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A Manager's guide to YouTube for Non Profits presented at the Center for NonProfit Success conference in Seattle, WA. July 2012

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  • Just like the other digital messaging channels you’re hearing about in the sessions today, video is a powerful tool to shape and distribute your message whether it is engagement, branding or giving. We’re going to cover both of those in detail during this afternoon session, and give you some new tools to make digital storytelling a valuable part of your marketing and development program. I’m going to talk about how to make the most of your YouTube channel and Lauren will talk about how to shape your video message in the most compelling way possible. We both want to emphasize the storytelling part of this afternoon – it is the key to making your message work. All of the electronic devices and media are a waste of time if you don’t have a clear view of your message, what you stand for, and why people should care about it. We’ll have some hands on exercises for you, and lots of time for Q&A.
  • 48 hours of video uploaded every minute, 3 billion videos are viewed per day.1 trillion video views in 2011
  • In the non=profit world, we all take advantage of content to drive engagement, stewardship and giving…and to make the most of our limited budgets. We are rich in content – client stories, event photos, testimonials from donors, media coverage etc. To make it really work with the strategy, ask yourself:Is it consistent with your mission and brand values? Is it relevant to your audience? Does it build an affinity for the organization?It works because:Your partners care about itYour constituents and potential constituents demand itIt’s achievable on a limited budgetContent marketing products take the form of annual reports, custom magazines, print or online newsletters, blog posts, articles, success stories, whitepapers, webcasts/webinars, podcasts, video, in-person events, ebooks, research reports and email. What is all this content? Stories. You tell stories every day to engage other people. The electronic media give you a wide variety of methods, and your challenge is to make the stories work.
  • Let’s start with some tools that you can use to make your YouTube channel visible, powerful and integrated into your overall marketing strategy. How many have an active channel now? How many of you manage it alone, and as part of the other 12 things you do? I feel your pain! , t Fortunately YouTube’s repositioning of our site architecture provides some some straight forward things you can do once or periodically that will set the channel up to work for you. Let’s look at engagement first – You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so how does your channel look?Here’s a site from the UK – what do you get from your first view of the site?Refer to the Creator’s PlaybookYou Tube gives us a lot of options as channel managers. You can add brand elements to the page, connect viewers to your web and other social sites, and present your videos in several ways.
  • Page Optimization – metadata & keywordsposting, rotating contentsubscribers & subscriptionsweb embeds and cross-links with your social sites
  • Lauren will talk more about engagement and the use of video in online giving with recent examples, but I want to share a new initiative that the UW recently completed on a totally social media platform that included one short youtube video. The $150k in 150 hours campaign.
  • Let’s review the analytics that are available from YouTube.And now, let’s move on to alive site analysis….Any volunteers?Checklist: AvatarBackground ImageChannel Description (bonus points if it contains your keywords)Keywords, Metadata tagsSharing FeaturesPage form – How are you featuring your videos?Weblinks to your homepage, give page or otherPlaying nice with others – Featured channels in your worldSubscribe button ,bonus points for cross promotion on your social sitesGive Button?Overall impressions?
  • Star power can add a lot to your appeal.
  • Titles, lower thirds and other branding elementsClosed captioning, transcriptions etc.Copyright issues
  • Here’s a call to action built in. You can also add it to the credits, or add it as an overlay if you are part of the Google NonProfit program – more on that later
  • Add some star power – here’s ijustine – youtube channel host 1.2 million subscribers advocating for a youtube sponsored program – Charity Water. Her site is running a contest at the same time other Youtube channels are. Shared slides and info from the charity, microwebsite
  • Cfnps youtube 201

    1. 1. CNFPS Seattle -- YouTube 201:Making Video Sharing part of your online marketing strategy
    2. 2. How big is YouTube?48 hours 3 billion 1 Trillion
    3. 3. Content as part of your Marketing strategyAnnual report Social networksNewsletter Blogs Email Special Events Video storytelling
    4. 4. Managers toolkit – How to engage your audience
    5. 5. Page Optimization
    6. 6. The “Give” Button
    7. 7. Video Optimization
    8. 8. THANK YOU!Harry Hayward, MBA, MCDMDirector of Digital MediaUniversity of on twitter