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Regional identityuy

  1. 1. Regional Identity Northerners, Southerners, Welsh, Sco ttish, Scousers, Geordies, Mancs & Brummies
  2. 2. Northerners • Northerners, with their jolly, happy-go-lucky attitudes, proper water and brass bands are stereotypically more approachable and better at making mashed potato than their southern peers. • Loud, sociable, not afraid to say what they want and no-nonsense attitude • Friendly and more approachable than southerners • Language changes, don’t say all words – slang • Builders, hard workers, uneducated and gossip a lot • Working class, confrontational – Jeremy Kyle • Dialogue/Dialect: Pronunciation of words is awful • Clothing/Costume: They’re clothing is terrible and old fashioned • Location/Setting: Is quiet and away from everyone else (countryside) • Make up: • Class/Status: Not very wealthy
  3. 3. Southerners • Class/Status: Rich and quite wealthy • Clothing/Costume: Well dressed with up to date clothing and formal clothing • Make up: More than northerners due to the fact they can afford it, a lot of foundation for women • Dialogue/Dialect: Pronunciation is good and vocabulary is widened • Location/Setting: Noisy place, buildings and night life is lively • Healthy living and a good lifestyle • Mother’s boy – looked after by family, not independent • Middle class, known as ‘southern twats’ • Non confrontation – not on Jeremy Kyle Show
  4. 4. Scousers • Usually rich, glamorous, own big properties and have expensive lifestyles • Hard working environment • Class/Status: Rich and wealthy • Location/Setting: Surrounded by big houses and nice buildings • Clothing/Costume: Own distinctive style which is unique and fashionable • Dialogue/Dialect: Unintelligent talking and vocabulary is poor • Make Up: A lot of make up with fake eyelashes and big hair – given a ‘fake’ look
  5. 5. Geordies • Make Up: Caked up in make up, making themselves look less appealing • Clothing/Costume: Up to date with fashion but go for an informal look rather formal • Class/Status: Rich and wealthy in most areas with good paid jobs • Setting/Location: Noisy areas, trendy buildings with a football stadium signifying its expense within the town • Dialogue/Dialect: Chavy language, informal talk
  6. 6. Scottish People • Tough, masculine, violent, stingy • Independence from England – history: own money but is the same is pounds • • • • • • Rab C Nesbitt: Council house Weather is bad, rain Big drinkers Working class – fighting and aggressive Uneducated kids
  7. 7. • • • • • • • • Welsh People Gavin & Stacey: Get on with things, take what they’re given Run down areas – poor – countryside Commonly known as ‘sheep shaggers’ Low status, poor economically – uneducated Sexualised All men’s choir Working class – mining tradition
  8. 8. Mancs • Accent changed the way people talk from other regions e.g. through Coronation Street and bands like Oasis • Dialogue/Dialect: They pronounce vowels differently, words ending in ‘er’, are sounded different. Developed from old Lancastrian dialects. Chavy language, informal and slang words used. • Quite a rough and scratty area with a lot of gun crime • Clothing: Tacky clothes despite the big shopping centre • Make up: Wannabe WAG’s, a lot of fake people (especially woman) so loads of make up worn • Class/Status: Not very rich, low and working class mainly • Location/Setting: Rough, council estates, not many nice areas. A lot of poverty
  9. 9. Brummies • • • • • • • Dialogue/Dialect: traditional accent comes from the adjacent Black Country – sometimes people are mistaken by others for speaking like Brummies. Strong accent and unintelligent. Location/Setting: Poor area, not very nice looking and city is council estate. Rich areas with big houses on the outside of city, poor, estate areas in the city Class/Status: Have a rich and poor side, majority is poor History: Used to be a lot of factories where rich people used to be around but in modern day, it has disappeared and now it has gone to a poor area A lot of ethnic minority; Asians and Blacks. They talk different, have their own way of communicating i.e. slang Make up: A lot of make up, given a trampy look with street style swag Clothing/Costume: Trampy look within the city and a lot of street style clothing but have their class shown too By Any Means is a TV Drama based in Birmingham
  10. 10. Irish • • • • • • • Aggressive – swear a lot Uneducated – pikeys (travellers) – cash in hand jobs which aren’t done properly Hard to understand with their accent Chavy and trampy look – mise en scene Caravan homes Travel on bikes – poor economy No respect for each other – always swearing and rude • Smokers and alcoholics • Dressed formally but still uneducated – kid shaved but still had the cream on his face – stupidity • Slow witted • Grumpy – males • Main religion is Catholic