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Healthy active lefestyle Healthy active lefestyle Presentation Transcript

  • A1 Reasonsfor taking part in activity
  • A1 Reasons for taking part in activity Candidates should be able to:• i recognise how physical activity:• – helps the individual to feel good and look good• – enhances body shape• – contributes to good health and enjoyment of life
  • • ii understand how physical activity can help to relieve stress/tension and stress related illness View slide
  • • iii recognise and explain how membership of sporting clubs and participation in sporting activities stimulates:• – co-operation• – competition• – physical challenge• – aesthetic appreciation View slide
  • • iv recognise and explain how physical activity encourages the development of friendships and social mixing.
  • • Individuals take part in physical activity because it brings about benefits.• Can you think of any?• If we had to categorise them what would be your categories?
  • • These benefits can be categorised into 3 sections;
  • Mental• Refers to the mind and our psychological health
  • Physical• Refers to the body and our physical health
  • Social• The way we interact with others and our social life.
  • I want to lose weightSo it’s a physical reason
  • I I get very stressed at work and want to relax So it’s a mental reason
  • I need a new physical challengeSo it’s a mentalor physicalreason
  • I play because I’m good at itSo it’s a mental reason
  • Gives me bettermuscle definition So it’s a physical reason
  • Improves my health So it’s a physical reason
  • Gives ussomething to do So it’s a mental reason
  • Makes me feel good/ improves my confidenceSo it’s a mental reason
  • I develop an So it’s a mentalaesthetic reasonappreciation ofthe sport
  • I like to compete I So it’s a mental reason
  • Gives me better Ishape/ look goodSo it’s a physical reason
  • IExercise makesme feel lesstense So it’s a mental reason
  • I play sport to I meet more friendsSo it’s a social reason
  • I exercise toimproves my IfitnessSo it’s a physical reason
  • Playing sportI stops me getting into trouble So it’s a social reason
  • Sports a Greatway of meetingsomeone of the So it’s a socialopposite sex reason
  • Healthy Active lifestyle• A lifestyle that contributes positively to physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and includes regular exercise and physical activity
  • Benefits of a healthy active life style• Increase FitnessStrengthStamina/EnduranceLose weightMuscle Tone
  • Feel Good• Exercise produces SEROTONIN!• This is a hormone that makes you feel good!!!• So exercise not only improves their physical fitness it improves your mental fitness
  • Relieve Stress• Provide a distraction from whatever is causing you stress
  • Increase Self Esteem and Confidence• Overcoming a physical/mental challenge can increase self esteem and confidence
  • Improve Health• People who are fitter recover faster from common and serious illness.
  • For Enjoyment• Most people who exercise normally enjoy what they are doing
  • For Mental Challnge• Most forms of exercise offer some kind of mental challenge to overcome.• EG the thought of training for the marathon can be a daunting experience and provide a large mental challenge
  • Apply KnowledgeSomewhere we will be able to fit all these reasons for taking part in physical activity into the (complete w/s 12 TRF – p56) TS04
  • Veteran men and women take part in sportAge is a factor that affects performance TS04
  • Wheelchair Athletes TS04
  • TS04