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Hexa Technology is a leading global provider in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management and Technology consulting services. At Hexa, we believe in delivering services that create long-term competitive advantage and business value for our strategic-partners/customers.

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Hexa Technology_Healthcare Solution Provider

  1. 1. Healthcare Products and Services<br />Hexa Technology, LLC<br />Build Your Business With Us<br />© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />
  3. 3. Preface<br />Hexa Technology is a leading global provider in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management and Consulting services for over 6 years with global group revenue of USD 10 million. We blend our knowledge of US Healthcare Industry & Information Technology to give innovative end-to-end solutions to our clients. With our expert teams comprising of CPC-certified coders, we ensure high quality Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services including medical coding, healthcare billing, medical transcription, coding documentation and coding analytics resulting in maximized reimbursements for our clients which is our priority. <br />With our consulting services we understand the requirements of our client and choose the best EMR and PMS solutions for them. Our service and delivery are based on our commitment to our clients, ensured by highly skilled professionals, robust processes, proprietary workflow engines and in-house domain expertise.<br />Hexa’s Medical billing services head-quartered at Bridgeport, CT. Global Offshore Network Operation Center (NOC) /Service delivery center at Noida, India. <br />© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />
  4. 4. Vision & Mission<br />VISION<br />MISSION<br />Provides faster collections and fewer denied claims, reduce costs, comply with regulations, ensure security and retrieve information faster. Our client wants less paper work and easier way to submit claim data. HEXA solutions for medical billing help you meet the goals, heighten customer satisfaction and enforce security to protect your business.<br />To build a globally powerful healthcare infrastructure which is innovatively driven by path-breaking re-engineered business processes, backed by configurable IT systems and maintained by demonstrated consistency. The core values are customer’s delight including cost effectiveness and ease of operations. And obsessively seek above through relentless work ethics, cohesive resource structure, and pooling of creative intelligence. <br />© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />
  5. 5. Our Profile<br />Our People<br /><ul><li>Project Management</li></ul> ITIL V2 & V3, PMP<br /><ul><li>System & Storage</li></ul> MCSE/MCPs, SCSE/SCSA, RHCE, HP UX & OV, VCP<br /><ul><li>Network & Security</li></ul> CCNA / CCNP, CISA / ISO 27001:2005 LA<br /><ul><li>Application & Database</li></ul>WebSphere, Weblogic<br /><ul><li>SharePoint</li></ul> OCP<br />Our Focus:<br /><ul><li>EMR/EHR
  6. 6. Medical Transcription
  7. 7. Medical Coding
  8. 8. Medical Billing Services
  9. 9. Payer A/R services
  10. 10. EMR Consulting
  11. 11. Technology Consulting</li></ul>© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />
  12. 12. © 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />Healthcare Products and Service Offerings<br />Products<br /><ul><li>EMR/EHR
  13. 13. Practice Management System</li></ul>Services<br /><ul><li>Appointment Scheduling
  14. 14. Medical Transcription
  15. 15. Medical Coding
  16. 16. Medical Billing
  17. 17. Denial Management
  18. 18. A/R Follow-up</li></li></ul><li>© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />Healthcare Product Overview<br />Product<br />Showcase<br />
  19. 19. © 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />Healthcare Product Overview<br />Certifications<br />
  20. 20. © 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />Product Deployment<br />Server Hosting- OmniMD<br />Server Type- Shared<br />Fees- Monthly Subscription<br />SaaS<br />Deployment<br />Options <br />Server Hosing- OmniMD<br />Server Type- Dedicated<br />Fees- Monthly Subscription<br />Hosted<br />Server Hosing- Client’s Location<br />Server Type- Dedicated<br />Fees- One Time<br />Enterprise<br />
  21. 21. Why HEXA<br />Hexa, we believe in doing things differently which differentiate us from others in the field of Health Care Solutions. This helps us to create long-term competitive advantages and business values for our strategic-partners/customers. Below are the key points that differentiates us from the cluster of other players are:<br /><ul><li>Collect receivables faster.
  22. 22. We reduced denials less that 1%.
  23. 23. Strong information security and support HIPAA compliance.
  24. 24. Deploy quickly for a fast return on investment.
  25. 25. 24 Hours turn around time.
  26. 26. Our rates are lesser than others.
  27. 27. Before doing business with a client we give them a chance to TEST our services which is FREE OF COST
  28. 28. Eliminate paper work.
  29. 29. Data transfer electronically .
  30. 30. Six sigma quality structure .
  31. 31. Hostile follow up on all claims.
  32. 32. Planning & Management of each process.
  33. 33. Innovation in our products & services.
  34. 34. Strong technical support round the clock.
  35. 35. No overtime cost.
  36. 36. Special team for clearing house (Final Claims Audit)
  37. 37. Dedicated account manager for each account with no extra cost.</li></ul>© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />
  38. 38. © 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />Streamline Services & Get Paid Faster with HEXA<br />How do our clients rate our services? Providers demand faster collections and fewer denied claims, quick responses and impeccable reliability. They want less paperwork and easier ways to submit claims data. HEXA RCM Suite and OmniMDdocument management solutions help you meet the demands, heighten customer satisfaction and enforce security to protect your business.<br />The integrated power of OmniMDdocument management and HEXA’s RCM suite provides a solution that will simplify your workflow, reduce your expenses and improve your operational efficiency. HEXA’s integration allows users to access scanned practice documents and attach them to OmniMDpatient records for easy storage and retrieval. With the OmniMDdocument management integration, all types of data and documents can be uploaded to a repository, where they can be indexed automatically with minimal intervention.<br />
  39. 39. Hexa RCM Offerings<br /><ul><li>Front End Services
  40. 40. Patient Information Entry
  41. 41. Insurance Verification
  42. 42. Pre certification/Authorization
  43. 43. Billing Services
  44. 44. Charge Posting
  45. 45. Finals Claims Audit
  46. 46. Electronic Claims Filing
  47. 47. Payments and Adjustments Positing
  48. 48. Claim re-filing if required
  49. 49. Filing secondary claims
  50. 50. Appeals
  51. 51. Accounts Reconciliation
  52. 52. Payer AR Services
  53. 53. AR follow-up
  54. 54. Denial Management
  55. 55. Medical Coding Services
  56. 56. Assigning CPT-4, CDT, HCPCS, ICD-9, LCD/NDC as and when required</li></ul>© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />
  57. 57. RCM Process Flow<br />PATIENTS<br />Payment & <br />Billing Enquiries<br />Patient <br />Visits<br />Patient <br />Payments<br />Additional Collection Attempts <br />Statements<br />Patient <br />Payments<br />All starts & <br />ends with the<br />hospitals & <br />the physicians<br />Hexa <br />MEDICAL <br />BILLING<br /> CENTRE<br />Collection <br />Service Centre<br />Delinquent <br />Accounts<br />Patient Information, charges, EOB posting and denials<br />Insurance EOB s<br />Misc. Correspondence<br />Patient & Insurance <br />payments deposits<br />Electronic Claims<br />Collection <br />Service Centre<br />Bank <br />Paper Claims<br />EOB & Payments<br />Misc. <br />Correspondence<br />Electronic Claims<br />INSURANCE COMPANIES<br />© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />
  58. 58. © 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />Quality Control Process<br /> Hexa has well-established, seasoned, and repeatable quality control process that ensures excellent quality, high productivity, and maximum collection rates for clients. Some steps followed as part of QR process are:<br /><ul><li>Review all claims before submission
  59. 59. To minimize error rates and denials, the team leader reviews all claims before submission.
  60. 60. Claims Audit
  61. 61. Auditor/Manager randomly audits the claims to verify accuracy and compliance.
  62. 62. Strict Quality Control standards
  63. 63. Our team has assimilated years of lessons learned into the standards booklet.
  64. 64. Every employee is regularly trained on the quality standards
  65. 65. Review log and knowledge database
  66. 66. Issues and denials are regularly triaged and the reasons captured in our knowledge database. We leverage this database to track and monitor trends and provide remittance advice. We also take proactive actions to eliminate the problems and maximize collections.
  67. 67. Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) Sessions
  68. 68. In order to continually improve, a monthly brainstorming session is conducted with clients. Methodology group captures ideas, issues, suggestions from the meeting and improve the existing processes. Trend analysis, recent changes, newsletters etc are also shared with the team. </li></li></ul><li>Security<br />Security is the most important concern for us because our clients trust on our services, and keeping this in mind we have guarantee security of each and every line of data. Below are few of the many security processes we follow at Hexa Technology and continuous improvement in this is one of our Missions. <br />HIPAA COMPLIANCE<br />Hexa Technology takes painstaking measures to protect all information related to patients. Our internal procedures for privacy and security meet and exceed all HIPAA regulations related to Electronic Transmission of Patient Information.<br /><ul><li> Facilities controlled by key entry only
  69. 69. Work is performed in restricted area.
  70. 70. No camera cell phones/digital camera/recording dev ice/electronics are allowed to be used in the working hours.
  71. 71. To access any data from our FTP Server, a valid user name and password is required.
  72. 72. Every new employee joining our organisation goes through the HIPAA training for healthcare professionals.</li></ul>PHYSICAL SECURITY<br />© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />
  73. 73. Security<br /><ul><li>128-bit SSL secured and redundant platform for online account
  74. 74. Personalized Account login ID and Password authentication for online account access.
  75. 75. HIPAA compliant secured email account provided for all accounts for transferring any PHI.
  76. 76. We use an ICSA certified firewall and filter on incoming ports allowing only FTP and management ports for administrative access into our system. 
  77. 77. Our network performs Network Address Translation (NAT) and addresses cannot be routed without traversing the firewall. 
  78. 78. Communication of PHI or other confidential information using secured email.
  79. 79. To access any data from our FTP Server, a valid username and password is required.
  80. 80. When our FTP Server is accessed with any FTP Client that also supports SSL all files are encrypted while being sent across the Internet. This means, anyone intercepting any data while it is being transferred from our server to your computer could not interpret or decode this data. </li></ul>Information Security<br />© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />
  81. 81. HEXA Data Center Facility<br /><ul><li>25000 Sq. Ft. Operational Space
  82. 82. 225 Seats / Desks
  83. 83. International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) & Broadband
  84. 84. State-of-the-art fire and disaster alarm systems
  85. 85. On-site independent power generation capabilities
  86. 86. Lights out management (LOM)
  87. 87. Advanced remote KVM capability
  88. 88. Meridian 61C telecom switch with ACD and CRM
  89. 89. LAN: Cisco Catalyst 3548 and 6509 switches.
  90. 90. HP Desktops and IBM Servers;
  91. 91. Avaya Telephone sets with Plantronics head sets
  92. 92. WAN: 1 X 2 Mbps IPLC on Nortel 7480 voice multiplexer connecting to the PSTN via 3 X 8 T1 lines.
  93. 93. Industry standard operations practices
  94. 94. Fully featured Quality Assurance Process
  95. 95. ITIL Compliant Processes & Methodologies
  96. 96. Well defined Project Management Structures & Methodologies</li></ul>Infrastructure<br />Technology<br />Processes<br />© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />
  97. 97. HEXA Offshore Infrastructure<br />© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />
  98. 98. HEXA Security Control<br />Proactive:<br />1.Monitoring<br />2. Management<br />3. People Control<br />Build:<br />1.Environment Control<br />2. Infrastructure Control<br />3. People Control<br />Monitoring<br />Network Security<br />Network & Data Access Controls<br />External eMail Controls<br />Audit & Trails<br />Logical Isolation<br />Physical Isolation<br />Premise Access Controls<br />Role Based Access<br />People Controls<br />Access Log Analysis<br />Media Movements<br />Client:<br />1.Coordination<br />2. Collaboration<br />Use:<br />1.Processes<br />2. Technologies<br />© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />
  99. 99. Contact <br />Hexa Technology<br />915, Evers Street Ext.<br />Bridgeport, CT – 06610<br />Ph:1-888-295-3728<br />Email:info@hexatechnology.com<br />www.hexatechnology.com<br />© 2007 Hexa Technology – All rights reserved<br />