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Facts on social media: history, numbers and trends
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Facts on social media: history, numbers and trends


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The development of how advertising works, what people use which social network and how actively they use it.

The development of how advertising works, what people use which social network and how actively they use it.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Creativity Reliability QualityFacts on Social Media - history, numbers and trendsSources for this PDF:Business Insider,, CNN, Crain Communications Inc.,,, Facebook,Futurebiz, Google AdPlanner, Huffington Post,, NY Times, Pingdom, Pivot, Reuters, Rianovosti,Time Techland, USPS,,, Wikipedia,
  • 2. Creativity Reliability QualityHow it all began ...1971: the first e-mail was sent1988: launch of the text-based IRC (Internet Relay Chat) for file and link sharing and to stay in touch1994: GeoCities was founded as a free webhosting service, since 1997 advert windows have to be accepted for the free webhosting, GeoCities was purchased by Yahoo in 19991995: was founded as one of the first real social networks, primarily made for US students, nowadays it is mainly used by people aged 50+1997: launch of the AOL Instant Messenger, first electronic dialogue in real time possible2003: launch of Myspace2004: launch of Orkut (today‘s biggest social network in Brazil, even before Facebook)2004: launch of Facebook2005: launch of studiVZ in Germany2005: Youtube goes online2006: Twitter goes online as first „micro blogging website“2010: Pinterest goes online as a social photo sharing service2011: launch of Google+ as „competition“ for Facebook, it however does not meet the expectations in terms of „how much time people spend online“ yetWho is active in Social Media ...... by age:A social network user‘s average age is 37 years.Here you see the average user age per social media platform:Facebook: 38.4 yearsLinkedIn: 44.3 yearsMyspace: 31.8 yearsTwitter: 39.1 years... by country:Facebook is the number one social network in almost every country worldwide. However, thereare a few exceptions, the most successful social network is stated in brackets:Brazil (Orkut)China (Qzone)Russia (VKontakte)Vietnam (Zing)Iran (Cloob)... by sex:The amount of male and female users in the major social media platforms is almost equal(+/- 3-5 %). The only exception here is Pinterest, where female users account for about twothirds (almost 50 % of them have children).How active are people on Social Media ...Studies show that people aged between 25 and 54 are the most active users on social mediaplatforms.
  • 3. Creativity Reliability QualityHow adverts are placed in Social Media ...In a survey conducted by Pivot from 18 to 26 May 2011, 67 % of companies say they place ad-verts on social media platforms. The major part of those adverts is placed on Facebook (93 %),followed by Twitter (78 %) and Youtube (61 %).The top 10 countries for Facebook ...1. USA (155 Mio. users)2. Indonesia (36,6 Mio. users)3. UK (29,8 Mio. users)4. Turkey (28,4 Mio. users)5. India (25,5 Mio. users)6. Mexico (24 Mio. users)7. Philippines (23,2 Mio. users)8. France (22 Mio. users)9. Italy (19,2 Mio. users)10. Germany (18,4 Mio. users)How much data is processed within 24 hours ...172 Mio. users online on Facebook40 Mio. users online on Twitter22 Mio. users online on LinkedIn20 Mio. users online on Google+17 Mio. users online on Pinterest4,7 Billion minutes spent on Facebook532 Mio. status updates250 Mio. photo uploads on Facebook864.000 hours of video material uploaded on Youtube1.288 new Apps available in App stores35 Mio. Apps downloaded294 Billion e-mails sent2 Mio. blog posts written.... within only 24 hours!A good last tip: Find out HERE what you really have to know about thenew social media designs!Stay in touch:Send us an e-mail!