Social Media and Grace Church


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Presentation given by Lee Meeks at the Grace Episcopal Sunday Forum.

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Social Media and Grace Church

  1. 1. What is it Good for Anyway?
  2. 2.  What it is? ◦ Defined, categories, technologies Why we might care about it? ◦ The universe of generic uses What we are doing today? ◦ Website, facebook, twitter, email lists, doodle… What else might we do w/ Social Media? ◦ Increasing our reach (breadth) ◦ Increasing our audiences’ awareness (depth) ◦ Increasing our interactivity A brief focus on facebook & Twitter
  3. 3.  Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue Categories/Types of social media: ◦ collaborative projects (e.g., Wikipedia) ◦ blogs and micro-blogs (e.g., Twitter) ◦ content communities (e.g., YouTube) ◦ social networking sites (e.g., Facebook) ◦ virtual game worlds (e.g., World of Warcraft) ◦ virtual social worlds (e.g. Second Life) Common technologies: ◦ blogs, picture-sharing, vlogs, wall-postings, email, instant messaging, music-sharing, crowdsourcing, and voice over IP, to name a few. ◦ Many of these social media services can be integrated via social network aggregation platforms
  4. 4.  Grace Church communications has set a goal of reaching out more interactively; branding us more publicly as a community resource and a “force for good” (my words)… All Grace Church ministry areas can benefit from thinking differently how they share information and interact with interested people… Social media represent a plethora of ways for us to communicate and interact differently: ◦ We receive, process, and respond to information in different ways ◦ Let’s use a blend of passive & active, infrequent & on-demand media to reach out to people in the ways they respond to information the best
  5. 5.  What we are doing today? ◦ website, facebook, twitter, email lists, doodle… Grace Church website visitors last month: ◦ about 60-70 per day; a little more than 50% are returning visitors Grace facebook site: ◦ 196 members; only facebook users can join the Grace facebook group ◦ Vast majority are Grace community members (parishioners, etc.) ◦ A “few “super users” post über-frequently; great place to share news & pics Grace “unofficial” twitter site: ◦ Following: 1,544 Followers: 343 Tweets: 183 ◦ Only a fraction of the followers are parishioners… Focused group email lists and church email addresses
  6. 6.  Characteristics of media (social vs. industrial): ◦ Reach ◦ Accessibility ◦ Usability ◦ Immediacy ◦ Permanence What might we do w/ Social Media? ◦ Increasing our reach (breadth) ◦ Increasing our audiences’ awareness (depth) ◦ Increasing our interactivity (engagement)
  7. 7.  What novices think it is: ◦ the facebook status panel (an Emphatic NO!, though some use it that way) What it isn’t… ◦ A static place to leave information for people to grab it whenever… What is a micro-blog? ◦ Tight and concise 140-character blurbs ◦ Entrée to enhanced content Why do people and orgs use twitter? Terminology ◦ Tweeting? Tweeps? Followers and following? Why do these matter?
  8. 8.  We need to think about our collective preferences…but more from a purposes- than a styles- perspective.. We should think about twitter <particularly> as being more like an ongoing and casual conversation at a “cocktail party”; you can listen to some of the conversation some of the time, but you can’t be everywhere and it doesn’t persist much… We also need to remember at this level, social media should not be considered as heavily (and deliberately) edited… Who owns the content and what content liability do we share? Lastly, we can think more creatively about with whom we want to be in dialogue…
  9. 9. Followers Following Grace Church @GraceAlex3601 343 1,544 Lee Meeks @lmeeks54 515 2,001 Lane Cristin @LCP_photog 351 1,831 Avrio Technology @WLeeMeeks MFAC @metrofinearts
  10. 10. Pastoral Mostly Letters • Static content (irregularly) • Passive interaction Grace Notes (monthly) web Mostly site • Dynamic content (monthly?) church • Active engagementDeliberateness bulletin (weekly) email lists (often?) facebook group twitter (daily?) (daily?) Frequency