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Basic English Writing Meeting 2

Basic English Writing Meeting 2



The Basic English Grammar Course PPT. The course can be looked up at http://basicenglishgrammar.weebly.com

The Basic English Grammar Course PPT. The course can be looked up at http://basicenglishgrammar.weebly.com



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    Basic English Writing Meeting 2 Basic English Writing Meeting 2 Presentation Transcript

    • TYPES OF DICTIONARY AGENDA HOW TO USE DICTIONARIES?Photo used fromGeekstuff4u, Guardian News, QEIIFoundation Simple Present Tense
    • PART I TYPES OF DICTIONARY• Dedicated electronic dictionary• Online dictionary• CD-ROM dictionary• Downloadable computer dictionary• Printed Dictionary DISPLAY• Specialist dictionaries (Medicine, Sociology, Chemistry, etc.)• Illustrated dictionaries• Monolingual, Bilingual, or Multilingual dictionaries• Customized dictionaries CONTENT
    • LANGUAGE DICTIONARIESPhoto used from Better World Bookl Photo used from Amazon Bilingual Thesaurus Dictionary Photo used from Extratorrent Photo used from Ebooks4U Collocation Idiom Dictionary Dictionary
    • DOWNLOAD ONE FOR YOURSELF• The Sage English Dictionary and Thesaurushttp://download.cnet.com/TheSage-English-Dictionary-and-Thesaurus/3000-2279_4-10417406.html• WordWebhttp://wordweb.en.softonic.com/• For your mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Tablet – Visit iTune Store or Android Store to download free dictionary apps.
    • USE THESE DICTIONARIES ONLINE• MACMILLAN DICTIONARY http://www.macmillandictionary.com/• THE FREE DICTIONARY BY FARLEX http://www.thefreedictionary.com/• OXFORD ADVANCED LEARNER’s DICTIONARY http://oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/• CAMBRUDGE DICTIONARIES ONLINE http://dictionary.cambridge.org/• MERRIAM_WEBSTER DICTIONARY & THESAURUS http://www.merriam-webster.com/
    • PART II HOW TO USE DICTIONARIES?• Watch this video to get a quick hint about how to use a language dictionary! Direct Link to the video Is http://www.howcast.com/videos/368119-How-To- Use-a-Dictionary Photo used from Howcast
    • WHY I NEED A LANGUAGE DICTIONARY?You need a dictionary to:• look up the meaning of words.• look up the spelling of words.• look up the words collocation.• look up examples of how the words used in sentences.• check the part of speech of the words.• check the pronunciation.• check the tenses and grammatical information.• find out the synonym or antonym of the words.• find out about the register of the words.
    • HOW TO USE A DICTIONARY: WIKIHOW1. Purchase a quality dictionary.2. Familiarize yourself with your dictionary.3. Know how to look up a word.4. Know how to make the most of your find.5. Think about how the information you’ve found relates to the word as you encountered it.6. Use your dictionary for other purposes than looking up a word.7. Learn how to use an online dictionary.8. Have fun using a dictionary. Read the details here: http://www.wikihow.com/Use-a-Dictionary
    • HOW TO USE AN ONLINE DICTIONARY? The part of speech Type the word on the search box, and click on search The pronunciation The word definition and thesaurus
    • HOW TO USE A PRINTED DICTIONARY? Read Guide to Entries!
    • TRY THIS CHALLENGE!• Look up these words using a dictionary: primus extraordinary landscape encounter gigantic• Write one definition of these words.• Write the part of speech of these words.• Write an example sentence for each of all these words.
    • SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE: VERB-BESingular Plural (Positive) Negative Question(Positive)I am in the kitchen. Mother and I are in the Mother and I are not in Are you in the kitchen. We are in the the kitchen. kitchen? kitchen.You are his boyfriend. You and Lucy are You are not his boyfriend. Are you his dating. You are boyfriend? dating. Jonathan is not aJonathan is from Jonathan and Pradya Nepalese. Is Jonathan fromNepal. He is a are from Nepal. Nepal?Nepalese.Lucy is a good Lucy and Ninna are Lucy and Ninna are not Are Lucy and Ninnaballerina. She is very good ballerina. ballerina. good ballerina?good singer too.The fence of this house The fences of those The fences of those Is the fence of thisis red. It is a new color. houses are red. houses are not red. house red?
    • COMMON NOUN & PROPER NOUN Common Noun Proper NounPerson a professor Dr. George Michelin a student Juliana Barrier Freud an inventor Christopher ColumbusPlace a university Harvard Business School a region Southeast Asia a restaurant Lobster King DiningThing a month October a trademark Canon a test IELTS • A common noun is the name of a person, place or thing. • A proper noun is the name of specific person, place, or thing. • A common noun is only capitalized if it is a first word of a sentence, and a proper noun is always been capitalized.
    • SENTENCE PATTERNS WITH VERB-BEPatterns ExamplesSubject + be + adjective This restaurant is very expensive. Your relatives are friendly.Subject + be + noun I am a single mom. Mr. Smith is a fireman.Subject + be + place The statistics class is in Room 307. I am from Rwanda.Subject + be + time The Basic English Grammar second meeting is today. My classes are always at the evening.
    • SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE: THERE IS/THERE AREAffirmative There is a coffee cup near the trash bin. There are tow birds on the tree.Negative There isn’t a pen in your pen case. There aren’t any people in the meeting room.Yes-No Questions Is there a flight to Singapore tonight? Are there many people in the statistic class?Information How many people are there in the room?Questions How much sugar is there in one can of soda? “There is” is used for single nouns. “There are” is used for plural nouns.
    • TIME TO PRACTICECorrect the errors in this paragraph! There are 142 passenger in the airplane. Sevenof them the airplane crew. Steve Johnson andJoseph Nguyen the co-pilot of this airplane. Theairplane are an Airbus-A320. These type of aircraftthe world’s largest commercial aircraft in servicetoday.
    • SOLUTIONCorrect the errors in this paragraph! There are 142 passengers in the airplane. Sevenof them are the airplane crews. Steve Johnson andJoseph Nguyen are the co-pilot of this airplane. Theairplane are is an Airbus-A320. These type of aircraftis the world’s largest commercial aircraft in servicetoday.
    • CLOSING NOTE• Send an email to the facilitator for enrolling to the course. Write your full name and your country of origin. For example: Ahmad Faisal, Nigeria.• The facilitator email address is herythe@hotmail.co.uk• Star to learn from the course website: http://basicenglishgrammar.weebly.com• Help us to improve the lesson/course by filling out a survey here: BEG Survey