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Info central faq

  1. 1. Info Central Sarasota County Government
  2. 2. Q: What is info central? A: Info Central is a call center for the library system. We opened for business in July of 2008 .
  3. 3. Q: So what is Info Central’s purpose? A: Hopefully, to make everyone’s lives a little easier. Our goal is to reduce the amount of direct calls to the 8 library branches and eventually take all the calls in the system. By doing so, we’ll free up time for library staff members to deal with face to face transactions and other tasks. Also, by funneling calls to one location it will make it easier to maintain consistency on information regarding library services and programs.
  4. 4. Q: But isn’t there already a call center? A: Yes, the County call center will still take “general” calls pertaining to libraries. Anything beyond generalities (i.e. hours of operations, locations, etc.) will be sent to Info Central.
  5. 5. Q: What is Info Central’s relationship with the call center? A: Of course, for patrons who call the 941-861-5000, the general call center will still be the first responder. They will continue to field questions that can easily be answered through FAQ’s on the CCKB or off of our website. However, anything beyond that would be sent to info central.
  6. 6. Q: What resources does Info Central use? A: We have a small print collection of reference titles. We also use what’s available through the library databases and website.
  7. 7. Q: What types of phone calls do we take? A: We try and answer all inquiries we receive. Generally speaking, we receive ready reference and circulation inquiries. Anecdotally, we receive a lot of directory type inquires, inquiries regarding spelling and word/phrase origins, hold requests, catalog look ups, event times, obituary requests, etc.
  8. 8. Q: What calls get transferred back to libraries? A: Info Central attempts to answer all inquiries we receive, however some calls fall outside our purview and must be transferred along to the appropriate department. Typical transferred calls include: program registration, meeting room booking, and patrons that request to speak to a particular employee.
  9. 9. Q: Does Info Central take e-mail inquiries? A: Yes. We have an Info Central e-mail account, [email_address] . The link is found on our website under the “Contact Us” link. We also answer all the direct library branch e-mail questions. Sharon and I are also responsible for the e-mail inquiries come through Ask-A-Librarian.
  10. 10. Q: Do you track phone statistics? A: Yes. We use a web-based application called, Symposium, that keeps track of all our statistics. It is the same software the call center uses.
  11. 12. Q: What type of equipment does Info Central use? A: We use a standard phone and computer. We do use a wireless headset that allows us to move around and get a book (within our office) and walk around if we get tired of sitting.
  12. 13. Q: What Changes can staff expect? A: Hopefully less phone calls. Libraries that Info Central is receiving calls from should not receive any direct calls for patrons unless they’re transferred by us or someone else in the system. Patron direct calls should no longer reach you.