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  • QNET India has been a godsend to many people as the unique variety of product lines and opportunities created by this company improved lifestyles. The implementation of appropriate laws in Vietnam made direct selling a success in this country. Since FID does not exist in Vietnam, such success is commendable. Another factor is that Vietnam is a communist country.
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  • Direct Selling firms are gaining revenues and there are some that have not reap profits. Some companies have utilized pyramid patterns and damaged the name of legitimate ones such as QNET India that worked hard since its beginning in 1998.
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  • QNET, the company of Suresh Thimiri is among the most rewarding and functional methods that benefit greatly the customers. Thanks to its name, the firm has a wide number of people gathering toward it but many of them are talking badly about the company’s fraud just because they want to receive good returns while they do not want to work hard on them.
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  • The company is a valued member of the Direct Selling Association in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. QNET is always contributing to a better life of its customers and the people of India through its support to various events. Mr. Suresh Thimiri aims to make the company playing an important positive role in the life of the masses through its services.
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  • Mr. Suresh Thimiri added that QNET believes in paving the way forward not only in CSR activities but also in the field of sports. Therefore, through the medium of sports, the company supports growth of Indian youth into better citizens oftomorrow.
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Qnet q infinite compensation plan presentation

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. IR = RI INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE = RECURRING INCOME By becoming a QNET Independent Representative, you have given yourself the unlimited opportunity of Recurring Incomethrough repeat purchases and retail sales within a universal community! 3
  4. 4. UNIVERSAL Community• QNET is the world’s fastest-growing online shopping and business community.• Home to the best lifestyle products in the right business, our world-class compensation plan is the heart of your QNET career as an Independent Representative (IR).• Because our expanding universal community of customers and distributors are our most important asset, we ensure to offer the most dynamic and innovative plan in the direct selling profession. 4
  5. 5. UNLIMITED Opportunity• With 8 different ways to earn and up to 50% of sales paid out in commissions, QNET is a powerfully rewarding, unlimited opportunity.• The QNET borderless business opportunity means big business for you, without bounds or borders. Dream big, act with purpose and passion. The rewards will follow!• Whether you want to enhance your life through great products, to achieve financial freedom to support your family, to travel the world, to get more out of life… your opportunity with QNET is unlimited. 5
  6. 6. Your journey through the universal communityto achieve unlimited opportunity.START HERE DO THISEnrol, Qualify Tracking Centres • Sponsor IRs who BUILD and Retail Customers who BUY& Activate your account • Maintain your own activity and quarterly requirement • Be a loyal satisfied user of your own products and services • Progress through the QNET Star RanksGET THIS• Retail Profit• Repeat Sales Points• Early Payout• First Purchase Profit• Step Commission• Rank Advancement Bonus• Year-Round Rewards• Travel Incentives 6
  7. 7. HOW DO I START? 7
  8. 8. GETTING STARTED IS SIMPLE 1 2 3 4 Enrol Qualify Activate Maximise 8
  9. 9. Enrol• Enrol online through www.qnet.net or through your Direct Referrer’s Personal Website.• Pay for your one-year IRship Package (USD 30)  Online Business Planner & Product Portfolio  Access to your Virtual Office  IR Personal Website  Access to 3 eStores  Business, marketing, and eCommerce tools• Receive three (3) Tracking Centres upon enrolment. These are the foundations of your placement tree. 9
  10. 10. Qualify• Qualify at least one of your Tracking Centres with 500 qualifying BV each by selling products to a Retail Customer or making a Personal Purchase. Required Tracking Centre Qualifying BV 001 500 BV Tracking Centre 001 is now qualified with 500 BV. 002 500 BV Extension 002 and 003 are not yet Qualified. 003 500 BV 10
  11. 11. Activate• To Activate means a Qualified IR directly refers at least one (1) Qualified Direct Referral per side of any of his/her Tracking Centres.• There are two ways to activate: 1. Personal Sponsorship 2. Combining BV from Personal Purchase, directly referred Qualified Referral’s purchase and directly referred Retail Customer’s Purchase Special Launch Promo! Self-Activation will be allowed. 11
  12. 12. Activation Method #1Personal SponsorshipPlace one (1) Qualified Direct Referral under each side of any ofyour Tracking Centres. 12
  13. 13. Activation Method #2Combination: Personal Purchase + Directly Referred Qualified IR’sPurchase + Directly Referred Retail Customer’s PurchaseThe combination of BV fromPersonal Purchase, DirectlyReferred Qualified IR’s Purchaseand Directly Referred RetailCustomer’s Purchase allocatedto each of the three TrackingCentres. 13
  14. 14. Self Activation*Qualify Tracking Centres 001, 002 and 003 from retail sales orPersonal Purchase. All products are personally purchased by the IR. All products are purchased by the Retail Customer but corresponding BV is allocated to Referrer’s TCs. *Special Launch Promo! 14
  15. 15. MaximiseMove to action as you build andlead an organisation of people whoshare the same dreams and goalsas you. By progressing through theQNET Star Ranks, you canmaximise earnings and enjoy aricher and fuller lifestyle as amember of the growing QNETuniversal community. 15
  16. 16. 16
  17. 17. Q1 Retail Profit Your Retail Profit• Selling QNET products directly to your Retail Customers is the cornerstone of a solid foundation for your business. Price paid by Retail• When you refer a Retail Customer who Customer purchases from the Company, you receive Your Price the Retail Profit, which is the difference between your customer’s Retail Price and your discounted price as an IR. 17
  18. 18. Q2 Repeat Sales Points• From every sale of repeat products to Retail Customers or Direct Referrals, the active Direct Referrer up to three (3) levels will earn the designated points which can be converted into either cash or Business Volume (BV).• Repeat Sales Points are automatically computed and you can easily manage them in your Virtual Office. 18
  19. 19. Direct Referrer Level II Direct Referrer Level IIIReceives Repeat Sales Receives Repeat SalesPoints Points Repeat Sales PointsDirect Referrer Level I IR or Retail CustomerReceives Repeat Sales Purchases ProductsPoints 19
  20. 20. Repeat Sales Points (RSP)• Definition: Points earned from repeat sales. These points are convertible either into Cash or BV.• An Active IR earns RSP by selling products from the QNET Repeat eStore to Retail Customers or from Personal Purchases of their sponsored Downlines as deep as three levels.• Points not converted into BV will be automatically converted into cash if not redeemed within six (6) months.• BV converted from RSP is credited to the IR’s BV Bank. It is used to qualify a TC and counts in GBV for Step Commission calculation. 20
  21. 21. Definitions & RulesRSP Conversion to Cash and BV RSP Cash equivalent* BV equivalent 60 USD 10 20 BV 300 USD 60 160 BV 600 USD 150 420 BV 1,000 USD 300 900 BV*RSP will automatically be converted into cash after two (2) quarters and directly credited to the Q Account (QA). Any remaining RSP will be calculated into USD using a proportion rate based on 60 RSP. 21
  22. 22. Before Compression After CompressionCompressionCreatesExcitement!When an IR misses thequarterly requirement,active IRs from belowtemporarily move up to IR Quarterly Requirement Achieved?replace them. Yes = Active IRQNET pays producers! No = Inactive IR NOTE: B and D are temporarily replaced by F and I but will resume their positions once they again meet their quarterly activity requirements. 22
  23. 23. Q3 Early PayoutThe Early Payout applies only to Primary TC001, at Cycle 1, Step 1 and is paid accordingto the following Commission Schedule.It’s a powerful way to get fast cash! Lower-Volume Leg Early Payout 1,000 BV USD 50 1,000 BV USD 50 1,000 BV USD 100This illustrates Early Payout to IR under Bronze Star Rank. 23
  24. 24. The illustration shows Step 1 of the Step Commission and how Early Payout is earned (totaling USD 200). Qualified and Activated IR A earns USD 50 (1000 BV on lower-volume Leg) Qualified and Activated IR A earns USD 50 (another 1,000 BV on lower- volume Leg) Qualified and Activated IR A earns USD 100 (another 1,000 BV on lower- volume Leg)STEP 1 ends and STEP 2 begins Step 1 : 3,000 BV on lower-volume Leg 24
  25. 25. Q4 First Purchase Profit Your First Purchase ProfitAs a Referrer, you will receive the FirstPurchase Profit from the qualifying retailsale/purchase made by your new Price paidpersonally sponsored IR. The First byPurchase Profit is the difference between personally sponsoredthe price of the first purchase of an IR IR IR Discounted(made at Retail Price) and the IR PriceDiscounted Price. 25
  26. 26. Q5 Step Commission Step Commission is the progressive commission paid according to an IR’s compensation level. STEP 1 ends and STEP 2 begins At the end of each commission period (week), QNET through its advanced and modern commission engine will search down your Tree to determine group BV and the allowable commission amounts per Tracking Centre determined by active rank. Qualified and Activated IR A earns USD 200 (another 3,000 BV on lower- volume Leg)Note: IR must be Qualified and Activated to earn Step Commissions. STEP 2 ends and STEP 3 begins 26
  27. 27. Enhanced Step Commission Chart Business Rank Volume (BV) Step Lower-Volume Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Leg (BV) Star Star Star Star Star 1 3,000 BV USD 200 USD 225 USD 250 USD 275 USD 300 2 3,000 BV USD 200 USD 225 USD 250 USD 275 USD 300 3 3,000 BV USD 200 USD 225 USD 250 USD 275 USD 300 4 3,000 BV USD 200 USD 225 USD 250 USD 275 USD 300 5 3,000 BV USD 200 USD 225 USD 250 USD 275 USD 300 6 3,000 BV 10 EP 10 EP 10 EP 10 EP 10 EP*EP stands for eVoucher Points, which are used to redeem products in the QNET Redeem Store.Please refer to Income Disclaimer 27
  28. 28. Weekly Maximised Step Commission per TC Bronze Silver Gold Platinum DiamondRank Star Star Star Star StarPayout per step USD 200 USD 225 USD 250 USD 275 USD 300Maximised steps per week 40 50 60 70 80 USD USD USD USD USDMaximised payout per week 6,800 9,450 12,500 16,225 20,100 +60 EP +80 EP +100 EP +110 EP +130 EP 28
  29. 29. Q6 Rank Advancement BonusWith Rank Advancement in the StepCommission, you can be rewarded withup to USD 60,300 in cash pluseVoucher Points each week!As you grow and advance in rank, theamount paid per step increases, thenumber of weekly steps allowedincreases, and the maximised weeklypayout can be achieved.It pays to Grow! 29
  30. 30. Quarterly Rank Advancement Requirements 30
  31. 31. Quarterly Rank Maintenance Requirements 31
  32. 32. Maximised Earnings Rank Qualifications Weekly Maximised Cash* Bronze Star • Tracking Centres must be Qualified and Account must Up to USD 20,400 / week be Activated** (USD 6,800 / TC / week) Silver Star** • 3 Qualified Direct Referrals *** Up to USD 28,350 / week (USD 9,450 / TC / week) Gold Star** • Earn 2 Steps **** Up to USD 37,500 / week • Retail sales/personal purchase of 60 BV/quarter (USD 12,500 / TC / week) • Achieve 200 Repeat Sales Points (RSP)/quarter • Achieve 500 BV from new Direct Referral(s)/quarter • Achieve 1,000 BV in Group Repeat Business Volume/quarter*Based on 3 Tracking Centres maximising.**IR Tracking Centres must be Qualified and accounts Activated to advance to any rank beyond Bronze Star.***One-time requirement, already earned in the Silver Star rank.****One-time requirement, already earned in the Gold Star rank. 32
  33. 33. Maximised Earnings (Platinum Star) Weekly Maximised Rank Qualifications Cash* Platinum • Retail sales/personal purchase of 60 PBV/quarter Up to USD 48,675 / week Star** • Must achieve 2 steps. (USD 16,225 / TC / week) • Must have 3 Qualified Direct Referrals. • Achieve 600 Repeat Sales Points (RSP)/quarter • Achieve 1,000 BV from new Direct Referrals/quarter • Achieve 15,000 BV in Group Repeat Business Volume/quarter • 30 Indirect Referrals with new Rank Advancement from Silver Star Rank upwards/quarter • Achieve 86,400 BV in the Lower Volume Leg from 30 Sep 2012 to 29 Mar 2013. Regular: 120,000 BV. • Maintain Platinum Star requirements for 2 consecutive quarters.*Based on 3 Tracking Centres maximising.**IR Tracking Centres must be Qualified and accounts Activated to advance to any rank beyond Bronze Star. 33
  34. 34. Maximised Earnings (Diamond Star) Rank Qualifications Weekly Maximised Cash* Diamond • Retail sales/personal purchase of 60 PBV/quarter. Up to USD 60,300 / week Star** • Must achieve 2 steps. (USD 20,100 / TC / week) • 3 Qualified Direct Referrals. • Achieve 1,200 Repeat Sales Points (RSP)/quarter • Achieve 1,500 BV from New Direct Referral(s)/quarter • Achieve 50,000 BV in Group Repeat Business Volume/quarter • 90 Indirect Referrals with new Rank Advancement from Silver Rank upwards/quarter • Achieve 180,000 BV in the Lower Volume Leg. • Achieve Diamond Star requirements for 4 consecutive Quarters*Based on 3 Tracking Centres maximising.**IR Tracking Centres must be Qualified and accounts Activated to advance to any rank beyond Bronze Star. 34
  35. 35. Maximising Step CommissionsAs a global leader in direct selling,QNET pays up to USD 300 perstep at the Diamond Star Rank! 35
  36. 36. Q7 Year-Round Rewards• Special Cash Incentives• Discounts on Best-Sellers• Fun and Exciting Promotions• eVouchers for Product RedemptionThere’s always something fresh, new,and fun with Year-Round Rewards! 36
  37. 37. Q8 Travel IncentivesQNET celebrates milestones and leadership with travel awards.Annual Reward TripsPlatinum Star Fly-In* As a new QNET Platinum Star IR, you qualify for the VIP Tour at corporate headquarters, including free airfare and hotel accommodations for top-level leadership training.Diamond Star Award Travel* Qualifying QNET Diamond Star IRs will enjoy an all-expense-paid trip for two to an exciting destination announced annually.Leadership Celebration* Diamond Star IRs and Platinum Star IRs enjoy an exclusive leadership celebration in elite settings that inspire and connect the leadership team. * Terms and Conditions apply. 37
  38. 38. Terminology & Rules – Getting StartedActive IR Any IR who generates a minimum of 60 BV per quarter by making retail sales/personal purchases from the Repeat eStore.Activated IR A Qualified IR who has placed at least one Qualified Direct Referral on each side of any of his/her Tracking Centres.Enrol To register as an IR into the QNET business and pay the USD 30 one-year IRship Package.Independent A person who has enrolled to build a businessRepresentative (IR) organisation by selling products and sponsoring others.Qualified IR An IR who has at least one (1) Tracking Centre with the minimum qualifying 500 BV. 38
  39. 39. Terminology & Rules – Volume and PointsReferrer An IR who refers Retail Customers or other IRs by helping them to become Independent Representatives of QNET.Business Volume (BV) The point value of a product used to qualify TCs and calculate step commissions.eVoucher Points (EP) Points earned at every Step 6 of any given Commission Cycle, redeemable for products.Group Repeat Business BV earned from repeat sales made to your lines ofVolume referralship or within your network.Repeat Sales Points (RSP) Points earned from repeat sales/personal purchases, made by your 3-level direct referrals which are convertible into Cash or BV. 39
  40. 40. Terminology & Rules – Key ConceptCompression When an IR does not meet the quarterly requirement of 60 BV, Active IRs below that IR will move up to temporarily fill his/her position for commission purposes. 40