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  • Foundation of marketing optimization; one of first things put in place!


  • 1. Big Solutions for Small Museums Small Scale Marketing for BIG Results Hillary Hardwick Vice President Marketing Communications Atlanta History Center | Margaret Mitchell House
  • 2. Take Aways aGoalsnd
        • ID Marketing Plans, Opportunities and Goals That Are
        • Affordable
        • Realistic
        • Efficient
        • Targeted
        • Integrated
        • Measurable
        • Effective
  • 3. Strategic Marketing Planning: The Basics
    • Mission
    • Define Product
    • Situational Analysis (S.W.O.T.)
    • Marketing Objectives
    • Audience Segmentation
    • Support, Sponsors, Media, Partners
    • Integrated Marketing Components
    • Evaluation
  • 4. Audience Segmentation: Do You Know Your Audience?
        • Where can you start?
        • Start with existing audience.
        • Visitors, members, email subscribers, facebook fans, sponsors, local, regional, families, adults, volunteers
        • Find Out As Much As You Can About These Current Groups.
        • Demographics, zip codes, age, education, members of other organizations, interests, preferred method of communication, social networks they use most, where they go to find local events, etc.
  • 5. Audience Segmentation: How Do You Continue to Know, and Grow, Your Audience?
        • Look at information you already have in existing database.
        • (If you don’t have a database, start one immediately.)
        • What is the most basic information I could get by on?
        • Demographics, zip codes, email address
        • How Do I Get This Info?
        • Surveys, Public Audience Research Data, PRIZM, Admissions Staff, Enter to Win, provide subscriber based e-newsletter
  • 6. Audience Segmentation: How Do You Continue to Grow Your Core Audience?
          • Continue to survey (methodical, benchmarking purposes)
          • TOOL TIP:
          • Average non-profit rate: $150, give or take
          • Send surveys via email, web, twitter, facebook
          • Compiles survey results for review
          • Use demographic information to select publications for stories and/or ad campaigns
          • Match demographics for niche partners and festivals
          • Speaker Bureau Initiatives
          • Sponsorships and Partners
          • Data Capture: Enter to Win; Admissions; Online Subscribe
  • 7. Sponsors and Media Partners
    • Marketing support elements for sponsors and media partners:
    • Knowing your organization’s audience. They want to know who they could be reaching.
    • Show them how you will reach your audience, and how great your reach will be.
    • Providing opportunity for exposure of their brand to your organization’s visitors, members, board, and the community.
    • Offering your product as a value added opportunity to their employees/audiences.
  • 8.  
  • 9. Integrated Marketing: Public Relations
        • Media
          • local, regional; niche media (i.e. civil war pubs); business news publications; airline publications; tourism and attraction partners via magazines, social media, web and eblasts; group tour operators; online travel sites.
        • Basic Tools
          • Press kits (releases, fact sheets, public service annoucements, long range calendar, list of media experts/topics/resources)
        • Distribution
          • Atlanta Daybook
          • Calendar listings
          • Build Your Own Media Database
          • Google (Facebook pages, twitter, blogs, websites)
        • Measuring/Tracking
          • Google Alerts (
          • Clipping Services (Vocus, Meltwater, Cision)
          • Editorial Reports (publication, article, circulation, reporter)
  • 10. Google Alert Example
    • From: Google Alerts < [email_address] > Subject: Google Alert - &quot;atlanta history center&quot;
    • News 4 new results for &quot;atlanta history center&quot;   More than 'lost' manuscript revealed in 'GWTW' exhibit Access Atlanta By Howard Pousner Jason Getz, [email_address] A lost &quot;Gone With the Wind&quot; manuscript is the focus of an exhibit opening June 4 at the Atlanta History Center. ... Book evokes strong feelings Access Atlanta Gordon Jones, the senior military historian with the Atlanta History Center, calls the book the dominant example of a particular view of the Civil War era ... More than 'lost' manuscript revealed in 'GWTW' exhibit Access Atlanta On Saturday, the Atlanta History Center will open &quot;Atlanta's Book: The Lost 'Gone With the Wind' Manuscript,&quot; an exhibit built around the lost chapters, ... Remembering Margaret Mitchell Atlanta Intown The Atlanta History Center is hosting the exhibition Atlanta's Book: The Lost Gone With the Wind Manuscript from June 4 to Sept. 5. ...
  • 11. Editorial Report Example MEDIA OUTLET CIRC. DATE BYLINE WHERE GENERATED/NOTES AAA Going Places The southern edition of AAA Going Places is a full-color, glossy magazine distributed to members of the AAA Auto Club South, the collection of AAA affiliates in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. The magazine covers worldwide travel, but also features regional features. 2,466,217 March-April 2002 Staff Reports Result of Proactive Pitching. Included in “What’s Happening” section. Provides coverage of local and national news, movie showtimes and reviews, weather and local traffic information. N/A March – August 2002 Staff Reports Result of Proactive Pitching. Exhibition review. AirTran Arrivals AirTran Arrivals is a bimonthly in-flight magazine. Coverage includes travel, tourism and lifestyle. 50,000 April 2002 Mike Kerley, Editor Result of Proactive Pitching. Paragraph on exhibition in “It’s Out There” section. Includes photo of Side Chair. Online coverage of Atlanta and surrounding area. N/A March 2, 2002 Alma Hill, Staff Writer, Result of Proactive Pitching. Feature story on exhibition. Includes quotes from Colonial Williamsburg’s Ron Hurst and Curator Rebecca Moore Online coverage of Atlanta and surrounding area. N/A March 14, 2002 Alma Hill, Staff Writer Result of Proactive Pitching. Story on exhibition with program details.
  • 12. Integrated Marketing: Promotional Materials
        • On-Site
          • Posters, banners
          • Take away fliers
          • Calendar of events
          • Enter to Win (data capture)
        • Off-Site
          • Direct mail list (postcards, newsletters)
          • Posters, fliers (coupon/tracking)
          • Emails, PDFs for distribution by community and special interest groups (coupons/special offer)
  • 13. Integrated Marketing: Advertising
        • Budget (Play the non-profit card, get better rates)
        • Match demo of pub to demo of your audience
        • Tracking mechanism
        • Consistency
        • Ad trades
        • Media Partners
  • 14.  
  • 15.  
  • 16.  
  • 17. Integrated Marketing: Community Initiatives
        • Hotels
        • Promo emails to concierge email
        • bulk/discount ticketing
        • website promotions
        • Grassroots/Partnerships
          • Colleges (greek community, departments, alumni groups)
          • Libraries
          • Boys/Girls Club
          • Chamber of Commerce
          • Group Outings/Discounts:
  • 18. Integrated Marketing: Community Initiatives
        • Welcome and visitor centers (11) and CVBs (23)
        • Press release/kit
        • Discounted fliers/brochures(with coupon!)
        • Emails
        • Posters
        • On-site promotion (give aways)
        • Cross Promotions w/ Institutions
        • Speakers Bureau
          • Festivals/Community Events (sponsor, partner) interactive, peek at what visitors can expect at full visit, fliers, discounts, enter to win (data capture)
  • 19.  
  • 20.  
  • 21.  
  • 22. Integrated Marketing: Website
      • Benchmark. Install Google Analytics and begin tracking!
        • Measures not just visits, but key metrics:
            • Why visitors come to website
            • What are they doing
            • How long are they staying
            • Is your site easy to navigate
            • Share/subscribe
        • Landing Pages
        • easily provide visitor what they are looking to find and ‘watch’ where they go from there.
        • Graduate to sharing tools, search engine optimization
        • Include social media icons prominently displayed
        • Email sign up opportunity prominently displayed
  • 23.  
  • 24. Integrated Marketing: E-Marketing
        • Strongest type of marketing
        • Regular schedule
        • Easy to subscribe and share
        • Keep it legal – no sharing, opt in and opt out only
        • Visual – tease them to click through link for more information
        • then you can start to see what your audience is most interested in
        • Tell them where else they can connect with you – social media
        • Special Offers – added or exclusive value for signing up
  • 25. Integrated Marketing: E-Marketing
        • Distribution and Measuring Tools
          • Constant Contact (
          • Easy to Create (sharing and social media tools, templates)
          • Grow lists (manage opt outs)
          • Track and Report
            • Open rates – not reliable
            • Clickthroughs – reliable measure of not just reach, but engagement
            • Forward and Share rates – engagement and advocacy
            • Benchmarking
  • 26.  
  • 27. Integrated Marketing: Social Media
      • Twitter
        • reach new audience not coming to onsite or online
        • best for previewing event and real time tweets
        • use to share new video or blog post
        • TOOL TIP : Great online tools – just google “Twitter 101”
        • Two tracking, scheduling sites: Tweetdeck, HootSuite
      • FourSquare
      • member check in tool
      • user generated tips
      • offer discount to check in
      • trackable
      • TOOL TIP :
  • 28. Integrated Marketing: Social Media
      • Facebook
      • Demographic
    • Shifted gradually but quickly from 18-25, to 35+, to 55+
        • Less formal, have a bit of fun
        • Events
        • Discount offers (facebook fan drive)
        • Facebook advertising ($50/week; pay per click)
        • Facebook Deal
        • Encourage fan participation, make it interactive
        • Tracking
        • Weekly Page Report Emails
        • Tells you number of active users, how many people ‘like’ things, number of wall post, and visits compared to last week.
  • 29. Integrated Marketing: Social Media
      • Blogs
        • Good to use for festivals, exhibitions, programs, collection highlights
        • Build excitement
        • First person
        • Highly visual
        • Map Out a Plan
        • Content
        • How often post
        • Who is responsible for blog?
        • Multiple perspectives (staff, guest, curator, lecturer)
        • Less formal
        • TOOL TIPS:
  • 30. Integrated Marketing: Social Media
      • YouTube
        • Make Your Own Channel
        • Content:
        • Previews,
        • Behind the scenes
        • Curator Interviews
        • Program Promotion
        • Embed videos on website
        • Tracking
        • Number of views
        • TIP:
        • Target the top channels your patrons use (survey, tracking)
        • Use same content across multiple channels
        • YouTube video, embed on website, stills to blog,
        • tease to FB, tweet when uploaded, use in
        • email marketing and track clicks.
  • 31. TOOL TIPS:
    • Google Analytics:
    • Hootsuite:
    • GoTwtr:
    • TweetDeck:
    • Constant Contact:
    • Google Alerts:
    • PRIZM:
    • Zoomerang:
    • Reach Advisors: Facebook Page
    • Nonprofit Marketing Guide: Facebook Page
  • 32. Thank You!
    • Hillary Hardwick
    • [email_address]