Lesson plan for preposition


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Lesson plan for preposition

  1. 1. St. Louise de Marillac College of Sorsogon Higher Education Department S.Y: 2011-2012 Lesson Plan in English First YearI. OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson, the students are able to: 1. Use the correct preposition in a sentence. 2. Construct sentences using the prepositions.II. SUBJECT MATTER Prepositions MATERIALS: PowerPoint presentation Video clip REFERENCE: - Good English (blue book) by Ney, Harsh, Lapp, Meerson, and Armstead Jr. - New ways in English by Lodge and Trett - www.youtube.com - www.google.comIII. PROCEDURE A) MOTIVATION Video clip about prepositions B) PRESENTATION OF THE LESSON What are the words used in the video clip? Introduce to them the prepositions. Give an example. “The cat is under the table.” Show to the class the common list of prepositions. Then, the teacher will give an example in each of the prepositions. Later on, the teacher will asked the students to make a sentence using the prepositions. C) GENERALIZATION  What do you mean by prepositions? D) EVALUATION Make a list of the prepositions as they appear in the following sentences. 1. In Roman mythology, Vulcan was the god of fire. 2. According to legend he once had E) ASSIGNMENT Choose the correct preposition from the word list below to fill in the blanks for each sentence. ============================================================= over into at behind beside under by from between up on onto near in opposite around during outside of through without toward until
  2. 2. among before across after along for with as============================================================1. I ride my bicycle to work, all the way _____ the mountain.2. The sign says, "Please dont sit _____ the grass."3. He ran as fast as he could _____ catch the bus.4. Be careful you don’t fall _____ the stairs. They are very steep!5. It began to rain, so we all ran _____ the house.6. He gave us directions and suggested we drive about 5 miles _____ thesunset, then turn left _____ we reach the town _____ Highlands.7. We can’t get _____ the concert hall _____ our tickets. Someone _____our group will need to go back _____ the hotel to get them.8. The United States of America is located _____ Canada and Mexico.9. Lets have a picnic _____ the lake. The water is so warm that we couldjump _____ and go _____ a swim. Let’s wait _____ we eat though.10. If you go _____ the bridge, you will be _____ a different country! Prepared by: Alona Guardacasa Jushabeth Garcera BSEd-III