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Adma Digital Marketing Yearbook 2009


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  • 1. ASIA PACIFIC Digital Marketing Yearbook 2009 “ The imperative for marketers now is to of customers online. join networks and “ interact directly with their communities Edited by Rachel Oliver
  • 2. ABoUt the ASiA DiGitAL MARKetinG ASSoCiAtion The ears, eyes ❚ Why join the ADMA? and voice of digital Being a member gives you access: • Unified voice for the industry to promote the use of marketing in Asia digital and the Internet (in the media and with potential customers) • Forum for standards and best practice sharing The Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) • Spokespeople to represent members and respond to criticism is the voice of, and advocate for, the digital • Industry contacts and networking opportunities • Sponsorship opportunities to raise awareness of your marketing industry in Asia (excluding Japan). brand • Discounted rates for regional events The ADMA is guided by senior executives in the • Notification of relevant speaking opportunities industry and is charged with gaining consensus • Professional digital marketing qualifications – discounted enrolment fees for members and providing leadership on key industry issues. • Entry in the online Membership Directory and annual Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook The ADMA actively promotes the benefits of • Job matching service to help you find staff using mobile and the Internet as channels to communicate with consumers as well as lobbying ❚ hoW to join the ADMA and public relations assistance for member Membership fees are set low enough to encourage universal membership among industry players, and taken companies. together provide sufficient revenues to underwrite regular activities. Other activities are funded by sponsorship (cash and in kind) and by charging admission fees for some The ADMA is a non-profit organisation with a events. membership base representing online publishers/ Visit and complete the online registration form. portals, agencies, research companies, technology/ service companies and marketers/advertisers. Visit for more details. The ADMA gives heartfelt thanks all our members for their support and contributions: ADMA Patrons: ADMA Corporate members: ad:tech, Admax Network, Adobe Systems Hong Kong, AGENDA Group Asia,, Coremetrics, draftFCB China, Dow Jones Publishing Company (Asia), Edipresse, eyeblaster, G2 Hong Kong, Grif.inter@ctive, Google Hong Kong, The Hyperfactory, ICLP, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Asia Pacific, MRM Worldwide, NDS Asia Pacific, Nielsen Online, OgilvyOne Worldwide, Omnicom Group, Omniture, Premiere Global Services, Profero, Responsys,, SingTel Digital Media, Sohnar Software, TIME & Fortune, Travelzoo, Universal McCann, The Upper Storey, Wunderman, wwwins Consulting, ZUJI. And all our individual members. asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 3. One way to reach millions is one of the worlds largest news websites, reaching a passionate and engaged audience of 29 million unique users* outside the UK. In Asia, reaches 8.7 million unique users* per month excluding UK – more than twice the number of our closest competitor. users are affluent, professional, educated and international. They are influentual opinion formers with a global mindset who lead active and cultured lives. Join the list of over 800 great brands that have successfully advertised on since the introduction of advertising on the site in November 2007. To find out more about how you can reach your target audience on, please contact: Sunita Rajan | VP – Sales, Asia Australasia Work | +(65) 6296 0864 Mobile | + (65) 9836 4153 Email | Inez Albert, Digital Sales Director, Asia Work | +(852) 2248 0060 Mobile | + (852) 9469 9540 Email | Cindy Tan, Regional Director, Asia Work | +(65) 6296 7903 Mobile | +(65) 9836 4151 / +(65) 8100 0858 Email | Seema Mohapatra Regional Director, South Asia Work | +(91) 22 3065 2121 Mobile | +(91) 98 2116 8167 Email | John Williams Account Director, Australasia Korea Work | +612 8923 4203 Mobile | +61406 420 582 Email | * comScore, Jan-March 2009 monthly average. comScore competitive set includes
  • 4. Contents ❚ ASiA PACifiC 6 ❚ inDoneSiA 6 ❚ SinGAPoRe 54 ❚ AUStR ALiA 0 ❚ jAPAn 8 ❚ SoUth KoReA 58 ❚ ChinA 6 ❚ MALAySiA 42 ❚ tAiWAn 62 ❚ honG KonG 24 ❚ neW ZeALAnD 46 ❚ thAiLAnD 66 ❚ inDiA 0 ❚ the PhiLiPPineS 50 ❚ VietnAM 70 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 5. It's here! The third Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) Yearbook has more pages and more data and more insights than ever. It's also available without charge online at We've had fantastic feedback on the usefulness of past editions from marketers, advertisers, media buyers and people throughout the digital industry. Just about every marketing director, agency executive or business executive has to develop digital strategies or give a presentation on what's happening online in the Asia Pacific region. That's where the ADMA Yearbook comes in. We've gathered a wealth of the most relevant information and insight available, some of which cannot readily be found anywhere else, along with case studies that showcase some of the most innovative and effective digital work being done now. The Yearbook covers demographics, user behaviour, online advertising, mobile, online gaming, e-commerce, and much more. Many thanks are due to all the companies that contributed data, to our editor Rachel Oliver, and to ADMA Director Kay Bayliss. 2009: Connections Triumph Over Interruption I n the past year, the development of digital marketing that most marketers and advertisers still predominantly took some exciting new turns, reaching not only use websites, online ads and email. Why these relatively new levels of growth and penetration, but also conservative approaches when the Internet changes new levels of sophistication. Marketers who started continuously and offers so many opportunities for with websites, banner ads and email now have an innovation? In some cases, advertisers may be concerned increasingly wide choice of platforms on which to engage about the relative lack of control over their messaging their target customers. Search, social media, blogs, and positioning on social media platforms, and in other sponsored content, mobile, email, and gaming all offer cases they may not yet have discovered a credible way to opportunities for innovation and differentiation online. connect with their target customers online. Online media is increasingly gaining the trust of Asian In any event, there is no doubt that 2009 is the year of consumers. A recent TNS survey revealed that of the top social media. Social media platforms have not figured out a 25 most trusted forms of media, 14 were online. And way to make money from the huge communities they have increasingly, trusted online media includes user-generated created online, but even brands with no clear social media content. The third most trusted overall are expert product strategy know that they must engage by joining networks reviews from websites, with consumer product reviews and conversations. Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Bebo, from websites at #5 and consumer opinions on blogs and MySpace and LinkedIn have built large-scale user bases message boards at #7 and #12 respectively. in Asia Pacific but these global players don't dominate in In the early days of digital marketing, offline advertising every market. New patterns of usage and local behaviour was used as the model: interruptive messages were placed are emerging across the region, with clear distinctions from in front of (or disrupted) the content in ways that grabbed country to country where consumers spend time online, the user's attention. Now we're seeing a truly interactive and how they behave. For example, 48% of all South model arise, in which brands engage their consumers Koreans have a Cyworld account, and the site has nearly online, either by joining the conversation, or creating a 18 million users, of whom 30% are in their 20s. China's platform for a community to gather around the brand. has 14 million average weekly unique browsers, Some of this new online communication looks more like PR and 150 million Qzone users actively update their accounts than advertising, and clearly the lines are blurring between at least once a month. In the Philippines more than 74% sales promotion, CRM and brand-building. Whatever it will of the online population participates in social networking; eventually develop into, it's exciting. Friendster has 10.7 million subscribers and Facebook has It's clear that Internet users have adopted new more than one million. media faster than most advertisers trying to reach them. The imperative for marketers now is to join these Advertisers need to do some catching up. Although there networks and interact directly with their communities of are some definitive case studies that demonstrate the customers online. Rich media, banner ads, pop-up ads, power of using social media, the ADMA 2009 Survey of the sponsored content and search may continue to command region's advertisers, marketers and agencies uncovered the lion's share of online ad dollars, but brands must now 4 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 6. their overall experience, and more than 60% of users said they also kept in touch with these friends on other social networking platforms. The numbers for online gaming are big and growing. attracts nearly 200,000 unique visitors a month in Asia Pacific, each of whom spends an average 86.8 minutes on the site, and in China draws more than 44,000 visitors monthly, each spending an average of 46.5 minutes there. Looking beyond social media, online advertising continues to become more mainstream and sophisticated, despite the recession. Yahoo! predicts Asia's annual online ad spend will eclipse western Europe's by 2010 to reach US$122 billion. According to the TNS survey, dedicated websites (53%), sponsored content (50%), pop-up ads (46%), banner ads (39%) and email (19%) are the most common types of digital media seen being used in Asia. Online branding efforts appear to be paying off, with nearly a third of users saying that the brand advertising they have seen significantly increased their interest in using the brand in question. China is number one in search, with 12.8 million searches performed in a month by nearly 150,000 searchers - that's 85 searches per searcher. Japan is the second largest search market, with 5.9 million searchers. However, Korea's searchers are most prolific, with 109 searches per searcher, Singapore not far behind with 106. Mobile continues to gain, both as a text messaging and voice call channel, but also for Internet access. Asia Pacific (ex Japan) has 97.6 million mobile online gamers, and 50% of them are in in China. There is 60% mobile phone master the art of connecting with consumers, as well as penetration in the Philippines. Filipinos send the highest -- or in many cases instead of -- interrupting their online number of SMS messages per subscriber in the world. experience with advertising messages. Two years ago, Mobile site page views grew 1120% YOY. 2008 Asia Pacific- the big news in digital marketing was the scale of the wide mobile data revenues topped US$65 billion, and an opportunity, as the number of users in Asia surpassed all estimated 473 million handsets were sold. other regions for the first time. Last year the dominant With usage of all elements of the online marketing theme was putting the consumer back at the centre of mix growing and becoming more sophisticated, all the the equation, as marketers and advertisers refocused on stakeholders in the digital marketing industry -- from customers' profiles and needs, rather than the tools and marketers and advertisers to publishers, agencies, technologies available to reach them. In 2009, the focus is hardware and technology solutions providers -- have a on connecting brands and consumers, and deeply engaging unique opportunity in 2009 to pioneer new ways to engage with target audiences across a wide variety of platforms. consumers and build their brands and sales online. Gaming too can be considered part of the social media phenomenon: in a survey more than 50% of respondents David Ketchum is Chairman, Asia Digital Marketing said meeting other gamers online was important for Association and Ceo Upstream Asia the yearbook is packed with relevant and sometimes surprising data. here's a sample of what you'll find inside: l Asia Pacific is home to the majority of the world's l 44% of Asia Pacific Internet users have shopped Internet users, with 41% of the total online in the last three years, and 76% intend to shop l 32% of Asian users say the online advertising they saw online again in the next six months significantly increased their interest in using the brand l More than half of the region's entire Internet traffic is l Online advertising is expected to have compound from users making repeat visits to gaming sites, and annual growth rates of 25% from 2007 to 2011 online gaming is expected to account for 75% of the US$9.2 billion premium and paid content market by l 82% of Asia's online ad spending in 2008 was in 2013 Japan, South Korea and China l trillion SMS messages originated in Asia Pacific in 17 l More than 450 million consumers across the region 2008 (74% of the world total) participate in social media and Facebook's Asia Pacific visitors to the site jumped 458% between mid-2007 and mid-2008 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 5
  • 7. ASiA PACifiC ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS Asia Pacific internet Population and Usage inteRnet USeRS PenetRAtion USeR GRoWth USeRS (% of) LAteSt DAtA (% PoPULAtion) (2000-2008) in ASiA The majority of the world's Internet users live in Asia, CHINA 298,000,000 22.4% 1,224.4% 45.8% HONG KONG 4,878,713 69.5% 113.7% 0.8% which is now home to 41% of the world's online INDIA 81,000,000 7.1% 1,520.0% 12.5% population, as at the beginning of 2009. Out of the one INDONESIA 25,000,000 10.5% 1,150.0% 3.8% billion online visitors globally, more than 431 million of JAPAN 94,000,000 73.8% 99.7% 14.5% SOUTH KOREA 36,794,800 76.1% 93.3% 5.7% them come from the Asia Pacific region. MALAYSIA 15,868,000 62.8% 328.9% 2.4% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) PHILIPPINES 14,000,000 14.6% 600.0% 2.2% SINGAPORE 3,104,900 67.4% 158.7% 0.5% TAIWAN 15,140,000 66.1% 141.9% 2.3% Other sources put Asia's online population at a much THAILAND 13,416,000 20.5% 483.3% 2.1% higher number - as many as 530 million Asians could now VIETNAM 20,834,401 24.2% 10,317.2% 3.2% TOTAL ASIA 650,361,843 17.2% 469.0% 100.0% be actively online. (SoURCe: inteRnetWoRLDStAtS DeCeMBeR 2008) (SoURCe: DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK 2008/9) Despite rapid increases in broadband connectivity and how Long Asia Pacific Spends online the number of users coming online across the region, totAL UniqUe totAL MinUteS AVeRAGe MinUteS AVeRAGe ViSitS ViSitoRS (000) (M) PeR ViSitoR PeR ViSitoR Asia Pacific's Internet penetration rates still average out at WORLDWIDE 1,078,911 1,442,534 1,337.0 44.3 around 15% in comparison to 30% in the rest of the world. ASIA PACIFIC 431,091 412,611 957.1 34.1 (SoURCe: BtRAx ) CHINA 187,822 155,039 825.5 34.2 JAPAN 62,052 60,777 979.5 36.1 INDIA 32,930 18,988 576.6 19.8 Asia Pacific's online penetration rate is the second lowest in SOUTH KOREA 27,685 43,923 1,586.5 49.8 AUSTRALIA 11,921 13,561 1,137.5 35.3 the world on a regional basis, Africa being the lowest. TAIWAN 11,192 10,906 974.4 32.1 (SoURCe: DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK 2008/9) MALAYSIA 9,033 7,441 823.7 25.9 HONG KONG 3,814 4,234 1,110.1 35.9 SINGAPORE 2,523 3,144 1,245.9 35.5 Asian markets possess the highest percentage of NEW ZEALAND 2,414 2,004 830.2 29.2 SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At hoMe/WoRK households with broadband fibre connections, led by LoCAtionS) South Korea with 31.4% of its households linked up to the Internet via fibre-optic connections. (SoURCe: DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK 2008/9) 6 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 8. TAIWAN 618 9,735 63.5 ❚ USeR BehAVioUR MALAYSIA 405 6,207 65.2 HONG KONG 199 2,773 71.8 SINGAPORE 171 1,617 105.6 Social networking is big in Asia. More than 450 million NEW ZEALAND 135 1,500 90.1 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe qSeARCh; totAL ASiA-PACifiC inteRnet AUDienCe*, *exCLUDeS SeARCheS fRoM consumers across the region participate in social media. PUBLiC CoMPUteRS SUCh AS inteRnet CAfeS oR ACCeSS fRoM MoBiLe PhoneS oR PDAS; AGe 5+ - hoMe WoRK LoCAtionS; SePteMBeR 2008) (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) Asia's Social Media Market Asia Pacific is the biggest region in the world for social CoUntRy PoPULAtion foReCASt inteRnet inteRnet eStiMAteD 2008 USeRS 2008 PenetRAtion 2008 SoCiAL networking with 169 million unique visitors - and it's MeDiA USeRS growing the fastest too at a rate of 29%. CHINA 1,330,044,605 253,000,000 19.0% 202,400,000 (SoURCe: DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK 2008/9) HONG KONG 7,018,636 4,878,713 69.5% 3,902,970 INDIA 1,147,995,898 60,000,000 5.2% 48,000,000 INDONESIA 237,512,355 25,000,000 10.5% 20,000,000 Such is the pull of social media in Asia that seven JAPAN 127,288,419 94,000,000 73.8% 75,200,000 SOUTH KOREA 49,232,844 34,820,000 70.7% 27,856,000 out of the world's 10 top markets that rely most on MALAYSIA 25,274,133 14,904,000 59.0% 11,923,200 recommendations from consumers are in this region. PAKISTAN 167,762,040 17,500,000 10.4% 14,000,000 (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) PHILIPPINES 92,681,453 14,000,000 15.1% 11,200,000 SINGAPORE 4,608,167 4,026,400 87.4% 3,221,120 TAIWAN 22,920,946 15,400,000 67.2% 12,320,000 Social networking site Friendster has Asia to thank for its THAILAND 65,493,298 13,416,000 20.5% 10,732,800 VIETNAM 86,116,559 20,159,615 23.4% 16,127,692 popularity - out of its 30 million monthly visitors globally, ASIA 3,363,949,353 571,625,328 - 456,883,782 nearly 28 million of them are in the Asia Pacific region. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) (SoURCe: teChCRUnCh/fRienDSteR) Bloggers in Asia vs USA % of ReSPonDentS ASiA USA Facebook's 153% visitor growth which it recorded between MALE 73% 57% mid-2007 and mid-2008 was higher than any other social AGES 18-34 73% 42% AGES 35+ 27% 58% network in the world - and it had Asia Pacific to thank for SINGLE 57% 26% it, the number of the region's visitors to the site jumping EMPLOYED FULL-TIME 45% 56% HOUSEHOLD INCOME US$75,000 9% 51% by 458% in that period. (SoURCe: BRAnDRePUBLiC) COLLEGE GRADUATE 69% 74% AVERAGE BLOGGING TENURE (MONTHS) 30 35 MEDIAN ANNUAL INVESTMENT $30 $80 MEDIAN ANNUAL REVENUES $120 $200 More than half of the region's Internet traffic is down to % OF BLOGS WITH ADVERTISING 60% 52% users making repeat visits to gaming sites: 51% of Asia AVERAGE MONTHLY UNIQUE VISITORS 26,000 18,000 (SoURCe: eMARKeteR; jULy/AUGUSt 2008) Pacific's online population visited gaming sites in August 2008 on average 11.5 times, each spending on average 87 minutes there. The keenest players of the lot? The South Koreans, who spent around three hours per visit. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG A key motivating factor for Asian online gamers is Online advertising spending in Asia (ex-Japan) will socialising. In a survey, more than 50% of respondents experience dramatic growth going forward, with compound said meeting other gamers online was important for their annual growth rates of 25.4% over the 2007-2011 period. overall experience. And these friendships can last - more (SoURCe: iDC) than 60% of users said they also kept in touch with these friends on other online social networking platforms. Online ads may be informing customers in Asia Pacific (SoURCe: iDC) about their choices - but it doesn't means they are persuading them to buy anything. More than 60% of users Asia Pacific's online Gaming Usage % ReACh totAL UniqUe AVeRAGe MinUteS AVeRAGe ViSitS in one survey said they saw online ads as informative yet ViSitoRS (000) PeR ViSitoR PeR ViSitoR TV ads were more likely to make them want to buy the ASIA PACIFIC** 51.1 199,081 86.8 11.5 CHINA 54.9 90,292 69.8 13.0 product that was being advertised. (SoURCe: iDC) SINGAPORE 49.6 1,172 140.0 13.0 AUSTRALIA 44.7 5,032 125.2 11.3 TAIWAN 42.4 4,465 151.0 15.5 NEW ZEALAND 41.1 926 134.5 9.9 If advertisers do want to increase their persuasive abilities SOUTH KOREA 40.5 10,715 189.6 13.0 online, the best thing to do is make them laugh. According MALAYSIA 40.2 3,463 130.8 11.9 JAPAN 39.8 22,830 76.1 10.0 to one survey, nearly 70% of Asian online users watch HONG KONG 36.9 1,388 142.9 13.1 online video ads, with 60% of users saying they would be INDIA 27.4 8,295 45.4 4.3 highly interested if that ad was funny. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; AUGUSt 2008; totAL ASiA-PACifiC inteRnet AUDienCe*, *exCLUDeS SeARCheS fRoM PUBLiC CoMPUteRS SUCh AS inteRnet CAfeS oR ACCeSS fRoM MoBiLe PhoneS oR PDAS. (SoURCe: iDC) AGe 5+ - hoMe WoRK LoCAtionS) Asia-Pacific's Search Usage Patterns Together, Japan, South Korea and China took up nearly CoUntRy SeARCheS (M) UniqUe SeARCheS PeR 82% of Asia's online ad spending in 2008. SeARCheRS (000) SeARCheR (SoURCe: SoZon) ASIA PACIFIC 28,967 341,850 84.7 CHINA 12,758 149,219 85.5 JAPAN 5,879 61,130 96.2 KOREA 2,303 21,072 109.3 Asia's online ad spend should eclipse western Europe's by INDIA 1,169 22,931 51.0 2010 to reach US$122 billion. AUSTRALIA 977 8,523 114.6 (SoURCe: yAhoo!) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 7
  • 9. Online ad spend in south east Asia alone will net almost US$200 million by 2010, led mostly by increases in display ❚ MoBiLe advertising activities. And three markets - Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines - will be responsible for An estimated 472.5 million mobile phones were sold in Asia as much as 90% of the south east Asia region's market in 2008, a 17.9% increase on 2007. growth over the next five years. (SoURCe: MARKetinGVox) (SoURCe: MARKetinG-inteRACtiVe/nieLSen/yAhoo!) By 2013 more than 50% of the world's projected 5.63 Online branding efforts appear to be paying off in the billion mobile connections will come from the Asia Pacific region, with nearly one third (32%) of users around Asia - region. Not surprisingly the two markets leading the charge from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and will be China and India. Thailand - saying the brand advertising they have seen (SoURCe: tRenDSniff/oVUM) across all forms of digital media significantly increased their interest in using the brand in question. Excluding Japan, Asia now has around 97.6 million mobile (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) online gamers. More than half of them are in China. (SoURCe: iDC) Nearly half - 45% - of Asia Pacific's advertisers and marketers surveyed said they used online games as part of Mobile data revenues in Asia Pacific in 2008 came to their digital marketing strategies in 2008. US$65.1 billion - in 2003 they stood at just US$21.9 billion. (SoURCe: ADMA DiGitAL MARKetinG SURVey 2008) (SoURCe: fRoSt SULLiVAn/ZDnetASiA) So much for the financial crisis - 59% of Asia Pacific On a regional basis, Asia Pacific is the largest mobile advertisers surveyed actually increased their digital gaming market on earth, generating an estimated US$2.3 marketing budgets in 2008 while only 10% made cutbacks. billion in end-user spending in 2008, which is estimated to (SoURCe: ADMA DiGitAL MARKetinG SURVey 2008) rise to US$3.4 billion in 2011. (SoURCe: GARtneR) internet Advertising Revenues forecast by Region ReGion 2007 ($M) 2008 *($M) 200 *($M) In 2008, 1.7 trillion out of an estimated 2.3 trillion mobile NORTH AMERICA 188,415 194,990 207,570 WESTERN EUROPE 119,976 124,420 135,781 SMS messages sent around the world came from Asia. (SoURCe: DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK 2008/9) ASIA PACIFIC 102,807 111,534 127,916 CENTRAL EASTERN EUROPE 31,563 37,041 48,424 LATIN AMERICA 26,329 30,924 38,920 REST OF WORLD 16,490 18,606 25,938 By 2012 more than US$880 million of Asia Pacific's mobile WORLDWIDE 485,580 517,515 584,550 music revenues will come from ad-supported business (SoURCe: ZenithoPtiMeDiA *PRojeCtionS) models. (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) types of Digital Media Seen Being Used in Asia MeDiA % of USeRS DEDICATED WEBSITES 53% SPONSORED CONTENT 50% By the end of 2008 there were an estimated 91.4 million POP-UP ADS 46% mobile social networking users in the world - 50% of them BANNER ADS 39% living in the Asia Pacific region. EMAIL 29% (SoURCe: infoRMA teLeCoMS MeDiA) MOBILE PHONES 19% ADS IN VIDEO GAMES 6% ADS IN VIRTUAL WORLDS 4% OTHER 11% Asia Pacific's 3G population is set to explode. The region (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA; RePReSentS ChinA, honG KonG, MALAySiA, SinGAPoRe, tAiWAn AnD thAiLAnD) was home to an estimated 158.4 million 3G subscribers in 2008. By 2013 that figure could mushroom to 564 million. trust in Media Channels in Asia (SoURCe: inteLLASiA/fRoSt SULLiVAn) MeDiA ChAnneL % Who tRUSt the ChAnneL CoMPLeteLy RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY 54% INDEPENDENT REVIEWS IN PUBLICATIONS 25% Mobile TV revenues in Asia Pacific (ex Japan) are ExPERT PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 28% PRODUCT LABELS ON PACKAGING 27% anticipated to reach US$1.88 billion by 2013, a dramatic CONSUMER PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 22% increase from the US$440 million earned in 2007. MANUFACTURERS/BRANDS WEBSITES 22% (SoURCe: eMARKeteR/fRoSt SULLiVAn) CONSUMER OPINION IN BLOGS 18% TV ADS 18% PRODUCTS/BRANDS THAT APPEAR IN MOVIES OR WITHIN TV PROGRAMMES 19% MAGAZINE ADS 16% NEWSPAPER ADS 16% Mobile Data Revenues by Region CONSUMER OPINION ON MESSAGE BOARDS 15% ReGion MoBiLe DAtA % of totAL MoBiLe MonthLy MoBiLe EMAIL NEWSLETTERS 15% ReVenUeS (M) ReVenUeS DAtA ARPU CONSUMER OPINION IN CHAT ROOMS 15% ASIA PACIFIC $20,272.57 24.57% $4.74 ADS ON POSTERS, BUSES/BUS SHELTERS 13% WESTERN EUROPE $13,065.12 21.13% $7.92 ADS AT THE CINEMA BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTS 14% NORTH AMERICA $8,636.30 19.76% $10.48 RADIO ADS 12% EASTERN EUROPE $2,866.93 15.70% $2.45 RECOMMENDATIONS FROM OTHER CONSUMERS WHO YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW 11% LATIN AMERICA $2,384.20 13.02% $1.84 ADS THAT APPEAR ON SEARCH ENGINES 12% MIDDLE EAST $927.63 8.21% $1.73 BANNER ADS ON WEBSITES 11% AFRICA $881.74 6.62% $0.93 ADS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO YOU BY EMAIL 9% TOTAL $49,034.48 19.68% $5.07 (SoURCe: eMARKeteR; q 2008) POP-UP OR POP-UNDER WEB ADS 7% ADS IN VIRTUAL WORLDS 7% ADS VIA MOBILE SMS 6% ADS IN VIDEO GAMES 6% (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA; RePReSentS ChinA, honG KonG, MALAySiA, SinGAPoRe, tAiWAn AnD thAiLAnD) 8 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 10. Mobile Advertising Spending in Asia Pacific Asia Pacific online Shopping Revenues 2007-202 CoUntRy 2007 (US$Bn) 200 (US$Bn) AUSTRALIA 27.2 37.3 2007 2008 2009 200 20 202 CHINA 297.8 1415.7 ($M) ($M) ($M) ($M) ($M) ($M) HONG KONG 5.5 10 MOBILE MESSAGE ADS 700 1,229 1,827 3,100 4,309 5,320 INDIA 70.8 734.3 MOBILE DISPLAY ADS 12 36 91 182 293 397 JAPAN 168.9 185.3 MOBILE SEARCH ADS 26 72 190 373 732 1,160 SOUTH KOREA 82 114.7 TOTAL 738 1,336 2,108 3,655 5,344 6,877 (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) SINGAPORE 4.5 6.6 THAILAND 5.9 20.8 (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe) Mobile Music Spending in Asia Pacific, by format, 2007-202 Asia Pacific online Shopping Market outlook 2007 2008 2009 200 20 202 CoUntRy onLine ShoPPinG onLine ShoPPinG (M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M) PenetRAtion RAte PoPULAtion MASTERTONES, RINGBACK TONES AND OTHER* $654 $843 $1,110 $1,579 $2,311 $3,450 2007 (%) 200 (%) 2007 (M) 200 (M) FULL-TRACK DOWNLOADS $535 $747 $1,067 $1,644 $2,606 $4,216 AUSTRALIA 67 72.1 10.4 12 TOTAL MOBILE MUSIC SPENDING $1,189 $1,590 $2,177 $3,223 $4,918 $7,666 CHINA 70 74.8 147.1 480.4 OF WHICH: AD-SUPPORTED MOBILE MUSIC $42 $80 $142 $258 $566 $882 HONG KONG 50 62.5 2.4 3.5 (SoURCe: eMARKeteR; exCLUDeS MonoPhoniC AnD PoLyPhoniC RinGtoneS; inCLUDeS ChinA, INDIA 47 59.2 28.1 203.1 inDiA, jAPAn, SoUth KoReA; *otheR inCLUDeS MUSiC ViDeoS AnD StReAMS) JAPAN 83 83.1 72.7 75.1 SOUTH KOREA 83 88.9 29 33 SINGAPORE 60 67.7 1.5 1.8 THAILAND 43 57.5 3.6 10.5 (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe) ❚ e-CoMMeRCe Online shopping throughout Asia is a growing trend, with 44% of users having shopped online for the past three ❚ CASe StUDy years; and 63% of respondents saying they now shop online at least occasionally. Over a three month period, regional shoppers bought an average of 3.1 purchases online, spending on average $612.40 on their purchases over that period. More than three-quarters of them (76%) intend to shop online again in the next 6 months. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) In general, online shopping seems to be a pleasurable experience for Asia's consumers, with 71% finding it convenient; 66% finding it easy; and 62% of users finding it simpler than catalogue or telephone shopping. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Price and security matter to online shoppers across Asia. A sizeable 87% of shoppers cite secure payment facilities as an important factor affecting their online purchasing decisions, with 87% also citing price and 85% noting convenient payment methods. Equally, for those who are less keen to shop online, the key reason is security again, Client: AirAsia with 65% of online shoppers across the region fearing Agency: Yahoo! Mobile online transactions are unsafe. And when asked how Campaign: AirAsia brand building campaign online shopping can be improved, almost three quarters of objective: AirAsia wanted to increase awareness of the the region's online consumers - 74% - said they wanted company and its promotions throughout the region. to see enhanced payment security. Strategy: Encourage interaction and allow users to (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) immerse themselves with the AirAsia brand. Evoke interest in AirAsia's Sleepless in 3 cities and Beautiful island Asia Pacific's (ex Japan) paid online content market was getaways campaigns. expected to grow by 21% in 2008 from 2007 to reach Details: Partner with Yahoo! Mobile to help drive traffic to a market size of US$4.67 billion. By the end of 2013 the AirAsia mobile website by placing ad banners on the that number is expected to grow to US$9.2 billion. The Yahoo! Mobile homepage, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger key driver behind this growth is online gaming, which and Yahoo! oneSearch. Engage users with a rich mobile is expected to represent 75.1% of all premium or paid experience on the AirAsia mobile website. content revenues in 2013, representing US$6.9 billion. Results: • AirAsia became the first-ever company on (SoURCe: fRoSt SULLiVAn) Yahoo! mobile in Malaysia. • In just 28 days AirAsia garnered 6,091,490 impressions on mobile phones across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong. • 108,405 clicks were obtained (CTR of 1.78%) from mobile users. • Average CPC on market value was $0.56. asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 9
  • 11. AUStRALiA Uluru (Ayer's Rock) in the Australian Outback NON DIAL-UP (B) ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS ISDN/OTHER 19 DSL 4,208 FIxED WIRELESS 164 MOBILE WIRELESS 1,298 Nearly three quarters (73%) of Australian homes are now SATELLITE 80 connected to the Internet. At the end of June 2008 there CABLE 916 ALL NON DIAL-UP CONNECTIONS 6,685 were 6.21 million active Internet households in the country. TOTAL ACCESS CONNECTIONS 7,996 (SoURCe: ABS/ACMA) Download Speeds Broadband's popularity surged in Australia in 2008, with SPeeD '000 LESS THAN 256KBPS 1,319 household penetration rates rising to 97% last year, up BROADBAND from 84% in 2007. 256KBPS TO LESS THAN 512KBPS 1,458 (nieLSen onLine) 512KBPS TO LESS THAN 1.5MBPS 1,181 1.5MBPS TO LESS THAN 8MBPS 2,012 8MBPS TO LESS THAN 24MBPS 1,653 You can tell a lot about a person by their Internet 24MBPS OR GREATER 373 TOTAL BROADBAND (256KBPS+) 6,678 connection it appears - Australians with post-graduate TOTAL DOWNLOAD SPEEDS 7,996 degrees are 83% more likely to have broadband access (SoURCe: ABS; q4 2008) than those without tertiary qualifications. (SoURCe: ABS/ACMA) The Internet also appears to be the domain of the wealthy ❚ USeR BehAVioUR - households with an income of more than AU$2,000 or more a week are three times more likely to have broadband Australians now spend more time consuming media and than those with less than AU$600 per week. Indigenous this is largely thanks to the Internet: Australians were households are around half as likely to have broadband. spending 16.1 hours a week online in 2008, up from 13.7 (SoURCe: ABS/ACMA) hours in 2007. (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) how Australians Connect ConneCtion '000 The average Australian spends one and a half hours of DIAL-UP their leisure time online every day. ANALOG 1,298 (SoURCe: tnS) ISDN/OTHER 13 ALL DIAL-UP CONNECTIONS 1,311 0 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 12. AIRLINE TICKET PURCHASE 45% 35% Australian men in general spend more time online than BILL PAYMENT 68% 58% their female counterparts - amongst heavy Internet users ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKING (E.G. FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, LINKEDIN) 27% 18% 62% are male and 48% are female. DIRECTORIES (YELLOW/WHITEPAGES) 60% 52% (SoURCe: ABS/ACMA) SUBMITTING FORMS OR INFORMATION TO GOVERNMENT WEBSITES 29% 22% VOICE OVER IP/INTERNET TELEPHONY 9% 2% ACCOMMODATION BOOKINGS 39% 32% ADULT SERVICES/WEBSITES 10% 3% More media consumption means more multi-tasking: 61% LOCAL/COMMUNITY INFORMATION 25% 18% of online users watch TV while they are online and 50% GAMBLING 10% 3% INSTANT MESSAGING 39% 33% use the Internet while they listen to the radio. For all users HEALTH AND MEDICINE SITES 31% 25% who do multi-task, the Internet is most commonly cited as EDUCATION/STUDY SITES 29% 35% the primary focus. (SoURCe: ACMA/nieLSen onLine) (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) Australian online Activities by Gender ACtiVity feMALe MALe More Australians are using the Internet to make voice calls, ADULT SERVICES/WEBSITES 3% 20% with traffic for Skype and other types of voice over Internet DOWNLOADING AUDIO 21% 35% protocol (VoIP) services increasing by 27% in the year DOWNLOADING VIDEO 15% 28% NEWS, SPORTS OR WEATHER UPDATES 67% 79% ending April 2008. STREAMING VIDEO 6% 15% (SoURCe: AUStRALiAn CoMMUniCAtionS AnD MeDiA AUthoRity) GAMBLING 6% 14% MAKING PAYMENTS FOR GOVERNMENT SERVICES 17% 24% STREAMING AUDIO 6% 13% VoIP's growth potential in Australia is such that now nearly AUCTIONS 34% 41% MAPS/DIRECTIONS 60% 65% half (47%) of all ISPs offer VoIP as part of their bundled HEALTH MEDICINE SITES 32% 27% broadband packages. EDUCATION/STUDY SITES 31% 25% (SoURCe: AUStRALiAn CoMMUniCAtionS AnD MeDiA AUthoRity) (SoURCe: ACMA/nieLSen onLine) Australians are high adopters of social networking sites - Activities of Australian Gamers vs non-Gamers onLine ACtiVity % of non-GAMeRS % of GAMeRS 65% of online users in the country use them. SELF-PUBLISHING/BLOGGING 11% 23% (SoURCe: iBM inStitUte foR BUSineSS VALUe) DOWNLOADING COMPUTER OR VIDEO GAMES 8% 43% DOWNLOADING TV SHOWS OR MOVIES 18% 35% OTHER 32% 32% The Internet is now the preferred medium for VOICE OVER INTERNET TELEPHONE 33% 33% entertainment and leisure in Australian homes. In a survey PLAYING COMPUTER OR VIDEO GAMES 0% 64% SOCIAL NETWORKING 37% 51% of media habits of Australian gamers, 87% of them ranked WATCHING STREAMING MEDIA 39% 60% using the Internet first as their preferred media activity CHATTING 44% 57% DOWNLOADING MUSIC 41% 63% ahead of watching TV, watching DVDs, reading books, STUDY 56% 62% newspapers or magazines and listening to music. WORK 66% 70% (SoURCe: ieAA) BOOKING TRAVEL/HOLIDAYS 86% 81% SHOPPING/BANKING/PAYING BILLS 90% 91% READING THE NEWS 90% 90% Perhaps because of their preference for the Internet as a PRODUCT INFORMATION 93% 95% BROWSING/SURFING 94% 97% leisure activity, gamers are more likely than non-gamers to EMAIL 99% 100% use newer online services: 23% of gamers blog compared (SoURCe: ieAA) to 11% of non-gamers; 51% of gamers engage in social networking against 37% of non-gamers; and 35% of gamers download TV shows/movies compared to 18% of non-gamers. ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG (SoURCe: ieAA) Expenditure on online advertising in Australia in 2008 came Awareness of blogging in Australia is high, with 93% of to a sizeable $1.7 billion, representing a 27.1% increase on Australians aware of them, yet only 40% access them and 2007, or an additional AU$364.25 million. only 13% contribute to them. (SoURCe: iAB/PRiCeWAteRhoUSeCooPeRS) (SoURCe: tnS) Of the AU$1.7 billion of Australia's online ad expenditure, Australian online users rate the Internet as their most AU$465 million was spent on display advertising; $439 trusted source of information (27%), above newspapers million on classified advertising; and $807 million on search (20%) or the television (17%). and directories. (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) (SoURCe: iAB/PRiCeWAteRhoUSeCooPeRS) Behind the increase in online ad spending in Australian Australian online Activities by internet Connection ACtiVity BRoADBAnD DiAL UP has been strong annual increases across all categories: a BANKING 75% 53% 30% increase in search and directories; a 27% increase MAPS/DIRECTIONS 64% 47% NEWS, SPORTS OR WEATHER UPDATES 73% 58% in general display advertising; and a 23% increase in AUCTIONS 39% 25% classified ads. MAKING PAYMENTS FOR GOVERNMENT SERVICES 21% 8% (SoURCe: iAB/PRiCeWAteRhoUSeCooPeRS) SUBSCRIBE/SIGN UP TO EMAIL NEWSLETTERS 37% 25% ONLINE RADIO 13% 2% STREAMING VIDEO 11% 0% Most online Australians seem happy with ad-supported STREAMING AUDIO 10% 0% READING BLOGS 17% 7% online video content, with 75% of them saying they would DOWNLOADING VIDEO 22% 12% watch ads either before or after quality, free content. The asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 13. remaining 25% of them however dislike ads so much that Australia's top online Gaming Sites they would actually pay to avoid advertising messages. Site % ReACh (SoURCe: iBM inStitUte foR BUSineSS VALUe) WILDTANGENT NETWORK 6.9% MINICLIP.COM 6.3% MSN GAMES 4.6% ADDICTINGGAMES.COM 3.3% Australians are split straight down the middle when it DISNEY GAMES 3.0% comes to how they feel about sharing information about (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At AUStRALiA hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS) themselves with advertisers in exchange for something of value - 50% of that said they were willing to do this. Australia's top technology news Sites (SoURCe: iBM inStitUte foR BUSineSS VALUe) % ReACh NETSHELTER TECHNOLOGY MEDIA 26.8% CNET 22.9% Australians are becoming less tolerant of advertising ABOUT.COM TECHNOLOGY NETWORK 5.8% across social media, with 38% of users saying they ZDNET 3.3% BESTOFMEDIA GROUP 2.9% considered advertising an intrusion, compared to 29% GRAYSONLINE.COM.AU 2.5% who said the same in 2007. Equally while 51% said they COMMENT CA MARCHE 2.4% WIRED.COM 2.4% didn't mind advertising in 2007, a lower number - 47% - SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN NETWORK 2.2% now say that is the case. SLASHDOT.ORG 2.2% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At AUStRALiA hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) Member community sites - including blogs and social Australia's top entertainment Sites % ReACh networking sites - now reach 59% of Australian online YOUTUBE.COM 74.1% users, compared to 55% in 2007. ITUNES SOFTWARE (APP) 45.1% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) CBS INTERACTIVE 44.1% VIACOM DIGITAL 27.4% GORILLA NATION 23.9% Australia's top online Ad Spend Categories in 2008 MSN VIDEO 23.3% CAteGoRy onLine DiSPLAy ALL MeDiA IMDB.COM 23.2% AU$M ShARe % AU$M ARTISTDIRECT NETWORK 20.1% FINANCE 85.6 14.1 606.3 MYSPACE MUSIC 19.4% COMMUNICATIONS 65.2 18.0 362.2 BREAK MEDIA 17.6% MOTOR VEHICLES 56.9 5.1 1,118.5 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe SeGMent MetRix; feB 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At AUStRALiA hoMe/WoRK TRAVEL/ACCOMMODATION 35.4 6.7 525.3 LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) MEDIA 25.8 8.1 319.8 RETAIL 21.9 1.1 2,084.3 ENTERTAINMENT LEISURE 19.7 2.6 771.0 online Advertising expenditure - total Spend by SERVICES 19.3 7.6 254.6 Category by Period (AU$M) INSURANCE 18.4 6.6 278.8 COMPUTERS 17.7 20.9 84.6 2 MonthS GeneRAL CLASSifieDS SeARCh AnD % yeAR/ yeAR TOTAL FOR ALL OTHERS enDeD DiSPLAy DiReCtoRieS totAL GRoWth NOT IN TOP 10 84.1 11.2 112.5 DECEMBER 2008 $464.5 $439.2 $806.2 $1,710.2 27% TOTAL AD SPEND DECEMBER 2007 $367.0 $356.7 $622.2 $1,346.0 34% ESTIMATES FOR 2008 450 4.5 10,063 DECEMBER 2006 $303.0 $299.0 $399.0 $1,001.0 61% (SoURCe: nieLSen AiS AUStRALiA) DECEMBER 2005 $194.0 $206.0 $220.0 $620.0 60% (SoURCe: iAB/PRiCeWAteRhoUSeCooPeRS) Australia's top 0 Sites online Advertising expenditure by industry totAL UniqUe % ReACh totAL MinUteS (MM) ADVeRtiSeR inDUStRy CAteGoRy 2008 2007 2006 ViSitoRS (000) FINANCE 20.82% 21.31% 23.15% GOOGLE SITES 9,708 81.4% 1,220 COMPUTERS COMMUNICATIONS 15.13% 16.58% 16.96% MICROSOFT SITES 9,071 76.1% 3,931 MOTOR VEHICLES 14.94% 14.47% 14.73% FACEBOOK.COM 5,331 44.7% 758 TRAVEL/ACCOMMODATION 6.30% 6.93% 6.72% YAHOO! SITES 5,254 44.1% 370 ENTERTAINMENT LEISURE 7.18% 6.15% 6.13% EBAY 4,810 40.3% 340 MEDIA 4.00% 4.33% 5.09% FOx INTERACTIVE MEDIA 4,218 35.4% 565 FMCG 4.20% 4.66% 3.33% NEWS INTERACTIVE PTY LIMITED 3,992 33.5% 186 REAL ESTATE 2.91% 2.37% 2.53% TELSTRA CORPORATION LIMITED 3,877 32.5% 101 RETAIL 3.31% 3.10% 3.47% WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION SITES 3,731 31.3% 53 INSURANCE 3.41% 3.70% 2.00% APPLE INC. 3,624 30.4% 24 HEALTH/BEAUTY/PHARMACEUTICALS 4.04% 3.18% 2.65% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At AUStRALiA hoMe/ GOVERNMENT 2.93% 3.47% 2.78% WoRK LoCAtionS) OTHER 4.04% 4.01% 2.90% RECRUITMENT 1.84% 1.81% 3.69% ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES 1.28% 1.15% 0.74% Australia's top online Retail Sites EDUCATION LEARNING 1.60% 1.17% 1.03% % ReACh HOME PRODUCTS SERVICES 0.76% 0.72% 0.87% AMAZON SITES 38.9% COMMUNITY/PUBLIC SERVICE 0.88% 0.62% 0.85% APPLE.COM WORLDWIDE SITES 26.2% OFFICE BUSINESS EQUIPMENT 0.43% 0.27% 0.38% SHOPPING.COM SITES 17.0% (SoURCe: iAB/PWC) COLES GROUP 16.0% WOOLWORTHS 12.6% AMERICANGREETINGS PROPERTY 7.7% NINEMSN SHOPPING 7.3% TICKETEK 7.2% DEALSDIRECT.COM.AU 7.0% ❚ MoBiLe GETPRICE.COM.AU 6.9% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At AUStRALiA hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) Mobile phone revenues in Australia increased by 6.9% in the 2007-08 period generating AU$11 billion in revenues. (SoURCe: AUStRALiAn CoMMUniCA tionS AnD MeDiA AUthoRity) 2 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 14. Mobile phone penetration rates remain high in Australia Looking ahead, Australians want more of the same, with with 83% of adults using a mobile phone service. Other the most popular requests for future mobile content sources place it much higher, as high as 108%. being digital music downloads (30%), games (27%) and (SoURCe: AUStRALiAn CoMMUniCAtionS AnD MeDiA AUthoRity/BUSineSS MonitoR) wallpapers (25%). (SoURCe: AiMiA) By 2013 it is estimated there will be more than 25.8 million subscribers in Australia, representing a penetration rate of The key types of information Australian mobile Internet 117.4%. users access are news (53%), weather (50%) and sport (SoURCe: BUSineSS MonitoR) (34%). Compared to last year's data the greatest growth in the type of information accessed has been maps (347% Nearly all Australian mobile phone user (97% of them) increase), restaurant/cafe guides (174%) and TV listings use their mobile for more than just making phone calls. Of (93%). those, 61% use their phones for information services; 57% (SoURCe: AiMiA) for entertainment purposes; 99% for communication type services; while 31% used their phone to make purchases. For mobile users who don't use their phones for anything (SoURCe: Mnet/teLeCoMPAPeR) other than voice or SMS, 10% of them say they do this because they don't know what it does; 26% meanwhile Nearly a third of Australians (31%) have now gone online say they don't get any value out of it; 10% don't know via their mobiles, on average doing this 1.9 times a week. how to connect to the Internet; 7% don't know how to (SoURCe: MySPACe.CoM/SWeeney ReSeARCh) access content when connected; and a sizeable 60% of users just don't care. The cost of using mobile data services is proving a (SoURCe: AiMiA) deterrent for Australian mobile phone users. A sizeable 69% of mobile users take photos with their phone, costing For mobile users that share their mobile content, by far them nothing, while only 39% forward them on to friends, and away the most popular type of content is photos with a service which they need to pay for. Equally, while 39% of 96% of users saying they share this, compared to 41% mobile users have gone down the 3G route, only 27% of who share videos; 32% who share music; and just 3% that those people have used their phones to go online. share blog posts. (SoURCe: AUStRALiAn CoMMUniCAtionS AnD MeDiA AUthoRity) (SoURCe: AiMiA) Mobile Internet activity is on the increase in Australia - Half of those who share their content tend to do it once a between September and December 2008, the number month or more. And users aged under 25 are more likely to of page views across mobile Internet sites increased by create content to share with other users. 17.3%, representing a compound annual growth rate of (SoURCe: AiMiA) 89.3%. (SoURCe: AiMiA) The two main methods Australians use to share content are MMS (63% of users) and Bluetooth (61%). For Australian mobile users, SMS is now as much of a key (SoURCe: AiMiA) expenditure each month as voice services with 84% of users in each category saying this was the case, followed Community Services Used by Australian Mobile Users % of ReSPonDentS by MMS (22%), buying content (9%) and email (7%). SeRViCe ViA PC ViA MoBiLe (SoURCe: AiMiA) MSN MESSENGER 57% 8% YOUTUBE 46% 2% FACEBOOK 45% 5% More than a third (36%) of Australian mobile phone users MYSPACE 28% 3% have purchased and/or subscribed to information services YAHOO! MESSENGER 23% 2% SKYPE 22% 2% via their mobiles in the past 12 months, while 33% had GOOGLE TALK 12% 2% purchased mobile content. More than 50% of them became FLICKR 10% 1% LINKED IN 7% 1% aware of new mobile content via the Internet. (SoURCe: AiMiA) CHAT ROOMS 7% 1% RSS FEED READER 7% 2% APPLE ICHAT 2% N/A AOL MESSENGER 2% 1% Nearly half (48%) of mobile users bought content online via CYWORLD 1% 1% their PC; 17% bought it from their mobile carrier's portal; (SoURCe: AiMiA) while 12% bought it from their mobile phone menu. (SoURCe: AiMiA) Australians' Usage of Mobile Devices teChnoLoGy % of DeViCe % of DeViCe enABLeD USeD The most popular types of content purchased by Australian CAMERA 82% 69% mobile users are games (43%), true tones (42%) and MMS 66% 39% MOBILE INTERNET 60% 27% wallpapers (33%), the first two items having grown BLUETOOTH 57% 36% significantly in popularity in the past two years - the VIDEO RECORDER 47% 25% MP3 PLAYER 40% 23% popularity of true tones growing by 173% and games by VIDEO CALLS 37% 10% 171%. The number of mobile users purchasing digital music DOCUMENT READER 16% 5% GPS 10% 4% downloads has jumped by 113% over the past two years. (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine/ACMA) (SoURCe: AiMiA) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 15. and when? Relevant, timely email communications help your customers feel recognised, connected and valued. Epsilon International offers the industry’s most robust and powerful email platform and combines it with comprehensive agency services to help assure every interaction builds your relationship, results and marketing ROI. 4 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 16. Content Australian Mobile Users Purchase COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT Content % of ReSPonDentS* (E.G. MOBILE PHONE, FAx, PAGER) 4% GAMES 43% SHARES OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION 4% TRUE TONES 42% SUPERMARKET SHOPPING 3% WALLPAPERS 33% ALCOHOL (E.G. WINE, BEER, SPIRITS) 2% POLY TONES 30% ADULT ENTERTAINMENT 2% SMS ALERTS 19% CANNOT SAY 1% (SoURCe: ACMA/Roy MoRGAn; iteMS DiReCtLy BoUGht onLine in the PReVioUS thRee MonthS, jAnUARy SCREENSAVERS 15% to MARCh 2008) DIGITAL MUSIC DOWNLOAD 14% VIDEO 7% SOUND Fx 5% Where Australians Shop online GREETING CARDS 3% onLine RetAiLeR % of USeRS MONO TONES 3% EBAY 56% LOGOS 2% DEALSDIRECT.COM.AU 23% (SoURCe: AiMiA; * AS % of thoSe thAt PURChASeD Content) VIRGIN BLUE 15% TICKETEK 12% AMAZON 11% QANTAS 12% JETSTAR 12% ITUNES (MUSIC) 6% ❚ e-CoMMeRCe TICKETMASTER7 6% FLIGHT CENTRE 6% WOTIF 7% E-commerce has now become a prevalent activity amongst DSTORE 5% Australian online users - 80% of them now shop online. DOUBLEDAY BOOKS 4% (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) OO.COM.AU 7% EZYDVD 5% (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny; h 2008) When Australians shop online 37% of them choose online payment system PayPal rather than Visa (22%) as their preferred payment method. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) ❚ CASe StUDy Carrying on a trend from previous years, when Australians Client: Hasbro Transformers shop online, it is mainly to book their travel arrangements, (Australia) with 37% of users booking airline tickets and 31% booking Agency: OMD accommodation. The next popular shopping item is book Campaign: Create the purchases, with 29% of users typically making these Transformer Hero of your purchases. Dreams (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) objective: To establish a wholly unique integrated When it comes to the online retailer who attracts the campaign enabling children most Australian shoppers, there is one clear market to have direct interaction leader - eBay, with 56% of online shoppers having bought with the Transformers brand something from the site. and products. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) Strategy: Capitalise on Cartoon Network's popularity Australians spend on average half that of the Americans among boys aged five to 12 online, spending on average US$37.86 per order against by driving brand awareness US$77.94 in the U.S. and interaction through an integrated on-air, online and on (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) the ground promotion. Details: Cartoon Network developed a promotional micro- site which included a drag and drop interaction that Australia's B2C e-Commerce Sales: 2007-20 yeAR SALeS (AU$ BiLLion) % ChAnGe fRoM PReVioUS yeAR allowed children to design their very own Transformer. 2007 $18.1 (US$13.6) 45% The campaign ran across three weeks on the Cartoon 2008 $24.5 (US$20.4) 35% 2009 $30.6 (US$26.4) 25% Network Australia site, and was supported by additional 2010 $37.3 (US$28.7) 22% advertising banners linking to the micro-site and on-air 2011 $44.8 (US$31.1) (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) 20% advertising. A panel of Cartoon Network and Hasbro judges chose five of the best submissions, and the winners were What Australians Buy online given the opportunity to meet Hasbro Transformer artist iteMS BoUGht onLine % Who BoUGht A PRoDUCt in thiS Eric Seibenhaler in person at participating Kmart Stores. CAteGoRy Within LASt MonthS TRAVEL (TICKETS/ACCOMMODATION) 28% Seibenhaler presented each of the winners a personalised OTHER 17% Transformer illustration based on their designs. DVDS/VIDEOS 16% Results: • More than 4,000 children participated in the BOOKS/MAGAZINES/NEWSPAPERS 16% GIFTS 15% promotion. NONE IN THE LAST THREE MONTHS 15% • The promotion generated over 45,000 page views over TOYS OR GAMES 13% COMPUTER SOFTWARE 13% the three-week campaign period. OTHER CLOTHING/SHOES 13% • Over a half million impressions were booked. OTHER ENTERTAINMENT (E.G. SHOWS, EVENTS) 13% MUSIC TO DOWNLOAD 12% SPORTS EQUIPMENT/CLOTHING 10% CDS/TAPES 9% COMPUTER HARDWARE 9% asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 5
  • 17. ChinA The Great Wall of China ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS China is home to the highest number of broadband users in the world - 270 million people, representing 90.6% of all In terms of unique visitors, China is the largest Internet Chinese online users, and an increase of 100 million new market on earth, representing 18% of the world's online broadband users from 2007. population. (SoURCe: CnniC) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) There were 84.76 million households with Internet China currently is home to around 253 million Internet connections in China in 2008. users overall, an online population growth of 1,024.4% (SoURCe: BtRAx) from 2000. (SoURCe: BtRAx) In terms of gender, China's online population is pretty evenly balanced with 52.5% of users being male, 47.5% That number could be higher however - as high as 298 female. The number of Chinese women going online has million users, representing an annual growth rate of 41.9%. increased from last year when only 42.8% of online users (SoURCe: CnniC) were female. (SoURCe: ChinAinteRnetWAtCh.CoM/CnniC) And that number could mushroom to 389 million Internet users in 2009. The most prolific Internet users in China are teenagers - (SoURCe: BDA) 35.2% of the online population are aged between 11 and 19 years old. More than two thirds (68.6%) of Chinese online users are (SoURCe: ChinAinteRnetWAtCh.CoM/CnniC) below the age of 30. (SoURCe: tRenDSSPottinG) One third of all Chinese Internet users (33.2%) are students. Despite the large numbers of Internet users in China, (SoURCe: CnniC) Internet penetration rates are still proportionately low time Spent online Per Week ranging anywhere from 15.9% to 22.6% depending on oVeRALL tiMe SPent onLine tiMe SPent PeR WeeK (hoURS) what source you believe. That being said, on the higher LESS THAN A YEAR 12.7 1-2 YEARS 12.4 side, that figure of 22.6% is above the world average level 2-4 YEARS 13.8 of 21.9%. 4-6 YEARS 16.2 (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS/CnniC) 6-8 YEARS 19.9 MORE THAN 8 YEARS 26.4 (SoURCe: CnniC) 6 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 18. China's internet Users 2008 is discovered through social connections. And 94.1% of this AGe % of USeRS content is shared via instant messaging tools like QQ and UNDER 10 0.4% AGE 10-19 35.2% MSN. (SoURCe: CASBAA) AGE 20-29 31.5% AGE 30-39 17.6% AGE 40-49 9.6% AGE 50-59 4.2% Chinese online users prioritise the Internet over TV as AGE 60 AND ABOVE 1.5% their main source of entertainment, with more than 80% EDUCATION of young Chinese saying they placed the Web as their PRIMARY SCHOOL/BELOW 5.4% primary source of entertainment. JUNIOR MIDDLE 28% (SoURCe: CASBAA/SinA/ChinA yoUth DAiLy) SENIOR MIDDLE/TECHNICAL SCHOOL 39.4% COLLEGE 12.2% MASTER'S DEGREE/ABOVE 1% Blogging is picking up in China - 107 million Chinese online PROFESSION users say they use blogs, representing 42.3% of the OTHERS 0.5% overall Internet user population. UNEMPLOYED 5.5% (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) RETIREES 2% AGRICULTURAL, FORESTRY, HUSBANDRY, FISHERY LABOURERS 2.3% FREELANCERS 6.4% SELF-EMPLOYED 7.3% More Chinese actually have become bonafide bloggers INDUSTRY/SERVICE INDUSTRY WORKERS 2% themselves however - as much as 162 million now consider RURAL MIGRANT WORKERS 2.6% themselves bloggers. TECHNICAL PROFESSIONALS 8.7% (SoURCe: ChinAinteRnetWAtCh.CoM/CnniC) ENTERPRISE STAFF 15% MANAGERS 4.5% PARTY/GOVERNMENT/INSTITUTE EMPLOYEES 10.3% STUDENTS 33.2% Chinese broadband users love to express themselves online, with more than nine out of 10 'broadbanders' contributing INCOME (YUAN) PER MONTH at least one kind of content online every month. ABOVE 8,000 1.9% (SoURCe: netPoP) 5,001-8,000 2.9% 3,001-5,000 8% 2,001-3,000 13.7% 1,501-2,000 13.8% Perhaps for this reason eight out of 10 'broadbanders' 1,001-1,500 16% see the Internet as liberating, efficient, fulfilling, fun and 501-1,000 16.2% creative. UNDER 500 26% (SoURCe: netPoP) NO INCOME 1.5% PLACES OF ACCESS HOME 78.4% Of all China's Internet users, almost all of them read news INTERNET CAFE 42.4% online - 234 million of them are online news users. OFFICE 20.7% (SoURCe: ChinAinteRnetWAtCh.CoM/CnniC) CAMPUS 11.3% PUBLIC AREA 2.7% OTHERS 1.3% There might be a lot of news out there that the vast ACCESS EQUIPMENT majority of Chinese Internet users are reading but a lot of DESKTOPS 89.4% them appear to feel wary of it: 70% of them think that at LAPTOPS 27.8% MOBILE PHONES 39.5% best only half the information retrieved on the Internet is PDA 1.4% reliable. (SoURCe: CnniC jAn 2009) (SoURCe: BDA/WoRLD inteRnet PRojeCt) China was home to an estimated 202.4 million social media users in 2008. ❚ USeR BehAVioUR (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) Chinese online users are spending more of their time Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) are at the heart of China's online, which is on average 16.6 hours per week. social media attracting 10 million posts every day, with (SoURCe: BDA) 80% of all Chinese websites hosting their own BBS. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) China has the largest Internet audience in the world with 180 million regular viewers of online video content. Such is the stronghold social media has on China's online (SoURCe: CASBAA) population that more than 50% of Chinese Internet users are making new friends online. Chinese online users like to watch video content online (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) frequently too. When asked how often do you use the Internet to watch video clips, 33% of them said they do When the Chinese want to connect with these friends, they pretty much every time they go online. overwhelmingly choose instant messaging - 90% of them (SoURCe: CASBAA/SinA/ChinA yoUth DAiLy) use IM to do this. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) Social networking has formed a stronghold on the Chinese online community, particularly so when it comes to video The Chinese love listening to music online, with Internet content. Because of the country's strong grassroots music usage rates of 84.5%, representing 214 million culture nearly two thirds of video content in China (63.7%) people. The next favourite form of online entertainment asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 7
  • 19. is online video with 71% usage rates; followed by online HAVING BLOGS - - 54.3% 16,200 - - UPDATING BLOGS 23.5% 4,900 35.2% 10,500 5,600 114.3% gaming (58.3% usage rates). FORUM/BBS - - 30.7% 9,100 - - (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) FRIEND-MAKING WEBSITES - - 19.3% 5,800 - - NETWORK GAMES 59.3% 12,500 62.8% 18,700 6,200 49.6% NETWORK MUSIC 86.6% 18,200 83.7% 24,900 6,700 36.8% The longer Chinese Internet users spend online, the longer NETWORK VIDEO 76.9% 16,100 67.7% 20,200 4,100 25.5% they spend online - those Internet users who have only ONLINE SHOPPING 22.1% 4,600 24.8% 7,400 2,800 60.9% ONLINE SELLING - - 3.7% 1,100 - - been online for less than a year spend on average 12.7 ONLINE PAYMENT 15.8% 3,300 17.6% 5,200 1,900 57.6% hours per week on the Internet, while those who have TRAVEL RESERVATION - - 5.6% 1,700 - - ONLINE BANKING 19.2% 4,000 19.3% 5,800 1,800 45.0% been online for more than eight years spend on average ONLINE STOCK 26.4 hours online a week. SPECULATION 18.2% 3,800 11.4% 3,400 -400 -10.5% (SoURCe: CnniC) ONLINE EDUCATION 16.6% 3,500 16.5% 4,900 1,400 40.0% (SoURCe: CnniC, jAn 2009) China is renowned for its tight controls over Internet how spending time online makes Chinese users feel content. The country's online users don't seem to mind SentiMent LEVEL OF ACCEPTANCE WITHOUT THE INTERNET, I CANNOT WORK OR STUDY 39.0% however - 85% of them approve of Internet censorship. WITHOUT THE INTERNET, MY ENTERTAINMENT LIFE WILL BE VERY MONOTONOUS 59.1% Perhaps the reason being is that 93% of them feel that HANDLING BUSINESS ONLINE SAVES ME A LOT OF TROUBLE FROM VISITING A PLACE IN PERSON 69.3% much of Internet content to be unsuitable for children. GENERALLY I READ MAJOR NEWS FIRST ON THE INTERNET 61.8% (SoURCe: tRenDSSPottinG) WHEN ENCOUNTERING A PROBLEM, I WILL FIRST GO TO THE INTERNET TO SEEK ANSWERS 64.6% I MAKE MANY NEW FRIENDS ON THE INTERNET 65.4% THE INTERNET STRENGTHENS MY CONTACT WITH FRIENDS 82.5% China's Web 2.0 market is expected to be worth US$645.8 IN THE AGE OF THE INTERNET, I FEEL MORE LONELY 19.9% million by 2011. THE INTERNET REDUCES MY TIME SPENT WITH MY FAMILY 29.0% (S oURCe: iDC/tRenDSSPottinG) THE REGISTRATION INFORMATION I FILL IN ON THE INTERNET IS TRUE 47.5% IT IS SAFE TO HAVE TRANSACTIONS ONLINE 27.6% THE INTERNET IS MY PRIMARY CHANNEL FOR AIRING MY VIEWS 41.9% AFTER HAVING ACCESS TO THE INTERNET, I AM MORE CONCERNED WITH SOCIAL China MMoRPG Market forecast EVENTS THAN BEFORE 76.9% 2007 2008e 2009e 200e 20e (SoURCe: CnniC) MMORPG GAMERS (M) 34.4 44.7 55.9 66.0 75.9 GAME USERS PENETRATION 19.7% 22.3% 25.3% 27.6% 29.4% AVERAGE ARPU PER MONTH (RMB) 20.7 21.7 22.4 22.8 23.3 MARKET SIZE (RMB MILLION) 8,544 11,663 15,016 18,073 21,200 MMORPG MARKET SIZE (US$M) 1,124 1,535 1,976 2,378 2,789 GROWTH RATE 54% 37% 29% 20% 17% ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG (SoURCe: jP MoRGAn) China's online advertising market was valued at RMB17 China Casual Game Market forecast 2007 2008e 2009e 200e 20e billion, or US$2.4 billion in 2008, representing year on CASUAL GAME PLAYERS (MILLION) 42.4 50.9 59.0 66.1 71.4 year growth of 53%. Online advertising is now the fastest CASUAL PLAYERS PENETRATION 24.2% 25.4% 26.7% 27.7% 27.6% ASSUMED RATIO OF PAYING USERS 25% 27% 29% 30% 31% growing advertising sector in China. (SoURCe: BDA) APRU PER MONTH (RMB) 12.2 13.5 14.5 15.6 16.7 MARKET SIZE (RMB MILLION) 1,563 2,227 2,996 3,714 4,435 CASUAL MARKET SIZE (US$M) 206 293 394 489 584 GROWTH RATE 56% 43% 35% 24% 19% Online advertising represented 5% of China's advertising market in 2008. (SoURCe: BDA) What Chinese internet Users do online (% of groups) MiDDLe/PRiMARy CoLLeGe offiCe RURAL totAL China's online advertising market is expected to grow by SChooL StUDentS StUDentS eMPLoyeeS MiGRAnt WoRKeRS 20% in 2009. (SoURCe: BDA) NETWORK NEWS 68.1% 89.9% 83.1% 73.4% 78.5% SEARCH ENGINES 63.5% 84.4% 71.9% 56.6% 68.0% ONLINE RECRUITMENT 8.9% 29.5% 23.0% 23.7% 18.6% EMAIL 52.2% 81.4% 60.4% 38.9% 56.8% Online display advertising in China was expected to grow INSTANT MESSAGING 77.5% 91.1% 75.0% 66.5% 75.3% by 41% year on year in 2008, generating RMB6.4 billion HAVING BLOGS 64.0% 81.4% 50.9% 43.1% 54.3% FORUM/BBS 24.1% 55.5% 34.6% 17.2% 30.7% in revenues. Growth is anticipated to slow down in 2009 FRIEND-MAKING WEBSITES 16.8% 26.0% 20.2% 18.2% 19.3% however to around 18% year on year growth, representing NETWORK MUSIC 86.9% 94.0% 83.4% 78.2% 83.7% NETWORK VIDEO 67.4% 84.4% 68.1% 57.3% 67.7% RMB7.58 billion in earnings. (SoURCe: jP MoRGAn) NETWORK GAMES 69.7% 64.2% 60.6% 55.5% 62.8% ONLINE SHOPPING 16.2% 38.8% 29.4% 11.7% 24.8% ONLINE SELLING 2.1% 5.2% 4.4% 0.8% 3.7% ONLINE PAYMENT 9.6% 30.5% 22.4% 7.9% 17.6% By 2012 online ad revenues in China are expected to reach TRAVEL RESERVATION 2.0% 6.8% 6.8% 2.5% 5.6% US$3.4 billion. ONLINE BANKING 7.7% 29.9% 25.5% 7.4% 19.3% (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) ONLINE STOCK SPECULATION 4.7% 4.7% 15.5% 4.1% 11.4% ONLINE EDUCATION 16.2% 25.6% 17.3% 7.8% 16.5% (SoURCe: CnniC) This growth has something to do with the increase in number of online advertisers in the country, numbering Use of online Apps by Chinese users: 2007 vs 2008 600,000 in 2008. In 2009 this number could reach 900,000. enD of 2007 enD of 2008 ChAnGe GRoWth (SoURCe: BDA) USe RAte SiZe of USe RAte SiZe of inCReASe RAte USeRS USeRS (0,000) (0,000) NETWORK NEWS 73.6% 15,500 78.5% 23,400 7,900 51.0% The advertisers that will spur this growth are likely to come SEARCH ENGINE 72.4% 15,200 68.0% 20,300 5,100 33.6% from the top three industries for online advertising - IT, NETWORK JOB SEEKING 10.4% 2,200 18.6% 5,500 3,300 150.0% automotives and real estate. Other sectors to watch out for EMAIL 56.5% 11,900 56.8% 16,900 5,000 42.0% INSTANT MESSAGING 81.4% 17,100 75.3% 22,400 5,300 31.0% in 2009 are telecoms, online services and FMCG. (SoURCe: BDA) 8 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 20. Economic hardships could actually prove a boon for the In China, the biggest search engine marketing advertisers online advertising market in China, with expectations of are in manufacturing (49.3% of advertisers); the next 28% year on year growth in 2009 for the online ad market, biggest group being IT (12.5%); then Trade (10.3%); and 37% year on year growth in 2010, representing Service Industries (6%); Pharmaceuticals (5%) and US$2.9 billion. Chemical Industry (5%). (SoURCe: jP MoRGAn) (SoURCe: ChinA inteRnet WAtCh) China currently has 2.87 million websites registered within Chinese online users respond well to viral messages, its territory, an increase of 91.4% from 2007. The total particularly the 25-29 age group, 85% of which have number of web pages passed the 16 billion mark at the received viral messages containing an ad or a link to an ad end of 2008. at one time, with 71% of them saying they had passed it (SoURCe: CnniC) on. (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) Half of the top 20 sites in Asia Pacific by traffic are based in China, led by, Tencent, and NetEase. Most Popular Chinese Sites (SoURCe: tRenDSSPottinG) RAnK Site nAMe UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) MAjoR BUSineSS 1 QQ.COM 62,248 IM 2 BAIDU.COM 60,174 ONLINE AD Of all advertisers in China using search engine marketing, 3 SINA.COM.CN 48,373 PORTAL (ONLINE AD) 4 163.COM 40,805 PORTAL (ONLINE GAME) 86% use Baidu and 60.2% use Google. 5 YAHOO.COM.CN 38,852 PAIDSEARCH (SoURCe: ChinA inteRnet WAtCh) 6 GOOGLE.CN 34,882 PAID SEARCH 7 SOHU.COM 31,184 ONLINE GAMES MVAS 8 SOSO.COM 30,602 PAID SEARCH Baidu is the clear market leader in China's search market 9 MICROSOFT.COM 27,999 ONLINE AD, SNS with 64.4% market share, followed by Google with 25% 10 TAOBAO.COM 25,778 ONLINE AUCTION (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe/tRenDSSPottinG) and Yahoo! with 8% share. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe/tRenDSSPottinG) China online Advertising Market forecast tyPe of ADVeRtiSinG (RMB M) 2007 2008e 2009e 200e Search advertising will experience strong growth in China's BRAND ADVERTISING 4,559 6,428 7,585 10,013 SEARCH ADVERTISING 2,851 4,663 6,614 9,438 online advertising market in 2009, generating an estimated OTHER ONLINE FORMAT 122 135 148 163 RMB6.61 billion, up from RMB4.66 billion in 2008. TOTAL ONLINE AD MARKET (RMB M) 7,533 11,226 14,347 19,614 (SoURCe: jP MoRGAn) TOTAL ONLINE AD MARKET (US$ M) 999 1,627 2,092 2,860 GROWTH RATE 53% 49% 28% 37% TOTAL CHINA AD MARKET 116,422 155,074 178,336 203,303 GROWTH RATE 10% 11.0% 15.0% 14% User-generated content is very powerful in China, with AD MARKET AS % OF GDP 0.47% 0.49% 0.49% 0.50% 58% of all purchasing decisions being influenced by online ONLINE AD AS % OF TOTAL AD MARKET 6.5% 8.0% 9.3% 11.0% consumer reviews, rating sites, blogs, forums and bulletin (SoURCe: jP MoRGAn) boards. (SoURCe: netPoP) China Branded Ad Segment forecast 2007 2008e 2009e 200e BRANDED ADVERTISING (RMB M) 4,559 6,428 7,585 10,013 BRANDED ADVERTISING (US$ M) 605 932 1,106 1,460 The most influential source for online Chinese when GROWTH RATE (RMB, %) 35% 41% 18% 32% making purchasing decisions is the search engine - 46% BRANDED AD AS % OF TOTAL AD MARKET 3.9% 4.6% 4.9% 5.6% of 'broadbanders' consult a search engine to make their (SoURCe: jP MoRGAn) shopping decisions, compared to just 25% of American China Search Market forecast 'broadbanders'. 2007 2008e 2009e 200e (SoURCe: netPoP) AVG. INTERNET USERS (M) 174 239 295 348 NUMBER OF SEARCH (BN) 123 161 209 254 COVERAGE 21% 24% 26% 29% The Chinese online gaming market grew by 63% in 2008 CLICK THROUGH RATE 24.3% 25.5% 25.5% 26.2% making it worth US$2.8 billion - by 2012 it will be worth $5.5 PRICE PER CLICK (RMB) 0.40 0.44 0.45 0.47 PPC MARKET (RMB M) 2,472 4,299 6,234 9,039 billion. PPC MARKET (US$M) 328 623 909 1318 (SoURCe: PeARL ReSeARCh/BUSineSS inteRnet ChinA) GROWTH RATE (RMB, %) 133% 74% 45% 45% TOTAL SEARCH MARKET (RMB M) 2,851 4,663 6,614 9,438 TOTAL SEARCH MARKET (US$ M) 378 676 964 1,376 Forget Facebook, China's Qzone could be the largest GROWTH RATE (RMB, %) 98% 64% 42% 43% social network in the world. Ranked number one in China SEARCH AD AS % OF TOTAL AD MARKET (SoURCe: jP MoRGAn) 2.4% 3.3% 4.3% 5.3% (Facebook doesn't even make it into the top 15), Qzone claims to have more than 200 million users, compared to China's Most Popular Social networks Facebook's 150 million. RAnK SoCiAL netWoRK AVeRAGe WeeKLy UniqUe BRoWSeRS in (SoURCe: WeB2ASiA) DeCeMBeR 2008 (MiLLion) 1 51.COM 14.0 2 xIAONEI.COM 9.5 Not only is Qzone the biggest social networking site in the 3 CHINAREN.COM 7.0 4 KAIxIN001.COM 3.5 world, it could also be the most active - 150 million of its 5 MYSPACE.CN 2.0 users actively update their accounts every month at least; 6 5460.NET 1.0 7 WANGYOU.COM 1.0 4 million users upload photos daily totalling on average 8 IPART.CN 1.0 60 million photos a day; and 9.5 million new blog entries 9 360QUAN.COM 0.9 appear on it each day. 10 CYWORLD.COM.CN (SoURCe: CR-nieLSen) 0.8 (SoURCe: WeB2ASiA) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 9
  • 21. 20 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 22. top 20 Advertisers Using Digital Media in China The most prolific mobile Internet users are students, ADVeRtiSeR % of USeRS 43.5% of them using their mobile devices to read the KFC 80% COCA COLA 77% news, download music and check their email. (SoURCe: BBC/CnniC) NIKE 76% NOKIA 75% LI NING 69% CHINA MOBILE TELECOM 69% Chinese Internet users have embraced their mobiles as LENOVO 68% music devices, with nearly three quarters (73%) of all SONY 67% MCDONALD'S 67% digital music revenues being mobile generated. (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) ADIDAS 66% VISA 65% PIZZA HUT 64% MOTOROLA 64% Chinese Internet users are more likely to access the HAIER 62% SMARTONE-VODAFONE 62% Internet via their mobile devices than their American PEPSI-COLA 62% counterparts, with 58% of them using their phones for this OLAY 62% purpose. TSINGTAO BEER 60% (SoURCe: netPoP) PHILIPS 60% SAMSUNG ELECTRONIC GROUP 59% (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA; q: WhiCh of the foLLoWinG BRAnDS hAVe yoU Seen ADVeRtiSeD ViA DiGitAL MeDiA?) top 0 Mobile Sites RANK SITE trust in Media Channels in China 1 KONG 2 BAIDU MeDiA ChAnneL % Who tRUSt the ChAnneL CoMPLeteLy 3 GOOGLE RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY 66% 4 SINA CONSUMER PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 29% 5 QQ PRODUCT LABELS ON PACKAGING 24% 6 HAO123 ExPERT PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 22% 7 xIAONEI CONSUMER OPINION IN BLOGS 21% 8 PAOJIAO INDEPENDENT REVIEWS IN PUBLICATIONS 21% 9 RUANJ CONSUMER OPINION ON MESSAGE BOARDS 18% 10 3G CONSUMER OPINION IN CHAT ROOMS 18% (SoURCe: fRienDSteR/oPeRA) MANUFACTURERS/BRANDS WEBSITES 15% EMAIL NEWSLETTERS 14% MAGAZINE ADS 13% TV ADS 12% top Mobile internet Website Categories PRODUCTS/BRANDS THAT APPEAR IN MOVIES OR WITHIN TV PROGRAMMES 12% CAteGoRy % MoBiLe inteRnet USeRS ADS THAT APPEAR ON SEARCH ENGINES 10% ENTERTAINMENT 55% NEWSPAPER ADS 10% GAMES 36% RADIO ADS 9% MUSIC 31% RECOMMENDATIONS FROM OTHER CONSUMERS WHO YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW 9% NEWS/POLITICS 26% ADS AT THE CINEMA BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTS 9% BUSINESS/FINANCE 18% ADS ON POSTERS, BUSES/BUS SHELTERS 9% (SoURCe: nieLSen) ADS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO YOU BY E-MAIL 8% BANNER ADS ON WEBSITES 8% ADS IN VIRTUAL WORLDS 7% Chinese Users' Preferred Mobile Content/ ADS IN VIDEO GAMES 6% Applications ADS VIA MOBILE SMS 6% Content/APP % of USeRS POP-UP OR POP-UNDER WEB ADS 5% NEWS 69% (SoURCe: tnS/DiGitAL MeDiA) DOWNLOADS 62.4% IM 51.1% SEARCH 44.5% EMAIL 38.9% GAMES 21% ❚ MoBiLe SNS 20.5% OTHERS 1.7% (SoURCe: inStAt) In mid-2008, China had 595 million mobile phone subscribers, representing mobile penetration rates of 44.7%. (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) ❚ e-CoMMeRCe By the end of 2008 China was estimated to have had 640 One third of China's Internet population engage in million mobile users. e-commerce. (SoURCe: RoA) (SoURCe: jP MoRGAn) China currently has 85 million mobile Internet subscribers - One brand rules China's e-commerce market - Taobao, with approximately 14.3% of all mobile phone subscribers in the a market share of 76%. country. (SoURCe: jP MoRGAn) (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) China generated US$297.8 billion in online shopping Other sources put China's mobile Internet population as revenues in 2007 - 44.9% of the region's total online high as 117.6 million, marking a 133% jump from 2007. shopping revenue turnover. By 2010 it is expected to bring (SoURCe: ChinAinteRnetWAtCh.CoM/CnniC) in US$1,415.7 billion. There were 106.1 million 3G subscribers in China in 2008. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) (SoURCe: BtRAx) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 2
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  • 24. China is home to the largest potential online shopping market in Asia/Pacific representing 147.1 million people, ❚ CASe StUDy or 49.9% of the region's e-commerce population. By 2010 the country will be home to 480.4 million online shoppers, representing 58.6% of the region's online shopping community. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) China may have low penetration rates but this small group of people likes to spend - the country's online shopping penetration rates are proportionately very high at 70%. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Chinese online users are no stranger to shopping online, with 87% of them intending to make a purchase online in the next 6 months. Client: (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Agency: Netconcepts Web Technologies Campaign: Sales-building Chinese online users may like shopping over the Internet objective: Increasing natural search traffic and sales by but that does not mean they like spending a lot of money, increasing rankings of targeted keywords. averaging out at US$506.10 spent over a period of three Strategy: Carry out overall optimisation site-wide, months. including website structure, contents, and backlinks. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Increase natural search traffic and sales by increasing both head keywords traffic, and long tail keywords traffic. That being said, a significant and extraordinarily Reduce eLong's PPC cost. Increase natural search sales large amount of what the Chinese spend on personal through gaining more visibility generated from effective consumption (32.8%) goes on online purchases. keywords that are able to bring relevant clicks and sales. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Details: Netconcepts researched approximately 100,000 keywords, which can be differentiated into grades including Security concerns are a major issue for Chinese online primary keywords, secondary keywords and long tail shoppers, with 87% of them saying they are reluctant keywords. Netconcepts carried out an overall audit and to make online purchases because they believe online provided improvement solutions including programming transactions are unsafe. and content related changes according to the keyword (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) research. Focus on the optimisation for homepage and channel pages, integrating with the optimisation of hotel For those Chinese who do make purchases online, only and flight section pages. In the second stage, the plan 25% of them prefer using credit cards as their online was to increase the amount of static pages by generating payment method, compared to 35% who prefer debit cards approximately 100,000 HTML hotel pages. In the mean and 32% who prefer electronic transfers. time, keyword optimisation was continued and integrated (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) with the overall optimisation strategy. Regular updates of page content were carried out periodically. The next Online banking experienced very minor growth levels in stage was to maximise the use of Google map data by 2008, rising to 19.3% penetration rates from 19.2% in categorising the hotels further and generating more hotel 2007. And fewer Chinese online users are speculating on pages according to attractions, hospitals and businesses stocks online, down to 11.4% of users compared to 18.2% etc. It also improved the presentation of integration in 2007. between Google Maps and tourism products. The fifth stage (SoURCe: CnniC) was to release approximately 200,000 flights related static pages. The last stage in the plan was to create strategies There may be a lot of people online in China, but that for eLong around travel blogging, which would enhance the doesn't mean they have a lot of money to spend online. link building strategy and brand image. The biggest group of users by income happen to be the Results: • Natural search traffic increased by 100%. lowest earners - 30.5% of Chinese Internet users earn less • Hotel bookings from natural search increased by 88%; than 500 Yuan (US$68.50) per month. • PageRank increased from 5 to 8. (SoURCe: tRenDSSPottinG) • Almost 1 million pages have been indexed on Google network. The majority of China's online gaming revenues come from • Number of backlinks increased to approximate 8.5 million. massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) • The keyword rankings for have been representing around 84% of the total online gaming significantly improved. For example, among the top 100 market. hotel terms, over 50% of the keywords are gaining the (SoURCe: jP MoRGAn) Page 1 Ranking on both Baidu and Google. Terms such as ¾ÆµêÔ¤¶¨ (hotel booking), ±ö¹Ý (hotels), ¾Æµê²éѯ (hotel search), ±±¾©¾Æµê (Beijing hotels) and ÉϺ£¾Æ µêÔ¤¶¨ (Shanghai hotel booking) are all ranked in the top three position. asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 2
  • 25. honG KonG Hong Kong's tallest building Two IFC rising above the city ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS Furthermore the money you have the more likely you are to be an online user - 94% of Hong Kongers in the top Hong Kong has one of the highest Internet penetration income bracket (HK$40,000 or more per month) have rates in the region at more than 72%. Internet access compared with 53% of those in the lowest (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) (less than HK$20,000). (SoURCe: hK inteRnet PRojeCt 2000-2008) Hong Kong currently is home to 3.8 million unique Internet users. hong Kong's internet Users 2008 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) CoMPoSition of PenetRAtion in the USeRS PoPULAtion SEx Hong Kong is a highly networked city with 83% of its MALE 50% 73% FEMALE 50% 65% homes linked up to the Internet. (SoURCe: hK inteRnet PRojeCt 2000-2008) AGE 18-24 15% 99% 25-30 14% 96% Broadband is widespread in Hong Kong - at the end of 31-35 13% 89% 2008, 195 million homes had broadband Internet access, 36-40 14% 87% 41-50 27% 75% representing penetration rates of 77.7%. 51-60 14% 48% (SoURCe: oftA hK) 61-74 4% 17% STATUS More women were online in 2008, now representing 50% MARRIED 59% 61% of all Internet users compared to 48% in 2007. UNMARRIED 41% 85% (SoURCe: hK inteRnet PRojeCt 2000-2008) EDUCATION MIDDLE SCHOOL OR BELOW 14% 29% HIGH/TECHNICAL SCHOOL 42% 79% More than half (53%) of Hong Kong Internet users are ASSOCIATE DEGREE 13% 97% aged between 31 and 50 years old. UNIVERSITY DEGREE 27% 97% (SoURCe: hK inteRnet PRojeCt 2000-2008) POSTGRADUATE DEGREE 6% 95% PROFESSION The higher their education level the more likely Hong CIVIL SERVANT 4% 86% MANAGERIAL/PROFESSIONAL 17% 95% Kongers are to be connected to the Internet - 97% of WORKER/SHOP ASSISTANT 45% 77% degree holders or above are online compared to 29% with SELF EMPLOYED 4% 91% middle school education. STUDENT 10% 100% (SoURCe: hK inteRnet PRojeCt 2000-2008) RETIRED/UNEMPLOYED 21% 41% (SoURCe: hK inteRnet PRojeCt 2000-2008) 24 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 26. how hong Kongers go online Hong Kong's online youth is pretty familiar with social ACCeSS Point % of USeRS networking, with 53.2% of active users having their own HOME 94% OFFICE 54% social network profile. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) SCHOOL 71% INTERNET CAFE/LIBRARY/PUBLIC PLACES 9% TELEPHONE DIALUP 6% BROADBAND 82% Many Hong Konger's have also embraced blogging, with CABLE MODEM 14% 57% of them saying they are into blogging; 43% of WIRELESS 22% DESKTOP PC 92% them spending some of their time reading blogs but not NOTEBOOK PC 37% commenting; just over one third (34%) actively comment MOBILE PHONE 10% PDA 5% on the blogs they read. (SoURCe: SynoVAte) TV/OTHER APPLIANCES 0.2% OTHER DEVICES 0.4% (SoURCe: hK inteRnet PRojeCt 2000-2008) When it comes to online forums and discussion groups, internet Use in hong Kong Hong Kong's online youth are the most active in the region totAL hoMeS (000) onLine hoMe PCS DiAL-UP hoMeS BRoADBAnD hoMeS with 45% of them reading as well as contributing to them. (000) (000) (000) (SoURCe: SynoVAte) 2,298 1,910 40 1,870 % OF TOTAL HOMES 83% 2% 81% % OF INTERNET HOMES 100% 2% 98% (SoURCe: hK inteRnet PRojeCt 2000-2008) Hong Kong's online youth are amongst the most prolific bloggers in the region, with 35% of them creating and hong Kong online Users, by income updating their blogs in the past 30 days. (SoURCe: SynoVAte) (000) (% of USeRS) HOUSEHOLD INCOME LESS THAN HK$8000 PER MONTH 317 8.6% HK$8,000-9,999 PER MONTH 187 5.1% HK$10,000-12,999 PER MONTH 349 9.4% Hong Kong's online youth like seeing what their friends are HK$13,000 - 14,999 PER MONTH 108 2.9% HK$15,000 - 19,999 PER MONTH 401 10.8% up to online: 43% of the read others' social network pages HK$20,000 - 29,999 PER MONTH 732 19.8% on a variety of different social networking sites. HK$30,000 - 39,999 PER MONTH 453 12.2% (SoURCe: SynoVAte) HK$40,000 - 49,999 PER MONTH 302 8.2% HK$50,000 - 69,999 PER MONTH 327 8.8% HK$70,000+ PER MONTH 492 13.3% As many as 3.9 million Hong Kongers are estimated to be HK$0 PER MONTH 30 0.8% (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex honG KonG; BASe PoPULAtion: inDiViDUALS AGeD 2 - 64; ReCenCy of social media users, out of an overall population of 7 million USinG inteRnet [PASt WeeK (CUM)]) people. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) hong Kong Key 2009 Digital indicators SeRViCeS no. MOBILE SUBSCRIBERS 11.4 MILLION Two social networking sites pretty much own the market in 2.5G AND 3G MOBILE SUBSCRIBERS 3.3 MILLION MOBILE SUBSCRIBER PENETRATION RATE 163.1% Hong Kong - xanga with 1.8 million users, and Facebook PUBLIC WI-FI ACCESS POINTS 7,987 with 1 milion. HOUSEHOLD FIxED LINE PENETRATION RATE 99.2% (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) REGISTERED CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS WITH DIAL-UP ACCESS 959,703 REGISTERED CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS WITH BROADBAND ACCESS 1.9 MILLION HOUSEHOLD BROADBAND PENETRATION RATE 77.8% Hong Kongers are number three in the region, behind INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS 167 MOBILE NETWORK OPERATORS 5 Taiwan and South Korea when it comes to the length of (SoURCe: oftA hK) time online user spend on gaming sites, averaging 143 minutes per visitor over a month, visiting sites on average 13 times. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) ❚ USeR BehAVioUR What hong Kongers do online Online users in Hong Kong overwhelmingly favour word feAtUReS USeD (000) % of USeRS EMAIL 2724 51% of mouth when making purchasing decisions, with 93% SEARCH GOODS/SERVICES INFORMATION 2001 37.5% of them saying they rely most on recommendations from READ NEWSPAPERS/MAGAZINES 1773 33.2% INSTANT MESSENGER 1643 30.8% consumers. PLAY ONLINE GAMES 1262 23.6% (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) SEARCH FINANCIAL INFORMATION 1117 20.9% SEARCH/DOWNLOAD INFORMATION 1065 19.9% LISTEN TO SONGS/RADIO PROGRAMS 1036 19.4% Nearly two thirds (65.8%) of Hong Kong's active Internet USE ONLINE BANKING SERVICES 983 18.4% population claim to have read a blog. SETTLE PAYMENT 936 17.5% (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) DOWNLOAD SONGS/MUSIC 843 15.8% WATCH VIDEO PROGRAMS 842 15.8% BROWSE BLOG 670 12.5% WRITE BLOG 635 11.9% Hong Kong is home to some of the biggest media junkies DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE 619 11.6% in the region with local youth aged up to 24 spending on TRADE STOCK 534 10% average 12.7 hours a day online, watching TV or DVD/VCD/ SEARCH JOB VACANCIES 471 8.8% DOWNLOAD MOVIES 449 8.4% videos, reading newspapers/magazines and listening to the MAKE RESERVATION/BOOK TICKETS 444 8.3% radio. USE AUCTION SERVICES 341 6.4% (SoURCe: SynoVAte) PURCHASE/ORDER GOODS/SERVICES 309 5.8% INTERNET PHONE 238 4.5% DOWNLOAD MOBILE PHONE RINGTONE 234 4.4% DOWNLOAD NOVEL/COMIC 200 3.7% REQUEST CUSTOMER SERVICES 192 3.6% asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 25
  • 27. DOWNLOAD MOBILE PHONE GAME/WALLPAPER 123 2.3% Digital marketing methods are proving themselves to be NETMEETING 81 1.5% OTHERS 783 14.7% persuasive in Hong Kong, but only to a degree, with 25% (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex honG KonG; BASe PoPULAtion: inDiViDUALS AGeD 2 - 64) of Hong Kong online users feeling digital media as a whole significantly increased their interest in using the brand in Why hong Kongers go online PRiMARy PURPoSe % of USeRS question, while 53% were somewhat interested. (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) INFORMATION ACQUISITION (E.G. SEARCH AND WEB BROWSING) 85% LEISURE AND ENTERTAINMENT 36% COMMUNICATION (E.G. EMAIL, IM, SMS, CHAT, ETC.) 31% STUDY 9% If you really want to get an advertising message across in ONLINE BANKING, TRADING, PAYMENT, ETC. 10% Hong Kong, go viral. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of Hong GETTING FREE RESOURCES (E.G. FREE EMAIL ACCOUNTS, STORAGE, DOWNLOADS) 6% MAKING FRIENDS (E.G. ALUMNI SITES) 1% Kong online user have received a viral message at some ONLINE SHOPPING 5% point and more than half (54%) of them have passed it on. OTHER 3% (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) (SoURCe: hK inteRnet PRojeCt 2000-2008) how Long hong Kongers Spend online The most active in the viral message community in Hong AVeRAGe tiMe SPent USinG inteRnet (000) % of USeRS Kong are aged between 30 and 34 - 84% of people in this LESS THAN 30 MINUTES 385 7.2% 30 MINUTES-LESS THAN 1 HOUR 697 13% age group have received a viral message at some point, 1 HOUR-LESS THAN 2 HOURS 905 16.9% and 69% of them have passed it on. 2 HOURS-LESS THAN 3 HOURS 699 13.1% (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) 3 HOURS-LESS THAN 4 HOURS 436 8.2% 4 HOURS-LESS THAN 5 HOURS 269 5% top 0 hong Kong online Advertisers: q4 2008 5 HOURS-LESS THAN 6 HOURS 121 2.3% RAnKinG ADVeRtiSeR By AD iMPReSSionS (in 000'S) 6 HOURS OR MORE 435 8.1% (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex honG KonG; BASe PoPULAtion: inDiViDUALS AGeD 2 - 64) 1 CITICORP 441,133 2 GLOBAL BEAUTY 283,440 3 PCCW 262,585 4 SONY 189,858 5 DELL 177,758 6 EBAY 172,658 ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG 7 WALL STREET INSTITUTE 166,714 8 THE HONG KONG JOCKEY CLUB 147,070 9 HONG KONG GOVERNMENT 128,553 Online advertising spend came to HK$702 million in 2008. 10 HSBC 127,140 (SoURCe: MARKetinG-inteRACtiVe/nieLSen) (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) The most prolific online sector in Hong Kong is finance, top 20 Advertisers Using Digital Media in hong Kong ADVeRtiSeR % of USeRS which spent HK$36.6 million online in Q4 2008 - 17% of NIKE 69% overall online ad spend. HSBC 69% (SoURCe: MARKetinG-inteRACtiVe/nieLSen) CATHAY PACIFIC 67% NOKIA 67% MCDONALD'S 67% Hong Kong's spam rate - 87% for September 2008 - is both COCA COLA 66% PIZZA HUT 65% higher than the global rate of 78%, and that of China's SONY ERICSSON 60% which was just 70% in September. PCCW 57% (SoURCe: CoMPUteRWoRLD/MeSSAGeLABS) ADIDAS 57% SONY 56% KFC 54% HANG SENG BANK 52% Hong Kong's online ad revenues in Q4 2008 marked an SAMSUNG 52% increase of 33% on Q3, representing more than HK$208 CANON 51% million. CITIGROUP 51% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) VISA 48% SK-II 45% WELLCOME 45% CARLSBERG 44% During the October-December period, 1,060 advertisers ran (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA; q: WhiCh of the foLLoWinG BRAnDS hAVe yoU Seen ADVeRtiSeD ViA DiGitAL 3,062 online ad campaigns in Hong Kong, attracting more MeDiA?) than 6.7 billion ad impressions. (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) top 20 Motivating online Advertisers in hong Kong ADVeRtiSeR ADVeRtiSinG SiGnifiCAntLy ADVeRtiSinG SoMeWhAt inCReASeD inteReSt in inCReASeD inteReSt in USinG BRAnD (% of USeRS) USinG BRAnD (% of USeRS) Consumption of the Internet increased in 2008 - while it APPLE 40% 82% still ranks third behind TV and newspapers as engaging PIZZA HUT 36% 92% Hong Kongers the most, more of them - 60%, compared to WELLCOME 35% 93% KFC 33% 89% 53% in 2007 - had logged on in the previous day. SONY ERICSSON 33% 87% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) NIKE 31% 81% NOKIA 30% 91% SONY 30% 85% Dedicated brand websites seem to still be the best media CANON 30% 86% channel to reach Hong Kong consumers in 2008 - as it was COCA COLA 30% 81% MCDONALD'S 29% 86% in 2007 - with 50% of Hong Kongers recalling their use by CATHAY PACIFIC 27% 85% online advertisers. Sponsored content was the next most ADIDAS 25% 82% SK-II 25% 73% recognised form of advertising with 43% of Hong Kong JOHNSON'S BABY 24% 78% online users recalling its use; followed closely by pop-up SAMSUNG 22% 83% ads (42%). VISA 20% 64% (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) HSBC 18% 83% CARLSBERG 18% 58% DRAGONAIR 17% 93% (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) 26 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 28. trust in Media Channels in hong Kong hong Kong's top online Gaming Sites MeDiA ChAnneL % Who tRUSt the ChAnneL CoMPLeteLy % ReACh RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY 56% YAHOO! GAMES 6.2% PRODUCT LABELS ON PACKAGING 25% TRAVIAN GAMES 5.5% ExPERT PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 24% TALESRUNNER.COM.HK 2.7% INDEPENDENT REVIEWS IN PUBLICATIONS 24% MSN GAMES 2.1% CONSUMER PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 20% WILDTANGENT NETWORK 1.9% PRODUCTS/BRANDS THAT APPEAR IN MOVIES OR WITHIN TV PROGRAMMES 18% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS At honG KonG hoMe/WoRK/ CoLLeGe-UniVeRSity LoCAtionS) MANUFACTURERS/BRANDS WEBSITES 18% TV ADS 17% CONSUMER OPINION IN BLOGS 17% hong Kong's top online Retail Sites CONSUMER OPINION IN CHAT ROOMS 16% % ReACh ADS ON POSTERS, BUSES/BUS SHELTERS 16% AMAZON SITES 19.0% NEWSPAPER ADS 15% ALIBABA.COM CORPORATION 18.3% EMAIL NEWSLETTERS 15% APPLE.COM WORLDWIDE SITES 13.5% ADS AT THE CINEMA BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTS 15% DELL 9.9% MAGAZINE ADS 14% THREE.COM.HK 9.5% RADIO ADS 13% CITYLINE.COM 8.5% CONSUMER OPINION ON MESSAGE BOARDS 13% DCFEVER.COM 8.2% BANNER ADS ON WEBSITES 12% BOOKS.COM.TW 8.2% ADS THAT APPEAR ON SEARCH ENGINES 11% SONY ELECTRONICS 7.4% RECOMMENDATIONS FROM OTHER CONSUMERS WHO YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW 11% PRICE.COM.HK 6.7% ADS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO YOU BY E-MAIL 11% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS At honG KonG hoMe/WoRK/ CoLLeGe-UniVeRSity LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) ADS VIA MOBILE SMS 8% POP-UP OR POP-UNDER WEB ADS 8% ADS IN VIRTUAL WORLDS 7% hong Kong's top technology news Sites ADS IN VIDEO GAMES 7% % ReACh (SoURCe: tnS/DiGitAL MeDiA) CNET 12.9% HKEPC.COM 9.2% Media Channels Seen as Untrustworthy NETSHELTER TECHNOLOGY MEDIA 8.9% HACKEN.CC 7.2% in hong Kong PHONEHK.COM 5.2% MeDiA ChAnneL % Who Do not tRUSt the ChAnneL AOL TECH 3.1% ADS IN VIRTUAL WORLDS 53% REVIEW33.COM 2.4% ADS IN VIDEO GAMES 48% ABOUT.COM TECHNOLOGY NETWORK 1.7% ADS VIA MOBILE SMS 42% NEWHUA.COM 1.6% POP-UP OR POP-UNDER WEB ADS 32% ZDNET 1.5% ADS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO YOU BY EMAIL 28% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS At honG KonG hoMe/WoRK/ ADS THAT APPEAR ON SEARCH ENGINES 27% CoLLeGe-UniVeRSity LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) BANNER ADS ON WEBSITES 24% RECOMMENDATIONS FROM OTHER CONSUMERS 24% hong Kong's top entertainment Sites WHO YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW 20% % ReACh ADS AT THE CINEMA BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTS 18% YOUTUBE.COM 68.8% MAGAZINE ADS 18% YAHOO! MUSIC 43.7% RADIO ADS 18% TVB.COM 32.9% PRODUCTS/BRANDS THAT APPEAR IN MOVIES OR WITHIN TV PROGRAMMES 18% YAHOO! MOVIES 30.0% TV ADS 17% CBS INTERACTIVE 25.2% ADS ON POSTERS, BUSES/BUS SHELTERS 16% YOUKU 20.7% EMAIL NEWSLETTERS 16% ITUNES SOFTWARE (APP) 19.9% NEWSPAPER ADS 16% TUDOU SITES 19.6% CONSUMER OPINION IN CHAT ROOMS 15% SONY ONLINE 18.5% MANUFACTURERS/BRANDS WEBSITES 14% RTHK.ORG.HK 17.7% CONSUMER OPINION ON MESSAGE BOARDS 14% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS At honG KonG hoMe/WoRK/ ExPERT PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 12% CoLLeGe-UniVeRSity LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) CONSUMER PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 11% PRODUCT LABELS ON PACKAGING 10% CONSUMER OPINION IN BLOGS 10% INDEPENDENT REVIEWS IN PUBLICATIONS 8% RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY 2% ❚ MoBiLe (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) Hong Kong has the highest mobile penetration rate in the types of Digital Media Seen Being Used world at 163.1%. MeDiA % of USeRS (SoURCe: oftA hK) DEDICATED WEBSITES 50% SPONSORED CONTENT 43% POP-UP ADS 42% Mobile phones are ubiquitous in Hong Kong - the number BANNER ADS 40% EMAIL 31% of mobile subscribers now totals 11.37 million. (SoURCe: oftA hK) MOBILE PHONES 15% ADS IN VIDEO GAMES 5% ADS IN VIRTUAL WORLDS 2% OTHER 7% Of the 11.37 million subscribers in Hong Kong, 2.81 million (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) are 3G or 3.5G users. (SoURCe: oftA hK) hong Kong's top 0 Sites totAL UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) % ReACh totAL MinUteS (MM) YAHOO! SITES 3,077 80.7% 618 Hong Kong youth love their mobile phones - 80% of them MICROSOFT SITES 2,487 65.2% 854 own one, and typically are spending on average one hour GOOGLE SITES 2,363 62.0% 255 FACEBOOK.COM 1,655 43.4% 195 and 48 minutes every day chatting on them. (SoURCe: SynoVAte) DISCUSS.COM.HK 1,046 27.4% 16 UWANTS SITES 985 25.8% 19 SINA CORPORATION 928 24.3% 26 Hong Kongers up to the age of 24 do more than just chat WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION SITES 836 21.9% 11 on their phones: 64% use them to listen to music; 63% HSBC 760 19.9% 31 use them to take photos; and 50% play games on them. PCCW 736 19.3% 18 (SoURCe: SynoVAte) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS At honG KonG hoMe/WoRK/ CoLLeGe-UniVeRSity LoCAtionS) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 27
  • 29. The Institute of Digital Enlightenment Become one of the most skilled digital marketing practitioners in the world and have a professional qualification to prove it! For more information, and to request your course prospectus, email to In association with: or visit 28 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 30. Hong Kongers have increased their love of texting, sending marketing materials, as well as a media schedule in order almost 100 million additional SMS messages in the month to help develop an integrated SEM strategy. Keyword lists of December 2008 than in December 2007 - 436.6 million and ad copies were developed based on the early bird compared to 334.7 million the previous year. discounts and promotional materials provided by HKAF. (SoURCe: oftA hK) They were centred around four key themes: performing arts, events, musical, and family choice. The campaign Hong Kong leads the world in the take up of mobile instant budget was allocated according to the booking period and messaging (MIM) by its mobile phone users, with 23% of synchronised with the offline marketing strategies. The its mobile Internet population using MIM. paid search campaign was launched on both Google Hong (SoURCe: MARKetinGVox.CoM/tnS) Kong and Yahoo! Hong Kong to help generate awareness and momentum prior to the advanced booking period. ❚ e-CoMMeRCe Hong Kongers may not buy as much online as those in other parts of the world but they tend to spend more. Hong Kong visitors to online shopping sites on average place 12.9 orders per 1,000 sessions, lower than the global average of 29.6 orders - but they spend on average US$191.76 on each order, much higher than the global average of US$78.69. (SoURCe: CoReMetRiCS) Hong Kongers have traditionally spent less time making their online purchases too, implying they are much more targeted consumers. They typically spend nearly a minute less (59 seconds) than the global average to browse, make After the conclusion of the pre-booking period, targeted a purchase decision and then order. But in the period keywords and ad copies were written to individually October-December 2008 Hong Kongers spend more time highlight the eight selected programmes. The second online than the global average, by 44 seconds. phase of the paid search campaign aimed to generate (SoURCe: CoReMetRiCS) online ticket sales during the advanced booking period and ticket office sales during the counter booking period. As one of the world's leading financial centres it stands to Throughout the entire campaign, wwwins/iProspect reason online banking would take off in Hong Kong. Here provided day-to-day bid management for each keyword to the online banking market is among the most advanced in ensure maximum return-on-investment. the world with around 3.5 million banking customers, or Results: • Over 36,000 visits to the website in five around 50% of the city's population. months. (SoURCe: ReSeARChAnDMARKetS.CoM) • Over 1,400 bookings were confirmed within one month and achieved a stunning 4,000% return on investment. • As a result of keywords and ad copies optimisation, the click-through-rate (CTR) increased by 380%, compared to ❚ CASe StUDy the initial campaign launch period. Client: Hong Kong Arts Festival Society Limited Agency: wwwins Consulting Hong Kong Campaign:The 37th Hong Kong Arts Festival Search Engine Marketing Campaign objective: To increase traffic to Hong Kong Arts Festival website among the major search engines in Hong Kong in order to increase the online ticket reservations. Strategy: As the leader of the performing arts industry, Hong Kong Arts Festival was poised to become one of the pioneers in the industry to leverage paid search campaigns to generate public awareness and maximise ticket reservations during the advanced booking and counter booking periods. It was carried out by running an integrated media campaign using traditional offline media, as well as online search engines. To help the client achieve their goals, wwwins/iProspect designed a search engine marketing campaign to drive targeted visitors to the HKAF website. Details: Before the start of the paid search campaign, the client provided wwwins/iProspect with detailed offline asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 29
  • 31. inDiA Taj Mahal palace on sunrise ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS More than two-thirds (67%) of India's active Internet users go online at least 2-3 times a week, nearly a quarter (24%) In total India's online user base numbers 60 million people, accessing the Internet daily. making it one of the biggest Internet markets on earth. (SoURCe: i-CUBe 2008) (SoURCe: BtRAx) Well over a third of India's active Internet users (37%) At the beginning of 2009 India had 32.9 million unique log on from Internet cafes, with just over a quarter (26%) Internet users in the country. accessing the Internet from home and slightly more (27%) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix) doing so from the office. (SoURCe: i-CUBe 2008) The vast majority of India's online users - 57 million of them - live in urban areas. India currently has around 5.45 million broadband Internet (SoURCe: i-CUBe 2008) subscribers. (SoURCe: teLeCoM ReGULAtoRy AUthoRity of inDiA) Of India's urban Internet users, the biggest group of users (30%) are young males aged 21-35, 27% are college The Indian online community is primarily a young one, with students, 14% are older men, 12% are school children, 80% of all users aged between 19 and 35. 11% are working women and 6% non-working women. (SoURCe: jUxtConSULt) (SoURCe: i-CUBe 2008) Based on recent data, Indian online users on average spend the least amount of time online compared to their ❚ USeR BehAVioUR other counterparts around the region. In February 2009, they spent on average 576.6 minutes online, the lowest India has the third biggest social media user base in the in Asia. South Koreans by comparison spent on average region, only ranking behind China and Japan with an 1,586.5 minutes online that month. estimated 48 million social media users. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix) (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) India has the lowest Internet penetration rate in the Asia Finding a job seems to be high on the minds of Indian Pacific region, at 5.3% - but that is forecast to increase to online users - 73% of consumers use the Internet for this 28.1% by 2010. reason, more than those who read the news online. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) 0 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 32. Indians are less keen on gaming than their Asian peers, ASTROLOGY ASTROLOGY 25% NET BANKING ICICI BANK 31% with the lowest penetration rates in the region - only DOWNLOAD MOVIES TORRENTZ 35% 27.4% having visited a gaming site in August 2008. (SoURCe: jUxtConSULt) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) Indian bloggers like blogging more than the average blogger, posting new material more than five times a week ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG on average, compared to three times a week. (PULSe GRoUP) India's online ad spend represents only 1.7% of overall ad spend in the country - but it grew at a rate of 45% last Why indians go online year. PURPoSe % of USeRS (SoURCe: MeDiA) EMAIL 91% GENERAL INFORMATION SEARCH 76% EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION SEARCH 49% In 2009 India's digital advertising market is expected to TExT CHAT 46% ONLINE GAMING 41% generate Rs850. (SoURCe: WARC) ONLINE JOBSITES 37% MUSIC/VIDEO ON THE INTERNET 32% FINANCIAL INFORMATION SEARCH 21% BOOK RAILWAY TICKETS ON THE INTERNET 21% India's online banner ad market was worth around Rs2,350 ONLINE BANKING 20% million in 2008 and is expected to reach Rs3,500 million in ONLINE NEWS 13% INTERNET TELEPHONY/VIDEO CHAT/VOICE CHAT 13% 2009. (SoURCe: iAMAi/iMRB) (SoURCe: i-CUBe 2008) indian online Users' top Activities The online banner ad spend per user is currently US$1.20. ACtiVity % of inteRnet USeRS enGAGinG in ACtiVity (SoURCe: iAMAi/iMRB) ENGLISH INFO SEARCH 49% MATRIMONIAL SEARCH 49% DATING/FRIENDSHIP 50% DOWLOAD MUSIC/MOVIES 54% Banner ads in India attracted a high percentage of clicks, SPORTS 57% with at least 80% of the online population having clicked NEWS 63% on one. INSTANT MESSANGING/CHATTING 70% (SoURCe: iAMAi/iMRB) JOB SEARCH 72% EMAILING 91% (SoURCe: jUxtConSULt/DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK) Nearly two thirds (64%) of Indian online users are happy Most Used Websites by indian online Users to watch ad messages in return for quality, free content. (SoURCe: iBM inStitUte foR BUSineSS VALUe) WeBSite % USe it the MoSt ChAnGe fRoM 2008 GOOGLE 35% +7% YAHOO 25% -3% GMAIL 11% +3% A sizeable 36% of them however feel strongly enough ORKUTS 7% -1% about advertising that they said they would would pay for REDIFF 4% -5% INDIATIMES 1% -0.1% content to avoid seeing ads online. (SoURCe: iBM inStitUte foR BUSineSS VALUe) MONEYCONTROL 0.7% -0.1% HOTMAIL 0.6% -0.4% YOUTUBE 0.5% +0.3% SIFY 0.5% -0.2% Indian online users are highly willing to exchange (SoURCe: jUxtConSULt) information about themselves in return for something of value, with 72% of them saying this was the case - more What Sites indians Most Use for online Activities onLine ACtiVity toP WeBSite % USe MoSt than in the USA, UK or Japan. (SoURCe: iBM inStitUte foR BUSineSS VALUe) EMAILING YAHOO/GMAIL 45%/44% MATRIMONY BHARATMATRIMONY 37% INSTANT MESSAGING YAHOO! 38% FRIENDSHIP/DATING ORKUT 38% India's search engine marketing market is currently worth JOB SEARCH NAUKRI 44% around US$112.5 million. Revenues are increasing 50% SHARE PICTURES ORKUT 26% ONLINE NEWS YAHOO 21% year on year and are anticipated to reach US$225 million in SOCIAL NETWORKING ORKUT 53% 2009. INFO SEARCH - ENGLISH GOOGLE 76% (SoURCe: iAMAi/iMRB) PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING ORKUT/LINKEDIN 24%/24% INFO SEARCH - OCAL LANGUAGE GOOGLE 34% VIDEO SHARING YOUTUBE 32% After email (used by 93% of online users) search is the ONLINE TRAVEL BUY IRCTC 43% NON-CRICKET SPORTS ESPNSTAR 19% next most popular activity amongst active Internet users GAMES ZAPAK 41% (75%). CRICKET CONTENT CRICINFO 27% (SoURCe: iAMAi/iMRB) ONLINE BUYING (NON-TRAVEL) EBAY 25% CINEMA CONTENT YOUTUBE/YAHOO! 18%/17% REAL ESTATE MAKAAN 23% Google easily ranks as the top search property in India, LISTEN/STREAM MUSIC RAAGA 16% BUSINESS FINANCIAL NEWS MONEYCONTROL 22% with 81.4% market share. It attracted more than one FINANCIAL INFO QUOTES MONEYCONTROL 24% billion searches in India in June 2008 alone. ONLINE SHARE TRADING ICICIDIRECT 28% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) BUY/RENT MOVIE CD REDIFF 27% PC TO PC NET TELEPHONY YAHOO! 29% MOBILE CONTENT YAHOO! 18% Indian online users however are the least prolific searchers PC TO TELEPHONE NET TELEPHONY YAHOO!/SKYPE 28%/26% CINEMA TICKETS GOOGLE 19% of the world's Internet population, ranking second to last PC TO MOBILE MESSAGING (SMS) 160BY2 21% in a survey of 37 countries of search activity. India has asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 33. 53 searches per searcher in a month compared to the IBIBO.COM 1,970 990 -50% MYSPACE SITES 352 741 110% global average of 93; and 14.7 search visits per searcher LINKEDIN.COM 293 513 75% compared to the world average of 23.6. PERFSPOT.COM 2,106Q 433 -79% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) BIGADDA.COM 515 385 -25% FROPPER.COM 256 248 -3% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ inDiA hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS *exCLUDeS ViSitS fRoM PUBLiC CoMPUteRS SUCh AS inteRnet CAfeS AnD ACCeSS fRoM Purchasing digital downloads is the most popular form of MoBiLe PhoneS oR PDAS) B2C ecommerce in India with more than three quarters (76%) of online Indians having purchased digital india's top online Gaming Sites % ReACh entertainment in the past year. Digital music is the most YAHOO! GAMES 3.6% popular form of online purchased entertainment (63% of ZAPAK.COM 3.3% MINICLIP.COM 2.2% users). GAMETOP.COM 1.2% (SoURCe: inDiA PRWiRe/ViSA) BIG FISH GAMES SITES 1.2% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ inDiA hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS) Indian online shoppers average online spending in the past year came to US$2,147 per shopper. top indian Search Properties (SoURCe: inDiA PRWiRe/ViSA) SeARCheS ShARe of (M) SeARCheS (%) GOOGLE SITES 1,011 81.4% YAHOO! SITES 117 9.4% india's top 0 Sites ASK NETWORK 24 1.9% totAL UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) % ReACh totAL MinUteS (MM) MICROSOFT SITES 22 1.7% GOOGLE SITES 24,251 73.6% 5,240 REDIFF.COM INDIA 18 1.5% YAHOO! SITES 20,623 62.6% 2,820 FACEBOOK.COM 10 0.8% MICROSOFT SITES 11,835 35.9% 578 PEOPLE GROUP 9 0.8% REDIFF.COM INDIA 8,705 26.4% 456 CNET NETWORKS 5 0.4% WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION SITES 6,587 20.0% 68 WIKIPEDIA SITES 5 0.4% AOL 5,558 16.9% 72 AOL 3 0.2% TIMES INTERNET 5,408 16.4% 111 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe qSeARCh; jUne 2008; totAL inDiA-AGe 5+. hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS) NETWORK 18 4,916 14.9% 170 INDIAN RAILWAYS 4,590 13.9% 144 FACEBOOK.COM 4,586 13.9% 352 type of Advertisements Seen (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ inDiA hoMe/WoRK CAteGoRy % of ACtiVe USeRS LoCAtionS) LOANS BY BANKS/FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS 59% JOB SITES 59% india's top online Retail Sites EDUCATION/TRAINING RELATED 45% MOBILE PHONE/INSTRUMENTS 45% % ReACh ENTERTAINMENT SITES 40% AMAZON SITES 22.5% COMPUTER/LAPTOP/PRINTER/SCANNER 38% APPLE.COM WORLDWIDE SITES 10.1% MATRIMONIAL ADVERTISEMENTS 37% FLIPKART.COM 7.8% PERSONAL PRODUCTS 37% ALIBABA.COM CORPORATION 6.9% INVESTMENT OPTIONS LIKE MUTUAL FUNDS 35% HEWLETT PACKARD 6.6% INSURANCE ADS 34% AMERICANGREETINGS PROPERTY 6.2% (SoURCe: iAMAi/iMRB/i-CUBe 2007) WARESEEKER.COM 6.1% DELL 4.4% BOOKMYSHOW.COM 4.0% information Searched Subsequent to Seeing the Ads INDIATIMES SHOPPING 3.6% CAteGoRy % of ACtiVe USeRS (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ inDiA hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) JOB SITES 41% EDUCATION/TRAINING RELATED 35% INVESTMENT OPTIONS LIKE MUTUAL FUNDS 27% india's top technology news Sites MOBILE PHONE/INSTRUMENTS 24% % ReACh PERSONAL PRODUCTS 22% NETSHELTER TECHNOLOGY MEDIA 25.3% ENTERTAINMENT SITES 22% CNET 22.8% LOANS BY BANKS/FINANCIAL 21% ABOUT.COM TECHNOLOGY NETWORK 5.5% INSURANCE ADS 21% ExPERTS-ExCHANGE.COM 4.6% AIR TICKETS ADS 17% COMMENT CA MARCHE 2.8% MATRIMONIAL ADVERTISEMENTS 17% (SoURCe: iAMAi/iMRB/i-CUBe 2007) TECHTREE.COM 2.8% SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN NETWORK 2.4% BESTOFMEDIA GROUP 2.0% Products Bought After Seeing the Ad ZDNET 2.0% CAteGoRy % of ACtiVe USeRS VELOCITYREVIEWS.COM 1.6% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ inDiA hoMe/WoRK HOTELS HOLIDAY TOURS/PACKAGES 4.3% LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) LOANS BY BANKS/FINANCIAL 3.8% COMPUTER/LAPTOP/PRINTER/SCANNER 1.4% MOBILE PHONE/INSTRUMENTS 1.2% india's top entertainment Sites ENTERTAINMENT SITES 1.0% % ReACh MATRIMONIAL ADVERTISEMENTS 1.0% YOUTUBE.COM 48.2% AIR TICKETS ADS 0.8% CBS INTERACTIVE 31.3% ADS FOR JOB SITES 0.8% METACAFE 19.8% AUTOMOBILE ADS 0.7% YAHOO! MOVIES 19.0% PERSONAL PRODUCTS 0.7% (SoURCe: iAMAi/iMRB/i-CUBe 2007) AOL MUSIC 18.3% REAL.COM NETWORK 15.1% WINDOWSMEDIA 13.9% SONGS.PK 13.7% BOLLYWOODSARGAM.COM 12.5% SANTABANTA.COM 11.4% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ inDiA hoMe/WoRK ❚ MoBiLe LoCAtionS; ; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) India is only second to China when it comes to the size of india's top Social networking Sites it mobile market, with 413.47 million mobile subscribers at totAL UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) DeC-07 DeC-08 % ChAnGe ORKUT 7,123 12,869 81% end February 2009. More than 15 million mobile subscribers FACEBOOK.COM 1,619 4,044 150% were added in the month of January alone. BHARATSTUDENT.COM 1,736 3,269 88% (SoURCe: teLeCoMPAPeR/teLeCoM ReGULAtoRy AUthoRity of inDiA) HI5.COM 714 2,012 182% 2 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 34. Every hour around 10,000 mobile phones are sold in India. ❚ e-CoMMeRCe (SoURCe: DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK) India's online retail market was expected to generate By 2012 is estimates that nearly half a billion Indian youth Rs1,105 in 2008. will own a mobile phone. (SoURCe: eBS) (SoURCe: MoBiLe-yoUth) India has one of the lowest online shopping penetration By 2012 there will be an anticipated 650 million mobile rates in Asia, with a probability of 47% that users will shop subscribers in India, 60% of which will come from rural online (Japan is 83% by comparison). Only one country's India. citizens are less likely than India to purchase online - (SoURCe: tRenDSniff) Thailand. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) India's mobile value added services industry was worth around Rs5,780 at the end of June 2008. Over the next The volume of products sold online in India was expected two years the market is expected to grow by 70% tor each to grow by 150% in 2008. Rs9,760 by June 2009 and Rs16,520 by end June 2010. (SoURCe: eBS) (SoURCe: iAMAi/iMRB) India currently has 28.1 million online shoppers in its India's MMS market was worth an estimated Rs5,930 in country, which is forecast to mushroom to 203.1 million June 2008. people come 2010. (SoURCe: iAMAi/iMRB) (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) SMS takes up nearly half (49%) of India's total mobile VAS revenues. Indian online shoppers are no different from the majority of (SoURCe: iAMAi/iMRB) people when it comes to the one major factor preventing them from making more online purchases - security. Nearly Currently around 5% of India's mobile users have three quarters (73%) of Indian consumers cited safety as 3G-enabled handsets. their primary concern making them reluctant to purchase (SoURCe: iAMAi/iMRB) products online. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Only four million Indian Internet users go online using their mobile phones. When Indian online users do shop online, they, like the (SoURCe: jUxtConSULt) rest of the region's shoppers, overwhelmingly prefer to use credit cards, with 60% of them saying they were their most India's mobile Internet penetration rate is low at 1.8%. preferred form of online payment, the next popular method (SoURCe: nieLSen) being debit cards (24% of users) (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Mobile ad spend in India is currently estimated to be worth upto Rs300 million. India's online shopping market will generate US$734.3 (SoURCe: DnA inDiA) billion in revenues by 2010, more than 10 times the amount earned in 2007 (US$70.8 billion). Mobile Internet traffic in India grew by more than 90% in (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) the last quarter of 2008. Content download sites accounted for nearly half (47%) of all mobile Internet traffic. Indian online shoppers are more opportunistic than anyone (SoURCe: MKhoj) else in the region, with 30% of frequently making impulse purchases, compared to around 10% in Singapore, South By 2012 India is expected to the fourth biggest market Korea and Australia, for example. The items they tend to in the world in terms of mobile data revenue, generating snap up on impulse are home appliances and electronic estimated revenues of US$14.1 billion. products (63% of users) and airline tickets (54%). (SoURCe: PyRAMiD ReSeARCh/MKhoj) (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) The number of mobile Internet users in India doubled in Indian shoppers spend on average US$2,517 per year a 12-month period, reaching 38 million users in October on online purchases - more so than the Japanese - and 2008. representing around 11% of their personal income, which (SoURCe: MKhoj) is higher than the regional average of 9.8%. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) india's top Mobile internet Website Categories RAnK CAteGoRy % of MoBiLe inteRnet USeRS 1 GAMES (38%) By 2010-2011 India's online matrimonial industry is 2 EMAIL (33%) 3 ENTERTAINMENT (21%) expected to attract more than 20 million registrations, 4 MUSIC (18%) generating revenues of US$63 million. 5 SPORTS (15%) (SoURCe: CioL.CoM/eMPoWeR ReSeARCh) (SoURCe: nieLSen, MoBiLe MeDiA MARKetPLACe RePoRt - BRiC, US, eURoPe, q 2008) Nearly two thirds (65%) of Indian online shoppers have bought a travel product online. (SoURCe: jUxtConSULt) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 35. 4 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 36. ❚ CASe StUDy ❚ CASe StUDy Client: Idea Cellular Agency: Pinstorm Campaign: MyIdea objective: Against much larger rivals like Airtel and the multinational Vodafone, Idea Cellular decided to talk to the Indian consumer who is proud of their country and believe that they can help build the country, change it for the better. This resulted in a platform called MyIdea - which involved the consumer in a form of participative democracy - where Idea Cellular service empowered them to make this happen. Strategy: Pinstorm created a voting platform at MyIdea., and turned it over to the consumers. They fed in issues they were passionate about, and then used viral marketing tools to generate support, votes and occasionally, opposition for their ideas. Details: The look of the website was a balance between brand identity elements: yellow and the spokesperson - Client: Unilever and on the need for a fast voting platform. Agency: Mindshare Fulcrum/ Microsoft® Advertising Care was taken to track each vote with IP address, Campaign: Lux Provocateur geo-location through latitude/longitude and ensured that objective: Unilever wanted to differentiate its latest multiple votes by the same person for the same idea were offering by providing a unique experience to its consumers. recorded and discounted. Votes were live-reported and Strategy: Unilever worked with Microsoft® Advertising ideas tallied. and agency Mindshare Fulcrum to launch a campaign on Embedded viral marketing tools like auto-inclusion of GTalk, Windows Live Messenger and the MSN® India network. MSN, Yahoo and other buddy lists made it easy for the Specially designed Windows Live Messenger Personal consumer to forward ideas to their contacts. Expressions and banner advertisements were created Virality was tested with closed user groups and then to add a new online dimension to the Lux Provocateur opened it up for the public. advertising campaign. Mindshare Fulcrum created a range of Lux Provocateur animated backgrounds, dynamic display images, winks and emoticons on Windows Live Messenger. The Lux Provocateur Personal Expressions allow users to personalize their Windows Live Messenger sessions with a wide selection of customisable options centred on the Lux Provocateur animated ambassador, created specifically for this campaign. The online campaign ran from March to April 2008, comprising banner and interactive rollover advertisements on the MSN® India network and Windows Live Messenger, in addition to the downloadable Personal Expressions. With a wide and established community of Windows Live Messenger users in India, Unilever could swiftly reach out Once the campaign caught fire, oil was poured on it with and communicate with its target audience. an integrated digital effort involving SEO, SEM, Display Details: With the Lux Provocateur Personal Expressions, Advertising, Social Media Optimisation and Email. users could use the fun and exclusive animated winks and The theme was: be part of this Indian democracy emoticons to interact with their Windows Live Messenger movement by voting for what you believe in contacts, further expanding the publicity and engagement Results: • has had the fastest consumer of Lux Provocateur. activation of any online campaign in Indian advertising Results: • More than 150,000 downloads were recorded history, with over 130,000 votes gathered in just 3 weeks. within the month long campaign. • Over 2,200 ideas were submitted by the public, each was • The boost in brand image also led to favourable sales moderated by the agency, each was viewed an average of results for Unilever's Lux Provocateur. 150 times, and each was voted on an average of 60 times. • The performance of the campaign so far is tracking at twice over what was expected in terms of usage and virality numbers. Many of the issues have become rallying points for key topics: Supporting the girl child; Dealing with terrorism; and India's superstar cricketers.
  • 37. inDoneSiA Sunrise over Borobudur Temple on Java Island, Indonesia 55+ YEARS 1 0.03% ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS AGE (GROUP 2) 10-14 YEARS 630 15.96% 15-19 YEARS 1,256 31.81% Indonesia had 30 million Internet users in 2008. 20-29 YEARS 1,186 30.04% (SoURCe: ReSeARCh AnD MARKetS) 30-39 YEARS 671 17% 40-49 YEARS 180 4.56% 50+ YEARS 24 0.61% Indonesia's online population grew by 1,450% since 2000. (SoURCe: nieLSen MeDiA inDex inDoneSiA/Mix 2008 WAVe) (SoURCe: APjiii/SynoVAte) indonesian online Users, by income (000) % of USeRS Despite high Internet population figures, this still only HOUSEHOLD ExPENDITURE represents a little more than 10% of Indonesia's total IR3,501 OVER 618 15.65% population. IR2,501 - 3,500 693 17.55% (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) IR1,751 - 2,500 1,077 27.28% IR1,251 - 1,750 828 20.97% IR901 - 1,250 454 11.5% IR601 - 900 207 5.24% Broadband Internet users are virtually non-existent in IR600 BELOW 71 1.8% Indonesia, representing just 0.4% of the population. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) HOUSEHOLD INCOME IR3,501 OVER 1,387 35.13% IR2,501 - 3,500 856 21.68% Around 40% of all Internet users in Indonesia are aged IR1,751 - 2,500 830 21.02% I R1,251 - 1,750 456 11.55% between 20 and 24. IR901 - 1,250 212 5.37% (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) IR601 - 900 136 3.44% IR600 BELOW 53 1.34% (SoURCe: nieLSen MeDiA inDex inDoneSiA/Mix 2008 WAVe) indonesia's internet Users 2008 (000) % of PoPULAtion SEx MALE 2,478 62.77% FEMALE 1,469 37.21% ❚ USeR BehAVioUR AGE (GROUP 1) 10-14 YEARS 630 15.96% Indonesia has an estimated 20 million social media users. 15-19 YEARS 1,256 31.81% (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) 20-24 YEARS 703 17.81% 25-29 YEARS 483 12.23% 30-34 YEARS 443 11.22% Nearly half of Indonesia's social media population (9 million) 35-39 YEARS 228 5.78% 40-44 YEARS 124 3.14% are registered users of Friendster. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) 45-49 YEARS 56 1.42% 50-54 YEARS 23 0.58% 6 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 38. how Long indonesians Spend online Indonesia is ranked second in the world, only behind the AVeRAGe tiMe SPent USinG inteRnet (000) % of USeRS LESS THAN 30 MINUTES 568 8.78% U.S. when it comes to serving up mobile ad impressions, 30 MINUTES-LESS THAN 1 HOUR 1,700 16.27% with more than 700 million ad requests made in March 1 HOUR-LESS THAN 2 HOURS 2,031 31.39% alone. 2 HOURS-LESS THAN 3 HOURS 1,305 20.17% (SoURCe: ADMoB) 3 HOURS-LESS THAN 4 HOURS 404 6.24% 4 HOURS-LESS THAN 5 HOURS 200 3.09% 5 HOURS-LESS THAN 6 HOURS 142 2.19% 6 HOURS-LESS THAN 7 HOURS 55 0.85% An estimated 60% of all Indonesian mobile Internet traffic 7 HOURS OR MORE 66 1.02% goes to social media destinations. (SoURCe: nieLSen MeDiA inDex inDoneSiA/Mix 2008 WAVe) (oGiLVyone) how often indonesians go online Indonesia ranks number one out of nine countries surveyed fReqUenCy of USinG inteRnet (000) % of USeRS for the number of mobile page views per person, with each EVERY DAY 604 9.33% A FEW TIMES A WEEK 1,725 26.66% mobile user browsing on average 358 pages in the month ONCE A WEEK 934 14.43% of October 2008. A FEW TIMES A MONTH 837 12.93% (SoURCe: oPeRA) ONCE A MONTH 430 6.65% LESS THAN ONCE A MONTH 1,940 29.98% Indonesia is showing large growth rates in mobile Internet (SoURCe: nieLSen MeDiA inDex inDoneSiA/Mix 2008 WAVe) adoption with a 329.5% increase in users in this past year. What indonesians do online: 2008 (SoURCe: oPeRA) feAtUReS USeD (000) % of USeRS EMAIL 2,692 41.6% INTERNET PHONE 124 1.92% DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE/FILES 1,484 22.93% Young Indonesians, aged from eight to 24 have some of PRODUCT INFORMATION 1,404 21.7% the highest levels of mobile phone ownership in the region, COMPANY INFORMATION 503 7.77% at 80% penetration. BUY ANY PRODUCT 219 3.38% (SoURCe: SynoVAte) PERFORM FINANCIAL SERVICES 231 3.57% ACCESS INTERNATIONAL NEWS 996 15.39% ACCESS LOCAL NEWS 1,216 18.79% READ E-NEWSPAPER 749 11.57% Indonesia's mobile market has one of the lowest ARPUs READ E-MAGAZINE 529 8.17% in the world, at US$5.70 in 2Q 2008, and marking a 23% LISTEN TO MUSIC 2,132 32.95% decline on the previous year. WATCH A MOVIE 548 8.47% (SoURCe: WiReLeSS feDeRAtion) PLAY GAMES 2,365 36.55% BULLETIN BOARDS 97 1.5% CHATTING 1,988 30.72% GENERAL SURFING 2,136 33.01% Indonesia's mobile Internet users are overwhelmingly male, JOB HUNTING 778 12.02% representing 82% of the population. VIDEO CONFERENCE 146 2.26% (SoURCe: oPeRA) EDUCATION SERVICE 1,283 19.83% CLASSIFED ADS 239 3.69% PARTICIPATE IN AUCTIONS 60 0.9% indonesia's top Mobile Sites OTHER 450 6.95% 1. FRIENDSTER (SoURCe: nieLSen MeDiA inDex inDoneSiA/Mix 2008 WAVe) 2. YAHOO 3. GOOGLE 4. PEPERONITY 5. GETJAR ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG 6. MIG33 7. MOCOSPACE 8. ITSMY 9. MOBILE9 Online display advertising in Indonesia came to US$21.85 10. KASKUS million in 2008 and is projected to generate US$26.81 (SoURCe: oPeRA/fRienDSteR; RAnKeD By UniqUe USeRS) million in 2009. By 2010 online display ads should be bringing in US$28.44 million. ❚ e-CoMMeRCe (SoURCe: nieLSen/yAhoo!) Search advertising revenues in Indonesia came to US$4.68 The vast majority of Indonesian online users (96.6%) buy million last year and are projected to reach US$12.65 nothing at all over the Internet, ecommerce activity to date million in 2009. By 2010 search revenues will almost hit limited to just 3.3% of the country's users. US$20.74 million. (SoURCe: nieLSen) (SoURCe: nieLSen/yAhoo!) indonesians' online Shopping Activities e-CoMMeRCe ACtiVity (000) % of USeRS COMPUTER SOFTWARE 47 0.73% COMPUTER HARDWARE 26 0.4% ❚ MoBiLe BOOKS 27 0.42% RECORDED MUSIC 42 0.65% Friendster represents more than 50% of Indonesians' total TRAVEL-RELATED 33 0.51% CLOTHING/APPAREL 40 0.62% usage of the mobile Internet. ENTERTAINMENT 5 0.08% (SoURCe:C:inSiGhtS) HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES 1 0.02% COLLECTIBLES 3 0.05% GROCERIES 1 0.02% There were 128 million mobile subscribers in Indonesia in OTHERS 54 0.83% 2008, set to increase to 159 million in 2009. By 2010 that NEVER USE E-COMMERCE 6,251 96.6% (SoURCe: nieLSen MeDiA inDex inDoneSiA/Mix 2008 WAVe) number is estimated to reach 233 million. (SoURCe: MoBiLe MonDAy inDoneSiA) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 7
  • 39. jAPAn Shinjuku, Tokyo japan's email Users ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS totAL UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) Min UteS PeR ViSitoR noV noV noV noV 2007 2008 % ChAnGe 2007 2008 % ChAnGe There are 94 million online users in Japan. totAL AUDienCe 26,49 2,96 22% 67.7 84.7 25% (SoURCe: BtRAx) PeRSonS - AGe PERSONS: 15-24 5,289 4,900 -7% 70.3 46.1 -34% PERSONS: 25-34 7,307 7,557 3% 57.8 63.9 11% Japan's Internet penetration rate was estimated to be PERSONS: 35-44 5,568 7,386 33% 63.8 80.0 26% 73.8% in 2008. PERSONS: 45-54 4,576 5,511 20% 51.8 107.6 108% (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) PERSONS: 55+ 3,753 7,042 88% 108.7 120.6 11% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; AUDienCe: AGe 5+ hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS) Japan has more than 62 million unique Internet users. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) ❚ e-CoMMeRCe Japanese Internet users spent on average 979.5 minutes online in February 2009, averaging 36.1 visits per person. Japan is currently Asia's biggest consumer e-commerce (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) market, taking 62% of the region's online sales. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Japan's online population represents 6% of the total global Internet audience, the third largest after China and the U.S. Japan's average annual ecommerce sales come to US$38.4 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) billion. (SoURCe: BtRAx) Japanese is the fourth most used language on the Internet, behind English, Chinese and Spanish. Japan's online shopping market is projected to generate (SoURCe: BtRAx) US$58.3 billion in revenues in 2010. (SoURCe: BtRAx) Japanese is the most used language in the blogosphere. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) Nearly all Japanese Internet users shop online - the country has an online shopping penetration rate of 97%. Japanese broadband subscribers made up approximately (SoURCe: BtRAx) 8.5% of the world's broadband population in 2009. (SoURCe: tMCnet) Last year, Japanese online shoppers spent US$581 on online purchases over a three month period. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) 8 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 40. More so than anyone else in Asia, the Japanese prefer ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG paying for goods online with their credit cards over any other form of payment method, with 70% of them saying Online ad spend in Japan increased by 16.3% in 2008. that was the case. (SoURCe: DentSU) (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Japan's total online ad expenditure in 2008 came to Japan's online shopping population should represent 75.1 Y537.33 billion. When production costs are factored in, million people by 2010. total expenditure equals Y698.3 billion. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) (SoURCe: DentSU) There are more than 147.6 million domains in Japan. Online advertising represents 8% of overall ad expenditure (SoURCe: BtRAx) in Japan. When production costs are factored in, expenditure comes to 10.4% Japan is the world's number two digital music market, with (SoURCe: DentSU) 19% market share. (SoURCe: ifPi) It is estimated that online advertising will take a 16.3% share of overall ad spend in Japan by 2011. Online shopping is the second most favoured online activity (SoURCe: iDC) in Japan, after email. (SoURCe: MARSh ReSeARCh/eMARKeteR) Search engine advertising generated Y157.5 billion in revenues in 2008, a year on year increase of 22.9%, which Almost 40% of Japanese online users paid a visit to a represented the highest growth rate in the online ad sector. music site in August 2008, spending on average 16 minutes (SoURCe: DentSU) there each visit. (SoURCe: MARKetinGVox) There are more than a quarter of a million (244,000) blogs coming out of Japan. japan's top Gaining Site Categories (SoURCe: BtRAx) Site CAteGoRy totAL UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) SeP-2008 oCt-2008 % ChAnGe HEALTH 7,134 8,452 18% The biggest social networking site in Japan is Mixi, with a COMMUNITY - FAMILY 3,400 3,982 17% market share of 80% and 10 million users who together PERSONAL FINANCE 11,580 12,829 11% BUSINESS/FINANCE 20,104 21,881 9% generate 11 billion page views a month. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; AUDienCe: AGe 5+ hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS) japan's top Gaining Sites Japanese online users have the highest levels of tolerance PRoPeRty totAL UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) SeP-2008 oCt-2008 % ChAnGe for online ads, with 80% of them saying they would watch BELLEMAISON.JP 1,843 2,608 41% an ad in exchange for quality free video content, while DISNEY ONLINE 2,307 2,836 23% SANKEI SHIMBUN 8,035 9,634 20% 20% saying they would be prepared to pay for online ASAHI-NET.OR.JP 2,475 2,950 19% videos to avoid being served ads. TBS GROUP 4,677 5,481 17% (SoURCe: iBM inStitUte foR BUSineSS VALUe) MYCOM.CO.JP 2,301 2,689 17% MIZUHO FINANCIAL GROUP 3,236 3,642 13% NTV.CO.JP 3,177 3,532 11% The Japanese are fairly willing to provide information about COOKPAD.COM 3,089 3,429 11% MAPION.CO.JP 5,069 5,562 10% themselves in exchange for something of value, with 62% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; AUDienCe: AGe 5+ hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS) of users claiming this. (SoURCe: iBM inStitUte foR BUSineSS VALUe) Digital Music Sales in japan, by format, q 2008 UnitS % ChAnGe VALUe % ChAnGe (thoUSAnDS) VS. 2007 (MiLLionS) VS. 2007 Yahoo! Japan is the number 10 top website in the world. (SoURCe: ALexA/DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK) INTERNET SINGLE TRACK 9,007 31% ¥1,360 43% ALBUM 525 58% ¥613 58% MUSIC VIDEO 386 145% ¥108 155% In a survey of online users in Japan, 70% said they had INTERNET SUBTOTAL 9,917 34% ¥2,081 50% clicked on contextual search ads. But only 1% of them said MOBILE RINGTONES 51,126 -16% ¥5,875 -13% they found them very useful. (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) RINGBACK TONES 22,601 18% ¥1,876 47% SINGLE TRACK 34,432 48% ¥11,401 58% MUSIC VIDEO 2,420 0% ¥688 39% OTHER 325 -63% ¥136 -17% And while many Japanese Internet users may have clicked MOBILE SUBTOTAL 110,903 4% ¥19,977 26% ONLINE SUBSCRIPTIONS - - ¥166 73% on contextual ads in search results, an overwhelming 80% MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS - - ¥109 21% of them said they had never bought any goods or services OTHER DIGITAL MUSIC 7 - ¥130 4% as a result of doing so. TOTAL DIGITAL MUSIC 120,827 6% ¥22,463 28% (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) Search advertising will take up 36% of online ad spend by 2011. (SoURCe: DentSU/SoZon) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 9
  • 41. japan's top 0 Sites japan's Search Activities on top Properties totAL UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) % ReACh totAL MinUteS (MM) SeARCheS (MM)*** SeARCheS PeR SeARCheR ShARe of SeARCheS YAHOO! SITES 51,453 82.9% 12,719 YAHOO! SITES 3,012 58.9 51.2% GOOGLE SITES 41,456 66.8% 6,126 GOOGLE SITES** 2,294 54.7 39.0% DWANGO 11,488 18.5% 2,186 RAKUTEN 120 7.6 2.0% MICROSOFT SITES 29,435 47.4% 2,102 MICROSOFT SITES 90 10.5 1.5% RAKUTEN 32,555 52.5% 1,374 NTT GROUP 80 10.9 1.4% MIxI 10,667 17.2% 1,217 AMAZON SITES 55 6.5 0.9% CYBERAGENT 21,328 34.4% 806 ExCITE JAPAN 41 17.4 0.7% FC2 29,687 47.8% 721 NEC CORPORATION 37 18.2 0.6% NTT GROUP 29,363 47.3% 489 MIxI 32 6.9 0.5% WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION SITES 24,130 38.9% 402 GMO INTERNET GROUP 19 4.5 0.3% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: AGe 5+ hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe qSeARCh; SePteMBeR 2008; AUDienCe: AGe 5+ hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS) japan's top online Gaming Sites % ReACh YAHOO! GAMES 7.1% HANGAME.CO.JP 4.5% ❚ USeR BehAVioUR WAZAP.COM 2.6% NExON CORPORATION 2.6% Japan has an estimated 75.2 million social media users. GAMEPOT 1.3% (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: AGe 5+ hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS) japan's top online Retail Sites Nearly three quarters (74%) of Japanese Internet users % ReACh RAKUTEN.CO.JP 73.9% read blogs, a higher level than anywhere else in the world. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) AMAZON SITES 65.4% YAHOO! SHOPPING 52.3% KAKAKU.COM 42.2% APPLE.COM WORLDWIDE SITES 22.6% Member community websites had a 70% reach in Japan in NISSEN.CO.JP 15.6% 2008, up 2.7% on 2007. ECNAVI.JP 15.3% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) YAHOO! JAPAN STORES 14.7% DHC 11.9% OCNK.NET 11.0% More than 20 million Japanese Internet users visited online (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: AGe 5+ hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) gaming sites in August 2008. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) japan's top technology news Sites % ReACh ITMEDIA.CO.JP 18.0% The Japanese are spending less time on gaming sites than CNET 6.6% most of their Asian peers, with users spending on average ATMARKIT.CO.JP 3.8% NETSHELTER TECHNOLOGY MEDIA 3.3% 76.1 minutes per person on them in August 2008. South ZDNET 3.0% Koreans by contrast spent 189.6 minutes on them. AOL TECH 1.8% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) ASCII24.COM 1.4% WIREDVISION.JP 1.3% BETANEWS.COM 0.8% The vast majority - 92% - of Japan's Internet population HYPERDIA.COM 0.4% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: AGe 5+ hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy use search engines to find information. inteRnet USeRS) (SoURCe: jAPAn MiniStRy of AffAiRS/SoZon) japan's top entertainment Sites % ReACh What the japanese do online YOUTUBE.COM 63.3% ACtiVity % of USeRS SONY ONLINE 51.6% WEBMAIL 88% NICOVIDEO.JP 37.8% ONLINE SHOPPING 78% ITUNES SOFTWARE (APP) 29.4% VIDEO DELIVERY SERVICE 48.7% FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK 27.6% INTERNET AUCTION 44.7% ORICON 24.9% BLOGS 31.7% YAHOO! ENTERTAINMENT 23.4% MUSIC DOWNLOAD 25% YAHOO! MUSIC 23.0% SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES 23.7% GYAO.JP 21.4% INSTANT MESSENGER 16.7% TBS GROUP 16.9% ONLINE GAMING 15.7% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: AGe 5+ hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy HOMEPAGE CREATION 15.3% inteRnet USeRS) BULLETIN BOARDS 14% VOIP 8% japan's top Search Properties FILE-SHAREING 5% SeARCheS (MM) jAn-08 jAn-09 % ChAnGe OTHER 11.7% (SoURCe: eMARKeteR/MARSh ReSeARCh; APRiL-MAy 2008) YAHOO! SITES 3,096 3,489 13% GOOGLE SITES** 2,481 2,596 5% RAKUTEN 111 153 38% time Spent on online entertainment Sites MICROSOFT SITES 119 113 -5% totAL UniqUe ReACh AVeRAGe MinUteS NTT GROUP 93 103 11% ViSitoRS (000) PeR ViSitoR AMAZON SITES 80 69 -14% YOUTUBE.COM 21,701 35.0% 187.0 ExCITE JAPAN 11 52 362% SONY ONLINE 15,205 24.5% 10.6 NEC 58 44 -25% ITUNES SOFTWARE (APP) 12,107 19.5% N/A MIxI 40 23 -42% NICOVIDEO.JP 11,246 18.1% 192.9 NIFTY 19 22 14% FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK 7,454 12.0% 6.8 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe qSeARCh; AUDienCe: AGe 5+ hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS) YAHOO! ENTERTAINMENT 7,443 12.0% 28.9 YAHOO! MUSIC 6,994 11.3% 16.1 ORICON 6,866 11.1% 5.0 GYAO.JP 6,214 10.0% 32.8 YAHOO! MOVIES 4,745 7.6% 7.5 TBS GROUP 4,550 7.3% 4.6 YAHOO! TV 4,451 7.2% 10.3 VEOH.COM 4,377 7.1% 54.8 40 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 42. NIPPON TELEVISION NETWORK 4,012 6.5% 5.3 There are currently 18 million mobile TV viewers in Japan. NHK.OR.JP 3,821 6.2% 9.1 (SoURCe: DAILYMOTION.COM 3,728 6.0% 45.5 WINDOWSMEDIA 3,546 5.7% 5.3 PANDORA.TV 3,514 5.7% 63.9 CBS INTERACTIVE 3,443 5.5% 4.5 The majority of mobile users in Japan, 87%, use mobile TV-ASAHI.CO.JP 3,277 5.3% 4.9 data services. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: AGe 5+ hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS) (SoURCe: RAWLinGS AtLAntiC) how Long the japanese Spend on Mobile internet tiMe SPent PeR DAy ALL feMALe MALe ❚ MoBiLe (% of USeRS) (% of USeRS) (% of USeRS) LESS THAN 3 HOURS 24% 33% 16% 2-3 HOURS 15% 17% 14% There are 102 million mobile subscribers in Japan. 1-2 HOURS 22% 21% 22% (SoURCe: infinitA) 30 MINS - 1 HOUR 16% 12% 20% DAILY, LESS THAN 30 MINS 13% 9% 16% LESS THAN DAILY 4% 3% 5% By 2011 the country is expected to have 121 million mobile I DON'T 3% 3% 3% (SoURCe: infinitA; APRiL 2008) users, with a penetration rate of 95.4%. (SoURCe: CeLLULAR neWS) The mobile Internet is pervasive in Japan - 90% of mobile ❚ CASe StUDy users go online via their handsets. (SoURCe: infinitA) Client: Jetstar Japan Agency: Ogilvy Mobile advertising generated Y91.3 billion in revenues in Campaign: Jetstar 2008, representing year on year growth of 47%. Japan Air Guitar (SoURCe: DentSU) Campaign objective: To make Mobile search engine advertising increased by 100% year a splash in the Japan on year to reach Y17 billion in revenues in 2008. market, communicate (SoURCe: DentSU) JET's fresh Aussie personality, and spread Japan's mobile ad spend is estimated to reach US$2.7 awareness. billion by 2011. Strategy: Online (SoURC: BtRAx) promotion centred around air guitar Mobile ad spend represents around 1% of overall ad competition. expenditure in Japan currently. Details: The campaign (SoURCe: DentSU) website contained: Mini Youtube-like function to download 30 sec. JET music clip, Nearly two thirds (65.8%) of Japan's mobile subscribers are enter the competition by uploading guitar film, view, and on a 3G network, the highest adoption rate in the world. vote for favourites and Japanese comedian Dainoji - who (SoURCe: DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK) won the World Air Guitar Championship - giving air guitar lessons. An overwhelming 91% of all digital music is sold via JET Japan concert tour report as exclusive content. mobiles in Japan. Information about Jetstar and JET, details of Jetstar's (SoURCe: ifPi/DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK) upcoming launch of flights between Japan and Australia, and icon links to both parties' respective independent Mobile social networking site Mobage-Town is so popular websites. in Japan, its 11 million users generating up to 800 million Results: • 125 performances uploaded and 1,200 new page impressions every day, that it is estimated that in Jetmail database signups. 2008 the site generated more traffic than that of North • More than 40,000 visits to the site. America and western Europe combined for the entire year. • 200,000 page views of the site. (SoURCe: infoRMA) • Topic of 123 blog articles, and 155 chat site topics with estimated footprint of 200,000 users. The monthly mobile expenditure of an average 25 year old • More than 106,000 individual film views on video portals in Japan is more than US$100. (Youtube, Google video, etc). (SoURCe: MoBiLe-yoUth) • With 97% of site access from consumers in Japan, the site was also accessed and viewed in more than 10 Mobile search advertising will take up 40% of mobile ad additional countries around the world. spend by 2011. (SoURCe: DentSU/SoZon) In Japan, 40% of all emails are sent from mobile devices. (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 4
  • 43. MALAySiA Kuala Lumpur ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS Malaysia's internet Users 2008 (000) % of PoPULAtion SEx Malaysia has a 62.8% Internet penetration rate up from MALE 1,768 59.6% 48.7% in 2007. FEMALE 1,199 40.4% (SoURCe: inteRnet WoRLD StAtS) AGE 15-19 YEARS 661 22.3% 20-24 YEARS 645 21.7% 25-29 YEARS 479 16.1% 30-34 YEARS 357 12% Malaysia's broadband penetration rate was 21.1% as of Q4 35-39 YEARS 248 8.4% 2008, marking a sizable increase from Q3 when penetration 40-44 YEARS 196 6.6% rates stood at 17.5%. 45-49 YEARS 170 5.7% (SoURCe: the MALAySiAn CoMMUniCAtionS AnD MULtiMeDiA CoMMiSSion) 50-54 YEARS 120 4% 55-59 YEARS 49 1.7% OVER 60 YEARS 42 1.4% Malaysia has 15.9 million Internet users, 1.4 million of AVERAGE MONTHLY INCOME which are broadband subscribers. RM1-1,000 166 5.6% (SoURCe: inteRnet WoRLD StAtS) RM1001-2,000 453 15.3% RM2001-3,000 648 21.8% RM3001-4,000 400 13.5% The number of Malaysian dedicated Internet subscribers is RM4001-5,000 298 10% OVER RM5,000 998 33.6% expected to reach the 10 million mark by 2012. NOT DISCLOSED 4 0.1% (SoURCe: teLeKoM MALAySiA) (SoURCe: nieLSen MeDiA inDex MALAySiA; PASt WeeK inteRnet USeRS AGeD 5+ in PeninSULAR MALAySiA) While TV, radio and newspapers continue to dominate the Malaysian media scene, Internet is catching up, penetration rates doubling in the past five years to now reach two in ❚ e-CoMMeRCe 10 Malaysians. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) In Malaysia, more than 50% of the customers who shop online tend to rely on personal recommendations to make Malaysians frequently log on outside of their own homes - their purchasing decisions. Other main deciding factors are 81% access the Internet in public Internet outlets, Internet search engine results (37%) and special offers (34%). cafes, in the workplace or in school. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) (SoURCe: oMniCoM MeDiA GRoUP/yAhoo!) Creating that first positive shopping experience is key in order to capture loyalty and money - Malaysian online shoppers tend to stick to the shopping sites they are familiar with, with 60% saying they buy mostly from the same site. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) 42 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 44. Nearly three quarters (70%) of Malaysian Internet users Malaysia's top online Retail Sites have purchased something online, with 39% of online % ReACh AMAZON SITES 17.7% users having made at least one purchase online. APPLE.COM WORLDWIDE SITES 9.4% (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) ALIBABA.COM CORPORATION 9.0% YAHOO! SHOPPING 4.9% HEWLETT PACKARD 4.6% Malaysian online shoppers mainly buy airline tickets or book DELL 4.4% AMERICANGREETINGS PROPERTY 4.0% travel reservations over the Internet (55% of users), make WARESEEKER.COM 2.9% tour/hotel reservations (41%) and buy computer hardware ZOL.COM.CN 1.9% (22%). ENET.COM.CN 1.8% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe SeGMent MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At MALAySiA hoMe/ (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) Malaysia's top technology news Sites % ReACh ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG CNET 21.9% NETSHELTER TECHNOLOGY MEDIA 17.2% ABOUT.COM TECHNOLOGY NETWORK 2.6% The Malaysian advertising market grew by 13% in 2008, MOBILE88.COM.MY 2.5% generating RM6.2 billion. Internet ad spend accounted for ZDNET 1.4% BESTOFMEDIA GROUP 1.4% just RM32.1 million of that. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) NEWHUA.COM 1.2% YAHOO! TECH 1.2% SINA TECHNOLOGY 1.1% IMAGINOVA NETWORK 1.0% Dedicated brand websites and sponsored content are the (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe SeGMent MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At MALAySiA hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) best media channels to reach Malaysian online consumers, with 54% and 53% of users respectively recalling their Malaysia's top entertainment Sites use by online advertisers. The third most favoured media % ReACh channel is the banner ad, with 50% of Malaysian online YOUTUBE.COM 60.9% CBS INTERACTIVE 31.2% users recalling its use. AOL MUSIC 16.6% (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) GORILLA NATION 15.2% METACAFE 13.9% REAL.COM NETWORK 13.2% Malaysians are very receptive to viral messages, with 88% IMEEM 11.6% of online users saying they have received a viral message WINDOWSMEDIA 11.6% VIACOM DIGITAL 11.5% at some point and as much as 60% of them admitting to SONY ONLINE 10.0% have passed it on. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe SeGMent MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At MALAySiA hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) top 20 Advertisers Using Digital Media in Malaysia Online display advertising in Malaysia came to US$8.64 ADVeRtiSeR % of USeRS AIR ASIA 90% million in 2008 and is projected to generate US$9.9 million NOKIA in 2009. By 2010 online display ads should be bringing in DIGI TELECOMMUNICATION 76% MAxIS COMMUNICATION 76% more than US$10 million. (SoURCe: nieLSen/yAhoo!) KFC HOLDINGS 75% CELCOM 72% SONY 72% MCDONALD'S 70% Search advertising revenues in Malaysia came to US$6.3 COCA COLA 69% million last year and are projected to reach US$9.3 million NIKE 69% PIZZA HUT 65% in 2009. By 2010 search revenues will almost hit US$10 CITIBANK 64% million (US$9.9 million). SAMSUNG 64% (SoURCe: nieLSen/yAhoo!) MASTERCARD 62% VISA 62% NESTLE 59% Malaysia's top 0 Sites ADIDAS 56% totAL UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) % ReACh totAL MinUteS (MM) HONDA MALAYSIA 54% GOOGLE SITES 6,127 67.8% 721 CANON MARKETING 52% YAHOO! SITES 5,897 65.3% 1,052 TM NET 52% (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA; q: WhiCh of the foLLoWinG BRAnDS hAVe yoU Seen ADVeRtiSeD ViA DiGitAL MICROSOFT SITES 4,858 53.8% 1,149 MeDiA?) FRIENDSTER.COM 3,327 36.8% 328 FACEBOOK.COM 2,368 26.2% 185 WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION SITES 1,911 21.2% 20 trust in Media Channels in Malaysia AOL 1,380 15.3% 9 MeDiA ChAnneL % Who tRUSt the ChAnneL CoMPLeteLy FOx INTERACTIVE MEDIA 1,371 15.2% 172 RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY 50% CBS INTERACTIVE 1,276 14.1% 12 INDEPENDENT REVIEWS IN PUBLICATIONS 33% WORDPRESS 1,211 13.4% 6 ExPERT PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 31% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe SeGMent MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At MALAySiA hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS) MANUFACTURERS/BRANDS WEBSITES 26% PRODUCT LABELS ON PACKAGING 25% TV ADS 23% Malaysia's top online Gaming Sites NEWSPAPER ADS 22% % ReACh MAGAZINE ADS 21% YAHOO! GAMES 5.9% CONSUMER PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 21% TRAVIAN GAMES 3.5% PRODUCTS/BRANDS THAT APPEAR IN MOVIES OR WITHIN TV PROGRAMMES 21% Y8.COM 3.2% RADIO ADS 19% MSN GAMES 2.7% CONSUMER OPINION IN BLOGS 18% MINICLIP.COM 2.6% ADS AT THE CINEMA BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTS 17% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe SeGMent MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At MALAySiA hoMe/ EMAIL NEWSLETTERS 15% WoRK LoCAtionS) ADS ON POSTERS, BUSES/BUS SHELTERS 13% CONSUMER OPINION ON MESSAGE BOARDS 12% CONSUMER OPINION IN CHAT ROOMS 12% asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 4
  • 45. BANNER ADS ON WEBSITES 10% Malaysians have a big appetite when it comes to consuming ADS THAT APPEAR ON SEARCH ENGINES 10% ADS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO YOU BY EMAIL 8% digital media, with more than half of them (53%) having RECOMMENDATIONS FROM OTHER CONSUMERS WHO YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW 8% streamed or played entertainment content such as full- POP-UP OR POP-UNDER WEB ADS 5% ADS IN VIRTUAL WORLDS 5% length movies, TV shows or music videos online. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) ADS IN VIDEO GAMES 4% ADS VIA MOBILE SMS 4% (SoURCe: tnS/DiGitAL MeDiA) More than two fifths (41%) of Malaysians have downloaded the same variety of content from the Internet over the last month. This ranks Malaysia in seventh and ninth place ❚ USeR BehAVioUR respectively out of 52 countries when it comes to the frequency of streaming and downloading entertainment It is estimated that there are around 12 million social content from the Internet. media users in Malaysia. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) (SoURCe: oGiLVy) And Malaysia takes third placing globally in terms of those is the Number 1 social networking site in who spend more than 20 hours a week watching streamed Malaysia with 3.02 million unique visitors a month - more or downloaded content from the Internet. than three times the size of its nearest competitor. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) (SoURCe: oGiLVy) In Malaysia, while TV ownership (89%) is slightly ahead YouTube is the fastest rising search term in 2008 used by of PC ownership (87%), PC usage rates (85%) compared 51.7% of heavy Internet users. to TV (77%) shows that Malaysians are allowing the PC to (SoURCe: GooGLe MALAySiA ZeitGeiSt/ oGiLVy) infiltrate their lives more. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) A sizeable 81% of Malay Internet users access the Internet in public places Internet outlets, Internet cafes, workplaces Four in ten Malaysian online users spend between one to and schools, while 75% of Malaysia's Chinese Internet two hours on the Internet every day. Apart from the more users have access to the Internet at home. common features such as email, surfing and information (SoURCe: oMniCoM MeDiA GRoUP/yAhoo!) gathering, the popular activities for netizens are online TV/music/games (47%), followed by message/chat/ Yahoo! is the most popular starting point on the Internet blogging (45%) and reading newspaper/magazines (35%). for Malaysian online users - 55% typically start their (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) web journey with Yahoo! at home; 62% similarly at their workplace. While only a small amount of Malaysians may be blogging, (SoURCe: oMniCoM MeDiA GRoUP/yAhoo!) they do it regularly - 15% of Malaysians now blog daily. (SoURCe: PULSe GRoUP) 49% of email users use Yahoo! Mail most often compared to 30% for Hotmail and 7% for Gmail. how Long Malaysians Spend online (SoURCe: oMniCoM MeDiA GRoUP/yAhoo!) AVeRAGe tiMe SPent USinG inteRnet (000)% of USeRS LESS THAN 30 MINUTES 211 7.1% 30 MINUTES-LESS THAN 1 HOUR 655 22.1% More than three quarters (77%) of Malaysian IM users 1 HOUR-LESS THAN 2 HOURS 1,006 33.9% 2 HOURS-LESS THAN 3 HOURS 507 17.1% communicate on MSN/Windows Live Messenger and 57% 3 HOURS-LESS THAN 4 HOURS 235 7.9% on Yahoo! Messenger. Yahoo! Messenger is also significantly 4 HOURS-LESS THAN 5 HOURS 124 4.2% more popular amongst Malay Internet users with a 56% 5 HOURS-LESS THAN 6 HOURS 60 2% 6 HOURS-LESS THAN 7 HOURS 30 1% reach. 7 HOURS OR MORE 139 4.7% (SoURCe: oMniCoM MeDiA GRoUP/yAhoo) (SoURCe: nieLSen MeDiA inDex MALAySiA; inDiViDUALS AGeD 5+ in PenninSULAR MALAySiA) What Malaysians do online: 2008 Friendster is Malaysia's most popular social network site (000) % of PoPULAtion with a 65% reach amongst social networking users. INTERNET FEATURES USED (SoURCe: oMniCoM MeDiA GRoUP/yAhoo!) EMAIL 2372 79.9% INTERNET PHONE 471 15.9% DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE/FILE 1236 1.7% Malaysians are a prime example of what are known as GATHER INFO ABOUT PROD/SERVICE/COMPANY/RESEARCH 1601 54% PURCHASE PRODUCT/SERVICE 281 9.5% 'multisumers' - 81% of them like to surf the Internet and FINANCIAL SERVICES 425 14.3% watch TV at the same time. INTERNATIONAL NEWS/CURRENT AFFAIRS 487 16.4% (SoURCe: oMniCoM MeDiA GRoUP/yAhoo!) LOCAL NEWS/CURRENT AFFAIRS 1005 33.9% READ ELECTRONIC MAGAZINE 246 8.3% LISTEN TO MUSIC 815 27.5% Malaysians are seeking news on the Internet more than WATCH MOVIE/TV PROG 370 12.5% PLAY GAMES 797 26.9% ever before: online newspaper readership increased USE ICQ/MESSAGING 1260 42.5% 35% last year, reaching one million readers. There is no JOB HUNTING 244 8.2% EDUCATION SERVICES 463 15.6% imminent threat of the Internet replacing mainstream CLASSIFIED ADS 120 4% media though, 90% of readers still obtain their news via a PARTICIPATE IN AUCTION 66 2.2% hard-copy. TO BLOG/READ BLOG 738 (SoURCe: nieLSen MeDiA inDex MALAySiA; inDiViDUALS AGeD 5+ in PenninSULAR MALAySiA) 24.9% (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny/ oMniCoM MeDiA GRoUP/yAhoo!) 44 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 46. ❚ MoBiLe ❚ CASe StUDy Malaysia has a total of 27.1 million mobile subscribers. Client: Maybank (SoURCe: the MALAySiAn CoMMUniCAtionS AnD MULtiMeDiA CoMMiSSion [MCMC) Agency: Carat Media Sdn Bhd Campaign: Agent M Malaysia's wireless penetration level continues to increase objective: Change the perception of to and is expected to reach 96.8% in 2010, which is a be young and progressive. Alleviate 10 percent of enquiry forecasted 28.5 million subscribers. traffic from the Maybank call centre. Start conversations (SoURCe: SynoVAte) with youth on banking products and other banking related areas. Create a brand engagement for more than 30 Malaysians enjoy expressing themselves via their mobile seconds. phones, one survey revealing 18% of them made video Strategy: Wanting to target a new generation of young clips on them. customers by engaging with them frequently on their (SoURCe: SynoVAte) terms, in their time and with their language, Maybank2u. com created an online persona called Agent M: Asia's first More than 90% of Malaysians had a mobile service in 2008. financial bot on Windows Live Messenger. With a distinct (SoURCe: BUDDeCoMM) personality, conversational skills and intelligence, Agent M is able to chat instantly with people on a range of banking While 3G numbers are growing quickly in Malaysia, they and general topics using Windows Live Messenger. still only represent 4% of the total mobile subscriber base. Details: Maybank embarked on a campaign to encourage (SoURCe: BUDDeCoMM) young people to add Agent M as their friend on Windows Live Messenger. Agent M's presence was announced Malaysia currently has more than half a million mobile through a print campaign and by using MSN and other Internet users. Windows Live services such as Windows Live Messenger (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) and Windows Live Hotmail to target popular online channels for youth. Viral word-of-mouth spread quickly Malaysians were the third most prolific texters in the region among users of Windows Live Messenger, with users over the Christmas and New Year period, sending more asking their friends to add Agent M as a friend on their than one billion SMS messages over a 2-day period. Only Windows Live Messenger simply by adding his email texters in the Philippines and Indonesia sent more. address, as a contact. Agent (SoURCe: MySinCheW/ACiSion) M was armed with frequently asked questions from the Maybank Customer Call Centre, 10 core Maybank products In 2008, Malaysia saw low growth levels in texting activity and services, product complaints/resolutions, and even against 2007 at only 13%, significantly lower than the likes knowledge on general subjects such as Earth Day. With 3.8 of Pakistan which experienced 253% growth in messaging million registered users and 118,000 daily in the same period. users, Maybank used Agent M to reach a new breed of (SoURCe: ACiSion) consumers spending significant time online. Malaysians lead the south east Asia region in terms of its mobile Internet adoption rates, with a 462.6% growth in users since the beginning of 2008. (SoURCe: oPeRA) Malaysian mobile Internet users are engaging more with the mobile web's offerings too, with a 474.5% increase in page views since the beginning of 2008, each user averaging 11 page views each. (SoURCe: oPeRA) Malaysia's top 0 Mobile Sites 1. GOOGLE 2. FRIENDSTER 3. YAHOO 4. GAMEJUMP 5. FACEBOOK 6. MYSPACE Results: • Users engaged with Agent M as they would a 7. YOUTUBE real person, asking day-to-day questions normally asked of 8. MY.OPERA friends. 9. WIKIPEDIA 10. UTUSAN • Overall, 69 percent of users were in the target audience. (SoURCe: oPeRA/fRienDSteR; RAnKeD By UniqUe USeRS) • Users achieved average engagement of almost three minutes, well above the 30 second benchmark. asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 45
  • 47. neW ZeALAnD Lake Matheson, Mount Cook and Mount Tasman HOUSEHOLD INCOME ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS UP TO $20,000 97 3.6% $20,001 - $30,000 125 4.7% $30,001 - $40,000 157 5.9% New Zealand has 3.4 million Internet users with an 80.5% $40,001 - $60,000 356 13.3% penetration rate. Nearly 60% use the Internet at least once $60,001 - $80,000 341 12.8% a day. $80,001 - $100,000 324 12.1% (SoURCe: inteRnet WoRLD StAtS/ oeCD/ the nieLSen CoMPAny) $100,001 - $120,000 256 9.6% $120,001 - $250,000 343 12.9% $250,001+ 52 2% REFUSED/NOT SPECIFIED 180 6.7% The country had just over 2.4 million unique visitors in DON'T KNOW 439 0.2% February 2009, each spending on average 830.2 minutes (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex neW ZeALAnD; ALL inDiViDUALS 0+) online, and paying 29.2 visits. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) There are 60 ISPs operating in New Zealand. ❚ e-CoMMeRCe (SoURCe: StAtiStiCS neW ZeALAnD) New Zealanders have been slow to adopt to e-shopping The Internet is certainly the domain of the young - 92% but that is swiftly changing - 42% of the online population of 10-19 year old Kiwis are regular Internet users. But it made an online purchase in 2008 (55% of regular Internet is also highly frequented by 50-59 year olds (73%) who users). would also call themselves regular Internet users. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) The New Zealand online shopping population grew 45% in new Zealand's internet Users 2008 the fourth quarter of 2008 (up 39% from the same period (000) % of USeRS in 2007) and stands at a record 1.4 million people, out of a SEx MALE 1,299 48.7% total population of about 4.5 million. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) FEMALE 1,371 51.3% AGE 10-19 YEARS 541 20.3% New Zealanders have taken to the web with gusto when it 20-29 YEARS 465 17.4% comes to buying and selling cars: over eight in ten (84%) 30-39 YEARS 475 17.8% 40-49 YEARS 496 18.6% car buyers use the Internet to research and determine 50-59 YEARS 361 13.5% which car to buy. Just over half of the country's car sellers 60-74 YEARS 276 10.3% 75+ YEARS 55 2.1% (52%) use it as a tool to actually sell the vehicle. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) 46 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 48. On average New Zealand online shoppers spend five Online advertising in New Zealand grew 55% in the first minutes and 39 seconds online per session. They view 7.4 half of 2008. While ad spend decreased significantly across pages on average and spend US$38.79 per order, more most advertising channels in the second half of 2008, the than their Australian neighbours. Internet showed a similar level of spend compared with (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) 2007 numbers (only a 0.5% decrease). (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) New Zealanders like to actively engage with the online shopping community, with 822,000 of them submitting Amongst the different categories, search and directory ads product reviews online in 2008. (representing 30.9% of total online ad spend) showed the (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) strongest growth of 75% to NZ$59.71 million. Display ads (accounting for 30.1% of online ad spend) grew 38% to Products Researched, Compared or Bought online $58.12 million. Classifieds grew 28% to NZ$75.32 million. PRoDUCt % of USeRS (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) AIRLINE TICKETS 43% ACCOMMODATION 33% CAR HIRE 9% There was a 20% year on year increase in the number BOOKS/MAGAZINES 20% MOVIE/EVENT TICKETS 19% of online display campaigns that ran in New Zealand in CDS/RECORDS/TAPES 15% October 2008. VIDEOS OR DVDS 15% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) VIDEO/PC GAMES 15% MP3 OR SIMILAR 9% CONSUMER ELECTRONICS 31% new Zealand's top 0 Sites COMPUTER HARDWARE 22% totAL UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) % ReACh totAL MinUteS (MM) SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS 19% GOOGLE SITES 1,906 78.9% 217 SOFTWARE DISCS 9% MICROSOFT SITES 1,626 67.4% 349 DVD PLAYER 6% FAIRFAx MEDIA 1,286 53.3% 184 FURNITURE 18% YAHOO! SITES 1,138 47.2% 83 WHITE GOODS 18% AOL 1,027 42.5% 150 GARDENING ITEMS 14% FACEBOOK.COM 805 33.3% 78 GROCERIES 14% WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION SITES 653 27.0% 10 FLOWERS 5% APPLE 561 23.2% 3 VEHICLES 18% CBS INTERACTIVE 424 17.6% 5 AUTO ACCESSORIES 13% ANZ BANKING GROUP 421 17.5% 10 DIY HARDWARE 13% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS At 5+ neW ZeALAnD hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS) CLOTHING/ACCESSORIES 34% HEALTH/BEAUTY ITEMS 19% TOYS 19% ONLINE INFO/REPORTS 18% new Zealand's top online Gaming Sites FITNESS/SPORTING 18% % ReACh JEWELLERY 15% MINICLIP.COM 6.5% ART 11% WILDTANGENT NETWORK 6.2% INSURANCE 9% MSN GAMES 3.7% STOCKS, SHARES, LOANS MORTGAGES 8% JIMUNGO.COM 3.6% MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 8% ADDICTINGGAMES.COM 2.7% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS At 5+ neW ZeALAnD hoMe/ STATIONERY 6% WoRK LoCAtionS) OTHER 9% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) new Zealand's top online Retail Sites % ReACh AMAZON SITES 39.2% APPLE.COM WORLDWIDE SITES 23.7% ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG SHOPPING.COM SITES 11.2% WOOLWORTHS 9.5% 1-DAY.CO.NZ 8.0% New Zealand's online advertising market was worth THEWAREHOUSE.CO.NZ 7.3% NZ$193.15 million in 2008. TICKETEK 7.3% (SoURCe: iAB nZ/ PWC) HEWLETT PACKARD 6.1% ALIBABA.COM 5.5% NOELLEEMING.CO.NZ 5.4% The Internet was New Zealand's fastest-growing advertising (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS At 5+ neW ZeALAnD hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS) channel in 2008, up 42.9% from 2007. (SoURCe iAB nZ/PWC) new Zealand's top technology news Sites % ReACh NETSHELTER TECHNOLOGY MEDIA 26.5% However, online advertising still only accounts for around CNET 22.9% 5% of total ad spend in New Zealand. ABOUT.COM TECHNOLOGY NETWORK 6.5% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) GEEKZONE.CO.NZ 3.7% BESTOFMEDIA GROUP 3.1% WIRED.COM 2.9% SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN NETWORK 2.4% New Zealand's Q2 2008 online ad spend - NZ$49.2 million - ExPERTS-ExCHANGE.COM 2.4% represented a growth of 54% against Q2 2007. AOL TECH 2.3% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) PCWORLD.CO.NZ 2.2% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS At 5+ neW ZeALAnD hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) The Internet could likely become the second largest advertising channel by 2010, even though TV currently represents roughly three-quarters of total advertising spend. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 47
  • 49. new Zealand's top entertainment Sites New Zealanders are mostly happy to use the Internet as % ReACh a central place to share their camera work with people YOUTUBE.COM 73.7% online: more than three quarters of them (77%) share CBS INTERACTIVE 44.7% ITUNES SOFTWARE (APP) 39.3% photos online while 61% of them upload photos, equaling TVNZ SITES 28.2% 2 million and more than one million users respectively. VIACOM DIGITAL 27.4% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) GORILLA NATION 23.3% MSN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL 20.8% IMDB.COM 20.7% Less are currently prepared to share their entertainment UGO ENTERTAINMENT 19.4% BREAK MEDIA 19.4% however, with a lower 39% sharing videos; 31% uploading (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS At 5+ neW ZeALAnD hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) music; and less than a quarter uploading videos. (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) Belief in Media Channels in new Zealand MeDiA ChAnneL % Who BeLieVe the ChAnneL Video upload rates were expected to increase over 2008, RECOMMENDATIONS FROM CONSUMERS 83% NEWSPAPERS 71% by 80% to reach 43% of the online population. (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) CONSUMER OPINION POSTED ONLINE 64% BRANDS WEBSITES 53% MAGAZINES 60% TV 63% A sizeable 88% of New Zealand online users have at one RADIO 64% point shared or distributed content online. EMAIL I SIGNED UP FOR 63% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) BRAND SPONSORSHIPS 44% ADS BEFORE MOVIES 41% SEARCH ENGINE ADS 21% ONLINE BANNER ADS 15% Nearly all online New Zealanders regularly check their email TExT ADS ON MOBILE PHONES 19% (95%) while 74% regularly catch up on the news. (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) how Long new Zealanders Spend online ❚ USeR BehAVioUR AVeRAGe tiMe SPent USinG inteRnet (000) % of USeRS ZERO 270 9.7% 1- 15 MINUTES 68 2.4% New Zealand children are big media consumers and their 16-30 MINUTES 127 4.5% 31 MINUTES TO 1 HOUR 276 9.9% appetite is growing. Playing video games (84%) and using 1 HOUR 1 MINUTE - 2 HOURS 321 11.5% the Internet (62%) is on the rise even though watching TV 2 HOURS 1 MINUTE - 4 HOURS 412 14.7% (99%) is still the primary form of entertainment. 4 HOURS 1 MINUTE - 7 HOURS 426 15.2% (SoURCe: itU) 7 HOURS 1 MINUTE OR MORE 888 31.8% DON'T KNOW 1 0% NOT USED NET LAST 4 WEEKS 0 0% (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex neW ZeALAnD; ALL inDiViDUALS 0+; inteRnet USAGe PeR WeeK) Blogging is becoming more popular in New Zealand. One survey revealed that almost half (49%) of Internet users What new Zealanders Do on Social networking Sites aged 14 and older read blogs, and 17% have created their ACtiVity % of USeRS With onLine PRofiLeS own. STAY IN TOUCH WITH FRIENDS YOU RARELY SEE IN PERSON 63% (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) BUY SOMETHING 48% LOOK FOR ADVICE OR INFORMATION 46% LOOK FOR A NEW JOB 42% STAY IN TOUCH WITH FRIENDS YOU SEE A LOT 40% Half of New Zealand's online population, 1.7 million people, SELL SOMETHING 35% read consumer reviews online. MAKE PLANS WITH YOUR FRIENDS 28% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) LOOK FOR A CAR 27% MAKE NEW FRIENDS 26% FIND A PLACE TO LIVE 22% In 2008, nearly half of all online users in the country - 1.6 FLIRT WITH SOMEONE 19% FIND SOMEONE TO DATE 17% million consumers - got involved in social networking. ADVANCE YOUR CAREER 10% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) Of that number, nearly half a million (451,000) created What new Zealanders do online ACtiVitieS in LASt Month (000) % of USeRS a blog. The number of New Zealanders who will do this SENT/RECEIVED EMAIL 2,242 80.2% in the next year is set to increase by 65%, which will PLAY INDIV/MULTI PLAYER GAMES 636 22.8% ONLINE GAMBLING EG POKER, SPORTS 69 2.5% represent 28% of online users. DOWNLOADED SOFTWARE 493 17.6% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) LISTENED TO MUSIC 694 24.8% LISTENED TO RADIO STATIONS 204 7.3% DOWNLOADED MUSIC 536 19.2% Nearly a million (926,000) New Zealanders visited online WATCHED TELEVISION/MOVIES 329 11.0% gaming sites in August 2008, spending on average 134.5 INTERNET BANKING 1,423 50.9% ENTERED ONLINE COMPETITION 340 12.2% minutes per person and averaging 9.9 visits per visitor, the GENERAL SURFING 1,716 61.4% second lowest rate in the region. READ NZ ELECTRONIC NEWSPAPER 695 24.8% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) READ INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC PAPER 356 12.7% ACCESSED INFO ON PRODUCT/SERVICE 1,237 44.3% ACCESSED NEWS/CURRENT AFFAIRS 620 22.2% New Zealanders are keen social networkers, with 62% of ACCESSED INFORMATION ON SPORTS 549 19.6% ACCESSED INFORMATION ON TRAVEL 656 23.5% them having browsed online profiles; 45% of them having ACCESSED INFO ON ENTERTAINMENT 712 25.5% created their own profile; and 48% of them saying they ACCESSED INFO FINANCE/LOAN/MORTAGE 260 9.3% ACCESSED TELECOM YELLOW PAGES 449 16% have joined friend finder sites. ACCESSED TELECOM WHITE PAGES 534 19.1% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) ACCESSED STREET DIRECTORY EG. WISE 467 16.7% 48 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 50. VISITED NZ ONLINE SHOPPING SITE 795 28.4% VISITED O/SEAS ONLINE SHOP SITE 426 15.2% EDUCATION RESEARCH 544 19.5% ❚ CASe StUDy GENERAL RESEARCH E.G. HEALTH 629 22.5% INSTANT MESSAGING 792 28.3% JOINED CHAT/DISCUSSION GROUPS 232 8.3% PARTICIPATED IN AN ONLINE AUCTION 523 18.7% PAID A BILL 1,001 35.8% DOWNLOADED PODCASTS 97 3.5% MADE TELEPHONE CALL (VOIP) 181 6.5% SEARCHED FOR JOBS ONLINE 430 15.4% SEARCHED FOR PROPERTIES ONLINE 379 13.6% SEARCHED FOR VEHICLES ONLINE 344 12.3% READ NZ ELECTRONIC MAGAZINES 146 5.2% READ INTL ELECTRONIC MAGAZINES 150 5.4% SUBSCRIBED DIGITAL COPY OF MAGAZINE 39 1.4% SUBSCRIBED TO DIG COPY OF NEWSPAPER 31 1.1% OTHER 130 4.7% READ A BLOG 447 16% POSTED A BLOG 132 4.7% UPLOADED CONTENT TO WEBSITES 381 13.6% NOT SPECIFIED 152 5.5% (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex honG KonG; BASe PoPULAtion: inDiViDUALS AGeD 2 - 64) What Video/Audio Content new Zealanders Upload tyPe of Content % of onLine USeRS HAVE UPLOADED VIDEO/AUDIO VIDEO TOPICS MUSIC VIDEO 41% NEWS 41% TRAVEL 29% COMEDY 26% SPORT 25% HEALTH 24% HOME VIDEO 19% AUDIO TOPICS NEWS 42% TRAVEL 25% SPORT 23% COMEDY 22% HEALTH 22% EDUCATION 21% POLITICS 20% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) Client: Roadshow Films (Australia/New Zealand) how new Zealanders Share Content online ShARinG MethoD % of USeRS Who ShARe Content Agency: Clemenger Harvie Edge ViDeo CLiP inteReStinG Photo SonG Campaign: Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie LinK SENT LINK TO CONTENT VIA EMAIL 68% 83% 78% 57% objective: To drive the awareness of Star Wars: The SENT CONTENT THROUGH EMAIL 55% 39% 58% 42% Clone Wars movie launch in Australia and New Zealand SENT LINK THROUGH IM 21% 32% 22% 20% while introducing the franchise to a core childrens' market POSTED LINK ON THEIR ONLINE PROFILE 21% 29% 27% 22% EMBEDDED CONTENT ON OWN of five to 12 year olds. SOCIAL NETWORKING PROFILE 21% 17% 23% 27% Strategy: Deliver an integrated media solution within a (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) targeted childrens' on-air and online environment; leverage on Cartoon Network's popularity both on-air and online in both markets to solicit user-generated content within a competition environment. ❚ MoBiLe Details: Children were invited to upload short videos of themselves to a Star Wars: The Clone Wars 170,000 New Zealanders - about 5.9% of total mobile competition micro-site across subscribers - use the Internet (WAP) feature on their and Demonstrating their best Jedi phones. Master Lightsaber moves, competitors had a chance to win (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) a Star Wars Lightsaber Party, which included a private screening for the winner and 21 of their friends. Cartoon A 3% mobile subscriber growth is expected for 2009-2010, Network then selected the top five submissions from across after which it is likely to fizzle out as the market has almost Australia and New Zealand, and incorporated the videos reached saturation. with special lightsaber sounds and visual effects. Children (SoURCe: BUDDeCoMM) across the country were then asked to vote for their favourite video. Additional online ad banners and floating Nearly half of the country's children (42%) use a mobile ad units further reinforced the call to action. phone. Results: • Over 425,000 impressions were booked for (SoURCe: itU) Australia and 225,000 for New Zealand. • Over 20,000 page views for the microsite. Vodafone is the leader in New Zealand's mobile market with a 52% share in subscribers and 66% share in terms of mobile revenues. (SoURCe: BUDDeCoMM) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 49
  • 51. the PhiLiPPineS Boats at Boracay beach AGE ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS 10-14 4,249 45.39% 20-29 3,026 37.4% 30-39 1,033 15.82% The Philippines still has one of the lowest Internet 40+ 690 6.24% penetration rates in the world: only 15.4% of its population HOUSEHOLD INCOME is online. PHP 10,000 BELOW 1,769 13.03% (SoURCe: UniVeRSAL MCCAnn/ inteRnet WoRLD StAtS) PHP 10,001 - 15,000 1,806 25.66% PHP 15,001-20,000 639 34.56% PHP 20,001 - 30,000 670 34.15% Internet usage in the Philippines is expected to increase by PHP 30,001 - 40,000 295 45.6% 10% in 2009. PHP 40,001 - 50,000 266 52.57% (SoURCe: nieLSen/PhiLStAR) PHP 50,001 ABOVE 114 53.02% (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex PhiLiPPineS) The Philippines has around 14 million Internet users. Of those, 967,600 are broadband subscribers. (SoURCe: UniVeRSAL MCCAnn/ inteRnet WoRLD StAtS) ❚ USeR BehAVioUR According to another estimate, however, the Philippines Social media is becoming more prevalent in the Philippines could have as much as 20 million Internet users. with an estimated 11.2 million users. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny/ yAhoo!) (SoURCe: oGiLVy) By the end of 2008, the Philippines could have 21.5 million Friendster rules the Philippines social media market with Internet users. about 10.7 million subscribers - accounting for more than (SoURCe: oGiLiVy/iDC) 38.8% of Friendster's worldwide users. (SoURCe: oGiLVy) Young Filipinos log on more - 50% of Internet users below the age of 20 have accessed the Internet in the past Filipinos prefer the Internet over television and print. month, showing a higher frequency than any other age Internet usage increased to 28% in 2008 (up from 23% in group. 2007). (SoURCe: nieLSen) (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny/ yAhoo!) the Philippines' internet Users 2008 There are an estimated 35 million Filipinos in urban centres (000) % of USeRS nationwide - 28% of them have accessed the Internet in SEx MALE 4,554 25.69% the past month but only 5% have in the past day. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny/ yAhoo!) FEMALE 4,445 26.15% 50 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 52. SOCIAL NETWORKING Internet cafés are the great equaliser for all social classes (FRIENDSTER, MULTIPLY, MYSPACE) 5,165 52.02% 4,907 54.53% in the Philippines: it is the only medium that allows Filipinos BLOGS/ONLINE JOURNAL 2,236 22.52% 2,041 22.68% to communicate, research and be entertained for just 10 to OTHERS 1,692 (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex PhiLiPPineS) 17.04% 1,565 17.39% 15 pesos an hour. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny/ yAhoo!) how Long filipinos Spend online AVeRAGe tiMe SPent USinG inteRnet (000) % of USeRS It is of no surprise then that Internet cafés are the most PAST MONTH INTERNET USAGE popular choice for Filipino netizens - one survey revealed 20 + HOURS 1,937 19.51% that 71% of Filipinos go online from Internet cafés; 27% 10-19 HOURS 1,233 12.42% 5-9 HOURS 1,469 14.8% from home; 7% from the office; and 7% in school. LESS THAN 5 HOURS 5,227 53.25% (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny/ yAhoo!) PAST WEEK INTERNET USAGE 20 + HOURS 1,925 21.39% One in three Filipino Internet users have a blog. 10-19 HOURS 1,139 12.66% (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny/ yAhoo!) 5-9 HOURS 1,378 15.31% LESS THAN 5 HOURS 4,531 50.64% (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex PhiLiPPineS) The Filipino Internet base is quite young: at least 49% of them are 10 to 19 years old, while 32% are between the ages of 20 and 29. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny/ yAhoo!) ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG Online gaming is becoming a mainstream activity in the The online advertising industry in the Philippines will be Philippines. 53% of all Filipino netizens have indulged in generating PHP1 billion in revenues by 2010. them. The users often tend to be males and below the age (SoURCe: nieLSen/PhiLStAR) of 20. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny/ yAhoo!) Online display advertising revenues in the Philippines came to US$12.80 million in 2008. They are projected to In the Philippines, social networks have become an generate US$14.62 million in 2009, and by 2010 will reach important platform for friends and family to communicate. US$15 million. Over half (51%) of all local Internet users said they access (SoURCe: nieLSen/yAhoo!) social networking sites every month; 92% said that they have a Friendster account. Search advertising revenues in the Philippines came to (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny/ yAhoo!) US$2.743 million last year and are projected to reach US$6.89 million in 2009. By 2010 search revenues will Offline texting is moving online in the Philippines. Nearly almost hit US$11 million. one quarter (23%) of Filipino Internet users regularly send (SoURCe: nieLSen/yAhoo!) text messages via the Internet. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny/ yAhoo!) The Philippines, along with Vietnam and Indonesia, will be driving 90% of the south east Asia region's online ad In a survey tracking the highest usage levels across a growth in the next five years range of devices, the Philippines came first out of 52 (SoURCe: yAhoo!/the nieLSen CoMPAny) countries. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) ❚ MoBiLe What filipinos do online feAtUReS USeD PASt Month inteRnet USeR PASt WeeK inteRnet USeR Filipinos love chatting: they spend around two hours each (000) % of USeRS (000) % of USeRS MAKING A PURCHASE ONLINE 403 4.06% 395 4.39% day talking on landlines and around one hour on their NEWSPAPER/NEWS 1,051 10.59% 994 11.05% mobiles. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES 997 10.04% 927 10.3% (SoURCe: SynoVAte) WEATHER FORECAST 324 3.26% 320 3.56% TRAVEL (AIRLINE/RESORT BOOKING) 141 1.42% 137 1.52% DOWNLOADING MUSIC/MP3 (I.E. LIMEWIRE) 1,603 16.14% 1,524 16.94% Mobile penetration in the Philippines reached almost 60% DOWNLOADS - GAMES 1,934 19.48% 1,879 20.88% by early 2008 - a 20% growth from 2007. Subscribers are DOWNLOADS - VIDEOS 1,254 12.63% 1,159 12.88% continuing to increase despite expectations that the market DOWNLOADS - FILES/SOFTWARE 609 6.13% 590 6.56% DOWNLOADS - PICTURES 2,104 21.19% 1,919 21.32% is saturated. (SoURCe: BUDDeCoMM) SPORTS 1,049 10.57% 997 11.08% ACADEMIC STUDY/RESEARCH1,980 19.94% 1,866 20.74% PERSONAL RESEARCH (GENERAL BROWSING) 1,933 19.47% 1,841 20.46% The Philippines has 68.1 million mobile subscribers - the USING EMAIL 5,267 53.05% 4,796 53.29% sixth highest number of subscribers in the region. ONLINE BANKING 133 1.34% 127 1.41% (SoURCe: itU) CHAT ROOMS/ONLINE DISCUSSION 5,073 51.09% 4,639 51.55% PLAYING GAMES (ONLINE) 3,747 37.74% 3,495 38.84% BUSINESS INFORMATION 460 4.63% 453 5.03% HEALTH INFORMATION 861 8.67% 841 9.35% The fixed-line market in the Philippines continues to be CINEMA LISTINGS/EVENTS GUIDE 327 3.29% 319 3.54% problematic. Fixed teledensity stands at less than 5% with LISTENING TO ONLINE RADIO 1,293 13.02% 1,227 13.63% no sign of an increase. INTERNET PHONE 709 7.14% 677 7.52% (SoURCe: BUDDeCoMM) INTERNET FAx 129 1.3% 124 1.38% VIDEO CONFERENCING 1,334 13.44% 1,228 13.65% asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 5
  • 53. The Philippines telecom sector continues to contribute over ❚ CASe StUDy 10% to the country's GDP. (SoURCe: BUDDeCoMM) Client: Nike Philippines Agency: Yahoo! Mobile Internet users in the Philippines visit mobile sites Campaign: PC Mobile Campaign Philippines more than most, averaging 278 page views per visitor, objective: Support the launch of the Nike Sportswear more than global average of 242 page views. Collection centered around Nike icons of sports. Evoke (SoURCe: fRienDSteR/oPeRA) interest in Nike 8 Mobizine (mobile magazine) which highlights the stories behind each of the 8 Nike Sportswear And Filipinos' visits are becoming more numerous, with icons. To drive user awareness of the launch through mobile site page views per user growing more than 1120% partnership with Yahoo! web and mobile teams. in 2008. Campaign Goal: Drive desktop and mobile traffic to Nike (SoURCe: oPeRA) Mobizine. Promote website that includes product stories, athlete videos, as well as web downloads, building interest The Filipinos are prolific texters too, sending the highest in Nike 8 Mobizine. number of SMS messages per subscriber in the world. (SoURCe: itU) Strategy: Nike partnered with Yahoo!'s PC and The Philippines has experienced a 396.4% increase in new mobile teams to create mobile Internet users since January 2008. an integrated campaign (SoURCe: oPeRA) for the first two weeks of the launch on: Yahoo! Mobile users in the Philippines sent out 2.36 billion SMS PH PC Homepage; Yahoo! messages over the 2008 Christmas and New Year Period, PH Mobile Homepage more than a third of all SMS messages sent out globally and Yahoo! PH Mobile (6.37 billion). Messenger. (SoURCe: ACiSion) Details: Mobile: Yahoo! Philippines mobile Messaging traffic grew by 65% year on year in the homepage ran the Nike Philippines in 2008. Sportswear banners (SoURCe: ACiSion) for two weeks between August and September the Philippines' top Mobile Sites while banners ran on 1. FRIENDSTER Yahoo! Mobile Messenger 2. GOOGLE 3. YAHOO for a week. 4. YOUTUBE Web: Standard LREC banners ran across Yahoo! Philippines 5. WIKIPEDIA 6. MY.OPERA PC homepage for a week, driving traffic to switch to their 7. GAMEJUMP mobile sets to visit the Nike 8 Mobizine. 8. SYMBIANIZE 9. MULTIPLY Results: • Mobile Results: Over the campaign period of 10. PINOYWAP two weeks, 22,000 clicks were sent to Nike Mobizine. (SoURCe: oPeRA/fRienDSteR; RAnKeD By UniqUe USeRS) • A remarkable CTR of 5.09% was achieved on the very first day when banners ran across the Yahoo! Mobile Homepage. • An overall average CTR of 1.86% was achieved across ❚ e-CoMMeRCe the two week campaign • PC Results: Yahoo! Philippines Homepage delivered more Filipinos aren't keen on Internet shopping or banking: only than 420,000 impressions in one week. 3% of the population have made purchases or banked • Achieved an above-industry standard CTR of 0.28%. online. (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny/ yAhoo!) 52 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 54. asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 5
  • 55. SinGAPoRe Cityscape showing the Merlion and the financial district 40-44 259 10.51% ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS 45-49 356 9.65% 50-54 311 8.43% 55-59 258 6.99% Singapore is now the most wired nation in the world, with 60+ 558 15.12% more broadband connections than homes - household HOUSEHOLD INCOME broadband penetration rates now stand at 102.1%. LESS THAN S$750 PER MONTH 151 4.09 (SoURCe: iDA) S$751-1,000 PER MONTH 131 3.55 S$1001-1,500 PER MONTH 156 4.23 S$1501 - 2,000 PER MONTH 240 6.5 S$2001 - 2,500 PER MONTH 220 5.96 Singapore had 2.52 million unique visitors online in S$2501 - 3,000 PER MONTH 279 7.56 February 2009. S$3001 - 3,500 PER MONTH 230 6.23 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) S$3501 - 4,000 PER MONTH 309 8.37 S$4001 - 5,000 PER MONTH 440 11.92 S$5001 - 6,000 PER MONTH 305 8.27 Including business, wireless and all other broadband S$6001 - 7,000 PER MONTH 237 6.42 S$7001 - 10,000 PER MONTH 477 12.93 connections, Singapore now has 4.8 million broadband S$10001 - 15,000 PER MONTH 241 6.53 connections in total. MORE THAN S$15,000 PER MONTH 274 7.43 (SoURCe: iDA) (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex SinGAPoRe; ALL PeRSonS 5+) how Singaporeans go online at home Almost half (49.6%) of Singapore's online population are ACCeSS Point % of USeRS online gamers or have visited an online gaming site. 56K DIAL-UP/ISDN 1% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) CABLE MODEM 44% ADSL 48% WIRELESS BROADBAND 8% DON'T KNOW 2% Online Singaporeans spent on average 1,246 minutes COMPUTER 100% online in February 2009, averaging 35.5 visits per user. INTERNET-ENABLED MOBILE PHONE 11% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) GAME MACHINE WITH INTERNET CONNECTION 4% (SoURCe: iDA) Singapore's internet Users 2008 (000) % of USeRS SEx MALE 1,875 50.81% ❚ USeR BehAVioUR FEMALE 1,815 49.19% AGE 15-17 208 5.64% According to one survey, 51% of Singaporeans trust a blog 18-19 111 3.01% as much as they do traditional media. Google's Blogger 20-24 332 9% platform now ranks 5th in the top 100 most visited sites for 25-29 381 10.33% 30-34 323 10.84% Singapore. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) 35-39 307 10.43% 54 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 56. In Singapore 16% of bloggers are blogging daily. Young Singaporeans use a wide variety of media and spend (SoURCe: PULSe GRoUP) a good 12.6 hours a day doing so. This covers time spent surfing the web, playing video games, watching DVD/VCD/ Singaporeans are not particularly new to blogging, 17% of videos, reading newspapers and magazines, talking or them having blogged for three years or more. texting on the phone, or listening to the radio. (SoURCe: PULSe GRoUP) (SoURCe: SynoVAte) The Lion City also boasts the highest reach in social According to another survey, social networking accounts networking, with more than 74% of its online population for 8% of Singaporeans' time spent online. Facebook is indulging in it. Singaporeans visit social networking sites on the most popular social networking site with 48% using it, average 19 times a month. followed by Friendster at 43% and Windows Live Spaces (SoURCe: BRAnD RePUBLiC/ CoMSCoRe) (MSN spaces) at 27%. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe/ SynoVAte) Social networking and forums dominate online activity in Singapore, representing 10.2% of all Internet visits by What Singaporeans Do online online users. feAtUReS USeD (000) % of USeRS (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) EMAIL 2,051 55.58% ACCESS ADULT SITES 52 1.41% ACCESS CLASSIFIED ADS 240 6.5% ACCESS EDUCATION SERVICES 400 10.84% Facebook's ubiquity has reached more than 1 million ACCESS NEWS/CURRENT AFFAIRS 673 18.24% visitors in Singapore and ranked as the fourth most visited ACCESS NEWS GROUP/BULLETIN BOARD 97 2.63% site. Friendster ranked sixth with 838,000 visitors. BLOGGING/POSTING ONLINE JOURNAL 335 9.08% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) BUY PRODUCTS/SERVICES 406 11% CHAT ROOMS/INTERNET RELAY CHATS 217 5.88% DOWNLOAD MEDIA FILE 348 9.43% DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE/FILES 560 15.18% Good news for digital marketers: in one survey, 24% of FINANCIAL SERVICES 690 18.7% Singaporeans said that the online presence of brands GATHER COMPANY RESEARCH 1019 27.62% GATHER PRODUCTS/SERVICES INFO 1308 35.45% significantly increases their interest in them. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) GENERAL SURFING 1519 41.17% INSTANT MESSAGING 857 23.22% INTERNET PHONE 174 4.72% JOB HUNTING 298 8.08% More than 2.5 million Singaporeans over the age of 15 LISTEN TO MUSIC 796 21.57% went online from home and work, consuming an average of PARTICIPATE IN AUCTIONS 86 2.33% PARTICIPATE IN SOCIAL NETWORKING PORTALS 430 11.65% 1,785 pages of web content and spending about 21 hours PLAY GAMES 676 18.3% per person. POST PHOTOS ONLINE 258 6.99% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) READ E-MAGAZINES 126 3.41% READ E-NEWSPAPERS 396 10.73% VIDEO CONFERENCING 118 3.2% Singapore has the second highest online gaming WATCH MOVIE/TV/VIDEO 921 24.96% OTHER 150 4.07% penetration (49.6%) in the region. (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex SinGAPoRe; ALL PeRSonS 5+) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) how Long Singaporeans Spend online Singaporean online gamers on average spend 140 minutes AVeRAGe tiMe SPent USinG inteRnet (000) % of USeRS LESS THAN 30 MINUTES 246 6.67% a month on gaming sites. 30 MINUTES-LESS THAN 1 HOUR 400 10.84% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) 1 HOUR-LESS THAN 2 HOURS 549 14.88% 2 HOURS-LESS THAN 3 HOURS 415 11.25% 3 HOURS-LESS THAN 4 HOURS 263 7.13% Google is Singapore's most popular online tool with 80% 4 HOURS-LESS THAN 5 HOURS 161 4.36% of the population using it (2 million visitors). Microsoft's 5 HOURS-LESS THAN 6 HOURS 97 2.63% 6 HOURS-LESS THAN 7 HOURS 39 1.06% entities come a close second with a 77% reach (1.9 million MORE THAN 7 HOURS 224 6.07% visitors); Yahoo! sites ranked third with a 70% reach (1.8 (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex SinGAPoRe; ALL PeoPLe 5+) million visitors). (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) There are as many as 3.2 million Singaporean social media ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG users, out of an overall population of 4.6 million people. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) The type of digital formats that have made the biggest impression on Singaporean consumers reliably continues Singaporeans spent an average of 21 hours online per to be dedicated brands' websites with 54% of users saying visitor mainly for online communication, entertainment, and they had seen this used most often by advertisers. They social networking. Instant messaging is the most popular were followed by sponsored content (49% of users), activity making up for 24% of total minutes, while web- banner ads (46%) and pop-ups (33%). based email accounted for 6%. (SoURCe: tnS/ MeDiA) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) Singaporeans appear to be big fans of viral marketing. In Singaporeans are most likely to juggle watching TV or a survey asking Singaporean netizens if they had passed talking on their mobile phones while on the Internet. on viral marketing messages, a sizable 70% said that they (SoURCe: tnS/ MeDiA MAGAZine) had. (SoURCe: tnS/ MeDiA) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 55
  • 57. Singaporean viral recipients who are most likely to pass Singapore's top entertainment Sites on the messages are aged between 35-39, 78% of them Site % ReACh YOUTUBE.COM 79.0% saying they have forwarded on viral messages at some CBS INTERACTIVE 43.1% point before. MEDIACORP 35.6% (SoURCe: tnS/ MeDiA) IMEEM 32.9% GORILLA NATION 28.6% ITUNES SOFTWARE (APP) 28.1% VIACOM DIGITAL 26.4% Display advertising, making up the majority of Singapore's METACAFE 18.3% online ad market, generated US$23.99 million in revenues MSN VIDEO 18.1% in 2008, while search advertising brought in US$17.46 YAHOO! MOVIES 17.7% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At SinGAPoRe hoMe/ million. In 2009 those numbers are expected to increase WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) to US$24.63 million and US$23.46 million respectively and signalling a closing of the gap between display and search top 20 Advertisers Using Digital Media in Singapore ADVeRtiSeR % of USeRS spending. SINGTEL 71% (SoURCe: yAhoo!/nieLSen onLine) NOKIA 66% STARHUB 66% CITIBANK 65% Looking ahead, search advertising spend is expected to MCDONALD'S 64% SINGAPORE AIRLINES 62% reach US$25.47 million by 2010, while display advertising SONY 62% spend is expected to go up to US$26.1 million. DBS 61% (SoURCe: yAhoo!/nieLSen onLine) M1 59% NIKE 59% COCA COLA 59% Singapore is projected to experience a 20% or more VISA 57% HEWLETT PACKARD 57% growth in search marketing spend in 2009. HSBC 56% (SoURCe: PURPLeCLiCK) SAMSUNG 55% OCBC 55% Singapore's top 0 Sites KFC 54% Site totAL UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) % ReACh totAL MinUteS (MM) UOB/OUB 53% GOOGLE SITES 2,009 79.6% 378 MASTERCARD 53% MICROSOFT SITES 1,929 76.5% 837 DELL 51% YAHOO! SITES 1,757 69.7% 162 (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA; q: WhiCh of the foLLoWinG BRAnDS hAVe yoU Seen ADVeRtiSeD ViA DiGitAL MeDiA?) FACEBOOK.COM 1,128 44.7% 132 WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION SITES 848 33.6% 14 FRIENDSTER.COM 838 33.2% 63 trust in Media Channels in Singapore CBS INTERACTIVE 529 21.0% 9 MeDiA ChAnneL % Who tRUSt the ChAnneL CoMPLeteLy APPLE 515 20.4% 3 RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY 46% ASK NETWORK 510 20.2% 5 ExPERT PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 30% WORDPRESS 475 18.8% 2 INDEPENDENT REVIEWS IN PUBLICATIONS 26% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At SinGAPoRe hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS) CONSUMER PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 22% PRODUCT LABELS ON PACKAGING 22% CONSUMER OPINION IN BLOGS 17% Singapore's top online Gaming Sites MANUFACTURERS/BRANDS WEBSITES 17% Site % ReACh TV ADS 15% Y8.COM 9.7% NEWSPAPER ADS 15% NExON CORPORATION 7.8% PRODUCTS/BRANDS THAT APPEAR IN MOVIES OR WITHIN TV PROGRAMMES 14% TRAVIAN GAMES 7.8% MAGAZINE ADS 14% MINICLIP.COM 7.0% CONSUMER OPINION IN CHAT ROOMS 14% WILDTANGENT NETWORK 6.3% CONSUMER OPINION ON MESSAGE BOARDS 14% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At SinGAPoRe hoMe/ EMAIL NEWSLETTERS 13% WoRK LoCAtionS) ADS ON POSTERS, BUSES/BUS SHELTERS 13% RECOMMENDATIONS FROM OTHER CONSUMERS WHO YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW 12% Singapore's top online Retail Sites ADS AT THE CINEMA BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTS 12% Site % ReACh RADIO ADS 11% AMAZON SITES 31.6% BANNER ADS ON WEBSITES 10% APPLE.COM WORLDWIDE SITES 23.2% ADS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO YOU BY E-MAIL 9% ALIBABA.COM CORPORATION 11.1% ADS THAT APPEAR ON SEARCH ENGINES 7% SINGTELSHOP.COM 8.9% ADS IN VIDEO GAMES 6% HEWLETT PACKARD 8.8% ADS IN VIRTUAL WORLDS 6% AMERICANGREETINGS PROPERTY 5.8% ADS VIA MOBILE SMS 6% YAHOO! SHOPPING 4.4% POP-UP OR POP-UNDER WEB ADS 6% (SoURCe: tnS/DiGitAL MeDiA) DELL 4.3% GMARKET.COM.SG 4.3% SAMSUNG GROUP 4.2% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At SinGAPoRe hoMe/ types of Digital Media Seen Being Used WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) MeDiA % of USeRS DEDICATED WEBSITES 54% SPONSORED CONTENT 49% Singapore's top technology news Sites BANNER ADS 46% Site % ReACh EMAIL 45% CNET 27.8% POP-UP ADS 33% NETSHELTER TECHNOLOGY MEDIA 26.4% MOBILE PHONES 23% ABOUT.COM TECHNOLOGY NETWORK 5.0% ADS IN VIDEO GAMES 5% HARDWAREZONE.COM 3.7% ADS IN VIRTUAL WORLDS 4% ZDNET 3.1% OTHER 12% BESTOFMEDIA GROUP 3.1% (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) AOL TECH 2.3% IMAGINOVA NETWORK 1.7% COMMENT CA MARCHE 1.7% SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN NETWORK 1.7% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At SinGAPoRe hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) 56 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 58. Security is important for Singaporean online shoppers, ❚ MoBiLe with more than three quarters (77%) of them considering a secure online payment facility the most important factor Nearly all Singaporeans, 96% of them, own a mobile when making online purchases. phone. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) (SoURCe: SynoVAte) Singapore's online shopping population is expected to reach Singaporeans use their mobile phones almost equally for 1.8 million by 2010. making phone calls (40%) and texting (45%); MMS (2%) (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) and Internet access (3%) on mobile phones have yet to take off in the country. The city state's online shopping market is expected to (SoURCe: UniVeRSAL MCCAnn) generate US$6.6 billion in revenues by 2010. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Singaporeans love talking on the phone: they spend around two hours each day talking on the phone and around one Singaporean online shoppers like to plan their purchases hour on their mobiles. rather than buy on a whim, with only 10% of them making (SoURCe: SynoVAte) frequent opportunistic purchases. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Affluent Singaporeans use their mobile phones as a 'third screen'. 95% use them to send and receive text messages (the region's highest) and 37% are likely to watch live video on them. ❚ CASe StUDy (SoURCe: SynoVAte) Singaporeans are fans of convergence, preferring one device that meets all needs: 9% own a hybrid mobile phone, such as a PDA. (SoURCe: tnS/ SynoVAte) Singaporeans are spending more time on the mobile Internet, their average page views per user growing by 143.6% since January 2008. (SoURCe: oPeRA) Singapore's top 0 Mobile Sites 1. GOOGLE 2. FACEBOOK 3. YOUTUBE 4. WIKIPEDIA 5. YAHOO 6. FRIENDSTER 7. LIVE 8. MY.OPERA 9. CNN 10. GAMEJUMP (SoURCe: oPeRA/fRienDSteR; RAnKeD By UniqUe USeRS) Client: Coolserve Agency: PurpleClick ❚ e-CoMMeRCe Campaign: Tactical customer acquisition campaign objective: Increase traffic and leads. Singaporeans love shopping: 80% of them have shopped Strategy: Kick off Yahoo! Search Engine Marketing (SEM) online. in Jan 2008. After its success, PurpleClick was officially (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny) appointed to manage COOLSERVE's Google Adwords account. For a tactical customer acquisition campaign, Almost two fifths of them (39%) have bought something PurpleClick recommended banner ads on Yahoo! pages on online in the past month. a cost-per-acquisition model, ensuring that COOLSERVE® (SoURCe: PURPLeCLiCK) pays only when user signs up for a free housecall. Results: • Yahoo! SEM: Over 5,000 leads generated in six Singaporeans are also amongst the highest online spenders months, 20% increase in website hits 100% increase in in Asia, spending on average US$3,480 online over the website hits thereafter. period of one year, ahead of Japan, South Korea and Hong • Google SEM: 13,995 leads generated in three months. Kong. Through optimizing campaigns using the same monthly (SoURCe: ViSA) budget, cost-per-click of SEM is lowered by 40% traffic increased by 40%. Around 10% of Singapore's online users bank over the • Yahoo! banner ads: More than 95% sales conversion Internet. Increased salesperson productivity from online leads (SoURCe: ZDnet) Lowered operational costs for 24-hour shopfront. asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 57
  • 59. SoUth KoReA Gyeongbok Palace (Gyeongbokgung), Seoul ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS More than three quarters (78.4%) of South Korean Internet users log on every day. South Korea is one of the most wired countries in the (SoURCe: niDA) world: 76.1% of its citizens are online. Of those connected, 97.17% access the Internet from home. South Korean Internet users spend on average 13.7 hours (SoURCe: inteRnet WoRLD StAtS/ WoRLD BRoADBAnD StAtiStiCS RePoRt) online a week. (SoURCe: niDA) More than 98% of South Koreans aged between 10 and 40 are Internet users - that's 99.9% of 10-19 year olds, South Korean internet Users 2008 99.7% of those in their 20s and 98.6% of people in their % of USeRS SEx 30s. MALE 81.64% (SoURCe: niDA) FEMALE 71.5% AGE 3-9 82.2% South Korea had 36.8 million Internet users by the end of 10S 99.9% 2008, 15.3 million of which were broadband subscribers, 20S 99.7% 30S 98.6% with the addition of 210,000 new subscribers in Q4 alone. 40S 82% (SoURCe: inteRnet WoRLD StAtS/ WoRLD BRoADBAnD StAtiStiCS RePoRt) 50S 48.9% 60S+ 19% There were 27.68 million unique online visitors in South OCCUPATION PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS 98.7% Korea in February 2009. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) OFFICE WORKERS 99.6% SERVICES/SALES 75.6% PRODUCTION WORKERS 52.3% STUDENTS 99.9% South Korean spend the longest times online than any HOUSEWIVES 63.4% other Asian nation, averaging 1586.5 minutes online during EDUCATION LEVEL (STUDENTS) February 2009. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 99.8% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 99.9% HIGH SCHOOL 99.9% COLLEGE 100% South Koreans also pay more online visits than anyone else in the region, the average user going online 48.9 times EDUCATION LEVEL (GRADUATES) ELEMENTARY AND UNDER 28.4% during February 2009. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 34% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) HIGH SCHOOL 78.2% COLLEGE AND ABOVE 97.1% (SoURCe: KCC) 58 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 60. Why South Koreans Use instant Messenger ❚ USeR BehAVioUR ReASon (% of USeRS) CHATTING FOR SOCIALIZING 75.1% INFORMATION SEARCH 36.4% Social networking - and blogs in particular - are no doubt SENDING/RECEIVING EMAILS 36.1% VISTING BLOG/MINIHOMPY 35.1% changing media consumption habits. In South Korea, SENDING SMS 33.3% leading the world in digital trends, 77% of its online users FILE TRANSFER 25.5% read blogs every week compared to just 58% that read the CHATTING FOR WORK 21.3% SHOPPING 18.1% mainstream press. NEWS ARTICLE 17.9% (SoURCe: SynoVAte) GAME/FORTUNE TELLING ETC 16.4% FINANCIAL SERVICES (BANKING/SECURITIES) 7.5% (SoURCe: KCC; MULtiPLe ReSPonSe) There were an estimated 27.85 million social media users in South Korea in 2008. Why South Koreans Read Blogs (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) ReASon (% of USeRS) PURPOSE OF USING BLOG SOCIALISING 64.2% GETTING ON PERSONAL INTERESTS (HOBBY/LEISURE) 40.3% South Koreans love going to vertical blog forums for WATCHING INTERESTING TExT/PHOTO/VIDEO) 38.7% GETTING DAILY INFORMATION 36.6% information-gathering and sharing. Portals like Naver (31 GETTING SCHOOL/WORK RELATED INFORMATION 23.7% million visitors a month) and Daum (29 million visitors a FINDING OUT THE BLOG OWNER 8.1% month) are most popular. ExPRESSING/SHARING OPINION ON CURRENT ISSUES 7.6% (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) SHOPPING/SEARCHING FOR PRODUCTS/INFORMATION 6% (SoURCe: KCC) More than 10.7 million South Koreans visited online gaming Why South Koreans Blog sites in August 2008. PURPoSe of hAVinG BLoG % of BLoGGeRS (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) SOCIALISING 60.3% RECORDING DAILY LIFE 49.8% HOBBY/LEISURE OR SHARING PERSONAL INTERESTS 32.6% UPLOADING INTERESTING TExT/PHOTO/VIDEO 27.1% South Koreans are the most enthusiastic online gamers SHARING WORK/SCHOOL RELATED INFORMATION 25.2% in the region, visiting gaming sites on average 13 times SHARING DAILY INFORMATION 18.2% a month and staying for more than three hours (189.6 SELF-ExPRESSION OR PR 10% ExPRESSING OR SHARING OPINION ON CURRENT ISSUES 2.9% minutes) each time. ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES 0.5% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) (SoURCe: KCC) In South Korea, 47% of Internet users had illegally downloaded at least 55 movies a year, or more than one a week. ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG (SoURCe: KoReAn fiLM CoUnCiL SURVey 2008) South Korea's online advertising market was worth US$10 Bucking a global trend, South Koreans purchase digital billion in 2007. music (50%) more than they use PSP sites (45%) to obtain (SoURCe: Zenith oPtiMeDiA) music. (SoURCe: UniVeRSAL MCCAnn) Despite the high numbers, South Korea's online ad spend actually dropped 20% end of 2008. Online music (63%) accounts for most of South Korea's (SoURCe: Zenith oPtiMeDiA) digital music revenues - 37% comes from mobile music. (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) The Internet is expected to attract 10% of South Korea's total ad spend by this year. Blogging has captured the imagination of South Koreans (SoURCe: Zenith oPtiMeDiA) - 84% of online users are blog users, with 99% of online users in their 20s and 30s checking them out. South Korea's top 0 Sites (SoURCe: KoReAnCLiCK/KoReA nAtionAL StAtiStiCAL offiCe) Site totAL UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) % ReACh totAL MinUteS (MM) NHN 21,972 79.4% 6,159 LYCOS SITES 20,109 72.6% 3,100 Game portals attract more than 12 million South Koreans SK GROUP 17,338 62.6% 1,100 CYWORLD 16,567 59.8% 4,992 every month. GRETECH 13,570 49.0% 1,029 (SoURCe: PeARL ReSeARCh) KT GROUP 11,792 42.6% 368 YAHOO! SITES 10,414 37.6% 1,249 MICROSOFT SITES 10,140 36.6% 524 What South Koreans Do online JMNET (JOONGANG MEDIA NETWORK) 9,497 34.3% 61 ACtiVity (% of USeRS) EBAY 9,385 33.9% 331 LEISURE ACTIVITIES (MUSIC, GAME, E-BOOK) 92.9% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS) GETTING INFORMATION OR DATA 89% COMMUNICATING (EMAIL/MESSENGER) 85.2% INTERNET SHOPPING AND SELLING 56.2% South Korea's top online Gaming Sites EDUCATION AND LEARNING 55.2% Site % ReACh ONLINE CLUB/COMMUNITY 49.1% NETMARBLE 13.6% MANAGING HOMEPAGE (INC BLOG) 43.1% NExON 13.2% FINANCIAL TRANSACTION 35.4% HANGAME.COM 12.8% ELECTRONIC CIVIL AFFAIRS 10.4% BUDDY GAME 2.6% SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD/UPGRADE 9.3% TRAVIAN GAMES 2.4% JOB SEARCH (ONLINE RESUME/JOB APPLICATION) 3.9% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At hoMe/WoRK (SoURCe: KCC; MULtiPLe ReSPonSe) LoCAtionS) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 59
  • 61. South Korea's top online Retail Sites and about 38% have used them for creating pictures and Site % ReACh videos. GMARKET.CO.KR 49.9% (SoURCe: UniVeRSAL MCCAnn) NAVER.COM SHOPPING 47.9% SAMSUNG GROUP 37.9% 11ST.CO.KR 31.7% INTERPARK 28.8% South Korea is the second biggest market behind Japan for SHINSEGAE.COM 25.6% electronic payments via mobile, with 19% having used their ALADDIN.CO.KR 25.3% phones for this purpose. GSESHOP.CO.KR 20.6% (SoURCe: UniVeRSAL MCCAnn) LOTTEIMALL.COM 19.1% LOTTE.COM 18.5% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) Other sources put that figure much higher, as many as 63% of South Korean mobile users could be using their South Korea's top entertainment Sites devices as payment mechanisms. Site % ReACh (SoURCe: 24/7 ReAL MeDiA GOMTV.COM 66.1% PANDORA.TV 54.5% TAGSTORY.COM 45.4% SBS (SEOUL BROADCASTING SYSTEM) 40.3% Wealthy South Koreans use their mobile phones for KBS (KOREAN BROADCASTING SYSTEM) 39.7% more than just making calls. One survey revealed 54% CBS.CO.KR 39.5% used them to receive sports results and sports-related NAVER.COM MOVIE 37.4% MBC (MUNHWA BROADCASTING CORP.) 37.0% information, 50% would watch live TV on them, 20% NAVER.COM VIDEO 35.6% enjoyed making video clips on them. NOWCOM 31.7% (SoURCe: SynoVAte) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) South Korea's top news Media Sites More than a quarter (25.3%) of the region's mobile gamers DoMAin UniqUe ViSitoR (000) ReACh (%) live in South Korea. (SoURCe: iDC) JOINS.COM 17,382 53.8% CHOSUN.COM 16,714 51.74% HANKOOKI.COM 15,226 47.13% MT.CO.KR 13,665 42.3% Mobile TV has been embraced by the South Koreans, with SBS.CO.KR 13,148 40.7% (SoURCe: KoReAnCLiCK; APRiL 2009) 30% of mobile users having access to the service. (SoURCe: oPen WeB ASiA) South Korea's top Auction/Shopping Sites DoMAin UniqUe ViSitoR (000) ReACh (%) South Korean Mobile internet Users 2008 AUCTION.CO.KR 17,999 55.71% % of USeRS GMARKET.CO.KR 17,942 55.54% SEx 11ST.CO.KR 11,595 35.89% MALE 52.4% INTERPARK.COM 11,506 35.62% FEMALE 48.6% GSESHOP.CO.KR 8,648 26.77% AGE (SoURCe: KoReAnCLiCK; APRiL 2009) 12-19 78.4% 20S 81.8% 30S 52.6% 40S 31.1% 50S 12.9% ❚ MoBiLe OCCUPATION PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS 50.2% There are about 46 million mobile subscribers in the OFFICE WORKERS 66% SERVICES/SALES 42.6% country. (SoURCe: itU) PRODUCTION WORKERS 36.8% STUDENTS 81% HOUSEWIVES 34.5% EDUCATION LEVEL (STUDENTS) South Korea's estimated mobile penetration rate in 2008 ELEMENTARY/JUNIOR HIGH 72.3% was 93.4% and is forecast to reach 96% in 2009. HIGH SCHOOL 83.5% (SoURCe: ReSeARCh on ASiA) COLLEGE 86% EDUCATION LEVEL (GRADUATES) HIGH SCHOOL OR UNDER 35.4% Around 51% of South Korean mobile users go online via COLLEGE AND ABOVE (SoURCe: niDA) 58% their devices. (SoURCe: jP MoRGAn) how South Koreans Use the Mobile internet ACtiVity 2G SUBSCRiBeRS G SUBSCRiBeRS (% of USeRS) (% of USeRS) It is estimated that mobile ad spend in South Korea will DOWNLOADING RINGTONES/WALLPAPERS 88.2% 89.7% reach US$684 million by 2012. MMS 73.8% 69.4% (SoURCe: BtRAx) LISTENING TO/DOWNLOADING MUSIC (MP3) 56.6% 63% MOBILE GAME 34% 43.5% INFORMATION SEARCH 30.7% 30.2% South Koreans use their mobile phones mostly for making EMAILS 14.9% 15.5% INFORMATION ON DAILY LIFE 8% 13.2% phone calls (45%) and texting (45%); both MMS (5%) and ENTERTAINMENT/SPORTS 7.8% 9.4% Internet access (5%) on mobile phones have yet to take BLOG/MINIHOMPY 7.5% 12.6% off in the country however. NEWS 6.3% 9.8% (SoURCe: UniVeRSAL MCCAnn) MOBILE BANKING 5.2% 7.8% CHATTING/MESSENGER 5% 8.4% WATCHING/DOWNLOADING TV PROGRAMMES 4.8% 8.6% MOBILE COUPON 3.4% 4.2% Having said that, the South Koreans are always open to FINDING FRIENDS SERVICES 3% 5.6% using new technology on their mobile phones. About 18% NAVIGATION 3% 5.4% have used the mobile search function on their phones MOBILE SHOPPING 2.4% 4.8% (SoURCe: niDA)
  • 62. Why South Koreans Use the Mobile internet South Korean online Shoppers ReASon (% of totAL USeRS) % of USeRS Who ShoP onLine AVAILABILITY OF INTERNET ACCESS ANYWHERE 77.1% SEx IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO INTERNET WHEN NEEDED 63.4% MALE 54.1% RELIEVE BOREDOM DURING SPARE TIME 53.9% FEMALE 68.2% USE SERVICES OF CONTENTS AVAILABLE ONLY IN THE MOBILE PHONE INTERNET 42.9% AGE OUT OF CURIOSITY ABOUT NEW SERVICE OR TECHNOLOGY 29.1% 12-19 61% NEEDED FOR STUDY OR WORK 9% 20S 87.3% UNAVAILABILITY OF WIRED INTERNET 6.6% 30S 72.4% (SoURCe: niDA) 40S 41.7% 50S 27% how Long South Koreans Spend on 60S+ 13.9% (SoURCe: KCC) the Mobile internet 2G SUBSCRiBeRS G SUBSCRiBeRS (% OF USERS) (% OF USERS) What South Koreans Buy online iteM % of USeRS Who ShoP onLine FREQUENCY PER WEEK CLOTHING/FOOTWEAR/SPORTING GOODS 66.8% LESS THAN 1 TIME 43.2% 36.9% MUSIC PRODUCTS 49.5% 1-2 TIMES 18% 17.6% COSMETICS/ACCESSORIES 32.7% 2-5 TIMES 29.9% 30.8% BOOKS/MAGAZINES/NEWSPAPERS 32.2% 5-10 TIMES 5.9% 8.7% BOOKINGS/RESERVATIONS 27% 10 TIMES AND OVER 3% 5.9% MOVIES/TV PROGRAMMES/IMAGES 24.3% LENGTH LESS THAN 3 MINUTES 13.6% 11.9% COMPUTER/VIDEO GAMES 19.8% 3-5 MINUTES 16.9% 20.2% COMPUTER SOFTWARE 16.3% 5-10 MINUTES 35.1% 29.6% HOME APPLIANCES/ELECTRONICS 15.2% 10-20 MINUTES 27.3% 25.8% FOOD/GROCERIES 12.9% 20 MINUTES AND OVER 7.1% 12.5% (SoURCe: niDA) COMPUTER EQUIPMENT/PARTS 11.9% TODDLER/CHILDREN PRODUCTS 9.8% TRAVEL PRODUCTS 8.5% FINANCIAL SERVICES 6.5% AUTOMOBILE PRODUCTS 5% PHOTOGRAPHIC/TELECOMMUNICATIONS/OPTICAL EQUIPMENT 3.9% ❚ e-CoMMeRCe IT/TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES 1.7% (SoURCe: KCC) The online retail shopping market is expected to generate US$114.7 billion in revenues in 2010. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) ❚ CASe StUDy South Koreans love to shop online. Among those who have Internet access, 99.9% have used it to buy something - Client: Canon the highest online shopping penetration rate in the world. Agency: eMFORCE (SoURCe: BtRAx) Campaign: Canon South Korean shoppers spent US$707.50 on average online EOS 400D Launch over a three month period in 2008. objective: Drive (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) traffic to launch site of Canon EOS 400D While virtually all online South Koreans shop online, they digital camera and are not ones to buy things on impulse, with just 10% of build potential buyer the online population making impulse purchases. database. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Strategy: Use an existing TVC as South Korea's Cyworld is the world's second largest music effectively as possible. and video retailer after iTunes. Create interest among (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) 25 to 34 year-olds. Details: Expandable banners featuring the TVC ran on South Korea's online music download market has grown Windows Live Hotmail. The banners were backed by text to such an extent that now more music is sold online than ads and a half banner on Windows Live Messenger, and traditional offline channels. premium text ads, box banners on the MSN homepage. (SoURCe: oPen WeB ASiA) A competition on the launch site to win a camera asked viewers to guess the identities of 13 silhouettes of More than 50% of South Koreans use online banking. national celebrities who appeared in the TVC. Another (SoURCe: 24/7 ReAL MeDiA) key placement of the campaign included the MSN User Created Content (UCC) Channel. Users posted comments More than two thirds (67%) of South Korean online users on the identity of celebrities, which developed into a virtual in their 20s have paid for digital content. Of those, 91% community of interested participants. bought music and 39% bought community or avatar items. Results: • Delivered more than 73 million impressions. (SoURCe: ReSeARCh AnD MARKetS) • Returned a value per click of US$0.19, a three-fold improvement on the average online campaign. The country's online games market will generate US$1.7 • Encouraged more than 177,000 clickthroughs from the billion in 2009. clip. (SoURCe: PeARL ReSeARCh) • Elicited more than 7,500 views of the TVC. asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 6
  • 63. tAiWAn Taipei 101 from street level ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS 40-49 1,419 14.2% 50-65 633 6.3% HOUSEHOLD INCOME Taiwan has a 68.94% Internet penetration rate. UNDER NT$20,000 263 2.6% (SoURCe: tWniC) NT$20,000-NT$29,999 458 4.6% NT$30,000-NT$39,999 821 8.2% NT$40,000-NT$49,999 992 9.9% NT$50,000-NT$59,999 1095 10.9% The number of Taiwan online users has now reached 15.8 NT$60,000-NT$69,999 950 9.5% million. NT$70,000-NT$79,999 859 8.6% (SoURCe: tWniC/ finD) NT$80,000-NT$89,999 675 6.7% NT$90,000-NT$99,999 362 3.6% NT$100,000-NT$109,999 701 7% By 2013 it estimated that there will be 14.47 million NT$110,000 OR ABOVE 755 7.5% REFUSED/ DON'T KNOW 2,081 20.8% broadband subscribers in Taiwan. (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex tAiWAn) (SoURCe: MinDBRAnCh) The Taiwanese Internet population is quite young: 96.95% of them are 16 to 20 years old; 90% are between the ages ❚ USeR BehAVioUR 12 and 35; those above 56 only account for 17.89% of Blogging has become mainstream in Taiwan: 86.6% are users. (SoURCe: tWniC) reported to have a read a blog, and 70.9% have created a blog themselves. (SoURCe: oGiLVy) Taiwan had 11.2 million unique online visitors in February 2009. On average they each spent 974.4 minutes online Taiwan is a nation of active social networkers, with an that month, making an average number of 32.1 visits per estimated 12.32 million social media users in the country. person. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) Of Taiwan's social media users, nearly two thirds (63.1%) taiwan's internet Users 2008 maintain their own social networking site. Top social (000) % of USeRS media activities include uploading photos (69% of users), SEx MALE 5,341 53.3% watching videos (89.25%) and downloading podcasts FEMALE 4,672 46.7% (33%). AGE (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) 12-19 2,339 23.4% 20-29 3,194 31.9% 30-39 2,428 24.3% 62 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 64. PIZZA HUT 54% The Taiwanese are the second most enthusiastic online HSBC 54% gamers in the region, visiting gaming sites 15.5 times a VISA 52% month and staying for an average of 151 minutes. TOYOTA 51% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) VIBO 51% TSANN KUEN 49% FAR EASTERN TELECOMMUNICATIONS 46% LAY'S 46% What the taiwanese Do online MITSUBISHI 46% ACtiVity (000) % of USeRS (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA; q: WhiCh of the foLLoWinG BRAnDS hAVe yoU Seen ADVeRtiSeD ViA DiGitAL MeDiA?) EMAIL 8,130 46.4% INSTANT MESSENGER 6,453 36.8% VOICE OVER IP 779 4.4% taiwan's top 0 Sites ONLINE SHOPPING 4,746 27.1% Site totAL UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) % ReACh totAL MinUteS (MM) ORDERING TICKETS 1,501 8.6% YAHOO! SITES 9,248 82.6% 2,985 AUCTION 4,388 25% MICROSOFT SITES 6,539 58.4% 1,700 MMPOG 2,391 13.6% GOOGLE SITES 6,288 56.2% 446 ONLINE LEISURE GAME 3,650 20.8% PCHOME ONLINE 3,729 33.3% 82 DOWNLOADING SOFTWARE 2,375 13.5% CHUNGHWA TELECOM 3,365 30.1% 81 DOWNLOADING MP3/MUSIC/VIDEO 3,288 18.8% YAM.COM 3,047 27.2% 74 DOWNLOADING MOBILE GRAPHICS/RINGTONES 722 4.1% xUITE.NET 2,520 22.5% 25 INTERNET BANK/CREDIT CARD SERVICE 619 3.5% PIxNET.NET 2,387 21.3% 19 INTERNET BROKER SERVICE 1,535 8.8% MYFOxY.NET 2,235 20.0% 15 SENDING MESSAGE TO MOBILE PHONE 414 2.4% SINA 2,156 19.3% 44 CHAT ROOM/MATING/MAKING FRIENDS 3,180 18.1% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At tAiWAn hoMe/WoRK BBS/ FORUM/COMMUNITY 3,080 17.6% LoCAtionS) READING NEWS 6,745 38.5% READING MAGAZINES 629 3.6% taiwan's top online Gaming Sites SEEING MOVIES 1,651 9.4% Site % ReACh WATCHING WEB TV 335 1.9% NExON 5.3% LISTENING TO ONLINE RADIO 401 2.3% YAHOO! GAMES 4.5% LISTENING TO ONLINE MUSIC 2,832 16.2% I-GAMER.NET 4.0% SEARCHING STAFF/JOB 807 4.6% MSN GAMES 2.2% E-CARD 272 1.6% MINICLIP.COM 1.7% CREATING BLOGS/ALBUMS/UPLOADING VIDEOS 2,380 13.6% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At tAiWAn hoMe/WoRK BROWSING BLOGS/ALBUMS/ VIDEOS 5,668 32.3% LoCAtionS) FORTUNE/HOROSCOPE/MENTAL TEST 2,260 12.9% E-GOVERNMENT SERVICE 572 3.3% SEARCHING OR COLLECTING INFORMATION 10,019 57.2% taiwan's top online Retail Sites YAHOO! SHOPPING 52.1% SUBSCRIBING E-PAPER 348 2% PCHOME SHOPPING 29.5% BROWSING 4,374 24.9% BOOKS.COM.TW 28.1% READING NOVELS/COMIC BOOKS 1,275 7.3% PAYEASY.COM.TW 15.8% OTHER 19 0.1% (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex tAiWAn) ALIBABA.COM CORPORATION 15.7% PCHOME STORE 15.5% AMAZON SITES 14.6% MONDAY.COM.TW 10.3% SHOPPING99.COM 9.8% ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG SOFTKING.COM.TW 9.4% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At tAiWAn hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) Taiwan is the third largest online advertising market in the region with annual sales averaging $1.1 billion. taiwan's top entertainment Sites (SoURCe: BtRAx) % ReACh YOUTUBE.COM 47.9% YAHOO! MOVIES 30.5% The Internet is expected to attract 10% of Taiwan's ad IM.TV 22.3% PCHOME PHOTO 22.2% spend by the end of the year. YAHOO! MUSIC 21.3% (SoURCe: Zenith oPtiMeDiA) CBS INTERACTIVE 21.0% PPSTREAM 17.6% TUDOU SITES 16.8% A total of 13,918 online ad banners were run by 1,144 SONY ONLINE 15.4% advertisers in a total of 5,649 campaigns in Taiwan the FUNP.COM 14.9% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At tAiWAn hoMe/WoRK second quarter of 2008. LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) (SoURCe: the nieLSen CoMPAny/ BRAnD RePUBLiC) trust in Media Channels in taiwan MeDiA ChAnneL % Who tRUSt the ChAnneL CoMPLeteLy Viral marketing techniques seem to work well in Taiwan. RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY 56% Nearly four-fifths (79%) of Taiwanese online users have ExPERT PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 23% received a viral message at some point and nearly half PRODUCT LABELS ON PACKAGING 20% INDEPENDENT REVIEWS IN PUBLICATIONS 19% (49%) of them have passed it on. PRODUCTS/BRANDS THAT APPEAR IN MOVIES OR WITHIN TV PROGRAMMES 19% (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) CONSUMER PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 18% CONSUMER OPINION IN BLOGS 17% CONSUMER OPINION ON MESSAGE BOARDS 14% top 20 Advertisers Using Digital Media in taiwan MANUFACTURERS/BRANDS WEBSITES 14% ADVeRtiSeR % of USeRS ADS AT THE CINEMA BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTS 13% 7-11 76% TV ADS 13% MCDONALD'S 75% ADS THAT APPEAR ON SEARCH ENGINES 13% COCA COLA 65% CONSUMER OPINION IN CHAT ROOMS 13% NIKE 63% MAGAZINE ADS 12% KFC 63% NEWSPAPER ADS 12% NOKIA 62% BANNER ADS ON WEBSITES 10% CHUNGHWA TELECOM 61% EMAIL NEWSLETTERS 10% TAIWAN MOBILE 60% ADS ON POSTERS, BUSES/BUS SHELTERS 10% CITIBANK 58% RECOMMENDATIONS FROM OTHER CONSUMERS WHO YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW 9% HEINEKEN 58% RADIO ADS 8% SONY 55% POP-UP OR POP-UNDER WEB ADS 7% asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 6
  • 65. ADS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO YOU BY E-MAIL 7% ADS VIA MOBILE SMS 6% ADS IN VIRTUAL WORLDS 5% ❚ e-CoMMeRCe ADS IN VIDEO GAMES 5% (SoURCe: tnS/DiGitAL MeDiA) Taiwan's e-commerce market was expected to be worth NT$243 billion (US$7.29 billion) in 2008, up 32.3% from 2007. ❚ MoBiLe (SoURCe: MARKet inteLLiGenCe CenteR) Fashion and beauty are the two dominant segments in Taiwan's mobile penetration has surpassed 110%. Tawain's online shopping market, with compound average (SoURCe: BUDDeCoMM) growth rates of 88% (fashion) and 49% (beauty). (SoURCe: MARKet inteLLiGenCe CenteR) At the end of 2008, Taiwan had more than 25 million mobile subscribers. What the taiwanese Buy online (SoURCe: MinDBRAnCh) iteM % of inteRnet USeRS CLOTHES/ACCESSORIES/COSMETICS/CARE PRODUCTS 60.6% BOOKS/MAGAZINES 49.7% Of Taiwan's mobile population, 10.9 million own 3G devices. RESTAURANTS/PLANE TICKETS/TRAIN/BUS TICKETS, ETC 48.5% (SoURCe: MinDBRAnCh) HOUSEHOLD GOODS 36.3% 3C PRODUCTS 32.2% COMPUTERS/PERIPHERAL PRODUCTS 30.9% COMPUTER SOFTWARE/UPDATES 26.8% More than two fifths (21.6%) of Taiwan's population over FILM/MUSIC 18.5% the age of 12 have used mobile Internet services before, FOOD 17.5% ExHIBITION TICKETS 15.3% with another 9.4% accessing the web via their PDAs. (SoURCe: 2008 DiGitAL DiViDe SURVey) FINANCIAL/INSURANCE PRODUCTS 13.9% NOT SHOPPED IN PAST YEAR 3.2% VEHICLES/MOTORCYCLE PARTS 0.3% (SoURCe: 2008 DiGitAL DiViDe SURVey) For Taiwanese mobile Internet users, downloading ringtones (38.36%) and browsing (21.14%) are the most how Much taiwanese online Shoppers Spend popular activities. AMoUnt SPent oVeR yeAR % of inteRnet USeRS (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) LESS THAN NTD 1,000 11.1% NT$1,001-5,000 35.4% NT$5,001-10,000 16.7% One survey revealed that the Taiwanese, aside from using NT$10,001-20,000 10.8% NT$20,001-30,000 6.1% their mobile phones for chatting and instant messaging NT$30,001-50,000 4.5% (84%), more than half of the population (53%) would be NT$50,001-100,000 3.4% ABOVE NT$100,000 2.6% interested in watching live video on them. HAVE NOT SHOPPED IN PAST YEAR 3.2% (SoURCe: SynoVAte) DO NOT REMEMBER CLEARLY 6.2% (SoURCe: 2008 DiGitAL DiViDe SURVey) Having said that, mobiles phones in Taiwan are still mostly used for making phone calls (65%). SMS/MMS usage (3%), and Internet access (2%) on mobile phones have yet to ❚ CASe StUDy take off in the country. (SoURCe: UniVeRSAL MCCAnn) Client: Intel Agency: MRM Worldwide - Asia Pacific Taiwan's mobile sector earned NT$243 billion (US$7.2 Campaign: Intel® Centrino® 2 Heart of The Matter billion) in 2008, with improved services and products from objective: Make the processor relevant again. operators. Mobile data services increased to over 20%, up Strategy: MRM took the non-traditional approach of from only 2% in 2000. creating an online-only feature film called Heart of the (SoURCe: BUDDeCoMM) Matter. Details: Starring two of Taiwan's biggest stars and The ARPU (average revenue per user) for 3G services, distributed exclusively online, the three-part webisode while dropping, was still 35% higher than for 2G. series managed to engage and entertain our target (SoURCe: BUDDeCoMM) audience beyond typical advertising. Viewers were then invited to enter a competition where they could win a taiwan's Mobile internet Users laptop. AGe % of AGe GRoUP USinG MoBiLe inteRnet Results: • In just over two weeks, in excess of 50 million 12-14 23.5% 15-20 43.7% ad impressions were served with a substantial click-through 21-30 58% rate. 31-40 48% 41-50 32.2% • The film pulled in over 200% higher traffic to the Intel 51-60 26.7% What's Inside You page located on 61-64 23.8% • During the first two weeks, the videos were viewed by 65+ 17.7% (SoURCe: 2008 DiGitAL DiViDe SURVey) more than 100,000 people. • The first week alone saw an impressive 239% growth in Intel Corporate site visits and a 236% increase in page views. • Over half of all visitors entered the contest, with an overwhelming 84% getting the correct answer and 90% submitting their emails to enter. 64 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 66. asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 65
  • 67. thAiLAnD Grand Palace, Bangkok ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS THB7,000-7,999 PER MONTH 158 1.92% THB8,000-8,999 PER MONTH 279 3.39% THB9,000-9,999 PER MONTH 159 1.93% In 2008 there were around 15 million Internet users in THB10,000-12,499 PER MONTH 456 5.55% THB12,500-14,999 PER MONTH 317 3.86% Thailand, out of a total population of 63.39 million, giving THB15,000-17,499 PER MONTH 545 6.63% the nation an Internet penetration rate of around 23.7%. THB17,500-1,999 PER MONTH 239 2.91% (SoURCe: the nAtion) THB20,000-22,499 PER MONTH 625 7.6% THB22,500-24,999 PER MONTH 158 1.92% THB25,000-29,999 PER MONTH 439 5.34% Thailand's Internet penetration rate is expected to hit THB30,000-34,999 PER MONTH 840 10.22% THB35,000-39,999 PER MONTH 227 2.76% 27.9% by 2010. THB40,000-49,999 PER MONTH 557 6.78% (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) THB50,000-74,999 PER MONTH 1139 13.85% THB75,000+ PER MONTH 691 8.41% (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex thAiLAnD; ALL PeRSonS 2+) thailand's internet Users 2008 (000) % of USeRS SEx MALE 4,076 49.58% FEMALE 4,144 50.41% ❚ USeR BehAVioUR AGE 12-14 1,125 13.68% Windows Live is popular with Thais. Nearly two thirds of 15-19 2,195 26.7% the country's online population use it (nine million users), 20-24 1,205 14.66% 25-29 1,168 14.21% spending a cumulative 2.4 billion minutes online on MSN 30-34 683 8.31% messenger. 35-39 531 6.46% (SoURCe: MiCRoSoft) 40-44 417 5.07% 45-49 439 5.34% 50-54 263 3.2% Thailand had an estimated 10.73 million social media users 55-59 132 1.61% 60-64 36 0.44% in 2008. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) 65-69 18 0.22% 70+ 7 0.09% (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex thAiLAnD; ALL PeRSonS 2+) More than half (55.3%) of Thais living in Bangkok go thailand's online Users, by income online to look for news-related content. (000) (% of USeRS) (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) HOUSEHOLD INCOME LESS THAN THB4,000 452 5.5% THB4,000-4,999 PER MONTH 283 3.44% THB5,000-5,999 PER MONTH 356 4.33% THB6,000-6,999 PER MONTH 302 3.67% 66 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 68. Blogs are also a significant part of the social media space Online display ad spend in Thailand came to an estimated in Thailand with 84% of Internet users claiming to write or US$8.77 million in 2008 and is expected to reach US$12.65 participate in a blog. million this year. Search advertising spend meanwhile came (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) to just US$1.88 million last year, but is estimated it will reach US$5.97 in 2009. Thailand has 2.4 million registered online social networkers, (SoURCe: yAhoo!/the nieLSen CoMPAny) growing at a rate of 20% per month. Of them, 78% are aged between 18 and 34. The online advertising market is still young but growing in (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) Thailand. Display advertising spend is expected to reach US$15.94 million by 2010, while search advertising spend how Long thais go online is expected to more than double from 2009 to reach AVeRAGe tiMe SPent USinG inteRnet (000) % of USeRS US$11.63 million. LESS THAN 30 MINUTES 723 8.33% (SoURCe: yAhoo!/the nieLSen CoMPAny) 31 MINUTES-LESS THAN 1 HOUR 2,674 30.8% 1 HOUR-LESS THAN 2 HOURS 2,608 30.04% 2 HOURS-LESS THAN 3 HOURS 1,388 15.99% 3 HOURS-LESS THAN 4 HOURS 567 6.53% Viral marketing is a relatively safe bet in Thailand, with 4 HOURS-LESS THAN 5 HOURS 210 2.42% 84% of online users having received one at some point and 5 HOURS-LESS THAN 6 HOURS 177 2.04% more than half of them (54%) passing it on. Those most 6 HOURS-LESS THAN 7 HOURS 94 1.08% MORE THAN 7 HOURS 193 2.22% likely to forward viral messages are aged between 30 and (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex thAiLAnD; ALL PeRSonS 2+) 34, 86% of them having received one at some point, with nearly two thirds of them (63%) having passed it on. What thais do online (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) ACtiVity (000) % of USeRS EMAIL 6,782 78.12% INTERNET TELEPHONE 106 1.22% top 20 Advertisers Using Digital Media in thailand DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE/FILES 1,723 19.85% ADVeRtiSeR % of USeRS PRODUCT INFO 1,131 13.03% NOKIA (THAILAND) 90% COMPANY INFO 642 7.4% SONY (THAILAND) 78% PURCHASE PRODUCT 179 2.06% TOYOTA MOTOR THAILAND 73% PERFORM FINANCIAL 234 2.7% THAI SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS 73% INTERNATIONAL NEWS 1,293 14.89% A.P. HONDA 72% LOCAL NEWS 1,702 19.61% PEPSI COLA (THAI) TRADING/SERMSUK 71% READ E-NEWSPAPER 1,656 19.08% KFC 71% READ E-MAGAZINE 1,034 11.91% NIKE 71% LISTEN TO MUSIC 3,069 35.35% COCA COLA (THAILAND) 68% WATCH MOVIE/TV PROGRAMME 861 9.92% CANON 68% PLAY GAMES 2,840 32.72% SIAM COMMERCIAL BANK 67% NEWS GROUP/BULLETIN BOARDS 316 3.64% PIZZA HUT 65% INTERNET RELAY CHAT 1,120 12.9% KASIKORN BANK 63% JOB HUNTING 944 10.87% LAY'S 63% VIDEO CONFERENCE 127 1.46% VISA 62% EDUCATION SERVICES 2,721 31.34% HEINEKEN 60% CLASSIFIED ADS 201 2.32% CITIBANK 60% AUCTIONS 90 1.04% MCDONALD'S 59% SMS 310 3.57% DUTCH MILL (THAILAND) 58% TV ON DEMAND-DRAMA 262 3.02% ADIDAS 58% TV ON DEMAND-MUSIC 227 2.61% (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA; q: WhiCh of the foLLoWinG BRAnDS hAVe yoU Seen ADVeRtiSeD ViA DiGitAL FOR CHAT (MSN/YAHOO/SKYPE) 1,686 19.42% MeDiA?) OTHER 2 0.02% (SoURCe : nieLSen MeDiA inDex thAiLAnD; ALL PeRSonS 2+) trust in Media Channels in thailand MeDiA ChAnneL % Who tRUSt the ChAnneL CoMPLeteLy RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY 45% PRODUCT LABELS ON PACKAGING 47% ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG MANUFACTURERS/BRANDS WEBSITES 42% ExPERT PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 36% TV ADS 29% Online advertising is still in its infancy in Thailand, PRODUCTS/BRANDS THAT APPEAR IN MOVIES OR WITHIN TV PROGRAMMES 29% accounting for just 1.1% of the total 92 billion baht (US$2.56 INDEPENDENT REVIEWS IN PUBLICATIONS 28% CONSUMER PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 25% billion) ad market. ADS THAT APPEAR ON SEARCH ENGINES 22% (SoURCe: 2008 MeDiA oUtLooK/ GRoUP M) MAGAZINE ADS 22% EMAIL NEWSLETTERS 21% RECOMMENDATIONS FROM OTHER CONSUMERS WHO YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW 20% Despite the low numbers, Thai businesses do believe in CONSUMER OPINION ON MESSAGE BOARDS 20% ADS AT THE CINEMA BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTS 20% the Internet's advertising potential. In one survey, 61% CONSUMER OPINION IN CHAT ROOMS 19% of them thought the Internet was worth considering for NEWSPAPER ADS 19% their marketing needs. This sentiment is shared by both CONSUMER OPINION IN BLOGS 19% BANNER ADS ON WEBSITES 18% big-sized firms (501-1000+ employees) and medium-sized ADS ON POSTERS, BUSES/BUS SHELTERS 15% enterprises (50-500 employees). RADIO ADS 12% (SoURCe: oGiLVyone/MSn/ BRAnD AGe) ADS IN VIRTUAL WORLDS 11% POP-UP OR POP-UNDER WEB ADS 11% ADS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO YOU BY E-MAIL 10% Thailand's overall online advertising expenditure is expected ADS VIA MOBILE SMS 9% ADS IN VIDEO GAMES 8% to increase to 5% of total ad spend this year. (SoURCe: tnS/DiGitAL MeDiA) (SoURCe: MiCRoSoft) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 67
  • 69. WARC Online everything you need to know about marketing advertising in one place … A searchable database of over 45,000 Best practice guides to strategic relevant case studies, papers and issues in marketing, media and research findings from different consumer research industries around the world Partnerships with industry-leading Knowledge and insight from more than authorities in key markets 40 international information sources Subscribers in more than 130 countries Continually expanded content To learn more go to for a 7 day free trial call +61 (2) 9908 2930 | email 68 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 70. ❚ MoBiLe By 2010, Thailand's online shopping penetration rate should reach 57.5%, representing 10.5 million people. Thailand has had nearly 9 million new mobile connections (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) over the last year giving it a total of 61.9 million subscribers. The Thais are the least active online shoppers in the (SoURCe: itU) region, on average only making online purchases 1.8 times in a three month period. Mobile penetration rates in Thailand are high at 82%. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) Thais spend the least amount on online purchases too, The Thai youth love talking on their phones, accounting for compared to their Asian peers, totalling US$406.30 on 70% of mobile usage. online shopping in a three month period. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) The Thais have embraced mobile technology with open Security could be the reason Thais are reticient about arms. According to one survey, 57% of elite Thais said that shopping online - three quarters of them said they are they had used their mobile devices to watch live TV, while reluctant to shop online because they fear making online 18% enjoyed making video clips with them. transactions are unsafe. (SoURCe: SynoVAte) (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Thailand is in the top 10 countries in the world for data Thailand's online shopping market should generate US$20. usage on mobile phones through General Packet Radio billion by 2010, up from US$5.9 billion in 2007. Services (GPRS) connections. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) (SoURCe: MiCRoSoft) Bangkok has the greatest density of users of both ❚ CASe StUDy computers (40.2%) and the Internet (29.9%) in Thailand. (SoURCe: MiCt) Client: Advanced Info Service (AIS) Agency: Impaq Interactive Mobile Internet in Thailand - a market worth US$798 Campaign: MSN Campaign million - continues to develop with the service now objective: Boost brand awareness and promote a new available in main cities. Non-voice communications is set to bundled mobile phone solution to young business users. expand by 40% this year. Strategy: Generate interest among affluent Thais aged 25 (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) years and older. Boost brand awareness among business professionals. Drive potential customers to a promotional Thailand's mobile Internet population has grown by 116.3% microsite. since January 2008. Details: AIS had used banner advertising in the past to (SoURCe: oPeRA) attract a wide audience. But with a specific demographic in mind, a new approach was called for. At this point, Thai mobile Internet users are spending more time on Microsoft Advertising entered the conversation. Already one mobile sites, their number of page views increasing by of the top ten sites in Thailand, MSN was a great location 217.9% since January 2008. Thai mobile Internet users for engaging tech-savvy Thais. Ads on the MSN homepage currently average 164 page views per visitor. directed traffic to a specially built Smart Solutions microsite, (SoURCe: oPeRA) packed with details of products and services and offering a hotline for purchase enquiries. To maximise traffic, thailand's top 0 Mobile Sites supporting banners also ran on Windows Live Hotmail, and 1. HI5 Windows Live Messenger. 2. GOOGLE 3. GAMEJUMP Results: • The campaign generated 39 million impressions. 4. LIVE • Registered more than 194,000 leads. 5. MANAGER 6. MY.OPERA • Boosted sales by 80%. 7. PANTIP • Drove down cost per lead by 66%. 8. LIVESCORE • Created strong brand awareness. 9. YOUTUBE 10. BLOGGANG (SoURCe: oPeRA/fRienDSteR; RAnKeD By UniqUe USeRS) ❚ e-CoMMeRCe Thailand has one of the lowest online shopping penetration rates in the region, with 43% of the online population showing a likelihood of making online purchases. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 69
  • 71. VIETNAM Rice fields on Cat Ba Island in Halong Bay, northern Vietnam ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS While broadband services in Vietnam are still in their early stages (7% penetration), the number of broadband Vietnam has about 20.8 million Internet users. subscribers rose by 49% in the first 10 months of 2008 to (SoURCe: inteRnet WoRLD StAtS) reach 1.9 million users. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone/ MiC) By 2010 the country's online population is predicted to have grown to 30 million people. By the end of 2008 Vietnam was predicted to have two (SoURCe: SAiGon tiMeS/yAhoo!) million broadband subscribers. (SoURCe: inteLLASiA More than 20% of the population living in major cities is now online. The Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) is (SoURCe:tnS) set to spend US$1 billion in 2009 to develop its broadband networks and expand its international bandwidth. Vietnam's urban home Internet penetration rate was 34% (SoURCe: inteLLASiA) in 2008. (SoURCe: tnS) It is estimated that one in every three Vietnamese will be online by 2012. Vietnamese Internet users are fairly experienced too: seven (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) in every ten Vietnamese Internet users have been online for more than three years. Out of 2.1 million ADSL Internet subscribers in Vietnam, (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) VNPT has 60% market share at 1.3 million customers, while Viettel services 700,000 customers and FPT 600,000 Four in ten Vietnamese now go online every week. The subscribers; the rest are Netnam, SPT and EVN Telecom younger population makes up much of the numbers - eight subscribers. out of ten 15-24 year olds access the Internet weekly. (SoURCe: inteLLASiA) (SoURCe: inteLLASiA) By 2013 Vietnam is predicted to have 47 million Internet On average, Internet users in Vietnam spend between 2.5 users. and three hours per session. (SoURCe: VinAGAMe) (SoURCe: inteLLASiA) 70 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 72. COMMUNITY WEBSITES 50% ❚ USeR BehAVioUR GAME ONLINE 46% TV/VIDEO ONLINE 43% BLOG SURFING 38% As Vietnam has only had Internet access since 1997, PICTURE DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD 30% SMS 29% coupled with the fact that the local population is very CHAT ROOM 27% young, there is a huge demand for trial and exploration COMPOSE BLOG 26% WEBCAM 21% online. Teen-oriented websites in Vietnam get anywhere FORUMS 20% from a few hundred thousand to a few million page views INTERNET PHONE/VOIP 14% a month. As a result, Internet usage in Vietnam has been SHOP ONLINE 4% E-BANKING 3% growing steadily at a rate of 30% a year on average. (SoURCe: yAhoo!/tnS; PASt Month inteRnet USeRS AGeD 5+) (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) In 2008 there was estimated to be as many as 16.12 million social media users in Vietnam. ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) Vietnam's online advertising market is variously estimated Social networking is a favourite pastime amongst to be valued at anywhere from US$2.3 million to $8 million. Vietnamese online users. Nearly three quarters (72%) of (SoURCe: yAhoo!) 18 to 30 year olds, and 43% of the older population use social networking sites to interact with their friends and It is estimated that Vietnam's ad and Internet market will family. be generating US$31 million in revenues by 2010 (up from (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) US$10 million in 2007). (SoURCe: MARKetinG inteRACtiVe/VietnAM ADVeRtiSinG ASSoCiAtion) Gaming is another trend taking over Vietnam. There are various estimates of the number of online gamers in the By 2014 the online advertising market could be generating country, with some indicating that more than half (57%) as much as US$75 million and will represent 9% of total ad of the youth in urban cities are actively playing games on spend in the country. sites like (SoURCe: VinAGAMe) (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) Paid search advertising is predicted to generate US$35 News sites such as,, vnexpress. million in revenues by 2014. net and account for 6/10 of the most visited (SoURCe: VinAGAMe) destinations for Vietnamese Internet users. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) It is expected that Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines will be driving 90% of the Internet ad growth in the South Vietnamese Internet users are fans of video-sharing sites east Asia region in the next five years. such as and YouTube and ones that offer musical (SoURCe: yAhoo!/nieLSen onLine) search like Zing, Baamboo, and 7 sac. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) Vietnam's online display advertising spend stood at US$2.31 million in 2008 and is projected to reach US$4.186 million By June 2008, had more than 1 million subscribers in 2009. By 2010 display advertising spend is expected to and with an average of 100,000 hits per day, and over come to US$6.4 million. 1,500 videos uploaded daily. (SoURCe: yAhoo!/nieLSen onLine) (SoURCe: DiGitAL MeDiA ACRoSS ASiA) Search advertising spend in Vietnam was just US$495,000 Blogging is taking hold in Vietnam - now more than half in 2008 and is expected to reach US$897,000. By 2010 (55%) of online users aged between 15 and 25 have their the search market is expected to be generating US$1.37 own blogs. million. (SoURCe: inteLLASiA) (SoURCe: yAhoo!/nieLSen onLine) Nearly 90% of Vietnamese online users living in the country's biggest cities have read news on the Internet and 82% have used search engines. Nearly three quarters ❚ MoBiLe of them (73%) have used chat while more than two thirds (67%) of them have listened to music or downloaded Vietnam had 30 million new mobile connections in Q42008, music. representing a total of 67.2 million subscribers - the (SoURCe: VietnAMnet/iCtneWS/yAhoo!/tnS) region's seventh largest. (SoURCe: itU) What the Vietnamese do online: 2008 ACtiVity % of onLine USeRS Over 80 million mobile subscribers in Vietnam are NEWS 89% SEARCH 82% subscribed to Viettel (26 million) and VNPT's two INSTANT MESSAGE 73% subsidiaries, MobiFone (26 million) and VinaPhone MUSIC/VIDEO DOWNLOAD 67% EMAIL 58% (20 million). (SoURCe: inteLLASiA) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 7
  • 73. 72 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 74. Mobile penetration in Vietnam is predicted to grow by Only 4% of Vietnamese online users in the country's key 270% to reach 46 million mobile users by 2010. cities have banked or shopped online. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) (SoURCe: VietnAMnet/iCtneWS/yAhoo!/tnS) Vietnam's growing youth population with high disposable incomes has been driving much of the demand for mobile ❚ CASe StUDy services in the country. The country's mobile subscriber base has about 800,000 new additions each month. Client: Unilever Vietnam (SoURCe: inteLLASiA) Agency: WHO? Digital (with MindShare JWT) Campaign: Life Can't Wait (Sunsilk) The strong take-up of fixed lines is mainly due to reduction objective: Develop a digitally-led activation campaign that in tariffs introduced in the country in June 2007. As of the would invoke consumer engagement and participation with end of September 2008, there were about 13 million fixed- Sunsilk's global re-branding initiative; Life Can't Wait; lines in Vietnam, reflecting a growth rate of 17.1% from a campaign that aimed to convince women around the the previous year. world to find inspiration from the real life Life Can't Wait (SoURCe: MiC) moments of famous icons, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and local singer, Ho Ngoc Ha. Vietnam's mobile Internet population has grown by 303.2% Strategy: A natural continuation of the Icons brand since January 2008. campaign, the digital activation inspired 20-something girls (SoURCe: oPeRA) to come online and Iconise themselves by creating their own Life Can't Wait Billboard. This was the first phase in Vietnam's current mobile Internet users are becoming more a nationwide search for Vietnam's next inspiring icon. active too, with the number of page views increasing by Details: Using a custom-built Iconise Me! application, 405.2% since January 2008. users created their billboard by uploading a photo of their (SoURCe: oPeRA) face, which was then transformed into an illustration. Next, they chose Mobile Internet users in Vietnam average 104 page views their ideal hairstyle, per visitor. expressed their Life (SoURCe: oPe RA) Can't Wait philosophy in the form of a There is a marked difference between mobile penetration headline, added their rates in urban and rural Vietnam - 84% of urban dwellers photos and chose have mobile phones, while only 33% of rural inhabitants their colours. The do. result was a custom- (SoURCe: tnS) made poster that resembled the poster Vietnam's top 0 Mobile Sites artwork from the ATL 1. GOOGLE campaign. Posters 2. DANTRI 3. VNExPRESS were displayed in an online gallery on the site, and also 4. MY.OPERA pulled to 3rd party sites as banner ads (media managed 5. YAHOO 6. GAMEJUMP by MindShare) to create deeper engagement and heighten 7. VIETNAMNET the sense of immediacy. Eight weekly finalists were chosen 8. TRUYENVIET and their Life Can't Wait story was embellished in the form 9. THEGIOIDIDONG 10. TUOITRE of a radio show (conceptualised by JWT). At the end of (SoURCe: oPeRA/fRienDSteR; RAnKeD By UniqUe USeRS) the eight-week entry phase, the girls were flown to HCMC to create their own TVC to complete their Life Can't Wait campaign. In the final phase of entry, the three elements (Billboard, TVC and Radio) came together on a blog page ❚ e-CoMMeRCe for each of the finalists, and the public was invited to come online and become a fan. Message boards and session- Vietnam's online retail market is blossoming, with e-stores based chat boxes enabled the finalists to converse with now selling everything from motorbikes and mobile their fan base in real time. The winning finalist (collectively phones to luggage and camping equipment. E-commerce selected by the public and by Sunsilk) spent an indulgent models like B2B (business to business), B2C (business to PR day with Ho Ngoc Ha. customers), and C2C (customers to customers) are most Results: • Over a quarter of a million people visited the popular. (SoURCe: VietnAM BUSineSS neWS/ VietnAM net BRiDGe) website during the campaign period. • Over 4,000 hopefuls registered to become an icon. Vietnam's answer to 123buy - - has about • More than 9,500 people became a fan of the icons in the 15,000 e-stores, each stocking more than 100 products. final phase. (SoURCe: VietnAM BUSineSS neWS) • A substantial amount of online PR and word of mouth. In one survey that polled 1600 companies in Vietnam, 75% said that they generated more than 5% of their total revenue from e-commerce. (SoURCe: VietnAM MiniStRy of inDUStRy AnD tRADe) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 7
  • 75. ADMA Membership Directory ❚ PAtRonS Aha! Research Globe7 hong Kong Right Media Tel: +852 3105 0313 Tel: +852 37513292 Tel: +1 212 710 3600 Tel: +852 2159 7745 Main Representative: Peter Steyn, Managing Director Main Representative: Ling Kwan, Senior Business Development Manager, Main Representative: Denise Colella, VP, International Aha! Research is an independent full-service online market research Asia Pacific Roger Williams, Director - International Marketing company delivering leading-edge solutions to our clients around the world. Globe7 is a pioneer in digital information and online communications, Xiaoming Shao, Director, Strategic Accounts We have extensive industry experience and apply the latest research specialising in Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) applications, hosting techniques and technology. Our data collection is primarily through online video contents, sharing files, Instant Messaging, Games, and a Chinese- Right Media, a Yahoo! company, operates the world's largest online consumer panels as well as via client provided email lists, and web-based language social networking website. advertising exchange. Revolutionising how online media is bought and surveys. Aha! Research is a member, and follows the 'codes of ethical sold, the Right Media Exchange removes many of the traditional trading practice' and professional standards, of the European Society for Opinion inefficiencies, replacing them with an automated auction-based platform. and Marketing Research (ESOMAR) - a world body of market research With 100,000 global buyers and sellers conducting over eight billion daily professionals and organisations. transactions, the Exchange enables advertisers, publishers, agencies and networks to drive greater value and measurability from their online advertising activities. Right Media has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo as well as across the US and Europe. DoubleClick international Asia Microsoft Advertising Upstream Asia Tel: +852 3760 1888 Tel: +852 2804 4200 Tel: +852 2973 0222 Main Representative: Jayne Leung, Regional Director, Asia Main Representative: Richard Dunmall, General Manager, Greater Asia Main Representative: David Ketchum, Chief Executive Officer Nicole Chou, Business Development Director, Asia Pacific Paul Mottram, Chief Operating Officer Cindy Burke, Account Director, Asia Kenneth Andrew, Marketing Director, Greater Asia Pacific Upstream is a full service marketing and corporate communications Andrew Wong, Rich Media Sales Manager, APAC Stephen Dolan, Specialist and Multinational Sales Director, Greater Asia network ideally positioned to help companies make the most of business Pacific opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. Our clients look to us to create DoubleClick is a premier provider of digital marketing technology and and manage multi-disciplinary campaigns, and we provide a full range of services. The world's top marketers, publishers and agencies utilise Liam Walsh, Sales Director, Australia off and online communications solutions, including strategic public relations DoubleClick's expertise in ad serving, rich media, video, mobile, search and Erik Johnson, General Manager, Greater China Region counselling, media relations, event management, digital marketing and affiliate marketing to help them make the most of the digital medium. From Rathin Lahiri, Sales Director, India Web-based communications services. Upstream primarily works with its position at the nerve centre of digital marketing, DoubleClick provides clients in three sectors: technology/ media/ telecommunications; consumer/ superior insights and insider knowledge to its customers. Toshihiro Fukutoku, Sales Director, Japan lifestyle/ travel; and corporate and financial. Min Ho Kan, Sales Director, Korea Richard Huggins, Sales Director, South East Asia Region Microsoft Advertising provides world-class advertising tools and solutions for digital advertisers and publishers to drive brand and consumer engagement. The portfolio includes all of our digital advertising businesses: our global media network that includes MSN, Windows Live, Office Live, XBOX, Live Search, Facebook and more, and our global technology platforms and tools that include Atlas, AdECN, adCenter, DRIVEpm, Massive and ScreenTonic, which together create engaging digital advertising experiences for their consumers. Microsoft Advertising helps make buying and selling media simple, smart and more cost-effective across media and devices in the Microsoft network of properties and beyond, which spans 42 markets globally and 21 languages. epsilon international orbit Media turner entertainment networks Asia Tel: +852 3589 6300 Tel: +61 2 9957 6533 Tel: +852 3128 3333 Main Representative: Dominic Powers, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific Main Representative: Paul Campbell, Managing Director Main Representative: Benjamin Grubbs, Regional Director, Interactive Adrian Hoon, Vice President, Asia Orbit Media Australasia (OMA) is a digital media group that provides Media Cynthia Richmond, Vice President, Australia New Zealand expertise in the creation, production and delivery of interactive and online Jeremy Carr, Vice President, Regional Entertainment Advertising Sales media. Founded in 1996, OMA is owned by an experienced group of Lucien Harrington, Vice President, Branding Communication Tony Cheung, Vice President, China marketing professionals, who are supported by highly skilled people in Regina Leung, Vice President, Marketing, Asia Pacific Australia, Hong Kong, China, Korea and the United States to service a Donald Anderson, Senior Business Manager, Interactive Media client base throughout the Asia Pacific region. OMA creates interactive Turner Entertainment Networks Asia, Inc. (TENA) is the entertainment arm Epsilon International is a leading provider of multi-channel, data-driven sales, marketing and training products, builds sophisticated websites and marketing technologies and services that deliver measureable results of Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary intelligent online marketing tools integrated with content management of Turner Broadcasting System. Established in 1994, TENA distributes for clients. Through the combination of our vertical market expertise, systems. We invest heavily in our knowledge by employing specialist professional services and innovative technologies, we help marketers Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies, POGO and Boomerang as well people of various skills and disciplines to maintain our competitive edge. as interactive entertainment content in the Asia Pacific region. With these acquire, grow and retain profitable customer relationships through highly targeted and measurable email communication programmes. Our end-to- established entertainment brands, Turner continues to be a leader in the end suite of industry-specific products and services includes scalable email Asian television marketplace. TBS Inc., a Time Warner company, is a campaign technology, delivery and creative optimisation, database value major producer of news and entertainment product around the world and analysis, marketing automation tools, turnkey integration solutions and the leading provider of programming for the basic cable industry. other strategic digital marketing services that provide actionable analysis throughout the customer lifecycle. 74 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  • 76. ADMA Membership Directory ❚ CoRPoRAte MeMBeRS ad:tech draftfCB China Google hong Kong nielsen online www. Tel: +65 9852 0150 Tel: +86 21 2411 0421 Tel: +852 3923 5400 Tel: +852 3161 5990 Main Representative: Paul Beckley, Vice President - Main Representative: Gary Tse, Chairman Main Representative: Caroline Hsu, Head of Public Main Representative: Joseph Kam, Commerical Director, Technology Sector Patrick Ko, General Manager Communications, Hong Kong Hong Kong Taiwan Julia Kwan, Project Manager, Asia Pacific Marble Zhang, Strategic Planner Sharon Ng, Head of Marketing, Hong Kong Lisa Cousens, Regional Development Director, Asia Jiang Na, Charis, Content Manager Stella Cheung, Account Director, Hong Kong Pacific Admax network Dow jones Publishing Company the hyperfactory ogilvyone Worldwide (Asia)/the Wall Street journal Tel: +65 6532 2507 Digital network Tel: +852 6331 1383 Tel: +852 2568 1177 Main Representative: Russell Conrad, Regional Tel: +852 2573 7121 Main Representative: Geoffrey Handley, Co-Founder, Main Representative: Sean Rach, Managing Director Managing Director Director New Business Asia Pacific Kitty Wong, General Manager Main Representative: Olivier Legrand, General Manager, Mathew Ward, Managing Director, Singapore Asia Howard Hunt, Regional Business Development Manager Gilbert Lo, Regional Media Director Nellie Chan, Regional Digital Advertising Sales Director Eric Ngyyen, Regional Operation Director Adobe Systems hong Kong edipresse iCLP omnicom Group Hong Kong Sales Hotline: +852 2916 2188 Tel: +852 2859 4406 Tel: +852 2803 8100 Tel: +65 6876 6842 Hong Kong Marketing Hotline: +852 2916 2101 Main Representative: Melina Chan, Director, Digital Main Representative: Jason Kuperman, Vice President, Main Representative: Barrie Goodridge, Chief Executive Main Representative: Priscilla Tan, Marketing Manager Officer Marketing Asia Pacific Digital Development HK/Taiwan Mary Ronan, Strategy Director Louise Kristensen, Interactive Business Director, TBWA Michel Lamunière, General Manager, Taasty/BRG May Chan, Marketing Communications Manager Stephen Hay, Regional Director, Asia Pacific TEQUILA Sebastien Lamunière, Regional Business Director Lok Wai Keung, Business Development Director Amanda King, President Managing Partner, Asia Pacific, Tribal DDB Richard Fraser, Regional Managing Director, Proximity AGenDA Group Asia eyeblaster johnson johnson Vision omniture Tel: +852 2298 3888 Tel: +61 2 8243 0000 Care Asia Pacific Tel: +61 2 8211 2707 Main Representative: Christine Grand, Main Representative: Mick O'Brien, VP Operations, Tel: +65 6827 6000 Main Representative: Marc Gagne, Senior Director Senior Strategic Planner APAC Sales Client Services, APAC Main Representative: Li Ting Low, Senior Regional Steve Hsia, Group CEO Jordan Khoo, Sales Director, APAC Interactive Marketing Manager Andrew Lowe, Channel Alliances Manager, APAC Eric Ng, Chief Innovation Officer Martin Ross, Country Manager, Singapore Huang Zheng, Senior Regional Interactive Marketing Clement Yip, Chief Creative Officer Griffin Tao, Business Director, Greater China Specialist G2 hong Kong MRM Worldwide Premiere Global Services Tel: +65 6296 8217 Tel: +852 2510 6888 Tel: +852 2808 7888 Tel: +852 2353 3500 Main Representative: Sunita Rajan, Vice President, Main Representative: Tony Ip, Managing Director - Main Representative: Mark Cripps, sAPAC Region Main Representative: Sandy Yu, Marketing Manager, Sales Asia Australasia China Hong Kong G2 Digital Director Greater China Terri Seow, Head of Marketing APAC, BBC World News Dennis Kuek, General Manager Joan B. Deni, SVP, Managing Director - South Asia Jasmine Lim, Marketing Manager, Singapore Malaysia Tom Bowman, VP International Ad Sales Digital Keith Ho, Executive Creative Director Gloria Lam, Regional Business Development Joanne Rigby, Marketing Director, Asia Pacific Justine Tate, Senior Marketing Manager, Catherine Chan, Account Coordinator Director - Asia Pacific Mandeep Sharma, Vice President General Manager - India Coremetrics Grif.inter@ctive nDS Asia Pacific Profero Tel: +852 8201 0823 Tel: +39 039 587343 Tel: +852 22019153 Tel: +852 2524 5188 Main Representative: Tony Tsang, General Manager, Main Representative: Vessela Nikolova - Vice President Main Representative: Jonathan Wong, Marketing Main Representative: Henry Wood, Business Director Greater China Region Europe, US India Area Contact Manager, Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Kevin Mackin, General Manager, Australia and New Penny Wang Yuan Fen, Business Manager Asia Vanessa Griffiths-Green, Director Marketing New Zealand Sabrina Lucini, Business Manager Italy Initiatives Asia Pacific Marité Curto, Business Manager Latin America asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 75
  • 77. ADMA Membership Directory ❚ CORPORATE MEMBERS Pulse Mediatech Singtel Digital Media travelzoo Wunderman (previously WebDnA interactive) Tel: +65 9728 6299 Tel: +852 3180 9200 Tel: +65 6295 2018 Tel: +852 28388218 Main Representative: Xante Koh, Marketing Manager Main Representative: Wayne Chou, General Manager, Main Representative: Michel Mommejat, Regional Valerie Lim, Marketing Executive Greater China Network Development Director, Asia Main Representative: Leonard Chan, Director Rainbow Lau, Advertising Sales Manager Stephane Faggianelli, President, Asia Responsys Sohnar Software Universal McCann wwwins Consulting Tel: +65 6327 6560 Tel: +44 208 600 7520 Tel: +852 2901 8400 Tel: +852 3962 4500 Main Representative: Rob Stanley, Managing Director, Main Representative: Carl Witton, Sales Manager Main Representative: Pete Mitchell, Regional Director Main Representative: Chris Ryan, Managing Director Asia Pacific APAC, Digital Dwayne Serjeant, Creative Director Jos Birkin, Director Anna Chan, Head of Search, APAC Sarah Goh, Marketing Communications Manager Sonia Tay, Principal Consultant Huang Zhe, Digital Director, Beijing Patrick Xiao, Digital Director, Shanghai tiMe fortune the Upper Storey ZUji Tel: +852 2565 2222 Tel: +65 6393 3608 Tel: +65 6732 8618 Tel: +852 2175 5772 Main Representative: Kuok Hui Kwong, Managing Main Representative: Andrew Butcher, Publishing Main Representative: Prakash Kamdar, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Director, Asia Pacific Director Main Representative: Sean Seah, General Manager Ross Settles, Director of Digital Business Ang Khoon Fong, Associate Publishing Director, TIME Euan Wilcox, Business Director Kitty Pang, Marketing Manager Michael McComb, Director, Marketing and and Fortune, Asia Frederick Tong, Senior Account Manager Communications Michelle Quah, Marketing Director, TIME and Fortune, Pen Kwok, Business Development Manager, SCMP. Asia com ❚ inDiViDUAL MeMBeRS 1990 Media Netconcepts China SynXis Representative: Kelvin To, President, SDN Representative: Sunita Kaur, Regional Director, Asia Pacific Representative: Allen Qu, Chief Executive Officer Representative: Melpo Wong, Senior Account Manager, APAC AsiaPac Net Media NetInfinium forumline Tektronix Representative: Daniel Chan, Business Director Representative: Edwin Tay, Chief Executive Officer Representative: Meraj Huda, Founder/Principal Consultant Representative: Stacy Lu, Marketing Avary Chong Oriented Media Frontiers Digital Terramillem Capital Representative: Avary Chong Representative: Matt Harty, Managing Director Representative: Eddie Choi, Managing Director, Asia Representative: Rupert Purser, Executive Director of New Black Box Productions Media Ventures Pilot Simple Software Global Market Insite Representative: Pierre Larochelle, General Manager Representative: Tim Hay-Edie, Managing Director Theorem Inc. Representative: Stanley Lee, Director Compass Edge Pitchasia Representative: Chandrakanth Nataraju, President Gravitas Representative: Anita Chan, Managing Director Representative: Rita Vannithone, Director The Mobile Solutions THETMSWAY Representative: Ricky Chu, Business Director CultureFish Media Pixel Media Representative: Thibaud de Loynes, Asia Development Heidrick Struggles Director Representative: Lonnie Hodge, Chief Executive Officer Representative: Kevin Huang, Chief Executive Officer Representative: Steve Stine USA Today Digital River Popcorn Media Network Intel Semiconductor Representative: Raymond Suen, Managing Director, Asia Representative: Elisa Funck, Director of Marketing Pacific Representative: Pannee Ng, Business Director Representative: Stephanie Silvester, Retail Channel Dow Jones Factiva Marketing Director, Asia Pacific Virtual Village Quam (HK) Representative: Irene Leung, Marketing Manager, Dow iris Digital, Singapore Representative: Àlexandre Torres Coll, Senior Account Jones Content Technology Solutions Manager Representative: Chris Justice, Managing Director Representative: James Robbins, Digital Director Eight Partnership Web Wednesday - Asia's Premier Internet Networking Razorfish (e-Crusade) Javacatz Community www. eMarketingEye Representative: Venus Lee, Co-Managing Director Representative: Catherine Chin, Director Representative: Napoleon Biggs, Founder Host Representative: Rajitha Dahanayake, Chief Executive Officer SB Consulting Media Explorer WHO? Digital Energy Media Networks Representative: Steve Bruce, Managing Director Representative: Davy Ma, Managing Director Representative: Julie Fitzpatrick, Business Director Representative: Jonathan Hardy, Managing Director SPELL Melanie Ker Zed Digital Eyeka Representative: Melanie Ker Representative: Wendy Lee, Director Representative: Ada Wong, General Manager Representative: Alexandre Omedo, Chief Executive Officer MoniMedia Synovate Representative: David François, Managing Director Representative: Lindsay Main, Associate Director, Marketing Communications 76 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
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  • 79. The Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) has produced this Yearbook to provide basic information about the digital marketing environments across key Asian markets. This Yearbook can also be downloaded as a PDF file from our dedicated mini site The ADMA has research, guidelines and case studies available for download on its Web site. Visit us at where you can subscribe to our eNewsletter; keeping you appraised on digital marketing – from events around the region related to digital marketing to informative articles on the industry to online research being undertaken. Asia Digital Marketing Association Tel: +852 8100 9987 Fax: +852 3011 9587 Email: Web site: © Asia Digital Marketing Association 2009 DESIGN BY SOBERCYBER