Leandro herrero speaking programme 2013


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Leandro herrero speaking programme 2013

  1. 1. SpeakingEngagementsSeminars and LeadershipRetreatsProgramme2013 +44 1494 730999 Lucy Marshall, Head of Communications The Chalfont Project Ltd & Viral Change Global LLP lucy-marshall@thechalfontproject.com
  2. 2. Executive leadership retreats Keynotes Leandro Herrero MD MBA FCMI FIoD FRSALeandro Herrero, a psychiatrist by background, spent manyyears in hands-on leadership positions in global companiesbefore founding The Chalfont Project Ltd, a leadingconsulting group of organizational architects. He haspioneered Viral Change™, an unconventional and verysuccessful change management methodology . He alsoleads the Viral Change ™ Global network of companies.As a speaker, Leandro Herrero has won the highestrecognition from many audiences, big and small, at publicforums and in-house events. Contact:As an author, he has published several books on +44 1494 730999 Lucy Marshall, Head of Communicationsmanagement of change and leadership. The Chalfont Project Ltd & Viral Change Global LLPAs a consultant, he works with organizations of many sizesat different levels: from Board and top management and lucy-marshall@thechalfontproject.comleadership teams to staff in Business Units. His consulting www.thechalfontproject.comwork focuses on behavioural management of change, www.viralchange.comleadership, human collaboration, organizational branding www.leandroherrero.comand behavioural innovation. “A good speaker doesn’t just fill a slot at the event, they should also help to provoke a change in the audience. Dr Herrero hits the spot every time on this criteria”.
  3. 3. KeynotesShort presentations of 45-60 minutes followed by Q&A. The titles provided here are those which havecreated and create more traction in the audience and are directly related to Leandro Herrero‟s cuttingedge work as a organizational consultant. We, as his team, will help you to chose between options, toadapt or create and tailored a completely new keynote for your organization. This keynotes aresuitable for in-company wide presentations, in the context of Leadership team meetings and retreats,or public conferences.SeminarsThese are several hours interactive events of very practical nature suitable for management teams orwider groups of managers . These are delivered either by Leandro Herrero personally or by member ofhis consulting tea. In some cases one of his books serves a back up or foundation material. There mayor may not require some participant‟s preparation or reading pre-seminar.Executive Leadership retreatsThese are very intensive leadership retreats held in non-business environments which go quite deepinto the participant‟s DNA as leader. They are highly introspective and require a good team atmosphereof trust. They do not provide an off-the shelf formula to follow to become a good leader. There is aheavy accent in finding the right questions, exploring the personal answers and share with others apersonal journey. These retreats are lead personally by Leandro Herrero . The best speaker, bring him back next year. Outstanding
  4. 4. KeynotesViral Change™ : the The Age of Activism:alternative to the 80% orchestrating large scale Employee engagement?failure rate of ‘change behavioural change in A company of volunteersmanagment’ organizations and societyHighlighting the key concepts of There is no difference between Employee engagement hasthe pioneering Viral Change™ micro and macro-social change, a become an industry on its ownprogrammes and the book of the fact largely ignored in business. right. The old house of thesame title, this is an insightful Organizational change is viral psychology of motivation has beentour into the only real alternative change, an internal social refurbished and redecorated. Butto traditional, top-down and movement, or it isn‟t. This keynote most companies are not going farmechanistic „management of addresses ten inconvenient truths enough. Would employee self-change‟. about management of change and management be the ultimate goal brings closer to each other social of employee engagement? This activism ad internal activism. keynote challenges the traditional concepts of employee engagement as commonly accepted. “The best speaker, bring him back next year. Outstanding”
  5. 5. Keynotes Keynotes Leading change in A tale of two worlds: VUCA land information and (volatile, unpredictable, behaviours complex and ambiguous) Most problems in day to day The current business environment management can be traced to the across the world is facing mistaken assumption that unprecedented challenges. communication is change. It isn‟t. Fundamental shifts in the way There is no change unless there is organizations work have taken behavioural change, so no amount place, yet we still use old of communication can create management and leadership change. toolkits, created at a time of a Behaviours create cultures, not the more predictable and linear world. other way around. Cultures are not Are we equipped for the new created by training. A guide for the VUCA organization? How can we perplexed based upon his latest lead in this new environment? book Homo Imitans. “The man is an absolute inspiration. By far the best speaker at the event. His approach reflected what communications should be”
  6. 6. KeynotesOther keynotes Backstage leadership: the art of invisibleTen ways to kill and organization leadershipHow to skilfully achieve erosion, distrust, So much has been written about visible topemployee disengagement and business failure. leadership and its supposed power of roleAnd how surprising to find these mechanisms in modelling that we have created a dogma. Theleaders who claim they are building trust, reality points towards a more subtle and moreengagement and success. Looking at the powerful form of leadership where the stage isanatomy of an organizational murder helps given to others: backstage leadership. Who areenormously the building of living organizations, these players in a „distributed leadership model‟?worth going to work to on a Monday morning. And how can top leaders understand this, adapt and reinvent them selves as leaders?The Mcdonaldization of managementHow the mechanistic and ‘engineering’ tradition hasdominated management for decades an converted an‘organism’ into an ‘organization’. What are the newtoolkits for the new management and the newcollaborative structures coexisting within a firm? “This was one of the most interesting presentations - would like to have more on this topic especially about how to work with this in real life”
  7. 7. Keynote+ Pre-conference Occasionally, if the topic and timeframe are appropriate, we would survey the audience (or a sample of it), pre-conference, anonymously via an online questionnaire on some few specific topics so that at Dr Herrero‟s keynote, this data can be shown as „their collective views‟. This is a possibility to bear in mid. Post-conference In some cases Leadership teams or part of them have requested to have a wrap-up private session with Dr Herrero to benefit from his insights and a discussion of the themes of the conference. This kind of „private Q&A‟ has proven highly successful. This follow up could happen during the conference time itself (sometimes not too convenient) or a few days or weeks later. A possibility to consider. Books Leandro Herrero‟s books are often „left behind‟ in company conferences as a momentum or as a reference for further use. Usually the publisher can provide a discount for bulk purchases. Please contact us if of interest.“Spectacular, a highlight. As interesting for us mangers as it would be for CEOs”
  8. 8. Leandro Herrero or his team Seminars Reboot! The Game New leaders wanted, nowDisruptive ideas Plan hiringFollowing a book of the same Organizational and business From a book of the same title thistitle this is a „crash course‟ on transformation and change is an invitation to find twelveremarkably simple, low cost, high may not be enough. „Rebooting types of new thinkers and newimpact changes that can be the system‟ may be the best leaders, and then find jobs forimplemented in any organization accelerator. Identifying sacred them. Exactly in that order.that wants to improve radically, cows and elephants in the room Practical seminar to identify theprovided it has the ambition to may be a good start. Ten more types and asses their value foradopt unconventional thinking . steps and you‟ll be in re boot the organization. mode. Which are they? This is a practical workshop providing both assessment an roadmap tools ending in a game plan that can be tracked. “Great guy, interesting mind-shift, really told something new.”
  9. 9. Leandro Seminars Herrero or his teamKeynotes The beta Organization™ Innovactions! „Unfinished by design‟, the Beta Organisation™ masters the art of Innovation has been hijacked flexibility, the bravery by process junkies and tool of the co-existence of various, vendors. Whilst we need tools often contradictory and processes, most innovation organizational and business is behavioural. No wonder models within the same firm, many processes have become and the abolition of the word straightjackets and many tools „change‟ due to complete are underutilized. „Its redundancy.: change is its behaviours, stupid!‟ A practical normal stay of life. What are its workshop focused on the characteristics and behavioural side of innovation how can we build one of these? and how to create a true (Also a forthcoming book). behavioural DNA regardless the existence of tools. “Eye opening, new, edge, unexpected, yet very practical with immediate applications “
  10. 10. Executive leadership retreatsThe Leader withSeven FacesThis is a thee or four day intensive executive retreatheld in a non-business or training environmentexploring the seven faces of leadership at bothpersonal and group level . These faces, as describedin a book of the same title, are what leaders say,what they build, where they go and take otherpeople with them, how they do it, „what‟ are they andwhat they actually do. Exclusive for top leadershipand management teams. Pre seminar reading isrequired. The focus of this retreat is on having theright questions, not off the shelf answers. It goesquite deep into the leader‟s DNA. The Seven Facesprovide a roadmap for introspection, self-assessment, awareness and call to action. The groupdynamics facilitate the individual and sharedcommitment. “Profound insights as individuals and as a team. Hard work! But very different from anything we have done before!”
  11. 11. Executive leadership retreatsExecutive leadership retreats Keynotes The 3S Bootcamp for leaders An alternative four day executive, leadership retreat to master the art of introspection through silence only disrupted by group sharing of insights and guest speakers from the non-business world. Unfortunately blackberries, laptops and smartphones are completely banned in the premises for the entire duration of the retreat. Each participant is also coached twice by Leandro Herrero before, and after the retreat. The 3S stand for silence, stillness and solitude, at the core of many forms of old Western and Eastern religious tradition. This is not a religious or New Age retreat but we borrow the 3 traditional S which the modern leader is in desperate need of. It is as down to earth as Pascal‟s statement that “All of humanitys problems stem from mans inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”. He might have today referred to leadership. “Nothing like this in executive retreats. Apprehensive first. Now so glad I did it”
  12. 12. The Chalfont Project Ltd is a consulting firm of organizational architects. We work in the areas oforganizational and cultural strategy, leadership of change, human collaboration and organizationalbranding. We bring behavioural and social sciences expertise together with hands on managerialand consulting experience. Dr Leandro Herrero is the CEO of the firm.Viral Change™ orchestrates large scale behavioural and cultural change in organizations andsociety. Viral Change™ Companies across the world work with clients to create fast andsustainable change. All companies are part of the Viral Change Global Network. Viral Change™is a registered trademark. Dr Leandro Herrero is the Managing Partner of Viral Change GlobalLLP.
  13. 13. Executive leadership retreats Keynotes Contact: +44 1494 730999 Lucy Marshall Head of Communications The Chalfont Project Ltd & Viral Change Global LLP lucy-marshall@thechalfontproject.com www.thechalfontproject.com www.viralchange.com www.leandroherrero.com