Introducing mendeley
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Introducing mendeley



This ppt is used on Learning Times presentation session.

This ppt is used on Learning Times presentation session.



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    Introducing mendeley Introducing mendeley Presentation Transcript

    • Mendeley:A Free References Management Software
      Compiled by
      Hery The
      Host My Own Webinar
      August 25, 2011
    • Common concerns on managing references
      References management software
      Introducing Medeley
      Basic function of Mendeley
    • The Second Life: SL is a virtual world created and launched by the Linden Lab on June 23, 2003 (Educause, June 11, 2008). Users of the SL, the SL residents, use the virtual environment to meet, interact, socialize, and perform many activities (Knittle, May, 2008). In the SL world, residents represent them self with their avatars (Educase, June 11, 2008). With control on the computer, avatars impersonate real-life living organism activities, such as walking, running, flying, talking, etc (Varvello, Picconi, Diot, & Biersack, 2008).  SL users joined the site with various purposes (Knittle, May, 2008). The purposes are ranging from social activities to academic activities (Educause, June 11, 2008; Knittle, May, 2008).  As consequences, SL islands has been used for having virtual parties, chattering, classroom activities, conferences, virtual office meetings, graduation ceremony, and many more (Varvello, Picconi, Diot, & Biersack, 2008). I had numbers of online training sessions, classes, and conferences happened through the SL.
      Is this the correct citation style?
      NO IDEA?
      Is this wright or wrong?
    • Is there an easy way to put these references together?
      Took me two days to put all these together!!
    • Take a whole of your life to look for references related with your topic of interest?
      Nothing in these books related to my topic
    • To hard for developing your own research project?
    • Solution!!! References Management Software
    • What is Mendeley?
    • Sign Up and Download Mendeley
      Choose how to sign up
      For sign up using email  Go to your email inbox and verify your registration
    • Sign In and Star Managing your online account
    • Install and have the Mendeley on your computer: You can Work Offline
    • Managing “My Library”
    • Search Documents Information and add to library
    • Add Notes on a reference
    • Cite while you write …1
    • Cite while you write … 2
    • Cite while you write … 3
    • Download Mendeley starting guide
    • Join Groups on Mendeley: Sharing & Collaborating on research projects
    • Thank You
      Solution for your references management
      Sync Online – Offline
      Sharing & Collaborating
      NO COST
      University of Hawaii