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Services offered by Doc Wellness World, home of the premiere formula, products and services from the world of Natural Medicine. List of the help enhancing services.

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Doc Wellness World Services

  1. 1. IntroducingDoc Wellness World Services By Dr. David Orman and the Staff of DMI: Home of Doc Wellness Formula
  2. 2. About Doc Wellness World You have found your Tribe, a group of peaceful, active Wellness Warriors who are creating a life of fun, health and abundance. You are undoubtedly busy with your life, complete with its unique struggles and challenges along with passions, dreams and desires. Doc Wellness World™ has been created, so that you can connect with people who share similar challenges and experiences and have found ways to overcome them.
  3. 3. Continued. . . Here you will find the resources, tools and products that are used as part of an overall wellness plan to consistently create new levels of health and happiness. Isn’t it time to live Your Best Life Ever?
  4. 4. Doc Wellness World Services Phone or Skype Consultations. Distance is not an obstacle any more. Pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with one of the country’s finest Natural Health Practitioners, Dr. David Orman. Finally get the individualized care that you need for the results you deserve. Virtual Doctor’s Visit On CD. Being the creators of the first Virtual Doctor’s Visit this is a unique tool to get you the best answers for your individual health needs. By just filling out a questionnaire Dr. Orman will analyze the information you provide in great detail. Based on the answers provided, together with your input, he will design a individualized program for your ideal health and well being.
  5. 5. Services continued Herb Consultation. Herbs are viewed by the body as food; that is, they treat the body as if it is nutrition versus a medicine. That is why they are so powerful and effective, often more so than vitamins, minerals or oils. Natural Blood Test Analysis™. Already have blood test results? Were you told that “everything is normal” despite still feeling poorly? Dr. Orman has written a comprehensive computer software program that will take standard blood tests (SMAC and CBC) and analyze them from a health based perspective. Hair Analysis. This simple procedure allows you, in the privacy of your home to take a sample of your hair to be sent for a detailed analysis. From this, we can determine: type of toxic metals and substances that may need to be removed levels of healthy minerals overall functioning of adrenal and thyroid glands whether or not you are processing proteins properly
  6. 6. Featured ServiceDoc Wellness World Coaching™You have a unique skill set. You also have unique passions and deepdesires.If you are ready to have a truly profound shift in your thinking and beingthen Coaching is the right step for you. Through the work you’ll be doingyou will uncover the skills and abilities you already posses and pair themwith your dreams and desires. You’ll find ways to tap into that unstoppabledrive and motivation that can offer you true happiness and fulfillment in life.
  7. 7. Unique ServiceHouse Diagnosis is an overall view of someone’s health and way ofliving. Send me a picture or very short video clip of your home in itstypical state (in other words, do not do anything special) and I will providea detailed description involving: Your overall health patterns Financial patterns Relationships Personal insights
  8. 8. Contact Information Phone: 888-776-6101 (toll free), 407-401-9092 (local) Email:; Web Site:; Blog: Twitter: Home of Doc Wellness Worldc/o Dr. David Orman661 Huntington Pines Dr.Ocoee, FL 34761 USA