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Compilations in  creative writing Compilations in creative writing Document Transcript

  • REFLECTIVE ESSAY THE CASE OF ANGELO REYES O ur life is created by God. So we have to treasure it. In the situation of Angelo Reyes, he should not have ended his life with a flick of afinger. It is common for us people to have a problem but in the case of Angelo Reyes, itis quite rare. But for me, it is not right to end your life just because of that! There aremany solutions that may help him cope with his problem. he Fifth Commandment states that “YOU SHALL NOT KILL.” T The suicide done by Reyes was absolutely against it. Life is short.Isn’t it? So we should not waste our time for a nonsense thing. I think he can managehis problems if he did counseling, for him to have a clear mind and betterunderstanding. I n his case, many people were thinking that he is also a part of corruption because of his suicide. They think that he is guiltyabout it. So, as a person, we have to think first the correct and most important thingfor us. And we have to think of many possibilities just to solve our problems in life.Not ending our life!
  • DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY SUBIC BEACH IN MATNOG ave you ever gone to Matnog, Sorsogon? If not, I will relate with H you one of the beaches in Matnog which is now being known inother places – the Subic Beach. atnog can be found in the province of Sorsogon. It is in the end of M Luzon. For you to be able to go to the Subic Beach, you have tofirst ride on a boat. It takes 15 to 20 minutes before reaching it. Subic beach is nowknown by many people because it has been broadcast by the media of ABS-CBN. he sand of Subic is white just like in Boracay. It is somehow pure; T it came from the dead corals. The color of the sea water is lightblue so you can see the underwater wherein corals, different fishes and sea weeds canbe found. If you are going to swim, the sea water level is first from your feet of courseto your waist or shoulder depending on your height. And then, in a single step or two,it becomes deeper. But it is not totally as deep as the ocean. hen you are planning to have a night swimming there, I can W assure you that it is very beautiful and you’ll feel that you arein paradise because when the sunrise is approaching, you will feel at peace and thesun is very amazing with its color orange and it is big. The atmosphere is veryrelaxing. That you will feel or think that you want to live there!
  • ANECDOTE hen I was in fourth year High School, I had different groups of W friends. The twilight, g’gurls, gagong rapers, kokey boys and as awhole, we call our section as “SIPSIPONS”. Sipsipons because since first year, we wereall in Special Science Class also known as SSC section. hen the promenade was approaching, my other friends in G’gurls W were back fighting me because I usually joined in the group oftwilights which was very close to everyone and they didn’t back fight each other aswell as the other persons. Because in g’gurls, the group to which I really belong, theyback fight everybody even us, their friends. The only members of it which is not“plastic” and back fighters was me and my bestfriend, Dimple. O ne time, they were wondering why I was not joining them. So what I did is that I talked to them. And when I am talking, thethree girls except my bestfriend were laughing at me. . . I ask why? They said, theyjust didn’t want to be so serious. So on my part, it was very insulting. Because I wasexplaining but they still did laugh so walked out and cried. My other friends sawwhat they did. Later on, they followed me inside the campus. My friend Johanna wascomforting me and when the g’gurls wanted to have a conversation with me, thethree still laughed. So Johanna told them to stop because it was a sign that theyreally didn’t care and they have no respect. My bestfriend misunderstood whatJohanna was trying to tell so; she walked out too together with my three friends. Asthey walked out, I followed them and I held the shoulder of my bestfriend to stop herand for her to hear my explanation. Yet, she refused to listen. And again, I cried.Then almost all of my classmates saw everything. The girls were comforting me andthey were telling bad words against them. And the boys formed a circle and they sanga rap song just to hide us and for the others not to wonder why I am crying.
  • day after what happened, during recess/break time, my bestfriend A was crying on the corner because of our “war”. And her sister calledon a mobile phone and tried to know everything behind that because she told me thatmy bestfriend was crying the night after she walked out. So, I explained to hereverything. And I heard Jerelyn saying that I am “plastikon” because I talked to mybestfriend’s sister. I was angry then, until one week, after that, I am the one who saidsorry even though it was their real fault. I did that because almost all of myclassmates were angry at them because they knew the truth. And for me, sayingsorry is not important of who will be the one to say that, even if it is your fault ornot. What’s important is that the friendship that we built and we were allgraduating students, so I took off my pride! And now, we are still friends. Yet theystill somehow have the same attitude.
  • NARRATIVE ESSAY I HAD A DREAM “Live life to the fullest.” Every day is a treasure. L ast July 15, 2011, 6 o’clock in the morning, the sister of my grandmother on my father side died. It was a shocking moment to all of us. She went toMatnog that week to attend the burial of the relative of her husband. The day after theburial. . . after she took her breakfast and was about to take her toothbrush, she had a heartattack. Immediately, she was brought to the hospital to be saved but unfortunately, shedidn’t survived. My mother texted me about what happened and I was shocked and about tocry because I thought it was my grandma on my mother side. Because they have the samename which in Salvacion “Vacion”. But when I saw the name of my very close aunt, Ithought of them. For they were only two daughters and they were both single. S he was a good mother to all. I remembered that whenever we celebrated the town fiesta in Matnog, Christmas, New Year, and the like, she used to bewith us. And she will make some dishes that we like and her best dish or recipe was lecheflan.Her lecheflan is very delicious and anybody wants to have it. he day of her burial, I wasn’t able to attend because I still have an T examination for midterm. Although I want to be there, still, I don’thave much time and I have no choice but to finish first my examinations. It was the saddestpart because of course I wasn’t able to see her for the last time. O ne day, I had a dream. Surprisingly, she was there. She’s wearing a white dress and black on the edge. She is cooking and very busy
  • preparing some foods because we have a gathering that time. At one moment, Ithought/realize that she was dead. But I used to ignore her because she was enjoying her workat that time. I think, she wanted us to be happy and not to worry about her for she is now inGod’s hand. ith this dream, I have been awakened and I found myself crying. It W was 3 o’clock in the morning. At 4 o’clock, I decided to sleep againwishing that I will be seeing her again. But it never happened. COMPARISON AND CONTRAST TEACHERS and STUDENTS hat are the rules of teachers and students? Are they important in W our society? eachers have the most critical role here in our society because they T are the ones who mold the students. They always see to it that thestudents gain knowledge from them. They are also the second parents of the learnersfor they teach, guide, help and discipline the students to become a better person. Andtheir teachings should also jive with the needs, interest, skills and abilities of thestudents so that the learners will be motivated and being motivated will enhancetheir capabilities in doing things. S tudents are the ones who listen, apply, experiment and solve problems. These are the roles of a student because it helps them toenhance their knowledge and experiences. They have to do all the requirements givenby the teacher for it will be their guide to their future. Jose Rizal said that youngpeople play a vital role in our society. Yes! It’s true. And they are the ones who canmake a change in our society/community.
  • S o without teachers, there will be no students and there will be no change /progress in our society.BIOGRAPHY THE LIFE OF MY BESTFRIEND MERNADITH “DIMPLE” ATENCIO GARCERA S he was born on August 6, 1993. She is the second child of Mr. Meynardo B. Garcera Jr. and Mrs. Judith A. Garcera. She graduatedat Matnog Central School during her elementary days, and also a product of MatnogNational High School. She came from Immaculate College of Legaspi for one semesteronly due to her migraine. And she continued her studies here in Sorsogon City atAsian College of Science and Technology also known as ACSAT, taking PracticalNursing. She actually graduated last school year 2010-2011. But she still takes hertwo subjects because she is an irregular student. y bestfriend is very talented, artistic, intelligent, friendly, M generous and gorgeous. She also loves chocolates because, for herchocolate is the best medicine especially when she is stress and broken hearted or if shehas a problem. Her lovelife is very colorful. But the other boyfriend of her was notquite serious so she also plays with them to be fair as she told me. But once she trulyloved the person, her aura is very light and you will feel that she is truly and madlyinlove. 
  • AUTOBIOGRAPHY mm… It’s month of hearts! Can’t wait to celebrate the H Valentine’s day. But wait! Who’s that woman about to delivera child? Well, that’s my mother. And I am the new born child. I t’s Tuesday in the morning that my mother named “Gloria” were about to deliver a gorgeous and healthy child. And that’s me!Jushabeth “yssa” Galeria Garcera. But my real name should be Yushabeth. But thenurse who types my name on my birth certificate didn’t get the right spelling.Anyway, it’s okay. Coz I still have a beautiful name.  I was born on February 09, 1993 at the hospital of Irosin, Sorsogon. I am the second to the eldest among the five siblings in the familynamely; Charmagne the eldest, Alliah Joi , John Ernest and our youngest brother,Ernest George. My father’s name is Ernie Garalde Garcera. I was baptized at the Sto.Niño Parish Church of Matnog, Sorsogon. I ’ve graduated from Matnog Central School year 2005 and a product of Matnog National High School last 2009. And now, I here at St.
  • Louise de Marillac College of Sorsogon formerly Colegio de la Milagrosa taking theprofession of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. his course that I’m taking is not actually my choice but the T choice of my mother since she was a product of this institution aswell as my grandmother. They also took the course Education. What I want is Hoteland Restaurant Management or Nursing. Because I feel that I will be motivatedwell and for me those two are very interesting. Yet somehow I was convinced by mymother to take this course which is Education because she told me that if ever I don’twant/like to teach, I can still find a job like; call center agent or as a steward. I really love to dance because dancing is my passion and through dancing, somehow I can express my feelings, emotions and ideas. Iwould describe myself as a happy person, kind, friendly, generous, lovable and mostimportantly a chocoholic person… Why? Because chocolates makes me feelcomfortable, relax, stressfree, and light. That’s why whenever I am stressed or I have aproblem, I always see to it that I have chocolates in my room, my pocket or bag. I ’ll just end this story of my life with my motto; Live life to the fullest, be yourself; and don’t be so insecure with others for youhave something that they don’t have. 
  • Haikus SUNRISE The rays of the sun Symbolizes a new hope To live life fully. RAINBOW Because of rainbow, We feel our God’s existence And we feel secure. FLOWERS
  • As the flowers grow, We feel happy and blooming As if we are young.JOKESA fat lady asked her boyfriend what she looks like…The boy replied, “You look like a goddess.”The fat lady smiled, giggled and blushedThen she asked, “Goddess? Isn’t it Aphrodite or Venus?”The boy said; “No… Buddha” BROADBANDRYAN: Are you using smart or globe?CHAI: No. none of them. I’m using Sun Broadband. Is the smart and globe broadbandokay? I mean, is it fast?RYAN: Somehow.CHAI: Do you think Sun broadband is faster among others?RYAN: Yes, of course! Every 6 o’clock in the morning there is already a Sun. 
  • PARODY COLLEGE PRAYER Our professor, who art in school holy be your name, our finals come and it will be done on test papers as it is on class cards. Give us this day our daily grade and forgive us from copying as we forgive those who copied from us. Do not bring us to TRES or SINGKO, but deliver us into DOS or UNO.
  • ODE MY PARENTS They are the one who love each other The ones who give life to me The one who took care of me And these are my parents. They teach me good values They always think of what is best I love having them in my life I know that they love me too. They are the parents, who support, Care, comforts, wipes our tears,
  • A shoulder to cry on, andLove us as much as they love themselves.St. Louise de Marillac College of Sorsogon Higher Education Department S.Y. 2011-2012
  • Submitted by: Ms. Jushabeth G. Garcera BSED-III Submitted to: Ms. Mylene Jeremias InstructressCRITICAL ANALYSIS 3 IDIOTS
  • This movie is about the 3 students which they called as idiots. They are Pansukh“Chhote” Wangdu who disguised of being Ranchhoddas Shamaldas Chanchad alsoknown as Rancho. And his bestfriend namely Raju Rastogi and Farhan Qureshi.Pasukh Wangdu is a son of a gardener in the palace of the family of RanchhoddasShamaldas Chanchad. Their family gave Pansukh an opportunity to go to schooland they also gave him an old uniform. When he was Grade 7, one professor saw himthat he was doing a Grade 10 Math ad he called his attention. The father of Ranchowants him to take an Engineering course which actually suited in his ability andinterest. And he said that he only wants a Degree and he will post it on the wall.While Rancho was sent in the United States for four years.There was a scene that when Raju and Farhan was been embarrassed by theirDirector Virus, they get drunk and they promised to Chhote that they will listen totheir hearts and marry the things that they wanted to be if Chhote will court Pia,daughter of Virus. So, they did it. And they gave Virus a pee-mail. But only Rajuwas the only one who has been caught in action. So he was called his attention andmade a decision of who will be the one to be rusticated in college if it is him or chhote.But he committed suicide. Later on, when he was been recovered, they did theirpromises to Chhote. And they found a job.Years after, Raju, Farhan and Chatur were looking for Chhote to know his positionand his reason of leaving right after their graduation for he did not informed them.So, they found the real “Rancho” and he told them the real story. And they went toChhote in a School which they thought he was only a school teacher. Yes, he was buthe is also a scientist which Chatur idolized.