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Opzet vu challenge


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  • Wat moet je in ieder geval onthouden: Enorme ambitie Sterke positie (leven) op particuliere markt Groeien op de zakelijke markt Realist in verzekeringen
  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. Web 2.0 introduction
      • Hielko is on his way
      • Waiting is boring
      • So get started
    • 3. What drives Hielko and REAAL
      • Engagement /adaptation of web technology in our work and business
      • This parallel with education?
    • 4. REAAL VU Challenge E-Business and Information Management REAAL Hielko van der Molen
    • 5. Index
      • Introduction of Hielko van der Molen
      • Introduction of REAAL
      • REAAL VU e-Challenge
      • Our goal, your assignment?
    • 6. Introduction of Hielko van der Molen
      • Linkedin
      • Manager E-Business Center at REAAL
      • Twitter
      • Open minded e-commerce and e-business freak, maar vooral ook trotse vader van 3 mannen die gek is op hardlopen
    • 7. Introduction of REAAL
      • Part of SNS REAAL Bank-insurance Group
      • Focus on Dutch market
      • Business Model REAAL
      • Working with independent agents / intermediary
      • No direct (online) sales
      Consumer REAAL Agent
    • 8. SNS REAAL organisation chart
    • 9.
    • 10. e-Business Center within REAAL
      • Responsible for:
        • All technology driven interaction between agents, prospects, customers and REAAL.
        • Examples:
          • Internet (
          • Extranet (MijnREAAL)
          • Webservices
        • Primair focus on value chain integration
        • Team of 12 professionals
        • Triangle between agent/customer, IT and Marketing
    • 11. Why VU Challenge?
      • World is changing
      • REAAL is not aligned on Web2.0!
    • 12. VU Challenge
      • Does Web 2.0 influence decision making processes of concerning insurance?
      • For our intermediary and agents?
      • From Customer point of view?
      • From REAAL organization point of view?
      • From technology point of view?
      • … .
      • And more…
    • 13. The REAAL VU Challenge evaluation criteria
      • The evaluation criteria for the final paper and presentation are:
      • The realistic implementation period
      • The theoretical underpinning of proposal
      • The engagement of web technology in the presentation
      • The marketing and Sales value of the presentation
    • 14. The final paper evaluation criteria
      • The evaluation criteria for the final paper are:
      • Scientific reasoning: Concept and theory development, quality of the analysis made (own contribution or just a copy of existing literature).
      • Quality and relevance of use of articles (given) in the analysis.
      • Quantity and quality of extra relevant literature (additional to mandatory
      • literature).
      • Vision developed (The extent to which the paper presents a clear and unique vision).
      • Coherency among the topics dealt with in the paper.
      • Structure and readability of the paper.
      • These evaluation criteria are not valued individually, but taken together they contribute to the final judgment of your paper.
    • 15. What’s in it for me?
    • 16. REAAL supports the students in VUChallenge
      • Walk in sessions with REAAL people at the VU
        • The 18th of September between 12:00-13:00
        • The 25th of September between 14:00-15:00
        • … .
      • D-day end presentations at REAAL (Utrecht) 15 October between 13:00 - 16:00
      • Questions, more Support see and Twitter
    • 17. Good luck with your journey