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Introduction to Second Life

Introduction to Second Life



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  • The  New Media Consortium (NMC)  is an international 501(c)3 not-for-profit consortium of nearly 300 learning-focused organizations dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies.
  • *9 campuses through out the state

Second life ppt Second life ppt Presentation Transcript

  • Second Life 2008 An Introduction to Online Virtual Reality Howard Gregory Wasson Center Simulation Educator Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine & Pharmacy
  • Virtual Worlds Q3 2008
  • Second Life Login Screen
  • What is Second Life Second Life Is a 3-D virtual world in which all content is created by Residents (users)
  • Basic Membership is Free
      • basic membership allows you to;
          • Create an Avatar
          • Explore
          • Create Content
          • Chat (voice or text)
  • Premium Membership
      • Allows all of the above and in addition;
        • you may own “Land” (server storage space)
          • This allows you to have a permanent home for the content you have created, set up a store, rent out homes or storefronts...
        • You can buy and sell Linden Dollars on the LindeX™
          • Second Life uses its own currency called the Linden
          • Linden exchange rate is about 250 Lindens to $1 US
    • A Premium Account costs about $9.95 a month
  • Create an Account
      • Choose a first name
      • Choose an basic Avatar from a pool basic shapes (can be modified into anything)
        • Human, Furry, Robot, Elf, etc…
      • Sign On to your account
      • You’ll find yourself on an orientation island* Follow the signs and learn the basics.
  • Orientation Island first time log on
    • Tutorials On
      • Moving
      • Searching
      • Communicating
      • Changing Your Appearance
  • Orientation Screen Shot
  • Avatar
      • Avatar -
        • a computer user's representation of himself/herself or alter ego, whether in the form of a three-dimensional model used in computer games or a two-dimensional photo used as part of a profile.
  • Screen Shot of Appearance Edit Screen
  • What do Avatars Look Like?
  • Steampunk AV Steampunk
  • Neko AVs NEKO
  • Avatar appearance is limited only by imagination You could be a; Furry, Centaur, Tiny, Robot, Elf, Vampire, Fairy, gnome, man eating plant, small green man or Just about everything else
  • Vocabulary
      • Grid: SL is run on thousands of computer servers, collectively called the Grid
      • Region: an area in SL, usually an island
      • Island: an area in SL, created using one hard drive
      • Rezzing: an object in the process of appearing
      • Prim: primitives, (cubes, spheres, cylinders) linked together to create complex objects
      • Lag: delays in-world caused by slow connections or too many objects in the same place
      • Landmarks: it records a location for later return (similar to bookmarks)
      • Gestures: scripts for making your avatar wave, dance, shrug, etc…
      • Slurl: a direct teleport link to a location in Second Life
      • Teleport: a form of instantaneous transportation in Second Life using Landmarks
      • Kent State Introduction to Second Life
      • Chris Thomas
  • OK, but… What is there to DO in Second Life?!? Share Meet Design Shop Sell Collaborate Take Classes Hold Classes Explore Interact Create Hear Live Music Dance Role Play DJ
  • Jobs in Second Life
      • party planner
      • nightclub owner
      • fashion designer
      • aerospace engineer
      • jewelry maker
      • scripter
      • Architect
      • machinima director
  • Jobs in Second Life
      • Musician
      • theme park developer
      • real estate speculator
      • vacation resort owner
      • Magazine publisher
      • private detective
      • Publicist
      • Gunsmith
      • 2008
  • Art Galleries
  •   Bowling Green State University VIRTUAL CAMPUS
  • BGSU Classes Offered
      • American Culture Studies
        • Women in Sci-Fi
      • Communication
        • Gaming Cultures and Globalization
        • Adaptive Hypermedia and Immersive Learning Environments
        • Internet Communities
  • BGSU Classes Offered
      • School of Art
        • 2D Foundations Introduction to Art
        • Advanced Digital Imaging
        • Interactive Art Studio
      • Technology Systems
        • Digital Computer Analysis
  • Indiana University School of Medicine
      • Mary T Johnson, Ph.D.
      • Statewide Director for Problem Solving Competency
      • Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
  • How they are using SL
      • Virtual Clinic developed in order to learn medical microbiology and infectious disease medicine.
      • Students* encounter simulated patients and work in teams to apply the skills of a practicing physician as they organize information about infectious disease cases
    • *1st and 2nd year
  • How they are using SL
      • Students are encouraged to bond within Learning Communities focused on areas of shared clinical interest.
      • This is especially meaningful in a distributed environment, where students might feel isolated without such interactions.
      • Provides training in diagnosis, laboratory medicine and problem solving
  • Students at early stages of training are provided with a set of appropriate questions.
  • Advantages to Students
      • Student attending classes online can look forward to a richer experience in a Virtual World classroom when compared to a text only chat-room or an online class management system like WebCT.
      • They find that the addition of sight, sound and the use of simulation will greatly enhance their experience.
      • The Virtual World will thus be able to supply them the benefits an online education has traditionally lacked.
  • Flat web VS 3D web
      • When people are browsing the flat Web shop of, for example, they cannot see, chat with, and benefit from the experiences/opinions of, other people looking for the same items in real time.
      • With 3-D virtual worlds All of those things are possible.
  • www Snowbooks, SL VS.
  • NMC Symposium recurring themes
      • Identity and self-image
      • Credibility and the reliability of Information
      • Civic and social involvement
      • The arts, creativity, and design
      • Social networking
      • Pedagogical potentials and implications
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