Ringier as Product Director – where I found Marry, Bepgiadinh and make both of them become largest in just 1 year. Since Jan. 2012, I work as Senior Product Director at Skynet – the company behind danhgiaXe and Lola. With my experiences and passion, I’m confindent in my contribution at your organization. http://ngochieu.com If you would like to learn more in detail about the projects I have done and my abilities, please visit my website at http://ngochieu.com In this website you can found my experience in detail, my projects and the acheivement of each project, view and download my keybote. I believe it will be the fastest way for you to find out am I suitable with your organization or not. Let’s check out http://ngochieu.com 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Front-End Designer Webmaster Product Manager Product Director Snr. Product Director 2 years 4 months 3 years 5 months 2 years 5 months 2 years 7 months April 2012 - now VON
  2. 2. MEDIA TALK ABOUT ME  e27 - Nguyen Ngoc Hieu on the state of social networks in Vietnam http://e27.sg/2011/11/30/nguyen-ngoc-hieu-on-the-state-of-social-networks-in-vietnam/  Youth Newspaper – Success from zero (translate from Vietnamese) http://goo.gl/CNUHE  EONVN - Doing Business in Vietnam http://dbiv.eonvn.com/speakers  Techne - GREE plans on Indonesian development outsource and more insights from Net-Impact http://techne.dailysocial.net/?cat=4007 ACHIEVEMENT FEATURED PROJECTS Senior Product Director Skynet, 2012 http://danhgiaxe.com danhgiaXe is a 1-stop website for: car reviews, online marketplace & social networking Founded in 2012, it is now one of the biggest automobile website in Vietnam Senior Product Director Skynet, 2012 http://lola.vn Lola.vn is handmade and vintage online community with: marketplace, tutorials and social networking. Lola is the biggest handmade marketplace in Vietnam and expanding to other countries. Product Director Ringier Vietnam, 2010 http://marry.vn Marry is a wedding website, helping Vietnamese users search for suppliers and planing for their wedding. In 9 months, Marry went from zero to be biggest. Marry offline-magazine, which was born utilize the power of online community, is one of the most successful wedding magazine until now. Product Director Ringier Vietnam, 2010 http://bepgiadinh.com Bep Gia Dinh was founded on June 2010 6 months later it become the biggest food and cookery website in Vietnam. Bep Gia Dinh offline-magazine is the highest circulation cooking magazine in Vietnam.
  3. 3. CAREER EXPERIENCE IN DETAIL www.skynet.vn Senior Product Director Feb 2012 → now I was in charge and report directly to CEO and the board about everything of Skynet’s two products: danhgiaXe and Lola.vn RECOMMENDATIONS More recommendation at my Linkedin profile: http://linkd.in/11Vekaq Goutama Bachtiar, report at e27 Magazine Partner First-off, I stumbled upon Hieu's profile when looking for a local prominent figure with deep understanding and extensive experience on Vietnamese social networks. It's for feature piece I would be writing for e27.sg end of last year, and he was the chosen interviewee among others. Calm and confident personality. His perspectives and opinions on digital marketing are invaluable. Indeed, he is a great person to work and make friends with www.ringier.vn Product Director 2 years 7 months (Oct 2009 → Apr 2012) I managed Online Business of Ringier Vietnam, in charge and responsiblte for 5 departments: Business Development, Product, Tech Development, Sales & Marketing. Marry and Bep Gia Dinh is two biggest products in Vietnam we have built. RECOMMENDATIONS More recommendation at my Linkedin profile: http://linkd.in/11Vekaq Collin Tate Crowell, Ringier CEO Collin managed me at Ringier Hieu has a great sense of web design, photography, layout, programming basics and digital marketing. He helped build and create Ringier's digital department, launching two of Ringier's most popular sites in Vietnam, www.bepgiadinh.com and www.marry.vn. He understands the value of a vibrant online community and a meaningful brand. It will be interesting to watch his entrepreneurial career. Van Nguyen Van reported to me at Ringier Mr Hieu is an exceptional Leader. He can be smart, warm and humorous at the same time. Without a shadow of doubt, his interpersonal and communication skills allowed him to develop productive working relationships with both clients and staffs. A hundred words could not to express how I was influenced by him. I totally understand why all of the biggest companies in Vietnam want him to be involved. Son Tran, CEO of Tiki.vn Partner Hieu is a charismatic leader & presenter. His experience & knowledge in digital marketing has made him a great asset for any modern organization with intention to make its voice heard & its brand trusted in the digital age.
  4. 4. TimNhanh.com Product Manager 2 years 5 month (Jun 2007 → Oct 2009) I was in charge of Timnhanh.com one - of the biggest online portal at that time in Vietnam. RECOMMENDATIONS More recommendation at my Linkedin profile: http://linkd.in/11Vekaq Dan Allen Joslin • Business Development Director Managed me indirectly at VON Hieu was is a great person to know and to have worked with. He always had fresh ideas and the tanacity to get them done. He was well rounded in understanding his local demografic environment as well merging it with some weastern ideas when it came to implementation of ads and marketing. in short he went above and beyond on every project from inception to completion Khoa Tran • Snr. Software Engineer Partner at VON Working with Hieu, I can trust him like a partner. He prepared the requirements and plans in detail, so I can focus on my work without any confusing. He is also working very hard and never let me waiting for my requirements. www.sony.com.vn Webmaster 3 years 5 months (Feb 2004 → Jun 2007) As webmaster, I was in charge of website management, development and online marketing for all company websites. Pyramid Consulting website Front-End Designer 2 years 4 months (Nov 2001 → Feb 2004) As a Front-End Designer, I was a team member doing projects for clients like: Sattchi & Sattchi, TBWA, JWT, Ogilvy, Belga (Belgian Press Agency)… In charge of Visual Design and HTML coder. CONTACT INFORMATION  Address: 10 Hung Thai 1, Phu My Hung, disctrict 7, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam  Mobile Number: +8490 888 5088  Email Address: ngochieu@gmail.com  Website: http://waznext.com MY ONLINE PROFILE  LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ngochieu/  My presentations on SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/hieu.nguyen  My photos on Flickr.com: http://www.flickr.com/ngochieu VON