Hemiwedge Cartridge Valve


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Hemiwedge Cartridge Valve

  1. 1. Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve
  2. 2. Contents IntroductIonIntroduction 2 The Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve is an innovative design that incorporates the positive features of ball, gate, plug and high performance valves. The result is Design and Manufacturing 3 a mechanically sealing, tight shutoff valve with a simple operation that provides outstanding longevity and performance in a broad range of applications with Critical Service Solutions 3 virtually no maintenance.Hemiwedge® Cartridge Design 4-5 The Hemiwedge® Cartridge valve is a thru-conduit, quarter-turn, mechanically sealing design providing low emissions and quick operation capabilities in critical Product Availability 6 shutoff applications. The product was initially developed with resilient seats, but for severe services (with particulates or for high temperature) a metal-to-metal Pressure-Temperature Ratings 7 seated version has been developed. The metal-to-metal seated version uses the same body and bonnet as the resilient seated version and is factory tested to How to Order 7 the tightest leakage criteria in the industry (ISO 5208 Rate B).About Us 8 The Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve seals using a hemispherical closure member (Hemiwedge®) that wedges tightly against the seat to provide tight shutoff in either Contact Information 8 high or low pressures with repeatable zero leakage (resilient seated valves).
  3. 3. desIgn and ManufacturIng The Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve is manufactured by Hemiwedge Valve Corporation located in Conroe, Texas, USA. The Hemiwedge Valve Corporation plant has a 60,000 square foot, climate controlled facility with state-of-the- art machine tools and capable of machining both small and large diameter, close-tolerance products using a myriad of materials of construction including various carbon and alloy Development of Hemiwedge® steels, as well as high grade stainless steels, products begins with SolidWorks® duplex stainless steels, and high nickel / chrome 3D CAD Software.alloys. More importantly, the plant is operated by highly skilled machinists and technicians experienced with the manufacturing of complex components and assemblies used in critical oil and gas applications.The Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve is only one of several patented designs using the Hemiwedge® design principle developed approximately one decade ago by Solderberg Research and Development, Inc. The Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve has been developed one size and pressure class at a time using SolidWorks® 3D CAD Software, finite element analysis, and fluid flow modeling tools, and in accordancewith a carefully developed and controlled design plan that includes rigorous design verification and validation. The product is fully scalable. The Hemiwedge® Cartridge 2Valve is available with API 6D monogram and complies with ANSI B16.34. The Finite Element Analysis methods quality system of Hemiwedge Valve Corporation manufacturing facility, located are used to ensure the structural in Texas, is certified to API Spec Q1, ISO9001:2000, ISO/TS29001. Product and functional integrity of all qualification testing includes independent witnessed fire-testing to ISO 10497 and critical parts.API 607 5th edition and independent flow testing to determine Cv and Ct values, aswell as numerous trials in severe service applications. Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valves are registered in most Canadian provinces and have ABS Type Design Assessment for marine applications.crItIcal servIce solutIons From upstream oil and gas production to downstream refining and gas processing, the Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve is uniquely suited for a variety of critical service applications. Dimensions of Hemi’s and other Proven applications are found in a variety of critical part dimensions are verified industries including oil and gas production, on a Coordinate Measurement petrochemical, and mining. Specific installation Machine (CMM). This is one of experience includes critical isolation shutoff several verification and validation in gas gathering, salt dome storage, mud methods used in both development diverter, production manifolds, compressed gas, and production.ammonia, blowdown, steam injection, and CO2 injection. The Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve is uniquely superior to conventional valve designs for critical service applications due to its inherent design features. With a mechanical-seal in a quarter-turn operation, coupled with a fixed core andability to handle both high flows and particulates, the Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve is well suited for many challenging emergency shutdown installations.
  4. 4. Features HeMIwedge cartrIdge desIgn ®CARTRIDGE DESIGN CARTRIDGE DESIGN • Top Entry The Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve’s defining feature is its ‘cartridge design’ • Ease of Repair whereby all the valve’s internal sealing parts are affixed to the bonnet allowing • Reduced Downtime quick and easy serviceability and reducing expensive downtime during • Error Proof Repair maintenance. • Serialized Cartridges • Interchangeability This ‘cartridge design’ provides the ability to repair the valve with relative ease in a minimum amount of time without any special training or special tools. MECHANICALLY SEATED • HEMI - Mechanical Wedge When the valve is isolated (de-pressured), simply remove • Bubble Tight Seating the bonnet fasteners, slide the cartridge out of the body, • Bi-Directional Sealing insert the new cartridge into the body, and retighten the • Low or High Pressure bonnet fasteners. • Reduced Load During Operation Patents: 4,962,911; 5,333,834; 7,357,145. Numerous patents pending in USA and worldwide. • Reduced Wear on SeatQUARTER TURN OPERATION • Easily Automated • Reduced Emissions Compared to Rising Stem Valve Designs • Quick / Reliable Operation • Low Dimensional ProfileSTATIONARY CORE • Seat Constantly Protected From Product Flow • Linear Flow Characteristic • Reduced Turbulence
  5. 5. MECHANICAL WEDGE SEATINGThe mechanical seal is achieved by rotating a hemispherical wedge (HEMI) around a central fixed point (stem). Theincreased offset of the external sealing surface of the HEMI creates a positive mechanical load on the seat at the full closed position. The positive mechanical load provides a tight seal at both low and high pressures irrespective of direction of differential pressure. HEMI CoRE / HEMI / SEAT OFFSET 4QUARTER TURN opERATIoN The Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve is a quarter-turn design providing low emissions compared to other valve designs with a quick, reliable operation in emergency shutdown and other critical shutoff applications. It is also easily adapted to standard quarter turn actuation. STATIoNARY CoREThroughout the opening and closing of the valve, the core (red) maintains its stationary position within the HEMI (green), which protects the seating surface and provides a longer seal life. The fixed core also minimizes turbulence duringoperation compared to other valve designs. In the full-open position, the valve is thru-conduit, full-port, and piggable. opEN pARTIAL opEN CLoSED
  6. 6. product Range Product avaIlabIlItyand options CLASS 150 300 600 900 1500Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valves are available in a variety of sizes, NPS DN/PN 20 50 100 150 250pressure classes, materials, 2 50and trims. The basic design is 3 X 2 75 X 50easily scalable. Additional sizes, pressure classes and features are 3 75continually under development to 4 X 3 100 X 75meet industry demands. 4 100MATERIALS 6 X 4 150 X 100Carbon steel (A216 Grade WCB 6 150and WCC), impact-tested carbon steel (A352 Grade LCC), stainless 8 X 6 200 X 150steel (A351 Grade CF8M) are 8 200the most typical alloys offered, 10 X 8 250 X 200but other alloys are available depending on service conditions. 10 250Other body alloys include Monel 12 X 10 300 X 250K500, Inconel 625, Hastelloy C, 22Cr Superduplex, and 25Cr Sizes are continually under development. Refer to website (www.hemiwedge.com) for current size availability.Superduplex. Trim materials are available in a variety of alloys to meet NACE MR0103 and MR0175 requirements, and other corrosive environments.SEATS/SEALS The selection of seat/seal material is dependent on the service fluidand temperature, and includes various common elastomers such as Viton® and HSN, or plastic materials such as Teflon®, Tefzel®, PEEK, or all-metal. Because the Hemiwedge® design has a mechanical seal and the core provides protection of the seat face, seats are able to maintain longer sealing capability.OPERATION Lever or gear operated manual valves are available. If automation is required, the quarter-turn design is easily adapted to any quarter-turn electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic actuator.SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Need a feature or requirement not standard? Not a problem. Items such as extensions, lock-out devices, special position indicators, custom painting, and special testing are available upon request.
  7. 7. Pressure-teMPerature ratIngs Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valve (All Seats) 100 (PERCENT OF RATED PRESSURE) 75 This line represents the Pressure- Temperature rating of valves with PRESSURE Grade WCB material per ANSI 50 B16.34. The actual maximum temperature rating of the valve is determined by maximum TYPICAL BALL VALVE (8) temperature rating of the seat 25 With Pure Teflon Seat insert seal materials used. With Filled Teflon Seat 0 -50 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800º F -46 -18 39 93 149 204 260 315 371 426º C TEMPERATURE MAXIMUM SERVICE PRESSURE, PSIG Pressure-Temperature rating is not limited by the seat material as are most 90° ball valves. The Hemiwedge Presure-Temperature rating is limited only by ANSI B-16.34. SERVICE PRIMARY SERVICE PRESSURE RATING, ANSI B-16.34 SERVICE TEMPERATURE TEMPERATURE DEC. F 150 300 600 900 1500 DEC. C -20 to 100 285 740 1480 2220 3705 -29 to 39 200 260 680 1360 2035 3395 93 6 300 230 655 1310 1965 3270 149 400 200 635 1265 1900 3170 204 500 170 605 1205 1810 3015 260 600 140 605 1210 1815 3025 315 700 110 555 1110 1665 2775 371 800 80 410 825 1235 2055 426** For valves of WCB material.How to orderThe figure number incorporates the valve size, followed by a series of numbers and letters that represent standard designfeatures, materials and specifications. EXAMpLE: 6R-2111-SV-RF-G 6, Reduced Port, 300 Class, A216 Grade WCB Body, Standard Seat, Closed Bonnet, Full SS Trim, Viton Seals, Raised Face, Gear Operated. A B .-C D E NPS Port Pressure Body Material Seat Design 1 1 or DN 50 F Full 1 150 CL or PN 20 1 A216-WCB 1 Standard 2 2 or DN 25 R Reduced 2 300 CL or PN 50 2 A352-LCC 2 Metal-To-Metal 3 3 or DN 75 4 600 CL or PN 100 3 A351-CF8M 3 Block-and-Bleed 4 4 or DN 100 5 900 CL or PN 150 6 6 or DN 150 6 1500 CL or PN 250 8 8 or DN 200 7 2500 CL or PN 420 16 10 or DN 250 12 12 or DN 300 16 16 or DN 400 9 Other Material 9 Other - Engineered F -G H - JJ -K Bonnet Design Trim Material Seals End Connection Operation 1 Extended Closed Bonnet 1 HVC Standard V Viton RF Raised Face L Lever Operated 2 Outside Packing Gland S Full SS N Nitrile RG RJ - R G Gear Operated 3 Low Profile Closed Bonnet C Low Temp SS H HBNR BW Butt Weld R Actuator Ready 2 NACE MR0103.MR0175:2002 T Glass-Filled TFE SW Socket Weld A Actuator Adapted 3 NACE MR0175:2003 P PEEK TH Threaded M Metal 9 Other - Engineered 9 Engineered Trim 9 Other Material 99 Other 9 Other
  8. 8. about usHemiwedge® Cartridge Valve is a mechanically sealing, quarter-turn, positive shutoff valve that may be used in a wide range of applications within a variety of industries. Hemiwedge® Cartridge Valves are manufactured by Hemiwedge Valve Corporation in a 60,000 square foot facility located in Conroe, Texas, USA. Hemiwedge Valve Corporation is a team of some of the valve industries top valve managers and creative designers, dedicated to bringing the Hemiwedge® technologies to a variety of industries requiring solutions to demanding applications and services. Other technology under development by Hemiwedge Valve Corporation include mechanical and hydraulic downhole isolation valves and a 20,000 lb metal-seated shutoff valve used in chemical injection and other critical installations. Hemiwedge® Valve Corporation has a strategic alliance with Shumate Machine Works, also located in Conroe, Texas. Shumate Machine Works brings three decades of close-tolerance machining capabilities. 1011 Beach Airport Road API Registration Number 6D-0808 Conroe, Texas 77301 Main 936-539-5770 Patents: 4,962,911; 5,333,834; 7,357,145 Numerous patents pending in USA Fax 936-539-2990 and worldwide. www.hemiwedge.com