Digital marketing research 2012 in Hong Kong(by Hester lam)


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Nice to share the update digital trends together, contact me at Digital marketing research 2012 in Hong Kong

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Digital marketing research 2012 in Hong Kong(by Hester lam)

  1. 1. Online & Web mobile advertisingResearch of Social SEO/SEM/Digital Marketing Media bloggerin Hong Kong 2012 Mobile Mobile Apps sitePrepared by Hester Lam
  2. 2. HK digital marketing trends∗ Mobile site > website∗ M-commerce and mobile application is the new trends∗ Social networking becomes more and more important
  3. 3. Objectives of digital marketing1. Corporate image / Brand/ Product awareness or recalls2. New product launch / Product/ Sales promotion3. Generate leads and inquiry4. Call for actions for pre-order or workshop registration, make sales5. Drive traffic to physical shops / web / mobile sites or download apps6. Build online community (i.e. potential consumer), +ve iWOM and customer engagement7. Customer acquisition / build new database8. Customer re-activation, renew database9. Rewards and loyalty programs10. Research
  4. 4. Digital marketing mixes / tools Web Online & Content mobile marketing / advertising eCommerce SEO/SEM/ Acquisition blogger / eBranding affiliate Campaign / eCRM Social Mobile Media site / Apps iWOM
  5. 5. Nielsen online survey find that….∗ Cross-platform advertising improve brand campaign performance∗ Extended online exposure achieves strong lift in brand performance metrics∗ Long-form online video content achieves higher engagement levels∗ Digital trumps traditional media for ROI Source:
  6. 6. Digtal media gets highest ROI
  7. 7. Online Video ads gets higher performance via TVC
  8. 8. Hong Kong Factsheet• HK is one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world.• In Dec. 2011, mobile service subscribers was boosted to 14.9 million.• 7.4 million were 3G/3.5G service customers, which can access to Internet via mobile devices. (source: Mobile Space is powerful
  9. 9. Hong Kong Factsheet
  10. 10. Hong Kong Factsheet
  11. 11. Mobile Apps∗ According to study, 6 in 10 HK people use smartphones.∗ In HK market, Samsung & Apple are the major suppliers of the smartphones, occupied over 70% of the market share.∗ Each smartphone users download 6 apps on average, most free app domains. App download by mobile devices
  12. 12. Mobile advertising5 Top advertisers in HK1. Fast Food Chains2. Banks3. Cosmetic brands4. Telecom5. FMCG Source: hotmob, 2012
  13. 13. Major Mobile ads agency
  14. 14. Social Media
  15. 15. Marketing revolutions starts now….. What the marketer should consider now… • Recognize the important of digital marketing, online & mobile advertising; • Social media, web, mobile ads/apps should be one of your marketing mix; • Increase the portion of mobile in your marketing strategy & budget…..Explore more about digital marketing in Hong Kong,You can add me at forFurther discussion ☺ ~End ~