Social Networking: Is It For You?


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This program introduces various social networks, their purpose,who is using them, why YOU might want to use them, and how you can enjoy them safely.

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  • Privacy & Safety -Do not share address/phone #-Do not share timetablesCopyright-Who owns the content?Add friends you know personally-Screen/check out those you don’tRead Privacy Policy
  • Social Networking: Is It For You?

    1. 1. Social Media: Is It For You? Image: Holly Hibner, MLIS
    2. 2. What is Social Media? Image: http://dannybrown.meJust about anything connecting information and people
    3. 3. Who Uses Social Media?• Businesses• Non Profits• Hobbyists• Researchers• Genealogists• Collectors• Bargain hunters• Job Hunters
    4. 4. Your Personal Profile •Be appropriate•Share what you’re comfortable with people knowing Image: http://blog.myheritage.comJust because someone asks doesn’t mean you have to share!
    5. 5. Your Personal Profile
    6. 6. Personal Profile Tips• Limit descriptions that identify you• Use separate email account• Know workplace policies• Consider your audience Image
    7. 7. Social Media Issues• Privacy & Safety• Copyright• Add friends you know personally• Read Privacy Policy Image:
    8. 8. Image:
    9. 9. General Internet Safety• If it looks too good to be true it probably is.• Be suspicious of those who asks for money.• Separate personal life from work life.• Have separate emails for work, personal and shopping or “junk.” Image:
    10. 10. • Newsfeed • Share links,• Status updates photos, videos• Friends • Games, quizzes,• Pages other applications
    11. 11. Privacy Settings• Read and ask questions before committing to anything!• Don’t share too much even if you have nothing to hide• “Opt out”
    12. 12. Google Plus• Similar to Facebook• Follow people, they follow you• Circles = organize friends into groups to control who has access to what content• Hangouts = places for group video chat• G+ is integrated into account creation for other Google services, like Gmail
    13. 13. • Completely updated in 2012• Streaming music, video, games• Newsfeed• Trending topics/articles
    14. 14. • Share “tweets” in 140 characters or less• Personal profile limited to 140 characters• Share links• Content is public• Follow users who share your interests
    15. 15. Why would anyone use Twitter?• Industry Image:• Interests• Businesses• Gossip hounds• Technology• Networking• Learning
    16. 16. • Collect pictures and videos• Pins are items you’ve added to your boards• Boards are ways to organize pins into collections/topics• Pins link to the original item• Re-pin is to add someone else’s pin to your board• Followers and following• Can share your Pins on Twitter/FB (or not)
    17. 17. • Professional recruiting• Resume building• Job searching• Networking• Expanded services are available for $
    18. 18. • Profiles & Channels• Video sharing• Comments & Favorites• Public or Private• Learning• Entertainment
    19. 19. Social Reading Sites• Share what you’re reading• Create book lists• Find out what your friends are reading• Read and write book reviews
    20. 20. •Social Bookmarking•Find web sites on a topic•Share your bookmarks with others•Tagging•Mobile app
    21. 21. • What’s popular online right now?• A “Digg” = thumbs up/positive vote• More thumbs up & shares = higher Digg score = more popular• Share stories on Twitter & Facebook• No ads!• No commenting, no friending/following
    22. 22. • Similar to Digg, but commenting allowed• Vote on what’s good or what’s junk• Good votes make stories bubble to the top• Anyone with an account can submit a link• “Subreddits” are communities you can create
    23. 23. Stumble Upon• Tell it what you like, it recommends similar pages• You can follow people, and it will find you pages similar to what THEY like & dislike• You can share links via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, G+, etc.
    24. 24. • Share photos publicly or privately• Find images you can use in presentations, web sites, etc.• Creative Commons
    25. 25. • Share presentations• Learn something new• School/conference presentations• Church: sermons, study groups, histories• Keep up with what’s new in your industry
    26. 26. • Read reviews of restaurants, stores, hotels• Write your own reviews• Get special deals• Follow your friends’ reviews
    27. 27. • Check in at places• Become the Mayor, sometimes win a prize• Tips about the places where you check-in• See where your friends hang out• Link to your Twitter and Facebook account• Safety: People know when you’re not home!
    28. 28. • Streaming radio• Create a “station” by typing an artist you like• Pandora plays similar music for you• Tells you about the artist
    29. 29. • Discover new music• Create playlists• Follow people• Share what you’re listening to on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, your email…• Requires a software download
    30. 30. Holly Hibner Plymouth District Twitter: @hhibner