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Tv drama hexagons Shameless
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Tv drama hexagons Shameless


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  • 1. Representations in TV DramaWhat did you learn last week?What do you think you need to learn next?
  • 2. Representations can be…• Positive• Negative• Stereotypical Representations can• Unflattering seek to make a group• Realistic seem…• Sympathetic - Dominant / Superior• Unfair / Biased - Subordinate / Inferior
  • 3. Learning Objective:To analyse how representations of social classare constructed through the use of micro-elements How do we get there? How do we demonstrate our learning?
  • 4. Learning Objectives: To analyse how representations of social class are constructed through the use of micro-elementsTo deconstructTV dramaextracts usingterminology To articulateand referring to relevant pointsthe micro- about the To link pointselements representations and illustrative in the extracts examples and analyse the effects created
  • 5. Shameless• BAFTA award-winning British comedy drama television series set in the fictional Chatsworth council Estate, Manchester, England.• Produced by Company Pictures for Channel 4, the first seven- episode series aired weekly on Tuesday nights at 10pm from 13 January 2004.• Centred on UK underclass and working class culture.• Accorded critical acclaim by various sections of the British media, including The Sun newspaper and Newsnight Review on BBC Two.• One of the most successful recent British TV programmes.• Created and, at least initially, mainly written by Paul Abbott, who is also the programmes executive producer.• Much of the series is based on Abbotts own experiences growing up in Burnley in a situation similar to that of the Gallagher children.• For the fifth series a 66,000 sq. ft (6,100 m2) exterior and interior set was built on an industrial estate in Wythenshawe, Manchester.• The seventh series started on 26 January 2010 Source: Wikipedia
  • 6. ShamelessShameless Series 1 Summary Meet the Gallagher family as theyexperience life on the edge in a blur of sexual adventures,triumphs, love, scams and petty crime on a Manchester housingestate. And be thankful theyre not your neighbours...Episode 1 Having her handbag stolen proves to be a blessing in disguisefor Fiona when handsome stranger Steve comes to her rescue. Lip is shocked to discover Ian could be gay and decides hisbrother should pay a visit to the ever-accommodating Karen Jackson.But the sudden arrival of her furious father ensures Ians already slimchances of happiness with Karen take a severe blow. Meanwhile, Steve buys Fiona a romantic gift, but for some reasonshe is less than impressed with her brand new washing machine. Lip is even less impressed on discovering that Ian is dating amarried man but a heart to heart between the brothers leads Lip toaccept his brothers sexuality. Watch now on 4oD
  • 7. Negative StereotypicalPositive Unflattering Realistic Representation of working class in Shameless Biased Inferior Subordinate Dominant SuperiorSympathetic Unfair
  • 8. Presentation and Peer-assessment• Present.• Discuss as a group.• Feedback / Feedforward• Set targets.