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Curriculum in English (lang.curr.)

Curriculum in English (lang.curr.)






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    Curriculum in English (lang.curr.) Curriculum in English (lang.curr.) Presentation Transcript

    • St. Louise de Marillac College of Sorsogon Higher Education Department S.Y: 2011-2012 Submitted by: Liza Lyn Oanzon Jushabeth G. Garcera BSEd-III Submitted to: Dr. Belen Dominguiano
    • TIMEOBJECTIVES LESSON ACTIVITIES EVALUATIONS REFERENCES FRAME• Enunciate the • Word stress. June • Speech drills/ practice • Chorale presentation. • Speech proper sound of ( 2 days) drills. improvement. words. • New Horizons • Peer dialogue. in Learning• Recognize the English by different Helen Ladera, sounds of Magelene words. Flores, and Edna Dela Cruz.• Identify and • Kinds of June • Make an Idiom Poster. • Decide whether each • Language: use sentences sentence: ( 1 -2 days) sentence is a statement, a Skills and correctly in Declarative, • Write a paragraph. question, a request or Use, p. 42-43 their various interrogative, command, or an by Scott, kinds and imperative, exclamation. Foresman. patterns. exclamatory. • Better English 1. I’m going to make some for Philippine jam. High School 2. Last year I made 20 jars of by Josephine strawberry jam. Serrano. 3. I can’t believe that I’ve eaten all of it!
    • • Enunciate the • Sentence July • Dialogue by partner • Chorale presentation • Speech proper sound of stress 2 days improvement words. • Reading a selection • Oral speech delivery • New Horizons (prepared speech) in Learning• Recognize the • Speech drills English by different Helen Ladera, sounds of • Preparing dialogue Magelene words. Flores, and Edna Dela Cruz.• Distinguish • Synonyms July • Group work--writing a A) Replace each underlined • Language: synonyms from and 1-2 days paragraph. word with a synonym. Skills and antonyms Antonyms Then use each group of Use, p. 94-95 • Brainstorming(selected words in a sentence. by Scott, article or story) / unlocking Foresman. of difficulties B) Replace each underlined • Better English word in Exercise A with an for Philippine • Board work antonym. Then use each High School group of words in a by Josephine sentence. Serrano.
    • • Identify the • Sentence July • Discussion proper • Oral/written evaluation • New Ways in different kinds Patterns (3 weeks) English by of sentence S-IV, S-TV-O, S- • Peer dialogue • Group presentation Helen Lodge patterns L-VC, S-TV-IO and and Gerald S-TV-O-OC, • Paragraph making Trett. Question pattern, Inverted pattern, • Preparing a simple skit Request pattern and Pattern connecting short statements• Identify the use • Nouns August • Creating a paragraph • Preparing a simple skit • Better English of nouns in -derivational (1 week) for Philippine their various , Proper, common, • Board work, brainstorming • Composition writing High School forms correctly Singular and Plural, activities by Josephine count, Mass, Serrano. Determiners, • Discussion • New Ways in Genders English by • Group work Helen Lodge and Gerald Trett.• Enunciate the • The sounds: August • Speech / practice drills • Speech presentation • Speech proper sound of of /Ɛ / and /I/: /æ/ (1 week) /Ɛ / and /I/ Improvement words and /a/; /s/ and /z/: Red it • Recitation • New Horizons /a/ and /o/; -s Bed rid in Learning• Recognize the ending /æ/ and /a/ English by different Catch not Helen Ladera, sounds of Had God Magelene
    • words /a/ and /o/ Flores, and Edna Dela • Oral practice Cruz.• Identify the use • Pronouns August • Discussion proper A) Use each possessive • Language: of pronouns in -Personal, 2-3 days (selections) pronouns in a sentence of Skills and Use their various Reflexive, your own: by Scott forms correctly intensive, • Brainstorming activity Mine, yours, his, hers, theirs, Foresman. Indefinite and ours, and its. Interrogative • Group work • New ways in B) Write the sentences and English by • Story telling underline the possessive Helen Lodge pronouns. and Gerald The butterfly kite is ours. Trett. Hers is tangled up with the box kite. Is that bat kite yours or his?• Identify the use • Verbs September • Discussion proper A) Write each sentence • Good English of verbs 2-3 days below, changing the verb blue book by correctly in • Recitation from base form to ed form. Ney, Harsh, their different At the end of each Lapp, forms and • Finding the verbs in the sentence, write whether Meerson and tenses sentences. the verb is regular or Armstead. irregular. 1. We speak with Mr. Rogers • Language: every day. Skills and Use 2. They hear the bells by Scott, ringing. Foresman. 3. We think of her often. • Better English
    • for Philippine B) TENSES OF ACTION High School VERBS by Josephine Complete the sentences below Serrano. by writing a subject (S) and an action verb (V) in the tense given. Tomorrow _S V_ (future) all morning. A horrid S_ V_ (past) us last night. Everyday S V (present).• Identify the use • Tree kinds of September • Discussion proper • Write a sentence • Good English of verbs verbs 1-2 days containing a linking verb blue book by correctly in - Transitive • Presentation of a story. for each of these Ney, Harsh, their different Intransitive and completers. Write what Lapp, forms and Linking • Recitation kind of completer is used Meerson and tenses in each sentence. Armstead. 1. A hard worker. 2. Near the gate. • Language: 3. Our team captain. Skills and Use, by Scott, Foresman. • New ways in English by Helen Lodge and Gerald Trett.
    • • Identify the use • Verb tenses September • Discussion proper • Use the correct tenses of • Good English of verbs present 2 weeks the verbs. Answer the blue book by correctly in tense, Past • Paragraph writing following questions in Ney, Harsh, their different tense and complete sentences. Lapp, forms and future tense 1. What are you going to Meerson and tenses do tomorrow? Armstead. • Voice 2. What did your mother Passive and active tell you this morning? • Language: voice 3. Who taught you to Skills and Use swim? by Scott, Foresman • Practice using the passive voice in these sentences. 1. The prize __ (donated) by the principal. 2. My sister __ (consider) the best dancer of the group. 3. the game __ (win) by our players. • Oral recitation• Identify and • Agreement October • Discussion proper • Complete each sentence • New Ways in give the verb of subject 2 weeks below with the correct English by that agrees and Verb (2-3 SV • Group activity verb. Helen Lodge with a given rules in a recitation 1. Erica ___ her room. (paint, and Gerald subject in a day) paints) Trett. sentence 2. John and Fred ___ the furniture. (move, moves) • Good English 3. The neighbors ___ too. blue book by
    • (help, helps) Ney, Harsh, Lapp, Meerson and Armstead. • Language: Skills and Use by Scott. Foresman.• Identify the • Writing November • Reading a letter. • Write a letter • New Ways in different styles Letters 1 week (complaining, persuasion, English by and functions complaint, • Reading sample letters. business or personal) Helen Lodge of Letter writing persuasion, (complaint, persuasion, business and Gerald business or or personal) Trett. personal • Good English blue book by Ney, Harsh, Lapp, Meerson and Armstead.• Enunciate the • The sounds December • speech drills/ practice • chorale presentation • Speech proper sound of od /a/ and 2-3 days drills improvement words /a/; /a/ and • Oral speech delivery New Horizons in /e/; /d/ ,/t/ • Dialogue by partner Learning English• Recognize the and /id/; by Helen Ladera, different and/s/ and Magelende sounds of /sh/ Flores, and Edna words Dela Cruz.
    • • Identify and • Adjectives December • Group discussion • Write a paragraph about • New Ways in use adjectives and Adverbs 1 week caring for a sick or injured English by in their form • Board work animal or some other topic Helen Lodge correctly of your own using and Gerald • Application drills adjectives and adverbs. Trett.• Identify and use adverbs in • Try to use some of the • Good English their various adjectives and adverbs on blue book by forms correctly the right and add some Ney, Harsh, adjectives and adverbs of Lapp, your own. Meerson and Armstead. • Language: Skills and Use by Scott. Foresman.• Enunciate the • The sounds December • Discussion proper • Oral delivery of a chosen • Speech proper sound of of /o/ and /u/; 2-3 days speech Improvement words /oo/ and /oo/ • Speech drills • New Horizons in Learning• Recognize the • Peer dialogue English by different Helen Ladera, sounds of Magelende words Flores and Edna Dela Cruz.
    • • Write a good • The January • Discussion proper • Write a paragraph of at • Language: Paragraph paragraph 3 days least 4 sentences about Skills and Use using • Reading a selection the scariest monsters you p. 66-71 by adjectives and know or some other topic. Scott, adverbs Foresman • Better English• Analyze the for Philippine paragraph High School according to by Josephine the method of Serrano. development used• Develop Topic • The topic January • Discussion proper • Write a topic sentence for • Language: sentence sentence 1-2 days each paragraph below. Skills and Use based on a set • Reading a paragraph. 1. __. The stranger walked p. 66-67 by of guidelines down our street twice. His Scott, • Group work hat was tipped to one Foresman side, and he wore a coat • Better like a detective. 2. The Haley house was all boarded up. Birds flew in and out of a hole in the roof. The wind blew the creaky gate open and shut. __.
    • • Write a • The Short February • Presentation of the story. • Write a composition on the • Good English composition on Story 1-3 days ff. topics. blue book by varied topics • Group discussion 1. Kinds of dog. Ney, Harsh, 2. Many Men Have Lapp, • Short story writing Become Great Writers. Meerson and 3. The Pen is a Mighty Armstead Weapon.• Write a poem • The poem February • Reading a poem in the • Create a poem. • Language: 1-2 days class. Skills and Use by Scoot, Foresman. • Good English blue book by Ney, Harsh, Lapp, Meerson and Armstead• Write an essay. • The essay February • Group discussion. • Write a personal essay. • Good English 1-2 days blue book by • Reading an example of Ney, Harsh, essay. Lapp, Meerson and • Write an example of essay Armstead
    • TIMEOBJECTIVES LESSON ACTIVITIES EVALUATIONS REFERENCES FRAME• Recognize • Subject and June • Discussion proper • Underline the subject and • Better English subject and Predicate 2 days the predicate in the for Philippine predicate. • Group work sentences. High Schools, 1. Fish is an important pp. 15-17, by export of Camarines Josephine B. Sur. Serrano. 2. My brother hunted wild • New Ways in ducks in Laguna. English by 3. The smallest fish in the Helen Lodge world is found in Lake and Gerald Buhi. Trett. • Combine the following• Identify the • Compound June • Puzzle sentences and form • Better English compound subject and 2 days compound subjects or for Philippine subject and compound compound predicate. High Schools, compound predicate 1. He saw his books. He pp.17-19, by predicate. remembered his Josephine B. homework. Serrano 2. They traveled abroad. • New Ways in They saw many English by interesting sights. Helen Lodge 3. The boys went on a and Gerald picnic. The girl Trett.. 4. s went, too.
    • • Identify the • CLASSES June • Discussion proper • State what kinds of nouns • Better English different kinds OF NOUNS 1 week the italicized words in the for Philippine of nouns. (common • Jumbled letters. The following selection are: High School, nouns, students will arrange it to Rizal mentioned pp.55-59 by proper form name, person, thing particularly the beautiful Josephine B. nouns, place or idea. country of Japan—the Serrano. collective flowers, the hills, the nouns and • Picture cards. The mountains, the clear • Language: abstract students will identify what stream, the flocks of birds, Skills and nouns) they have seen. the groves of cherry trees. Use, p.18 by He added that the cities Scott, and houses were clean. Foresman. The Japanese were courteous and very • New Ways in industrious. Comparing English by the cities with Manila, he Helen Lodge noticed that there were no and Gerald beggars in Japan. He also Trett. noted the singular honesty of the people – those thieves were rare, that there were no bars to windows, no locks to doors. Singular land of Japan, with its charming women his thoughts turned to love and romance!
    • • Identify and • Plural of June • Puzzle • Give the plural nouns of • Better English give the plural Nouns 2-3 days the following nouns. for Philippine nouns. 1. Mosquito High School, 2. Piano pp.60-65 by 3. Man-servant Josephine B. Serrano. • New Ways in English by Helen Lodge and Gerald Trett.• Form • Possessive July • Using a dialogue to be • Combine the words after • Better English possessive Nouns 2 days read by two volunteer each number to form a for Philippine nouns. students. complete sentence. Make High School, the nouns denote pp.69-74 by possession. Josephine B. Serrano. EXAMPLE: table – legs • New Ways in The legs of this table English by should be dusted. Helen Lodge and Gerald 1. Workmen – salaries Trett. 2. Mile – distance • Language: 3. Automobile – tires Skills and Use by
    • • Identify the • Gender of July • Discussion of the lesson • Change the italicized • Better English gender of Nouns 2 days nouns in the following for Philippine nouns • Reading a selection. The sentences into the High School, students will identify the opposite gender. pp. 76-80 by nouns. 1. My uncle has a small Josephine fishing boat. Serrano. 2. He bought a hen from • New Ways in the market. English by 3. My mother often Helen Lodge comes with us. and Gerald Trett.• Differentiate • Lend and July • Actual presentations of • Fill each blank with lend or • Better English the use of lend borrow 1-2 days differentiating lend and borrow. for Philippine and borrow. borrow. 1. Will you __ me your High School, pencil? Or course. I’ll pp. 83-84 by • Discussion proper. __ it to you. Josephine 2. I want to __ your book, Serrano. but you might not __ it • New Horizons to me. – Why not? I’ll in Learning certainly __ it to you. English by 3. Do you think that I can Helen Ladera, __ a pencil from Magelende someone? – Of Flores and course, you can. I’ll __ Edna Dela you mine. Cruz.
    • • Give the plural • Singular and July • Puzzle • Answer the following • Better English forms of the plural special 2-3 days questions, using the for Philippine singular nouns. nouns • Using a dialogue to be expressions indicated in High School, read by two volunteer parenthesis. pp. 84-88 by students. Josephine Serrano. EXAMPLE: What’s on the table? (dust – much) • New Ways in There’s a much dusty on English by the table. Helen Lodge and Gerald 1. What does he write? Trett. (poetry – a lot of) 2. Why are they clapping • Good English their hands? ( blue book by applause – a great Ney, Harsh, deal of) Lapp, 3. What are the children Meerson and asking for? ( bread – Armstead. some) • Language: Skills and Use by Scott. Foresman.
    • • To use the • VERBS August • Reading a selection. • The verbs in the following • Better English tense forms (Present 2 days sentences are in the for Philippine correctly. tense, • Discussion proper present tense, ordinary High School, progressive form. Give the present pp. 99-104. form) tense, progressive form. • New Ways in English by EXAMPLE: I do my Helen Lodge homework regularly. and Gerald I am doing my homework Trett. now. • Good English 1. My mother writes a blue book by letter to Uncle Nestor. Ney, Harsh, 2. My brother throws Lapp, stone at him. Meerson and 3. The laborers demand Armstead. better wages. • Language: Skills and Use by Scott. Foresman.• Give the past • Past tense of August • Word cards. Students will • Make sentences out of the • Better English tense of the the verb 2 days give the past tense of the following numbered items. for Philippine verbs verbs. Use the past tense, High School, ordinary form. pp.107-112 by • Reading a selection. And Josephine the students will take note EXAMPLE: Father – go – Serrano. of the action in the past. province last week. • New Ways in My father went to the English by
    • province last week. Helen Lodge and Gerald 1. Child – break – toys Trett. 2. My classmate – give – • Good English dog – little brother blue book by 3. My friends – come – Ney, Harsh, study – me Lapp, Meerson and Armstead. • Language: Skills and Use by Scott. Foresman.• Identify the • Future tense August • Reading a selection • Combine the items given • Better English future tense of of the verbs 2 days under each number to for Philippine the verbs • Group discussion about state future action. Use High School, their dreams. the ―going to‖ construction. pp. 115-119 by Josephine EXAMPLE: he – do – Serrano. better work in the future • New Ways in He’s going to do better English by work in the future. Helen Lodge and Gerald 1. We – visit- our friends Trett. next week • Good English 2. The teacher – blue book by distribute – test papers Ney, Harsh, today Lapp, 3. The farmers – harvest Meerson and – rice – soon Armstead.
    • • Identify the • Parts of a September • Reading a letter • Write the heading, • Better English parts of the letter 2-3 days salutation, and for Philippine letters • Discussion about the parts complimentary close of High School, of the letters. the following: pp. 136-143 1. Anita Albaza, who lives • New Ways in at 1250 General Luna English by Street, Manila, writes Helen Lodge to her cousin who lives and Gerald at 3396 Market Street, Trett. Seattle, Washington, • Language: United States of Skills and Use America. by Scott. 2. Juan Gomez, who lives Foresman. in San Miguel, Tarlac, writes to his friend Pedro Flores, who is staying at the Pines Hotel in Baguio City. 3. Mrs. Petronila de Dios, who resides at Sangley Point, Cavite, writes to her husband, Juan de Dios, who is a sailor stationed in the U.S Naval Reservation at Guam.
    • • Write a friendly • Friendly September • Reading an example of • Write a cheerful, informal, • Better English letter. letter 2 days friendly letter. entertaining letter to a for Philippine friend. Write about the High School, activity you both enjoy. pp. 143-150 by Josephine Serrano.• Write a letter of • Social September • Reading a letter. A) LETTER OF INVITATION • Better English invitation and Notes 2 days Write a letter inviting a for Philippine thank you (letter of • Discussion proper. friend to any of the High School, letter. invitation, following occasions. pp. 150-162 thank you 1. A jam session by Josephine letter) 2. A school picnic Serrano. 3. A celebration of a barrio or town fiesta B) THANK YOU LETTER Write each of the following letters. 1. A ―thank you‖ letter to a friend or relative for a gift she has sent to you. 2. A letter thanking a friend who has sent you ticket s for a game, concert, program, or recital. 3. A ―bread-and-butter‖ letter to your aunt in
    • the province after spending a week in her home.• Write a • Business September • Discussion about the parts • Write a letter of application • Better English business letter. letters 2-3 days of the business letter. for the position of for Philippine salesman or salesgirl in a High School, • Reading a business letter. department store. pp. 162-167 by Josephine Serrano. • New Ways in English by Helen Lodge and Gerald Trett• Write a • Narration October • Presentation of a story. • Prepare to relate a • Better English narration using 3 days (Lazy Juan goes to personal experience to the for Philippine the varied Church) class. Select one of the High School, topics. following topics. pp. 174-179 1. An Act of Heroism by Josephine 2. An Incident in Class Serrano. 3. Not Prepared for the Test• Identify the • Present October • Discussion proper • The present tense is given • Better English present perfect perfect tense 1-2 days in the following sentences. for Philippine tense of the • Paragraph writing Give another sentence High School, verbs. along the same line of pp. 179-183 thought but use the by Josephine present perfect tense. Serrano.
    • • New Ways in EXAMPLE: The Bagobos English by live in the mountains. Helen Lodge The Bagobos have lived in and Gerald the mountains for a long Trett. time. • Good English blue book by 1. My grandmother lives Ney, Harsh, with us. Lapp, 2. I exercise every Meerson and morning. Armstead. 3. Children enjoy playing • Language: under the trees. Skills and Use by Scott. Foresman.• Identify the • Past perfect October • Discussion of the lesson • In the following phrases, • Better English past perfect tense 1-2 days the verbs are in the past for High tense of the • Ask a question of what tense. Complete the School, pp. verb. they have done during phrases, telling about 188-189 by weekends. something else which Josephine happened before the Serrano. action expressed by the • New Ways in past tense. English by Helen Lodge EXAMPLE: before he and Gerald went home Trett. He had finished his work • Good English before he went home. blue book by Ney, Harsh, 1. Before we ate our Lapp,
    • supper. Meerson and 2. Before the girl for her Armstead. mother • Language: 3. Before the boy scouts Skills and Use did their chores by Scott. Foresman.• Identify the • Future November • Ask a question about their • Change the following • Better English future perfect perfect tense 1-2 days ambition. sentences so that they will for Philippine tense of the express future perfect High School, verb. • Discussion of the lesson. time. pp. 198-202 by Josephine • Reading a paragraph and EXAMPLE: The principal Serrano. New the students will take note will make a speech at Ways in of the future action. e0ight o’clock. English by The principal will have Helen Lodge made a speech by eight and Gerald o’clock. Trett. • Good English 1. The guests will go blue book by home at eleven Ney, Harsh, o’clock. Lapp, 2. Mariano will play Meerson and basketball this Armstead. afternoon. • Language: 3. The dressmaker will Skills and Use sew the dress this by Scott. noon. Foresman.
    • • Write an • Autobiograp November • Reading an example of an • Write an autobiography. • Better English autobiography hy 2 days autobiography. for Philippine High School, • Discussion of the pp. 203-207 guideline in writing an by Josephine autobiography. Serrano.• Write a story • Writing a November • Presentation of the story. • Write a paragraph • Better English Story 3 days describing the setting for a for Philippine • Group discussion story in your community. High School, Make the reader see the pp. 208-213 • short story writing place vividly. The setting by Josephine may be a house, a street, Serrano. a river, or the sea. • New Ways in English by Helen Lodge and Gerald Trett.• Identify the • Compound December • Discussion proper • Underline the two • Better English independent sentence 2-3 days independent clauses and for Philippine clauses and the • Application drills the coordinate conjunction High School, coordinate in each of the following pp.231-233 by conjunctions. sentences. Josephine 1. We may quarrel with a Serrano. friend, but he would • New Ways in still be a friend. English by 2. A friend likes the things Helen Lodge you like and you like and Gerald the things he likes. Trett.
    • 3. Other people may try • Language: to come between good Skills and Use friends, but they will by Scott. not succeed. Foresman.• To form a • Complex January • Group discussion • Combine the following • Better English complex sentence 2-3 days ideas to form complex for Philippine sentence. • Application drills sentences. High School, 1. This is the church. It is pp. 237- 241 about two hundred by Josephine years old. Serrano. 2. I read the poem. I like • New Ways in it very much. English by 3. Maria will sing a song. Helen Lodge It’s about a girl’s first and Gerald love. Trett. • Language: Skills and Use by Scott. Foresman.• Give the uses • Adjectives January • Let the students imagine • Fill in the blanks with the • Better English of adjectives. 1 week of their favorite place. correct form of the words for Philippine Then, they will describe in parenthesis. High School,• Construct the place they had gone. 1. Imelda gets __ (high) pp. 246-251 sentences grades than her sister. by Josephine using 2. Yesterday was the __ Serrano. adjectives. (hot) day this week. • New Ways in 3. I’ll buy the __ (little) English by expensive of the six Helen Lodge pens. and Gerald
    • Trett. • Good English blue book by Ney, Harsh, Lapp, Meerson and Armstead. • Language: Skills and Use by Scott. Foresman.• Identify the use • Adverbs February • Group discussion • Fill in the blanks with the • Better English of adverb in 1-2 weeks correct comparative forms. for Philippine their forms. • Board work 1. I have a bad cold High School, today. I had a __ cold pp. 257-261 • Application drills last week. But I had by Josephine the __ cold of all two Serrano. months ago. 2. Many students • New Ways in g0raduate from English by college; __ students Helen Lodge graduate from high and Gerald school; the __ number Trett. finish the grade school. 3. Manuel speaks English • Good English well. Penny speaks __ blue book by English than Manuel. Ney, Harsh, Orlando speaks the __ Lapp, English of the three. Meerson and Armstead.
    • • Language: Skills and Use by Scott. Foresman.• Write a • Composition February • Group Composition. The • Write a composition using • Better English composition Writing 1 week teacher will write one of these 3 topics. for Philippine varied on the following sentences on 1. My Favorite Flower High School, topics. the board. Then she will 2. My Favorite Radio pp. 265-270 ask a student to write a Program. by Josephine sentence that starts off a 3. An Unforgettable Serrano. composition growing out Incident. • New Ways in of the idea the sentence English by suggests. A second Helen Lodge student is sent to the and Gerald board to add a sentence Trett carrying the composition forward. A third student is asked to do the same, and so on. 1. It was a lovely garden. 2. One day a stranger tapped me on the shoulder. 3. The first three quarters saw mild action, but the rally came in the last quarter.
    • • write a good • Paragraph March • Present a paragraph. And • Write four or more • Better English Paragraph 3 days the students will pick out sentences developing for Philippine using the topic sentence. each topic sentences High School, adjectives and If the books teachers below: pp. 289-291 adverbs. make students read are 1. Betty was studying her by Josephine too difficult for them, the lesson. Serrano.• Analyze the students will not 2. The kittens were so • New Ways in paragraph understand what they cute it was hard for me English by according to read. They will end by to decide which one I Helen Lodge the method of developing dislike for wanted. and Gerald development reading. But if they find 3. The farmer was Trett. used. the first book they read preparing his field for • Good English interesting and easy to planting. blue book by understand, they will come Ney, Harsh, to like reading and even Lapp, become good readers. It is Meerson and a fact that most students Armstead. hate to read because they • Language: were not introduces to the Skills and Use right books early enough. by Scott. Foresman.