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  • What a beautiful lookout and tribute to Nimrod. I will try to post our pictures of our recent visit. We would love to thank Nimrod's father who enriched our visit. Our hearts go out to his family.
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Nimrod Lookout

  1. 1. We decided to build "Nimrod's Mountain Viewpoint" – a memorial park, a lookout over the breath-taking Galilee and Golan views and a point of departure to travelers – in Rosh Pina, because of Nimrod's great love for Rosh Pina and its natural beauty. Nimrod was the fourth generation of his family to be born and raised in the northern settlement; he loved the place and was tied to it with every cord of his soul.
  2. 2. When he came to visit on weekends, with his beloved wife Iris and his young son Omer, when water was streaming in its wadi, in the village, just a few meters away from home – he'd stop the car, look at the view and listen to the water flowing. He'd drive the short way home at the lowest speed to inhale slowly and thoroughly the ambience of the place where he grew up.
  3. 3. Nimrod was killed while protecting his village, his parents' home, the landscape he loved so much, after he was called by a special command on reserve duty. An anti-tank missile hit his tank, which was providing cover to bulldozers that paved a new route near the Lebanese village of Eitah ah - Shaab. Nimrod and his tank crewmembers were all killed.
  4. 4. Nimrod's death came as a huge blow to his workmates as well. He worked for Microsoft Corporation and received many awards for his contribution to the company. His personal charm, intelligence and goodness left an impression on everyone who spent time with him, even if for a few minutes only. However, as well as being a high-tech professional, he was drawn to the simple, basic life; to nature.
  5. 5. <ul><li>&quot;Nimrod's Mountain Viewpoint&quot;, </li></ul><ul><li>a green spot with water flowing through, facing the landscapes of the Hula valley, the Golan Heights and mount Hermon, will be built in the Pioneers National Restoration Site in old Rosh Pina. </li></ul><ul><li>Being built on an archeological ground, it will be done under supervision of the antiquities authority of the government. </li></ul><ul><li>It would embody both the spirit of Nimrod and the surrounding area. </li></ul>Views as seen from the viewpoint
  6. 6. The building of the Mountain Viewpoint, which would be an upgrade of the Pioneers National Restoration Site of Rosh Pina*, as it would also be a starting point to guided tours which take place in the site, will cost a sum of $150,000. We have so far managed to raise $45,000 for the building of &quot;Nimrod Mountain Viewpoint&quot;, a viewpoint that would preserve Nimrod's magical innocence and his love for humanity and nature, and would combine a pleasant design, outstanding views, peacefulness and flowing water as the symbol of the continuation of life. Every donation would be gratefully received and appreciated. *The organization of the Pioneers National Restoration Site of Rosh Pina is a recognized (non profit) organization and is fully tax deductible. Iris and Hezi Segev, Rosh Pina
  7. 7. Words of the Mayor of Rosh Pina A simulated picture of the park – 1
  8. 8. Words of the Manager of The Pioneers National Restoration Site of Rosh Pina April 15, 2007 Dear Sirs, These days we are helping to build a memorial mountain viewpoint, in memory of Nimrod Segev. The viewpoint would be placed in an opened public area, in the upper part of the national site in Rosh Pina, and would become a part of the touring plan of the site. It is called &quot; Mitzpe Nimrod &quot;. Donations would be deposited in the national restoration site's bank account, and transferred to &quot; Mitzpe Nimrod &quot; special program. A special team has been selected for supervising these deposits. &quot; Mitzpe Nimrod &quot; is built with the complete support of the Organization and the local municipality and under the supervision of the Architecture Committee consulting to the National Site Organization. Details of account : Name: Ha'amuta Le'shichzur Rosh Pina – Mitzpe Nimrod Segev Tel. 972-4-6936913, 972-52-8447588 Account number 67099 Bank Hapoalim - Rosh Pina, Israel Branch 542 Sincerely Nadav Keller, Site's manager
  9. 10. A simulated picture of the park - 2
  10. 11. Checks made to : Haamuta Leshichzur Rosh Pina - Mitzpe Nimrod Posted to : Mitzpe Nimrod Iris and Hezi Segev P.O.Box 1114 Rosh Pina 12000 Israel   Wire transfer (recommended): Haamuta Leshichzur Rosh Pina - Mitzpe Nimrod Account no. 67099 Branch no.: 12-542 Bank Hapoalim Rosh Pina, Israel Swift code: POALILIT   Thank You