Web414 For April 2009.

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This is the keynote presentation for April 2009's Web414 Meeting. See: http://www.web414.com/node/856 for details

This is the keynote presentation for April 2009's Web414 Meeting. See: http://www.web414.com/node/856 for details

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  • 1. WELCOME TO WEB414 APRIL 9, 2009
  • 2. What is teh Web414? The Web414 group consists of amateurs and professionals interested in building and improving the web today and in the future. We are a diverse group including designers, programmers, publishers, and entrepreneurs - all with a common interest in creating the new web. Photo Credit: quot;Pete Prodoehl” He’s Male and Taken. www.flickr.com/photos/ raster/3028952965/
  • 3. CREATIVE COMMONS ZONE! Creative Commons provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. Photo Credit: quot;Pete Prodoehl” Photo Taken in Haymarket, Milwaukee http://www.flickr.com/photos/raster/3277592107/
  • 4. The Back Channel IRC: (For Old People) #Web414 on freenode.net Twitter (For young people who hate freedom) @Web414 Identi.ca (For lonely people with principle) @Web414 Video: (For people who are not here) www.ustream.tv/web414 NO OTHER BACK CHANNELS WILL BE TOLERATED!!!
  • 6. SXSW 2009 It happened, and you were either there, or you weren't. (Or you don't remember.) Join us for a recap from some of the folks who were there (and actually remember things!) You were there? Talk.
  • 8. The Relationship Between Network Centrality and Blah blah blah blah blah Andrew Fleck is smarter than you. Back in 2008 Andrew Fleck used the Web414 group for a study he was doing on networks, and now that he has defended his work, he is going to share the results with us. The Relationship Between Network Centrality and Temperament Intelligence Type in a Small Innovation Network: Exploring the Implications for Emergent Innovation Networks
  • 9. An Abstract: quot;This study explores whether centrality in a small emergent innovation network might be related to individual temperament intelligence type when it comes to sharing new and innovative ideas. Using data from a 17- member innovation network devoted to creatively building and improving the Internet, the researcher tested whether centrality and temperament intelligence type within the network might correlate. This study reflects a multidisciplinary approach to research and practice that integrates two important fields of inquiry—social network analysis and personality theory. Combined, the two fields provide a rich analysis of the individual in relation to others in social and organizational networks that cannot be obtained solely through one approach or the other.quot;
  • 10. AND FINALLY...
  • 11. BONUS: Links O’ the Month: http://opencloudmanifesto.org/