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Advertising: Delivering a Message
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Advertising: Delivering a Message


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These slides accompany a Mass Media class at Montana Tech

These slides accompany a Mass Media class at Montana Tech

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  • Advertising makes possible a vast array f inexpensive media available worldwide. Advertising drives the size and diversity of the world’s economy. Advertising has been a key element of the American economy and culture of consumption and acquisition for more than 100 years and has existed before the USA was a nation.
  • Major societal changes had to occur before
  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • Brought to you by
      • Ford Mustang Convertible (J. Walter Thompson, 2005)
      Coming up next … A Lecture on Advertising
    • 2. Advertising: Selling a Message Resource Textbook: Ralph E. Hanson, Mass Communication: Living in a Media World Comic: Duty Calls,
    • 3.
      • Cannes Lion Award Winner
      • “ Dinner ” Visionlab (Publicis Comunicacion Espana , 2009)
      Brought to you by
    • 4. This prime-time all new lecture
      • Growth of Consumer Advertising
      • Importance of Brands
      • Advertising Supported Media
      • Types of Advertising
      • The Players: Clients, Agencies, Media
      • Integrated Marketing Communication
    • 5. What is Advertising?
      • “ Any form of non-personal communication about an organization, product, service, or idea by an identified sponsor.”
      • - American Marketing Association
    • 6. What is Advertising?
      • “ Properly employed, it is the secret of capturing the imagination of great masses and ‘winning the battle for the uncommitted mind.”
      • - Leo Burnett
    • 7. What is Advertising?
      • “ The most visible aspect of advertising is THE BIG IDEA, a concept that will grab people’s attention make them take notice, make them remember, make them take action.”
      • - David Ogilvy
    • 8.
      • David Ogilvy
    • 9. Birth of Consumer Culture
      • Industrialization: Going from work done by hand in small shops to mass production of goods in factories.
      • Modernization: Changing from a society in which people ’s identities are fixed at birth to a society where people can choose who they want to be and how they want to present themselves to the world.
      • Economy of abundance: Where there are as many or more goods available as people are able to buy.
    • 10. Birth of Consumer Culture
      • Brand names: A word or phrase attached to prepackaged consumers goods so they can be better promoted and identified .
      • Early brands include Quaker Oats, Pears ’ Soap.
    • 11. Birth of Consumer Culture
      • Pear’s Soap Slogans
      • You Dirty Boy!
      • How do you spell soap? PEARS of course.
      • Good Morning, Have you used Pears Soap?
    • 12. Advertising Supported Media
      • 1830s: Penny press newspapers
      • Mid-1800s: Consumer magazines
      • Radio and television conceived as advertising media
    • 13.
      • Cannes Lion Award Winner
      • The New Kaiser (1954)
      Brought to you by
    • 14. Consumer Advertising
      • Direct action message: Designed to get consumers to go to a particular place or engage in a specific action, such as purchasing a product.
      • Indirect action message: Designed to build the image of and demand for a product without calling for a specific action.
    • 15.
      • Cannes Lion Award Winners
      • 1. Abu Dhabi , Be Still ( TBWARAAD , 2010)
      Brought to you by
    • 16. Other Forms of Advertising
      • Advocacy advertising: Designed to promote a particular point of view rather than a product or service. Can be sponsored by a government, corporation, trade association, or non-profit association.
      • Public service advertising: Designed to promote the messages of non-profit institutions and government agencies.
    • 17.
      • Advocacy Ad
      • House of Cards (Leo Burnett, 2008)
      Brought to you by
    • 18. The Advertising Business
      • Client: The company with something to sell
      • Agency: Advertising professionals
      • Media: Where the ads appear
      • Audience: Message recipients
    • 19. The Client
    • 20. The Agency
      • Research and planning: How do you meet the clients ’ objectives? Do the ads accomplish what the client wants?
      • Creative activity: Creating the ad itself. Often a tension between creativity and salesmanship.
      • Media planning: Deciding which media provide the most cost- effective way to reach the target audience.
    • 21. The Media
      • Newspapers
      • Magazines
      • Outdoor advertising
      • Radio
      • Television
      • Internet
    • 22. The Audience
      • Targeting Trying to make a product or service appeal to a narrowly defined group.
      • Targeting is done with demographics, geographics, and psychographics.
    • 23.
      • Audience Favourite
      • Big Rock Beer (Marc Morgenstern, 2010)
      Brought to you by
    • 24. Psychographics and VALS
      • Not just who the audience is, but what motivates them
      • Psychographics look at people ’s lifestyles, relationship to the product, and personality traits.
    • 25. Super Bowl Ads -- Apple ’s 1984
      • Introduced Macintosh computer
      • Indirect action, national ad
      • One of the most memorable commercials ever
      • Established idea of the event commercial
      • Early example of integrated marketing communication
    • 26.
      • Event Commercial
      • Apple Macintosh 1984 (Chiat/Day, 1994)
      Brought to you by
    • 27. Integrated Marketing Communication
      • An overall communication strategy for reaching key audiences using advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and interactive media.
    • 28. Case Study, Denny ’s IMC
      • Reintroduce brand to light and lapsed customers
      • Super Bowl and newspaper ads
      • Free Grand Slam promo
      • Press kit / media attention
      • Web site
      • Evaluation
    • 29. Future of Advertising
      • Loss of television audience to DVR
      • Mobile phone advertising (mobisodes)
      • Product placement / integration
      • Google AdWords and AdSense
    • 30.
      • Joko Gold (South Africa)
      Thank you for watching