6 trf problems


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  • Photo credits: ©2008 http://www.mongabay.com
  • Teacher’s note: Mercury used to extract gold can be inhaled by miners. It can also enter the food chain through water supplies, accumulating in fish, which are then consumed by humans. Mercury poisoning causes Minamata, symptoms of which included involuntary shaking, sensitivity to bright light, partial blindness and loss of muscle strength. An article that outlines the debate about the sources of mercury in the Amazon can be found here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/271598.stm Boardworks Ltd cannot be responsible for the content of external websites. Photo credit: ©2008 http://www.mongabay.com
  • Teacher’s note: Much development of the Amazon rainforest has lead to deforestation. This can lead to soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, species extinction, reduced draw down of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (links to climate change). Deforestation has also been linked to a reduction in evapotranspiration and therefore a reduction in precipitation. In addition, the heavy machinery and vehicles that cut down and transport the timber compact soil and create deep ruts which encourages soil erosion. Photo credits: ©2008 http://www.mongabay.com
  • Teacher’s note: Access to the Amazon’s resources is essential if they are to be exploited. Roads and railways open up the Amazon region to national and international trade. Timber and minerals can be easily and more cheaply transported to world markets along good roads. Roads also allow large vehicles and machines, used in the construction of dams and industrial plants, to access the region with ease. Photo credits : ©2008 http://www.mongabay.com
  • Photo credit : NASA LBA-ECO Project. http://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/images/content/157716main_forest_burning_lg.jpg
  • 6 trf problems

    1. 1. Conflicts in the TRF
    2. 2. Starter• Watch the video clip and try to come up with as many problems as you can see – Here – Here
    3. 3. Lesson Objectives• To know there are several conflicts in the tropical rainforest• To understand why these problems exist• To develop an opinion on each issue
    4. 4. Who uses the Amazon?Miners, wanting to extractminerals, such as bauxite.Loggers, who gain a highprice for timber likemahogany.Commercial farmers, wantingland to grow crops, like soya.Cattle ranchers, who needareas for their cattle tograze.
    5. 5. Tucurui Dam
    6. 6. Mining for gold and bauxiteThe mining industry is veryimportant to the expansionof the Brazilian economy.But miners have causeddamage to the rainforest bycutting down large areas offorest and using chemicals toextract metals from theground.Mercury is a poisonous chemicalused to purify gold which gets intorivers and soils.
    7. 7. LoggingLogging involves cutting down of treesand sawing them for timber.
    8. 8. Accessing the AmazonThe construction of the 5,000 km TransAmazonian Highwaybegan in the 1970s but some sections are still not paved.
    9. 9. Slash and burn agricultureSlash and burn is a technique used to clear rainforest andprovide land for settlement, crops and ranching.This causes large areasof land to be deforested.Without a cover of trees,the soil becomes worn outand washed away by rain.Eventually, it becomesdifficult to grow cropsand either fertilizersmust be used or a newarea must be cleared.
    10. 10. Task – Use pg 52 if needed• Create the following table in your booksProblem Advantages Disadvantages My opiniondescription