Social Media 101: A Beginner's Guide


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Social media can be scary for those just beginning to delve into the online world or who are unsure how to navigate its fickle waters. Fortunately, you can use our experience to bypass all the question marks and hit the ground running.

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Social Media 101: A Beginner's Guide

  2. 2. Although social media doesn’t cost anything, it certainly isn’t “free.” It costs time -- a lot of it. And it can be a daunting task, especially for those who are unfamiliar with it or are just occasional users. ANSWERS While this Social Media 101 guide does not have all the answers, it will help give you starter tips to get the most out of your online
  3. 3. Rule #1: Have Fun & Don’t
  4. 4. #1: H ave fun Rule Its called "social" because its all about getting to know people, and letting them get to know you and your business in a relaxed, friendly manner. Its also known as "networking" because that is the goal: to create a network of personal connections with your target
  5. 5. Rule #2: Don’t make it all about
  6. 6. u l about yo tm ake it al : Don’ Rule #2 Don’t use social media to overtly market or sell. Instead educate, enlighten, inform and entertain your audience. Offer advice, tips, resources or links to useful information. By doing this you’ll position yourself and the company as an expert in your field and often benefit from the “halo” (re-post/re-tweet) effect. ME ME WE ME
  7. 7. Rule #3: Facebook isn’t the only game in
  8. 8. n e in tow only gam k isn’t the #2: Faceboo Rule Good marketing is more than setting up a Facebook page. Facebook may not even be the best social network for you to be on. For instance, a user base that is female heavy would indicate you may have more success connecting with those customers on a network like Pinterest. Likewise, you might connect most with users who love video through an app like Vine. Since it is the most popular website to ever exist, the temptation is to put all your eggs in its basket. But! There are many options out there and more are sprouting up every day. Depending on who your customers are and how they spend their time online, it’s good practice to continually review what’s out there. Who knows, you could be a first mover on a rising network. For a comprehensive list of networks, click
  9. 9. Social Media
  10. 10. Social Media Do Provide engaging Interact content & ask Know your Post positive, Listen to with followers open-ended questions audience simple c ontent followers + + + +(handholding not required) + + + + +Post pictures, Update content Track your Hold contests Be yourself Allow followersvideo & music regularly posts and giveaways & stay patient to participate Way to go! Super awesome, = cool company! If I could give you a Pictured: Passionate Brand Ambassadors bigger thumbs up (Love your brand, tell their friends, happy to help) I so would.
  11. 11. Social Media Don’
  12. 12. Social Media Don’t Keep after Post content Make followers work Make it all Overwhelm withthose who deny that’s too to get your message about you too many posts smart/insider c entric In a short time + + + + + + + + Post content that Over-promise,Post questionable Engage Be a snob lie or renege goes against Content; Keep it in conflict or company personality PG-13 be rude and pushy I am a displeased ex-follower. And now I will let all my friends know about it! Fear my misguided wrath! = Angry Mobs of Negativ ity (Negativ e rev iew s, bad w ord-of-mouth, etc.)
  13. 13. All of your social media efforts should reinforce the idea or message that you are trying to share with people. FOCUS Try not to mix messages or be something to everyone. Concentrate on your core customers and nurture those
  14. 14. Goal  Increase the number of fans following your business, as well as interaction/approval levels.Dude Man Guy!Dude Man Guy!Dude Man Guy!Dude Man Guy!Dude Man Guy!
  15. 15. At the end of the day, results are what drive a business. Your social media efforts should be no different. EVALUATE ROI (return on investment) let’s you know if all the time you spend doing your social media has been as effective as possible or if you need to try a different
  16. 16. METRICS  You can utilize multiple tools to record the growth and rising awareness of yourbusiness. Below are a few ways you can track your efforts. • Phone calls • Emails • Fans, Re-posts, Insights • Followers • Re-Tweets, Favorited • Click-Throughs - URL Shorteners s uch as, tiny.url, etc. • Google Alerts - 3rd Party Mentions from Blogs, Articles, Comments,
  17. 17. In this digital age, content is king. The more relevant, timely and meaningful you make it the better chance you have of connecting with a user. WHAT WORKS Coming up with content can be another daunting task. Whether you create your own work or share the content of someone else, knowing what will get people to interact will ease your worries. Click here to see our Content is King
  18. 18. Content  What typically works Social media is all about interacting with your connections. Mark Hughes, author of Buzz Marketing, found there are six categories that immediately stimulate interest and get people talking: • The Taboo (sex, lies, bathroom humor, etc.) • The Unusual • The Outrageous • The Hilarious • The Remarkable • Secrets (both kept and revealed) People love being “the first” to post cool stuff that gets their friends to think of them as cool/interesting. Push any one of these buzz buttons, and youll give people the currency to start a conversation. Once that happens, fans begin looking for your material as a source to elevate
  19. 19. SUMMARY  Your social media basic training is now complete! !
  20. 20. SUMMARY  Your social media basic training is now complete! Now… It’s time to SOCIALIZE! Be sure to update us with your progress and to ask questions! HERO|farm