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  • Talk Like A Pirate Day

    1. 1. Talk Like A Pirate Dastardly Tasks for Wicked Pirates
    2. 2. Piratical Portraits Sketch yourself as a pirate. What would you be doing if you were a pirate? What would you wear? What would you look like? Would you have a parrot? A Ship? A band of merry men?
    3. 3. You In Pirate’s Shoes Take a digital photo of yourself using the laptop or digital camera. Place your photo into Kid Pix. Add features to make yourself a pirate - hat, compass, parrot... what else can you think of? Save your image. You could print it, upload it to your blog, this wiki or use it to make a Fotobabble.
    4. 4. There be Treasure there! Take an area of your school and create a map of the area - you might like to use grid paper to draft your map. Use wet tea bags to stain the paper and leave it in the sun to dry. Get a black and red marker or vivid to mark in your map. Decide where you would place your treasure and mark it with an X.
    5. 5. Rules O’ Pirates Even Pirates had rules... The Pirate Code Of Conduct was very important. Read some examples here. Imagine you have your own Pirate ship and crew - What would be your Code Of Conduct for your pirates? Create a poster or glogster showing your Code Of Conduct.
    6. 6. Jolly Roger Here are some examples of pirate flags (Jolly Rogers). Design the pirate flag that would fly from your pirate ship. What symbols would you use to show what makes you the best pirate?
    7. 7. Wanted! Research and then choose a pirate from the list below and create a wanted poster for them. Take a digital photo of your artwork and then upload it to your class blog. Captain Blackbeard Captain Kidd Anne Bonny
    8. 8. From Here to There Create your own Pirate Ship. Design and draw your ship and all the things it would need to sail the 7 seas. Don’t forget a great pirate name for your ship! If you can, have a go at drawing it up using Google sketchup!
    9. 9. A Singing A Children’s Sea Shanty Chorus Yo Ho, my friends I have a tale Sea Shanty of treasure, plunder, sea and sail my story's bigger than a whale it gets so deep, ye'll have to bail. Chorus I like to fish, I like to fight Chorus Take the sea shanty I like to stay up half the night I'm a pirate! That I be! When I say "starboard" ye go right! Me ma, she says, "Ye look a fright!" me ship upon the sea! I sail and practice it. Chorus I stay up late - till half past three! I've got no hand but that's me hook! that's a peg below me And Get ready to perform I pillage stuff but I'm no crook. knee! Me booty's in this chest I took. They'll write about me in a book! it for the cameras and Chorus And that's all there is to this song. your class with great I hope it hasn't been too long. A pirate's life might just be wrong So grow up nice and big and strong! pirattitude! Chorus
    10. 10. Piratical Words Create a class pirate visual dictionary - brainstorm pirate words as a class. Take an A4 page - write your word and the definition for it. Illustrate your word. Collate them altogether for your very own Pirate Visual Dictionary. Check out words here to get started!
    11. 11. Piratical Problems Write up some Pirate Maths problems for other pirates to solve. Type them up and post them to the wall and blog for our pirates to solve! Example... The pirates of The Black Pearl are a motley crew. Arrr! Twenty- seven of them have earrings, and 25 of them have peg legs. If the crew consists of 37 pirates, how many have both earrings and peg legs? From:
    12. 12. A Pirate’s Life What would it have been like to live the Pirate’s Life? Write a ‘Day in the Life’ of a pirate. It could be a famous pirate you’ve learnt about. Or it could be the day that you imagine you would have as a pirate. From Dawn to Dusk... what would a Pirate’s life be?
    13. 13. Pirate or Captain? Answer the quiz to find out
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