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  • 1. Ouvroir de Littérature Potentille -- OULIPOT (Workshop for Potential Literature) – Referencing The New Media Reader, Wardrip-Fruin & Montfort
  • 2. Queneau. 100,000,000,000 Poems. Paris: Gallimard 1961. ----. Yours for the Telling. Gallimard. 1973. Lescure. A Brief History of the Oulipo. Gallimard. 1973 Berge. For a Potential of Combinatory Literature. Gallimard. 1973. Fournel. Computer and Writer: The Centre Pompidou Experiment. 1981 Calvino. Prose and Anticombinatorics. Gallimard 1981.
  • 3. Backstory and Remembrances
    • Other examples of French influence on Art and Cinema.
    • Salon de Refusees btw http://www.googleartproject.com/
    • Auteur Theory in cinema.
    • (Review) Cut-up Method of William Burroughs.
  • 4. About Oulipo, From Lescure’s Brief History
    • First meeting was November 24, 1960 – founded by Francois Le Lionais and Raymond Queneau.
    • The essential object of their quest was literature “Every literary work begins with an inspiration … which must accommodate itself as well as possible to a series of constraints and procedures.”
    • The Oulipo intended to demonstrate that these constraints are felicitous, generous and are in fact literature itself.
    • THE GOAL, as iterated by Lescure was “To discover new structures and to furnish for each structure a small number of examples.
  • 5. About Oulipo, From Montfort and Wardrip-Fruin
    • This “knitting circle” is not primarily about producing texts, it is potential literature, not literature that its members fashion.
    • The idea of potential literature is to analyze and synthesize constraints, eg the lipgram where a certain letter of the alphabet cannot be use.
    • Founding text and prototypical example is A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems, a sonnet that had the potential to define a new type of computer-mediated textuality, producing custom poems in ways that give the reader an enhanced role in the process of literary creation. (See Fournel, Centre Pomidou Experiment.)
  • 6. Your thoughts, Your Links
    • A Documentary Saga of the Oulipo.
    • Italo Calvino. Distance from the Moon.
    • Calvino. The False Grandmother. Read by John Turturro.
    • Time Machine.