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Sollipsis   Catalog

Sollipsis Catalog



Portfolio de Produtos - 8 Venture Forum Brazil

Portfolio de Produtos - 8 Venture Forum Brazil



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    Sollipsis   Catalog Sollipsis Catalog Presentation Transcript

    • Product Catalog
    • Who we are Sollipsis Interactive is the first Brazilian game development company specialized on wireless games and consumer applications for a great variety of platforms  J2ME  BREW  Mophun  SMS/MMS  SymbianOS  PalmOS
    • What we do  Consumer-oriented wireless and mobile applications  Original games conception and production  Remakes of classic and successful games  Contract-based games and applications  Marketing and branded games  Multiplatform games and consumer apps, including Web-based, SMS, J2ME/BREW and MMS front-ends  Subcontracting on third-party game projects
    • Games
    • Java and Brew Games Our products cover a wide variety of game on all the most appreciated styles wordwide:  Arcade  Puzzle  Action  Sports  Strategy  Multiplayer games
    • Pegs  A traditional board game played with pegs. In its initial configuration, the board has only one vacant position. The only move possible in the game is the elimination of a peg.
    • Pegs  A peg is selected to "jump" above another and rest at a vacant position. The peg that stood at the middle of the jump is eliminated. This move can be performed in four directions: up, down, left and right. Try to finish the game with only one peg left on the board.
    • SolBlocks  Game of tetraminoes to flex your thinking. You must make the pieces fit together to complete lines; each complete line will be eliminated. When the board becomes full the game is over. Try to clear many lines at once.
    • Space Battle  Space Battle is a classic shoot'em-up game. As the commander of the SOL-1 spaceship, you stand as Earth's last hope against the invading alien hordes.
    • Space Battle  Alien spaceships will come in waves - you must destroy all the ships before they attack you. But beware! Some of the alien ships will also try to shot you down, as the advance towards Earth.
    • Space Battle  The several different types of alien ships present unique movement, defense and counter-attack characteristics, making Space Battle a ever changing game.
    • Hack the System  You're a hacker willing to save your good friend from jail. For that you'll have to hack the prision’s computer network to get him out.
    • Mines!  You must guide a war refugee to safety. Your only resource is a sensor that shows the number of mines around the refugee. Walk to the left, find the helicopter, and escape to safety.
    • KeyDance  A memory game for all ages. A sequence of keys is shown, and the player must repeat it using the phone's keypad
    • KeyDance  There are several levels of dificulty to choose - each one showing a different configuration of keys. As you make the right moves, the sequences go faster and longer - try not to forget them!
    • Kart Fighters  A simple but addictive car racing game, Kart Fighters features scrolling levels and fast-paced action. You take control of a red car, and your main objective is to collect all the blue flags on the racing track.  Obstacles and enemy cars will try to stop you - get rid of them by using your car's highly explosive bombs.
    • Kart Fighters  When all flags are collected, you are taken to the next level. Different levels present varying challenges, different tracks and a bunch of special items.
    • Shoot’em All  Sniper is a shooting game. As a special member of the anti-terrorist force, you have to get rid of the terrorists who have taken a building and gathered many hostages.
    • Shoot’em All  Kill all the bad guys before they can shoot you, but beware not to shoot down any hostage.
    • Damas  To play checkers use the directional keys to move the cursor through the board and the action button to select the checker to be moved.
    • Dominoes  To play dominoes just select and play the pawn. To select it you can use lef and right keys. Up key is for choosing the number you're playing. 0 and 9 keys are for scrolling purposes.
    • Dots  Dots is a game based on a matrix field where each player has got a move. On each turn you can mark the square the cursor is pointing at and the one who closes a square gets the points.
    • Embaixada  Show you are a master soccer player  Use your head, shoulders, knees and feet to keep the ball from hitting the ground
    • Deliver or Die  You are Xam Dam – a truck driver in the year 2300. Your sole mission is to transport valuable cargo between cities, and getting paid for the delivery. But beware – the savage road gangs and pirates will try to beat you down and steal your precious cargo!
    • Traíras  Eat the smaller fishes to get fed, but beware the big fishes and crabs – they are also hungry, and will try to bitting you to death! Traíras is Copyright © 2001 Marcos Riffel
    • Paciência  The old, classic card game – now in your hands
    • Basket  Play alone or against a friend – see who is the most skilled player. Aim and throw the ball and make as much points as you can. Become the greatest basketball player of all times!
    • Other Games Penalti  Use all your concentration and skill to make a goal – get that penalty right and lead your team to victory! Sollipsis’ Minesweeper  The award winning and well known classinc minesweeper game – now on your mobile!
    • Other Games Battlegrounds  Command a squad of brave soldiers on this fast-paced WWII action game Master Chess  Multiplayer chess game for J2ME. Play against your friends or a AI opponent using a data connection.
    • Scavenger Hunt  Welcome to Eden's Harbor, where the lands of reality and fantasy intermingle. Play the child hero, Billy, who takes upon himself a quest of mythic proportions within the confines of his own imagination.  Use the elemental magic powers to defeat your enemies and guide Billy through the dangerous dream worlds. Copyright © 2003 Regulator Studios
    • Dominus Anthology  A Series of games focusing the fantasy world of Dominus – a land of power and magic Copyright © 2003 Regulator Studios
    • Dominus Anthology Chapter 1: Scourge of Lanlathral  Adventure game involving a beautiful female as she travels through the world of Dominus. This side scrolling adventure is fast paced and action oriented. Copyright © 2003 Regulator Studios
    • Dominus Anthology Chapter 2: The Spell of Hope  Adventure/puzzle game that has the player searching through dungeons to find six gemstones to bring peace to the world. The game is from a top down view with fast fun puzzles with lots of exploration. Copyright © 2003 Regulator Studios
    • Dominus Anthology Chapter 3: Seal of Destiny  A fast paced overhead puzzle game. Reunite the six gemstones in a safe place and return to one of the chambers of the cathedral in Illusia. Copyright © 2003 Regulator Studios
    • Consumer Applications
    • DigitalMemory Your award winning Personal Password Storing Application  Keep all your sensitive passwords in one (password protected) single place  Protect your data with criptography techniques
    • DigitalMemory
    • DigitalMemory
    • MyLogger  The complete blogging tool for your mobile. Write posts anywhere, read blogs on your phone. The weblogging revolution has come to your mobile!  Write your posts anywhere  Write your posts “offline”, and only connect their phones when the messages are sent  Read news blogs on your own phone, anytime  Edit and comment other users’ posts, when you’re allowed to do so
    • MyLogger
    • MyLogger
    • MyLogger - Business Models  MyBlog.com  Unified blogging space on the web  Users can create and manage their own blog and photolog
    • MyLogger - Business Models  MyLogger Branded Edition  Offer weblogging space for your users - with wireless access  Suitable for all wireless carriers, ISPs and enterprise users  Host your own weblogging server and manage the users access  Includes a custom, branded edition of MyLogger – for your users only!
    • MyLogger 2.0  A new, more powerful edition * Read other users’ blogs Take pictures and publish them on your photolog with just a few clicks * Available only for camera-enabled phones
    • MyChat  Chat with your friends online, in this small, easy to use chat client  Create or join chat rooms about any subject  Send private and public messages to anyone  Log to any IRC network worldwide
    • MyChat – Business Models  MyChat Branded Edition Offer customized channels for your users - with wireless access Suitable for all wireless carriers, ISPs and enterprise users Host your own chat server and manage the users access Includes a custom, branded edition of MyChat – for your users only!
    • MyMessenger  Send and receive messages anywhere, anytime  Talk to friends on ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM and Jabber networks  Keep all your contacts in one single messenger software
    • MyMessenger versus SMS  Up to 96% cheaper  Send messages to anyone – not just other phone users  Send and receive messages with any size – no more 160 char-limited “shrt txts”  Check your contacts online status, all the time
    • MyMessenger
    • MyMail  Integrated Web Mail and WAP Mail system  Read your messages on the go  Send messages wherever you are  Get Notified on the go
    • MyMail  Set up your mail box to warn you on special events Messages from one particular person Urgent messages only Get notified when your mailbox is nearly full Messages with a specific subject You name it! myMail notifies you – wherever you are
    • Shopper  Search for books, DVDs, Video and Music on your mobile  Get detailed description of items – including pictures!  Read what other people are saying about any particular product
    • Shopper Search the large amazon.com catalog for products Authors, Artists and Directors Keywords Book ISBNs CD UPC Codes
    • Shopper Add products to your amazon.com shopping cart with a single click You can complete the transaction any time, on your PC
    • Shopper
    • Other Applications MyComics  Read daily strips right on your phone! Fast Package  Track and locate your packages anytime, anywhere Select the mailing company (FedEx, UPS, USPS or Airborne) Enter your package identification number Get instant tracking!
    • Other Applications Dictionary 2 Go  Get the meaning of any word – just type what you want and get to know it  Translate words between many different languages – in a snap!
    • Wireless Solutions
    • Gaming Platforms  A wide range of server-side gaming engines, including  High-score servers  Multiplayer engine for strategy games  Multiplayer engine for chats and instant messaging
    • Contact Herval Freire, CEO herval@sollipsis.com +55 (83) 8805-3751