Adjectives (PPT)


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Adjectives (PPT)

  1. 1. What can yousay about thosepictures?Have you beenin these kind ofplaces?How does itfeels?
  2. 2. ADJECTIVES is a word/s that describes nouns or pronouns PEOPLE PLACES THINGS
  3. 3. She is wearing a shiny blue track suit ADJECTIVES NOUN
  4. 4. It’s a bright sunny day. ADJECTIVESWhat is the adjective used in the sentence?
  5. 5. Adjective also ask thequestions:WHAT KIND? WHICH ONE? HOW MANY? HOW MUCH?
  6. 6. What kind? How many?Today is a warm day with hundreds of birds chirping in the clear blue sky. What kind?
  7. 7. One should not use too manyadjectives in the sentences…Ex. xThe fierce ugly old brown tiger.
  8. 8. To make a perfect sentence one shouldfollow the following order: SIZE TEXTURE COLOR TYPE
  9. 9. xThe yellow big beach shiny ball. The big shiny yellow beach ball.
  10. 10. Points to remember… Possessive pronouns can be also used as adjectives. Example: That is his book.  The, a, and an are called articles. Articles are always adjectives. They modify nouns and pronouns. Examples: 1. The two dark cats were walking on the fence. The - adjective because it modifies the noun cats and is an article. Two - adjective because it modifies the noun cats & answers the question HOW MANY. Dark - adjective because it modifies the noun cats & answers the question WHAT KIND.
  11. 11. The chocolate one is his2.last cookie. The - adjective because it modifies thepronoun one and is an article. Chocolate - adjective because it modifiesthe pronoun one & tells WHAT KIND. His - adjective because it is a possessivepronoun that modifies the noun cookie andanswers the question WHICH ONE. Last - adjective because it modifies thenoun cookie and tells WHICH ONE.
  12. 12. Lets practice!Find the adjectives in the following sentences. 1. He suggested they clean the statue for their community service project. __________ __________ _______________ _______________ 2. The bank book was on the kitchen table. __________ ____________ ________ ________________ 3. Five dollars was required of each student. __________ __________ 4. The teacher asked the shy boy to give an oral report. __________ __________ _________ ___________ ______________ 5. I visited the family for several days. __________ _______________ 6. Do you have a special someone in your life? _____________ ___________ __________ 7. Her story was printed in the town paper. __________ __________ ___________
  13. 13. Assignment: Are you a dog lover?  Say something about these dogs.  Compare the two dogs. Use adjectives in describing each.
  14. 14. Which is which? Describe each dog and compare one from another. Which of it do you want to be your pet? Why?
  15. 15. Goodluc k!