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  1. 1. Datamonitor Knowledge CenterConsumer Packaged GoodsINSIGHT by DATAMONITOR
  2. 2. A value proposition to synchronize the way you work 32% 42% 76% CONSUMER PRODUCT MARKET COMPANY COUNTRY INSIGHT INSIGHT INSIGHT INSIGHT INSIGHT Strategy & Consumer & Sales & NPD & Planning Market Insight Marketing InnovationINSIGHT by DATAMONITOR
  3. 3. Strategy & Planning BENEFITS • Strategic appraisals including partner and/or acquisition opportunities • Quickly assess new or non core categories • Create initial market entry strategies and identify market growth potential • Develop complex market sizing • Enhance your market positioning & concept development efforts • Forecast sector and category evolutions • Interpret trends quickly with graphical functionalityINSIGHT by DATAMONITOR
  4. 4. Consumer & Market Insight BENEFITS • Improve penetration by understanding needs states driving location and occasion consumption • Build appropriate local, regional and global strategies • Design creative and effective marketing communications • Uncover white space opportunities across geographies, categories, channels and markets • Identify new consumer segments, occasions, locations and need states to target • Save time rationalising disparate sources with cross comparable definitions and regional/global views • Make faster and easier targeting-related (‘size of the prize’) ROI calculationsINSIGHT by DATAMONITOR
  5. 5. Sales & Marketing BENEFITS • Identify new opportunities and new markets • Reduce risk in new ventures and enhance ROI by identifying highest value consumer & market segments • Map competitive landscapes globally • Understand consumer trends to support sales activities • Retain and increase shelf space/gain new shelf space for launches • Refine marketing strategy through best practice case studies • Understand competitive threats to market share/brandINSIGHT by DATAMONITOR
  6. 6. NPD & Innovation BENEFITS • Stimulate ideation • Invigorate established brands • Better understand buying choices, spending patterns and need states driving consumption behaviors • Calculate the size of the prize in new markets • Reduce risk for new product launches and increase the chance of success • Speed up route to market and increase competitive advantage by gaining first mover advantage • Understand cultural barriers to successINSIGHT by DATAMONITOR
  7. 7. CONSUMER INSIGHT In the ever-changing consumer landscape identify the prevalent trends and drive new product development, innovation and brand loyalty in your category. Going beyond mere opinions to offer substantive fact-based insights.  Primary research via panels of 13 million+ consumers worldwide  Occasion & location data  Need states analysis 20 Countries in detail 60+ Insight studies per year 70+ Case studies per yearINSIGHT by DATAMONITOR
  8. 8. PRODUCT INSIGHT Track product launches, identify innovations and monitor competitor or client NPD strategy.  Detailed ingredient, nutritional and packaging data ANALYSIS TOOLS  High-Res images LAUNCHES  Superior analytical, graphical and charting functionality OVER TIME  Identify true ‘new to the world’ innovation HEAT MAP 28 years of coverage BUILD YOUR 1,000 new products added every day OWN CHART 90+ countries BUILD YOUR OWN TABLEINSIGHT by DATAMONITOR
  9. 9. 32%MARKET INSIGHT 42% 76% Understand the performance of your product category across 62 markets and ensure confident decision making.  Value/volume data, 2000 – 2014 INDUSTRY COVERAGE  Company & brand shares, channel data ALCOHOLIC  Consumption & usage data DRINKS FOOD SERVICE  Audited methodology provides transparency PERSONAL and traceability FOOD CARE SOFT DRINKS HOUSEHOLD 62 countries, cross comparable definitions PRODUCTS NEWS & HOT DRINKS 200+ product categories MAGAZINES PET CARE TOBACCOINSIGHT by DATAMONITOR
  10. 10. COMPANY INSIGHT Measure performance and maximize best practice.  Company & brand share  Product launch data CHANNEL  SWOT analysis ANALYSIS  Daily updated financial deal tracking COMPETITOR CUSTOMER  News & analyst opinion ANALYSIS ANALYSIS 30,000 company profiles DECISION SUPPORTINSIGHT by DATAMONITOR
  11. 11. COUNTRY INSIGHT Instantaneously understand and contextualize socio- economic and demographic data to support your strategic planning process. 213 COUNTRIES 46 POLITICAL & GEOGRAPHIC GROUPINGS OVER 700 INDICATORSINSIGHT by DATAMONITOR