July Newsletter


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July Newsletter

  1. 1. K E Y C L U B Leak The official newsletter for Division 25C of the Florida District of Key Club International July 2012Hello Leaders!I hope summer has been treatingeveryone well! Now that we’ve gottena few weeks of rest, it is time to kick In this Issuethe service into overdrive! In June, Ihad the pleasure of attending the •Welcome MessageFlorida District’s Leadership Training •Awards UpdateConference as well as Key Leader. I am •DCMextremely exited to share all the new •LTC and Key Leaderinformation I learned with you all! •Pride Reports •Message from theYours in service, GovernorKimberly Santos •District Blurs •Divisional Events! Awards Update!In June, I had thepleasure to receive eachclub’s banner patchesand pins. I will bedistributing them duringthe July DivisionalCouncil Meeting!
  2. 2. Zone K at LTC & Key Leader! On June 15 I hadthe pleasure to arrive at the2012-2013 District BoardLeadership TrainingConference. Throughout theweekend the district boardlearned many great tools andtechniques in becoming betterleaders, all of which I will share Florida Key Clubbers at Key Leader!with you all in the future. At the end of the first night, all of thelieutenant governors were sorted into committees. I am proud to be a member of the Governor’s Project Committee! Amanda Hernandez, District Convention Chair and immediate past LTG, and I also got to attend Most of Zone K at LTC! {Secretaries!} Just because Summer Pride Report Key Leader! This was an excellent experience and I highly recommend isn’t due until September 10th that every single one of doesn’t mean you can’t start it you consider going in now! This will save you loads of November! If you would time when school starts and the like more information deadline date is approaching! Use just let me know! this free time to your advantage! Check out a message from Governor Sam regarding the Home Project!
  3. 3. Message from Governor Sam!Leaders, Service applicable to the Governors Project (The Home Project)should conform to the following definition of homelessness.People who are living in a place not meant for human habitation, in anemergency shelter, in transitional housing, or are exiting an institution wherethey temporarily resided (i.e. homeless shelter,public areas,etc.)People who are losing their primary nighttime residence, which may includea motel or hotel or a doubled up situation, and lack resources or supportnetworks to remain in housing. Families with children or unaccompanied youth who are unstablyhoused and likely to continue in that state. This is a new category ofhomelessness, and it applies to families with children or unaccompaniedyouth who have not had a lease or ownership interest in a housing unit in thelast 60 or more days, have had two or more moves in the last 60 days, andwho are likely to continue to be unstably housed because of disability ormultiple barriers to employment. People who are fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence,have no other residence, and lack the resources or support networks toobtain other permanent housing. (i.e. domestic violence shelters, shelters forabused and battered women and children, etc.) When planning projects for the upcoming year, keep in mind thatservice should target these groups on a local level- "keeping it close tohome." Projects that directly impact people in any of the abovecircumstances will be considered relevant. The Governors Project committeewill be completing a service booklet for distribution before the end of thesummer to aid your clubs in providing meaningful service that conforms tothe focus of the Home Project. I look forward to hearing of the great workyoull do for this worthwhile cause!Yours in Service,Governor Sam KerceFlorida District of Key Club International"Keep it close to Home"
  4. 4. Divisional Events! Mark your calendars for… Saturday, September 8, 2012 Oleta State Park $10 to participate Officer Training, Interdivisional bonding, outrageous challenges! ARE YOU READY FOR IT?! Key Club Kick-Off Kiwanis Wal-Mart ConferenceSaturday, September 22, 2012 Event! Coral Gables High School On Saturday, August 4, 2012 Help those in need shop for school supplies!
  5. 5. District Blurbs
  6. 6. Have an event that you want to publicize? Send me the details and I’ll but it in the newsletter for everyone to see! Division 25C Club of the Month! May June Barbara Goleman Miami Lakes Senior High Educational Center They had all of their officers at the JuneThey were the first club to turn in both of DCM and have the most recorded hours! their pride reports! Keep up the great work! District Contact District Governor District Secretary Sam Kerce Robert Brown GovernorSam@Floridakeyclub.com Secretary@Floridakeyclub.com District Treasurer Zone Administrator Kristen Truong Lana Nudel Treasurer@Floridakeyclub.com aazoneK25@Floridakeyclub.com District Administrator David McCampbell AdminDavid@Floridakeyclub.com