Post colonial : An introduction paper no : 11 ( Post colonial literature)
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Post colonial : An introduction paper no : 11 ( Post colonial literature)






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Post colonial : An introduction paper no : 11 ( Post colonial literature) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Name : Gohil Hetalba Std : M.A. – I Sem – 2 Sub : paper no : (12) Roll no : 08 Topic : Post colonial: An Introduction Submitted to : Dept. of English Dr. Dilip Barad Year : 2013 – 2014
  • 2. Introduction Definition Origin Post colonial writer and their work
  • 3. Analyses Academic discourse Post colonial literature That features Method of discourse Explain Cultural legacies of colonialism Imperialism to Respond Economies exploitation Of native Economies exploitation Of native Land people
  • 4. Definition  Post colonialism is the theoretical wing of postcoloniality. It refers to a mode of reading, political, analysis and cultural resistance/ intervention that deals with the history of colonialism and present Neo – colonial structures.
  • 5. Mode of reading Social Problems Post colonialism refers to Intervention Political analysis Cultural resistance
  • 6. Colonial rule Resistance Adaptation Oppression Gives idea to understand
  • 7. Asia Robert young Tricoinentalism Africa America
  • 8. Origin Post colonial writing began with the independence of the colonial countries. Post colonial theory can be said to have originated in the mid – twentieth century text of Franz fanon, Aime Cesaire, and Albert Memmi.
  • 9. The three major characteristics of the post colonial writing The silencing and marginalization of the post colonial voice by the imperial centre. The abrogation of the imperial centre within the text. The active appropriation of the language and culture of the centre.
  • 10. Mahatma Gandhi Post colonial writers Franz fanon Gyatri Chakrvati Spivak Homi K Bhabha
  • 11. African culture and European culture Clash Colonizers Whites Traditionalism Tension Different Cultures Colonized Blacks Modernism
  • 12. Writer and their works • Homi Bhabha : - Still life ( 2004) • On Cultural choice ( 2ooo) • Fanon’s work : Black skin white mask • Sociology of revolution • Gyatri Spivak’s work: Selected subaltern studies • Gandhiji’s work :