My A2 Project Pitch


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My A2 Project Pitch

  1. 1. My A2 Project Synopsis By J.A Niddrie
  2. 2. Our free media is a beautiful thing! Public news broadcasting is the pinnacle of the free society we live in! Thus I have chosen to give something back to the news media and produce my own local news piece!
  3. 3. But hang on a sec … … I don’t know the first thing about News Broadcasting.
  4. 4. Fox News Here we can see a typical title sequence that opens up the news bulletin for FOX News. It is presented as flashy and professional, two very key features of typical American news reporting. In this still we get a split screen view of the reporter and the story he is describing. He is looking square into the soul of the viewer and has our full attention. We then see an extract from the story he is describing. Fox news in this case to not relent in exposing its viewers to a rather graphic police incident.
  5. 5. The story then leads into a debate with two key figures and the anchor displayed here in the news room. We then get the same split screen description from both sides of the debate with the anchor keeping the pace and asking different questions. The anchor still keeps the control in the debate ad finishes it with a signoff, ending the report.
  6. 6. Cable-News-Network The story starts with the reporter addressing the audience and introducing the story (Indian Cyclone) again in the classic tone of a news anchor. In the background we see the news studio and at the bottom we also have the edited feature of his name and other bulletins. We then see a split screen image of the weather from the cyclone which presents a real effect to the audience of what life is like in the storm. The studio then gets an interview with an expert in the cyclone area who explains what the effects of what the cyclone does. Point to note • Using special effects to present a better scope on the story is effective in broadcasting.
  7. 7. BBC News They also master the use of special effects and animations to keep the audience interested, with case like themes to spruce up the story. The BBC broadcast their news stories differently to their American counterparts. To open we don’t see a news reporter but instead footage of the area of focus for the topic. They do this to fully keep the viewers attention on the story without distractions from a reporter on the scene. Points to note • The use of special effects can be useful in keeping the audience interested. • Remaining unbiased is key. They also use interviews to get different perspectives on the news story and remain unbiased throughout the filming.
  8. 8. The Target Audience The audience for my news story will be local viewers, mainly adults that have just got home from work. I will achieve this audience by setting the time of my broadcast to 7:00am. Lots of news broadcasts have set time periods to share there news. For example in the UK we have BBC news at 10 which displays the more upsetting and graphic stories with little chance that younger children might view it.
  9. 9. So, what will I be making?