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hi5 GDC Online 2010: Secrets Revealed: Exploring the Next Generation Online Gaming Platform
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hi5 GDC Online 2010: Secrets Revealed: Exploring the Next Generation Online Gaming Platform


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Secrets Revealed: Exploring the Next Generation Online Gaming Platform

Session description:
In the highly competitive landscape of online gaming, developers face a challenging set of hurdles on the road to success, such as driving promotion, user acquisition and monetization for their games. Alex St. John, hi5 President & CTO, will reveal the next generation platform technology that hi5 has designed to overcome these hurdles and drive success. Alex will showcase key aspects of this new platform including content virality, monetization and community features. Additionally, Alex will discuss how hi5's next generation platform can accelerate growth for online games distributed on hi5 as well as anywhere else developers publish their games online.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Why So Serious?
    • Are Facebook changes killing virality for your social game?
    • Did ecommerce yield drop when you adopted Facebook Credits?
    • Can’t afford to advertise your online games?
  • 3. Let’s Face Reality
    • Social games…..aren’t social
    • Real identities obstruct escapism and privacy
    • People often DON’T want to broadcast their leisure activities to ALL of their social contacts
    Social networks aren’t designed as great places to play games
    • There’s no anonymous way to “meet” people just to play
  • 4. We have the answers
  • 5.
    • Achieve virality for free without depending on a social networking portal for audience
    • Invite, message, notify consumers directly via all popular messaging platforms
    • Build new social communities organically around your games
    • Requires little or no modification to existing social games to adopt
    SocioPath: The Anti-Social Networking Platform for Social Games
  • 6. Demo
  • 7. The Old Way of Driving Virality Social Portal-centric Viral Loop
  • 8. A Better Viral Loop for Games
    • Frictionless viral loop optimized for games
    • No registration barriers to play
    • Instant “friend” discovery
    • Invites, notifications and messaging
    • directly from the game
    • Contact importing directly from the
    • game
    • User registers after they engaged in
    • play and connected with friends
    New Game-centric Viral Loop
  • 9. Guest Accounts
    • Guest user account creation
      • Lets users find games and friends with NO registration barriers
      • *Lets users virally invite friends to play with NO registration barriers
      • Facebook or OpenSocial compatible game API calls are remapped directly to user importers and a direct messaging system
    “ Group Therapy”
    • Guest users are converted to registered users
      • After they’ve found a game they like
      • After they’ve established friend relationships they want to preserve
  • 10. Virtual Goods Marketplace
      • Allows import and export of virtual goods into social networks
      • Games can create their own stores
      • Supports locked goods that can only be sent if the good is earned through play
      • Supports broadcast gifting to many friends across many messaging platforms
  • 11. The SocioPath Graph Game invites, messages, notifications etc. may be sent from the game via multiple messaging platforms including SMS, Email, FB, Twitter, IM, etc. Contact importers for email, IM, FB, mobile, etc. will be used to acquire contact information for friends/invitees Game communicates with graph to generate targeted user messages and gift offers and manage messaging campaigns Game will store acquired user profile data, avatar, game scores, stuff, friends, and other relevant data with the graph
  • 12. No more restraints, barriers or shocks Every game can harness SocioPath to virally reach new audiences and players without obstacles
  • 13. When?
    • The first phase will be live by the end of November
    • Any Facebook or OpenSocial Compatible game launched on hi5 will automatically get these capabilities
    • Next phase to be announced at the Spring GDC and will include:
      • Major monetization advances
      • Further progress in enabling social media games to create their own communities
      • More tools for maximizing traffic and revenue
    • [email_address]
  • 14. Questions?
  • 15. Appendix
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  • 26. Fin