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Ppt blog version Ppt blog version Presentation Transcript

  • To learn about Genre and NarrativeTo start to explore the conventions of a hybrid genreTo start to explore the character of the heroineTo predict how the narrative might develop http://www.panslabyrinth.co.uk/ (soundtrack)
  • Trailers• http://www.starpulse.com/Movies/Pans_Lab yrinth/Great_Film_Moments/
  • To learn about Genre and NarrativeTo start to explore the conventions of a _____ genreTo start to explore the character of the _______To predict how the ______ might develop http://www.panslabyrinth.co.uk/ (soundtrack)
  • Next lesson…Narrative
  • What is Genre? What is a Hybrid Genre? Genre is a way oflabelling certain text A hybrid genre types. A genre will combines features specific conventions from 2conventions (typical or more genres. elements)
  • Questions?Questions?Questions?
  • Compare your notes with the person next to you.Prepare to share 1 thing they have recorded.
  • To learn about Genre and NarrativeTo explore character types and how they affect the narrative To predict and justify how the narrative is likely develop http://www.panslabyrinth.co.uk/ (soundtrack)
  • Character TypesExamples Character Description Types Hero Villain Mentor Blocker(s) Prize
  • Examples Character Description Types The central protagonist of the narrative Hero who drives it forward. Seeks riches, glory and or power, and seeks to stop the hero succeeding in Villain the quest or mission. Gives the hero important information or Mentor equipment to help him/her in the quest Tries to prevent the hero completing at Blocker(s) least part of the quest. Acts as a reward for the hero Prize succeeding in the quest (often a ‘princess’ type)
  • Can we find all the character types?Can we have more than one character fitting into one category?Who would be the ‘Prize’?
  • Questions?Questions?Questions?
  • Ofelia ismostlike…because….
  • Exit ticket• On post-it: – Name – Level reached + evidence – What do you need to do to make further progress?
  • Next Lesson Genre
  • Home Learning Check - Share your findings with neighbour. - Add to your notes.- Report back one thing they have said that you didn’t.
  • To learn about Genre and Narrative To be able to discuss and analyse the genre of Pan’s Labyrinth.Aiming for level 5c: You must reach Stage 3.Aiming for level 5b/a: You must start on Stage4 and find examples to illustrate.Aiming for level 6 and beyond: You must reachStage 4. The quality and detail of yourANALYSIS in your mindmap/writing willdetermine which level you reach.
  • Gothic Fantasy
  • I can apply my knowledge to analyse ways in which Pan’s Labyrinth is bothStage 4 a Fantasy and Gothic texts and illustrate with specific examples from the film. I can refer to character types in my analysis and the role they play in the narrative
  • Exit ticket• On post-it: – Name – Level reached + evidence – What do you need to do to make further progress?
  • Pans Labyrinth - ReviewWhile the darkness of -Grimms Fairy Tales has been gradually sanitized by both the passage of time and the growing desire toshelter youngsters from the cruelty of the outside world, Guillermo del Toro has cut away the safety net woven by theoverprotective powers that be to craft an intoxicating and original fable with the power to simultaneously enchant and repulse.After seemingly perfecting the melding of historical fact and imaginative fantasy with The_Devils_Backbone, a horrified delToro realized that whatever he thought he knew about war and death had been immediately rendered void when, just two daysafter the film made its debut at the Toronto Film Festival, the world was forever changed along with the New York skyline. In theaftermath, the filmmaker would escape grim reality by crafting an entertaining pair of CG-heavy Hollywood actioners that,despite outward appearances, still werent entirely devoid of the political commentary expressed in his most serious-mindedwork. Now, after proving that he is capable of producing a slick hit despite a frustrating false start in blockbuster-land, del Torohas returned with a companion piece to The_Devils_Backbone (a "sister" film in the directors own terms) which delvesheadlong into the subjects of fascism, brutality, and innocence with an insight he simply didnt have before the modern worldplunged into darkness. Just as a film such as The_Devils_Backbone couldnt have existed with the Spanish Civil War, a film suchas Pans Labyrinth couldnt exist without the apocalyptically titled War on Terror.It would be impossible to tell a tale as brutal as Pans Labyrinth without the balance of great beauty, and in the lens ofcinematographer Guillermo_Navarro, del Toro has found a collaborator capable of carrying his ambitious vision. Thecomposition, color, and stylistic texture of Pans Labyrinth suggest a fevered childs hallucinatory interpretation of anamalgamation of fairy tales. Of course, in order to achieve such a dramatic effect, the frame demands to be filled not only withphantasmagorical imagery but an exceptional selection of talent as well, and in Ivana_Baquero, Sergi_López, Maribel Verdú, andDoug_Jones, del Toro has found the ideal cast. The initial innocence and subsequent shattering of a young girl who graduallycomes to comprehend the inhumanity that surrounds her is heart-wrenchingly realized by Baquero, while Lopez inspires fierceloathing from his initial appearance and Verdú beautifully embodies the spirit of furtive, gentle righteousness right up until themoment she unleashes the fury that has been silently building inside. In his duel roles as the playfully menacing titular faun andthe downright terrifying Pale Man, formally trained mime and noted contortionist Doug_Jones continues the collaboration withdel Toro that began with Mimic to striking effect. If there is truly a modern heir to the Karloff throne, it is almost certainly Jones,whose chameleon-like ability to disappear into a character allows him to instill them the kind of depth and personality thatwould be near impossible to achieve with even the most advanced computer-generated creation. From del Toros perfectlybalanced screenplay to his assured skills as a visual storyteller, the fearless performances of an immensely talented cast, thesleepy lullaby that forms the foundation of Javier_Navarretes score, and special effects that have the power to dazzle andhorrify, all the elements in Pans Labyrinth fall beautifully into place to form an genuinely affecting adult fairy tale. JasonBuchanan, Rovi