LESSON PLANNING                                                   CLASS:            DATE:                                 ...
PLANNING FOR OUTSTANDIING TEACHING                                     FEATURE:                                           ...
peer-assessment planned within the                                                lesson, using mark scheme and TV        ...
ENGAGING AND DEMONSTRATING                                                                                                ...
getting right? Where are          we struggling? Is target(about    met? Using tracking sheet.10 :10)10 min    Exam practi...
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12me2 shameless lesson planblog version


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12me2 shameless lesson planblog version

  1. 1. LESSON PLANNING CLASS: DATE: G322 – Representation in TV drama (exam unit)TOPIC/THEME: (double lesson) 14.3.12 (only third lesson into new scheme) BY THE END OF THE LESSON STUDENTS WILL UNDERSTAND AND/OR KNOW: To analyse how Team workers: representations of - collaborate with others to social class are work towards common goals constructed in a TV - reach agreements, managing drama extract through discussions to achieve results Learning Objective the micro-elements Habits of Mind - provide constructive support and feedback to others. Reflective learners: To audit knowledge of - evaluate experiences and editing terminology and learning to inform future apply eye-line match to progress build narrative. Articulate one point about representations of working class in extract with at least 1 example from 2 areas (micro-elements) Make use of terminology All must (level 2) Set themselves a meaningful target for future progress, making use of the mark scheme. Articulate at least 2 points about representations of working class in the extract selecting relevant examples from at least 3 areas (micro-elements) and analyzing the effects LEARNING AIMS/KEY WORDS Most created. should Use of correct terminology (level 3) Make sophisticated points about representations of working class in the extract carefully selecting examples from all 4 areas (micro-elements) and offering an analysis that shows a strong grasp of the question. Sophisticated use of terminology, particularly editing terms. Some (high level 3) could (G & T) AIM: - To build upon skills introduced in the last 2 lessons and track progress, planning for further progression - To deconstruct media texts using correct terminology and referring to the micro-elements - To articulate relevant points about the representations in the extracts - To link points and illustrative examples and analyse the effects created - To link ideas and examples, and aim to make connections (for some) - To work collaboratively, developing more independence /less reliance on teacher - To move students forward toward level 3 - KEY WORDS/TERMS: Representation, sympathetic, (non-)stereotypical, negative/positive, biased, dominant/subordinate, realistic, camerawork, composition, mise-en-scene, editing, inc. eye-line match, sound (diegetic and non-diegetic), voice over, plus specific terminology for each of the 4 main areas (see TV Drama mat attached)
  2. 2. PLANNING FOR OUTSTANDIING TEACHING FEATURE: EVIDENCED THROUGH: How will I imaginatively hook learners into the Response to: lesson to inspire and enthuse? visual aids – pictures of different social classes and screengrabs Use of music video depicting working class. Students respond and analyse straight away, justifying ideas Progression to drama extract analysis building up confidence and skills Shift to more practical task at the end (there is a third lesson to follow! Need to pace ourselves!) How will I enable learners to develop: Quality of responses to exam style • Literacy (opportunities for reading and question (orally and note form) writing) Effective use of mark scheme and • Numeracy? hexagon exercise. Effective deconstruction of exemplar answer extract Peer-Presentations and feedback What resources are to be used, including new Pictures, music videos, TV drama technology, to support learning? extract, hexagons for analysis, progression sheet (adapted mark scheme sheet), post-its, TV Drama mats, Extract from model answer on a different question How will I make use of LAs for targeted N/A support? How will I use knowledge of students’ Selected groups (2 groups of 3 – capabilities to inform activities and mixed gender and ability to allow differentiation? peer support and leadership roles for more able) Use of their targets from last lesson Aiming for little intervention to allow meaningful reciprocal teaching but will judge level of rephrasing / extending needed during each phase of the group activities. The LO can be met at different levels and the use of the marking scheme/progress sheet will inform further planning (for me) and support further progress (for them) What opportunity is planned for developmental marking and feedback? See above (for self-assessment) and
  3. 3. peer-assessment planned within the lesson, using mark scheme and TV drama mat (reference document). Students will need to write up a formal answer as home-learning task which will be formatively assessed. Students will be asked to redraft a paragraph in the light of given feedback.How will I help students to understand how to See above improve?What opportunities are planned for students All activities are student-led andto be actively engaged in their own learning facilitate reciprocal teaching and and articulate what they know? assessment. Finally students self- assess. How does SMSC feature (if relevant)? Discussion of positive and negative / stereotypical representations of working class.
  4. 4. ENGAGING AND DEMONSTRATING UNDERSTANDING WILL BE TIME ACTIVITIES: IMPACT ON LEARNING: ASSESSED BY: 5 min Recap key question/ link Re-activating and back to last lesson. Consolidating prior Students use tracking knowledge progress sheet to remind Setting up personal focus themselves of their target. for progress 3 min Students work out the Setting up a frame for Students’ responses relevance of some collaborative discussion. Correct use of ‘social pictures of different Clarifying some key terms. classes’ words and other groups of people. key vocabulary 10 min Students watch and Applying key terms and Students’ responses discuss representation of starting to develop people in a music video. overview points on representation. Looking for examples 5 min Pulling together a bank of To aid in the completion words to help us labels of following task / types of representations framework 7 min Students read and Good model to be Students’ responses and deconstruct an extract emulated in next task annotations (About from a level 4 answer. 9 :30) 10min Students watch the Getting used the exam Students’ responses opening of Shameless format Quality of points made without the soundtrack Applying knowledge and Use of examples and respond to “How practicing analytical skills does the extract construct Without soundtrack first to representations of social appreciate impact of class?” voice over later Watch again and map points about representations. Pull together as a class. 15 min In groups. 2 or 3 more Practising analytical skills. As above and quality of viewings with sound. Showing progression. effects discussed to show Deconstruct and analyse depth of analysis using hexagons to stretch Sharing thinking enables the Use of terminology development of habits of analysis and encourage mind and progress in linking examples to points learning for all levels of (key to level 3 and attainment. above) 10 min Groups present / teach Reciprocal teaching to allow Student led session. Peer the others. students to structure and assessment. Teacher Discussion and feedback clarify their responses. reframing / extending / feedforward. where needed Planning for further progress 5 min Plenary: What are we
  5. 5. getting right? Where are we struggling? Is target(about met? Using tracking sheet.10 :10)10 min Exam practice: Students Practising exam style individually write a response individually. Work to be formatively paragraph tackling a Demonstrating progress. assessed by teacher later. different point / choosing different examples.5 min Peer-assessment Understanding how to Peers10:25 apply the mark scheme. Feedforward for further progress.20-25 Part 2: Focus on editing Allow students to plan Students’ responses andmin terminology further independent study highlighted words In groups students audit Consolidating and the terminology for clarifying knowledge, editing, highlighting terms identifying areas of they are unsure about. weakness Students watch short clip Clarifying key terms with and call out shots and focus on eye-line match edits. Extension: Students given Enables application of key Students’ responses during a short script. They must editing term and how it is and planning (and if time, apply eye line matches to used. This is an area of execution) build narrative. weakness according to (depending on time examiner’s report. Enables available, shotlist / students to spot it more storyboard or film) easily next time and appreciate the effects created Set independent study: Helps students to gain learn all the terms in confidence in recognizing editing box for next edit terms, helping to gain lesson. Share your learning more of the available via blog. marks for terminology. Students in charge of their own learning.