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Sports Branding

  1. 1. Rupert Murdoch, at the Annual General Meeting of News Corporation in1996: “Sports absolutely overpowers film and all other forms of entertainment in drawing viewers to television. We will be doing in Asia what we intend to do elsewhere in the world – that is, use sports as a battering ram and a lead offering in all our pay television operations” Cashmore, Ellis (2010). Making sense of sport. Fith Edition. New York: Routledge Sports branding Introduction
  2. 2. “Sports, as never before, had so completely permeated the logic of the marketplace in consumer goods that by 1992 the psychological content of selling was often more sports-oriented than it was sexual” Donald Katz (1994) Just Do it: The Nike Spirit in the Corporate World Cashmore, Ellis (2010). Making sense of sport. Fith Edition. New York: Routledge Sports branding Introduction
  3. 3. What good comes of sport branding? Pros Cons
  4. 4. What good comes from sport branding? I. Global awareness II. Readily readable content worldwide III. 18-49 target audiences eager for new products IV. Already existing communities
  5. 5. What evil comes from sport branding? I. Steep price II. Sport-related drawbacks: violence, sectarianism… III. Lack of control over our community, unbranding, brand collision IV. Asymmetrical effect, loss aversion pattern
  6. 6. STOXX® Europe Football. From 1992 to 2012
  7. 7. OLGA VIZA. ¿Cuál es el perfil de sus lectores? JOAN VEHILS (director Sport). Es un culé de sangre caliente al que le gusta leer el diario Sport cuando gana su equipo. Y me remito a las pruebas, las tiradas se deciden cuando acaban los partidos. Lanzamos más o menos ejemplares en función del resultado. SANTI NOLLA (director Mundo Deportivo). El nuestro es un culé reflexivo. Si el catalán se mueve entre el seny i la rauxa—sentido común y arrebato—, el lector del Mundo Deportivo estaría más bien en el seny. Y es verdad, las tiradas fluctúan en unos 25.000 ejemplares en función de la victoria, el empate o la derrota. Marca - 26/06/2011 Sports branding Introduction
  8. 8. Figura 1. Interacción entre las instituciones deportivas, los medios de comunicación y los fans.
  9. 9. Sports branding Introduction Sports branding applied to… 1. Country branding 2. City branding 3. Celebrity branding 4. Product branding
  10. 10. ‘The traditional International Relations literature is unable to explain Qatar’s diplomatic choices and behavior’ (Cooper and Momani, 2011) I. Its size combined with its wealth coming from liquefied natural gas exportations make Qatar a very vulnerable country to predators, as happened in Kuwait (Peterson, 2006) II. Qatar is a small state that, unlike most of its kind, does not want to follow a heads-down strategy but one based on innovation and unorthodoxy (Cooper and Momani, 2011) Sports branding Country branding
  11. 11. Qatar National Vision 2030 Major conferences, involvement with international organizations UN General Assembly president in 2011 UN Security Council member in 2006 US largest military base in the Middle East US university and museum franchises Al Jazeera, the Arab world’s leading broadcaster
  12. 12. Prepackaged communities Qatar’s Global Sport Jigsaw Puzzle
  13. 13. Major sport events held in Qatar Exxon Mobile Tennis Tournament 2006 Asian Games FEI Equestrian Global Champions Tour Moto GP Grand prix Formula 1 testing 2014 Swimming FINA championship 2015 Handball World Cup 2016 Initial stage of Tour de France (in negotiation) 2017 World Athletics Championships (unsuccessful bid) 2018 World Artistic Gymnastics 2022 Football World Cup 2024 Olympic Games (bid) Sport sponsorship and ownership FC Barcelona shirt sponsorship TV rights for French football league 70% ownership of Paris Saint-Germain Reportedly, shares in Liverpool AC Takeover attempt over Manchester United Qatar National Vision 2030 Sports Sector Strategy (2011-2015) Qatar Sports Investments ‘Sport is becoming a tool for leaders in the gulf to reposition their countries on the world map’ (Amara, 2005) ‘Qatar’s sport investment is less concerned with immediate economic return than status, prestige and relevancy’ (Campbell, 2010)
  14. 14. From Pan-Arabism (Campbell, 2010)… … to high profile, globally prestigious brands as linking value
  15. 15. Sports branding City branding Barcelona Which values could Barcelona City (target domain) borrow from FC Barcelona (source domain)?
  16. 16. “FC Barcelona is continuing to expand the number of languages on its website. From Friday, Portuguese has been added, meaning there are now a total of nine languages (Catalan, Spanish, English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Indonesian, Japanese and Portuguese). The next project is to add Turkish to the list”. WWW.FCBARCELONA.CAT 10/21/2013 11:00
  17. 17. Sports branding Celebrity branding
  18. 18. Negative salary/advertising ratio Positive salary/advertising ratio Forbes’ list of world’s highest-paid athletes 2013
  19. 19. Sports branding Celebrity branding Roger Federer
  20. 20. Sports branding Product branding Red Bull To define a brand community we need to identify its ‘linking value’ (Cova, 1997; Canniford, 2011); the key element that gathers people together
  21. 21. Repackaged communities
  22. 22. I. Sports plays a central role in the entertainment industries worldwide. And it is not fading, it’s growing. II. It is no longer about ‘liking’ or ‘disliking’ sports. Branding things through sport comes natural in a society permeated by passion, appetite, immediacy, body health, globalization, simple and understandable narratives, etc III. As admen, we must be able to identify the good that comes from framing our messages ‘in a sportive fashion’ Sports branding Conclusions