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Smart note taker
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Smart note taker

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  • 1. By SANJAY SINGH (09EC41) Under the guidance of Mrs. INDERPREET KAUR
  • 2.  Smart note taker is a pen which is able to write in air and that information is stored in the memory chip of that pen.  It is made by Kewell Industry in Hongkong.
  • 3.  The Ultimate Handwriting Capture Device.  Mobile Note Taker has a built-in LCD to confirm input. The on-board flash memory can store up to 50 pages (size A4).
  • 4.  Handwriting recognition and save.  In Mobiles.  Pen and ink features.
  • 5.  Specifications: • Coverage area: up to A4 size paper • Resolution: 100DPI • Communication: USB (connected mode) • Memory: 2MB flash memory • Power: Pen - 3 X SR41 batteries • Memory Unit - 2 X AAA batteries  Package Contents : • Electronic Pen • Memory Unit • Refill • SR41 batteries • AAA batteries • Quick Start Guide • Note Taker Software on CD-ROM • USB cable
  • 6.  It is used to write the notes and it is loaded into the computers.  But it is not editable. PC Note Taker:
  • 7.  Use your pen as a mouse.  Easy-to-use wireless connection.  Works on any paper with normal ink refill. Features of pc note taker:
  • 8.  Mobile Note taker and pc note taker cannot fulfill the requirements of the user.  So, to overcome the drawbacks of both “smart note taker” came into existence.
  • 9.  Using the smart note taker we can write in air and record the voices and so on. It is stored in the internal memory.  This stored data is upload to pc using USB.  Then we can edit or print the written data.
  • 10.  Highly Portable Pen.  Recognize Handwritten Notes.  Expandable memory chip is used.  Recognize up to 22 Languages.
  • 11.  Good and helpful for blinds.  Play an important role, where two people talks on the phone.  To sense 3D shapes and motions.  An additional feature of the product which will monitor the notes.  It is used in presentations also.  It is reliable and powerful.
  • 12.  Cost of the smart note taker is very high.  Only high class people can afford this type of note takers.
  • 13.  Hence I can conclude that the smart note taker is a device that can store visual recordings and thus can be used widely.  The system will try to improve a pen, which helps people get rid of typing problems on computer by the technology.