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Notes on Seth Godin's book, "Tribes"

Notes on Seth Godin's book, "Tribes"



Notes Summarizing Seth Godin's book, "Tribes".

Notes Summarizing Seth Godin's book, "Tribes".
* Leader Characteristics
* Tribe Characteristics
* Sheepwalking
* About Timing & Fear
* Favorite Quotes



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    Notes on Seth Godin's book, "Tribes" Notes on Seth Godin's book, "Tribes" Presentation Transcript

    • Notes on Seth Godin’s “Tribes” “ A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.” http://Alt-MBA.com by Helen Hoefele 01-12-2009
    • Leader Characteristics
      • Has A Call-To-Action That’s Irresistible
      • Has a Cause Worth Fighting For
      • Is Passionate!
      • Believes he/she Can Get Where he/she Says he/she’s Going
      • Doesn’t Water Down his/her Message or Try to Please Everyone
      • Motivates/Inspires; Drives Commitment
      • Enables Followers to Become Connected
      • Knows It’s Not about the Tactics, Tools or Technology
      • Is Persistent Against Resistance
      • Is Brave, Challenges Status Quo, Speaks Up
      • Finds a Common Interest and Steps Out of the Way
      • Works Hard and Is Generous
      • Intent Matters, It’s Not About Getting Money or Status, but About a Mission
      • Shines the Light on the Tribe
      • Finds Other Leaders, Amplifies Their Work & Helps Them Find Followers p134
    • Tribe Characteristics
      • A Group of Like-Minded People
      • Have Active Members That Do More Than Just Show Up
      • Membership is Voluntary
      • Aren’t Created By Converting People
      • Aren’t Closed Off or Isolated
      • Aren’t Blind Sheep, but are Evangelists
      • Tribes Don’t Do What The Leaders Wants, They Do What They Want
      • People Belong to Not Just One But Many Tribes
      • There are Tribes Out There Waiting to be Coalesced & Led
      • Every Tribe Is Different.
      • Every Leader is Different.
    • Why Build a Tribe?
      • Organizations Don’t Have to Be Factories
      • Inspired Employees Will Be Happier & More Productive
      • Leading & Changing Status Quo is Profitable, Fun
      • Look For Passionate Individuals Not Engaged by Other Tribes Yet
      What Doesn’t Make a Tribe:
      • Factory Mentality (People Content with a Safe Job Only Because That’s Better Than Foraging For Food)
      • Crowds Which Have No Momentum or No Leader
      • Stuck Tribes That Insist on Playing Today’s Games By Yesterday’s Rules
      • Managers/Employees That Wait To Be Told What To Do (Willingly or Not)
    • About Sheepwalking
      • What Is It?
      • Obedient & Fearful Employees
      • Were Raised to be That Way
      • It’s the Easiest & Quickest Way to Teach Them
      • Can Be Well-Educated, but Compliant
      • Might Have a “Who Cares?” Attitude
      • What Can You Do About It?
      • You Can Always Stop Being a Sheepwalker
      • It’s Painful to be Unhappy and Mediocre
      • Teachers/Employers Should Embrace Non-Sheep Behavior
    • About Timing
      • Don’t Wait for the Alternative To Be Better Than the Status Quo to Get Started
      • There Is No Right Time To Lead. Don’t Do Nothing.
      • Know When to “Take The Follow”
      • Best Time To Change Business Model Is When It Still Has Momentum
      About Fear
      • Create Something Criticism-Worthy
      • “ Faith Leads to Hope, and It Overcomes Fear.” p79
      • It’s About Breaking the Old Rules of an Industry Too Afraid to Change.
      • The Secret to Success: Realize Being Wrong Isn’t Fatal
    • Favorite Quotes
      • “ Leadership is a Choice. It’s the Choice To Not Do Nothing.” p59
      • “ Tribes That Work Better When They’re Bigger Get Bigger.” p67
      • “ Every Balloon Maker Not Only Fears The Unicorn But Desperately Needs One.” p76
      • “ This Isn’t About Having A Great Idea…Great Ideas Are Out There…This Is About Taking Initiative And Making Things Happen.” p96
      • “ Being Charismatic Doesn’t Make You A Leader. Being A Leader Makes You Charismatic….It’s a Choice, Not a Gift.” p127
      • “ Like The Restaurant With a Line Out The Door – It Didn’t Open That Way.” p132
      • “ Part of Leadership…is The Ability To Stick With The Dream For a Long Time….Long Enough That the Critics Realize That You’re Going to Get There One Way or Another…So They Follow.” p132
    • It’s Not An Opportunity, It’s An Obligation. Don’t Settle.
      • “ To have all these advantages [relative to other countries],… all these opportunities and then settle for mediocre and then defend the status quo and then worry about corporate politics – what a waste of time. I don’t think we have any choice. I think we have an obligation to change the rules, to raise the bar, to play a different game, and to play it better than anyone has any right to believe is possible.” p135
      “ The Market For Something To Believe In Is Infinite.”