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Portfolio 2010
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Portfolio 2010



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  • 1. HANS ALEXANDER HUSEKLEPP Industrial design, Graphic design & Branding 1
  • 2. PERSONALIA EDUCATION Name Hans Alexander Huseklepp 2005 - June 2010 Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) Address Alnagata 18, 0192 Oslo, Norway Master of Industrial Design Birth date 10.05.1984 Marital Status Unmarried February - July 2009 Industrial Design Exchange Semester Phone +47 99610425 Politecnico di Milano, Italy Mail Portfolio June - August 2008 Technopreneurship - Innovation and Entrepreurship National University of Singapore, Business Faculty, Singapore Spring 2008 Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship - University of Oslo SKILLS Entrepreneurship Course Languages Norwegian Fluent English Fluent 2004 - 2005 Asker Art & Design College German Good One year freehand drawing and product design course Italian Basic Software Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash Catia, Solidworks, 3D Studio Max WORK EXPERIENCE Word, Powerpoint, Excel Winter 2008 OSI - The Oslo Students’ Sports Club Graphic Designer June - August 2008 Intern at InCent Singapore Business development, Corporate Identity and Graphic Design January 2008 Sparebanken Sogn & Fjordane Graphic Design project Autumn 2007 Oslo School of Architecture and Design Assistant Teacher in Basic Mechanics Course. Summer 2006 & 2007 Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum Summer Employee. Photographer, research etc. 08.2004 - 05.2006 Elkjøp Sandvika,Department of Computers and Telecom Part-time Salesman, Consumer Electronics. 2
  • 3. AWARDS AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS EXHIBITIONS 2010 AHO WORKS: Best Student Project in “Interaction Design”, 06.2010 Ung Design and “B-City” (international contest) Selected works Project: Circle of Trust - 4 nominations Sogn & Fjordane Art Museum Handed out by Making Waves 03.2010 Unge Talenter 2010 Unge Talenter 2010 - Honorable mentions Immaculate Immaculate DoGa / Norsk Designråd 2009 AHO WORKS 01.2010 Fascilitating the empirical Aurora - 3 nominations 3 projects produced by rapid prototyping 2009 Furore Scholarship Oslo School of Architecture and Design Talent scholarship from Sparebanken Sogn & Fjordane 05.2009 “Food and Design”, Stavanger 2009 The Golden Calf : Honorable mentions Nordic consumer / branding conference Product Design Category Project: “Immaculate Prosthetic” 05.2009 “I want to be a Machine”, Norrköping, Sweden National design contest Art and technology exhibition 2008 The Golden Calf : Gold in Product Design Category 02.2009 “STIL / Design from North”, Oslo Project: “Solo Children” Norwegian interior fair National design contest 2008 AHO WORKS: Best student project in “Creativity and risk-taking” Project: “Immaculate Prosthetic” Handed out by NID (Norwegian Industrial Designers Association) 3
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  • 7. MONSTER IPHONE APPLICATION 23.12.09 Monster iPhone Application, for InCent, January ´10 7
  • 8. CASE 1: PUR Norwegian Venison 8
  • 9. 9
  • 10. Nettbutikk Nettbutikk Her kan du bestille PUR-hjort og få den Produkt tilsendt i posten. Prøv ut det beste kjøtet Om Pur naturen har å by på! Historie Lårsteik Bogsteik Sporing Utmerkelsar Ytre let Indre let Samarbeid Flatbi Mørbrad Lårtunge Bankebi Småsteik Sosekjøt Kjøttdeig Kraftbein Vidare til kassen Pur nummer Webpage & business cards 10
  • 11. PUR mailorder package 11
  • 12. Example of PUR sold through grocerystores PUR Seal & Quality Guarantee 12
  • 13. Clearchannel campaign - symbol on transparent acrylic 13
  • 14. CASE 2: InCent Singapore 14
  • 15. InCent Original webpage 15
  • 16. media Products Cases News About Contact Market Mobile advertising - Mobile CRM - Mobile Content Newsletter Mobile marketing made easy sign up Kompis log in Mobile marketing made easy Welcome to InCent One! InCent One is a mobile marketing company based out of Singapore. We provide tailored solutions within direct mobile marketing and customer relationship management. News Mobile Advertising Mobile CRM Mobile Content Customers InCent redesigned webpage / profile 16
  • 17. InCent new profile : Icons and communication 17
  • 18. InCent client case Isetan, developing mobile webpages 18
  • 19. CASE 3: Immaculate Prosthetic 19
  • 20. Immaculate 20
  • 21. Illustration. By making prosthetics visible, and focus on improvement instead of imitation, percieved disability will disappear. 21
  • 22. The Immaculate prosthetic 22
  • 23. Embedded technology seamlessly integrated in the Corian: clock, wifi, pulse, battery display, wifi connection 23
  • 24. The Globe joint allows for greater freedom of movement than a natural arm 24
  • 25. CASE 4: Aurora High Speed Train Co-designer: Henning R. Nielsen 25
  • 26. TM TM Aurora High Speed Train, Logo 26
  • 28. what: the only high speed train service how: that efficiently connects cities and provides comfortable personal spaces who: for individuals and businesses with individual needs where: in mid-Norway why: who want more efficient means of travel when: in a time when sustainability is given and time is the most valuable asset. Positioning statement 28
  • 29. Material and color use 29
  • 30. 30
  • 31. 31
  • 32. 32
  • 33. 33
  • 34. 34
  • 35. 35
  • 36. 36
  • 37. CASE 5: Circle of Trust 37
  • 38. 38
  • 39. Concept “I´m here”-lamp Concept Clamshell Cam Concept Commotion-box Concept Preventive smoke Concept Big Brother Concept Circle of trust A lampshade with silhouettes, randomly rotating and giving The Clamshell Cam is a network camera controlled from your the impression that someone is moving around inside the An object placed in the fireplace at home, randomly activated smartphone or via a computer. It has an active and a passive A speaker system installed in the house, triggered by wifi or The ultimate home surveillance kit - a motion or audio An interactive object placed by your bedside. Sold in sets of house. to produce smoke (giving the impression that someone is state - when its not in use its closed, but when activated it randomly. Playing prerecorded commotion or dialogues / activated camera, with microphone and speaker. If its activated two, and can be expanded into small networks. Functions as arguments to give the illusion of someone being home. home). Also connected to motion sensors at the doors, so in slides open and lights up. you´re automatically alerted by sms, and you can controll the a physical alarm trigger, and when one is triggered, the others the case of a burglary it ejects red smoke through the pipe, camera directly, talking through the speaker. light up. Also distributes pre-recorded sms to your closest signalling all around that the house is being robbed. circle of trust. MyAlarm Concept Guard D0g Concept Blitzlamp Concept Personal Alarm App Concept Screamer plug Concept Wristmounted alarm Concept Smokescreen Including humor in the aesthetic to make it less grim. An A wall mounted lamp for you bedroom, providing you with A one click alarm distribution channel for your smartphone. Plug the screamer plug on your most valued electrical articles, A wristmounted alarm, also functioning as a watch. When A smoke distributor, remote controlled or connected to alarm central shaped as a guard dog, activates / deactivates by calm ambient light. Comes with a remot trigger, so that in Prerecord a distress call and ship an alert sms to a selection of and when they are unplugged (without entering a code) a high triggered it makes an audible alarm as well as distributing sms motion sensors. When triggered it fills the entire apartment or placin keychain on snout. case an emergency situation or assult occurs, press the trigger, your closest friends. pitch alarm goes off. alerts to family members or directly to an alarm central floor with thick synthetic smoke, immobilizing any unwanted and a searing bright light flashes repeatedly, immobilizing the intruders until police or security personell arrives. intruder. 39
  • 40. 40
  • 41. 41
  • 42. 42
  • 44. N Telenor 12:34 PM N Telenor 12:34 PM N Telenor 12:34 PM 3 1 2 Circle 3 4 5 N Telenor 12:34 PM N Telenor 12:34 PM 44
  • 45. 45
  • 46. 46
  • 47. HANS ALEXANDER HUSEKLEPP Industrial design, Graphic design & Branding CONTACT: +47 99610425