Brand identity case study presentation


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Brand identity case study presentation

  1. 1. I’m looking into the new IRON MAN movie which isdistributed by Walt Disney, IRON MAN© is one ofMARVEL’s great successful films, like when theymade the Spiderman films, they’re now working onmany different films of their great comic heroes;• Hulk• Xmen• Blade• Ghost Rider• Daredevil• The Fantastic Four• Spiderman• IRON MAN• Thor• Captain America etc.
  2. 2. Teaser PosterHere the teaser poster doesn’t need the title “IRONMAN” for a reason because, you look at it and yousee the star Robert Downey Jr. and all of the suitsfrom the original made in the first film, then theconcept sliver armour, and the others from thesecond film too. This is an iconic image because ofthe IRON MAN suits being shown, also it’s showingyou that he’s inside his main lobby room where hekeeps his armour in a way of a collection of trophiesand similar versions.The floor is different though than to the other filmsand it shows like there is either a hanger underneathor a lift, which is used in the film to store his newarmour.
  3. 3. The Official Movie PosterIn the poster the armour helmet is off so you cansee the main star of the feature, as the iconic imageof Iron man is usually with the whole armour.His fist is enclosed which represents aggression inhis emotive feeling.The right arm also shows part of the armour isbroken from his shoulder down to his hand whichshows a rough battle has been at hand.The building in the background is Tony Starkshome, it’s fallen apart blown to pieces, thissymbolises the characters state and part of thefilms synopsis.The suits in the background show they’re underremote control via Starks computer systemJarvis, though if the audience were to look at thisposter you would think they have attacked himbecause of his visual state.
  4. 4. Magazines advertisedThis Entertainment magazine hasa representation of the twocharacters in a relationship in thefilm so far, the caption IRONGIANTS represents the movieIRON MAN by the sentence;“PALTROW and DOWNEY Suit Up -and Sparks Fly - in IRON MAN 3.”The magazine also shows 3 otherpictures of MARVEL’s biggestheroes.The EMPIRE magazine advertises “The ORIGINALAVENGER” as IRON MAN 3 is released after thegreat 2012 film The AVENGERS Assemble. RobertDowney Jr. Is the main star in the film andcharacter of Tony Stark which means with himbeing on the front of the magazine it representshim as a bold character. Iron Man is well known viacartoons, films, games, MARVEL’s Comics etc. Thefilm has been one of the biggest things that hitMARVEL including The AVENGERS Assemble film andthe sequel to Avengers Assemble.
  5. 5. Differences between a teaser posterand the official poster:The teaser poster doesn’t really show the title of the film, who’s written it, directedit, produced it and distributed it. Though it does show the MARVEL logo at the bottom rightcorner, this is because it owns the rights of the storyline of IRON MAN. The 3 represents the3rd film is on it’s way especially with the date. The main picture is what makes you know it’s anIRON MAN movie because there’s Tony and there’s all of his suits.The official movie poster hasthe full title of the filmincluding all of the cast listedand the exact date May 3rd2013, whereas the teaserposter says March 5th 2013,which means it was still inprocess. Most likelydistribution, this is because afew films may find it hard tofind a film company todistribute it.The image is also different which is Tony on part of afloating debris, which is part of the film where his homebasically gets blown to bits by terrorists and he doesn’tfloat on a debris, but sinks to the ocean floor then rebootsthe system and flies out of the scene.
  6. 6. MARVEL films are advertised in many different ways mainly throughthere website, film official websites, YouTube, Facebook, TVads, magazines and other DVDs they’ve sold.There products are also advertised through merchandise, kidstoys, android apps, video games and comics. This is resulted throughthe first IRON MAN movie which released a video game and the 2ndIRON MAN movie “IRON MAN 2” which also had a video game released.On there official website, MARVEL have a movies tab onthe navigation bar, which shows all the latest movies released andones still in production. They also have an official movie site which youcan find on Google search.
  7. 7. Like most films that come to the bigscreen, IRON MAN 3 also has it’smerchandise which backs it up such asKids action figures, video games andphone mobile apps. Video games of thefilms are on PS3 and Xbox 360, thesewere IRON MAN and IRON MAN 2 whereasthe third film doesn’t appear to have agame on the main games consoles.Video games also help advertise a moviefurther, which gets more buyers for whenthe film releases, more tickets sold and agood reputation for the game developer too.The official game is on android phones andcosts roundabouts £4.79.
  8. 8. IRON MAN and IRON MAN 2 was distributed byparamount pictures, the two films all together werenominated 3 Oscars, 2 from IRON MAN, 1 from IRONMAN 2.The two films were also rather successful and Imyself think that because they both have a greatstoryline and it’s good for sequels as every film isgreat in a way.IRON MAN 3 was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures now eitherParamount were busy or they couldn’t get them to distribute the 3rdfilm, though usually a 3rd film to a series of them occasionally go quitebad though I highly disagree with that as any film can be successful, soIRON MAN 3 was distributed by Walt Disney and so is the next Thorfilm, Thor: The Dark World, meaning Walt Disney must be working withMARVEL studios.
  9. 9. TrailerHere’s the trailer to the film there’s many different trailersand teasers on the official website: