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Presentation about Commons in Drupal Camp Sevilla 2011

Presentation about Commons in Drupal Camp Sevilla 2011



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Acquia Commons Acquia Commons Presentation Transcript

  • The  [Open  Alternative]  Social  Business  Software   Hernâni  Borges  de  Freitas   Technical  Consultant   @hernanibf   Sevilla,  1st  October,  2011  #acquia
  • Sorry  for  the  language  
  • About  me  •  .PT  •  Acquia  Europe  •  Technical  Consultant  •  Drupal*  many  things  •  Passionate  about  web  and   communities  •  Travel  lover  
  • About  us  Drupal  &  open  source  expertise   •  Dries  Buytaert,  Drupal  founder   •  Gabor  Hojtsy,  D6   •  Angie  Byron,  D7   •  Many  leading  community   contributors  in  engineering,   support,  and  consulting.  Software  industry  experience   •  Cloud  site  deployment   •  Professional  technical  support   •  Services  delivery  
  • Drupal  For  Everyone  
  • Acquia  Network   •  Communicate with Acquia Support •  Access network services •  Automate operations •  Optimized Drupal hosting •  Dev Cloud •  Managed Cloud
  • Helping  Drupal  Adoption  
  • ¿  Commons  ?  
  • Social  Nature   content users blogs / workflow wikis forums / taxonomy comments Content Social Mgmt Software Systems search Tools ratings RSS tagging social analytics networks
  • Our  core  is  also  social     675 000 Community Members   12 000 Modules   1000 contributors to Drupal 7
  • Government  
  • Government  
  • Government  
  • Media  
  • Media  
  • Media  
  • Universities  
  • Universities  
  • Universities  
  • Communities  
  • Communities  
  • Communities  
  • Features  Are  Common  Across  Community  Sites  “Core  features  are  now  table  stakes.”  Melissa  Parrish,  Forrester.   Symantec Blogs Wiki Profiles Friending Commenting Status updates UK Gov Event calendar Forums Ratings Reputations Polling Groups File sharing Tagging SEO Analytics Registration Intel etc…
  • Packaged  into  Rapid  Deployment  Package  Site-­‐building  work  can  focus  on  your  unique  needs  -­‐  not  on  the  basics   Symantec Nvidia UK Gov Commons Intel
  • Commons  Behind  the  scenes  •   Drupal  6  Core  •   ~  60  contributed  modules  •  Set  of  optional  features  that   provide  Enterprise  2.0  sauce.  •   No  customizations,  meaning   default  plug  and  play  Drupal   behavior.  
  • Groups  Flock  together.  •  Private  and  public.  •  Features  that  promote   sharing  among  group   members  (activity  streams,   blogs,  documents).  •  Features  configuration  per   group.  •  Wikis,  blogs,  discussions,   groups,  friends,  event   calendars,  and  more  
  • Profiles  Be  yourself.  •  Customized  profiles.  •  Customized  fields.  •  User  badges  and   clear  identification.  •  Interests  sharing  and   matching.  •  Facebook  status   updates.  
  • Share  And  learn.  •  Follow  users  in  groups  and  in   the  community.  •  Share  activity  and  your  feelings.  •  Learn  with  others  activity  and   find  new  people.  •  Collaborate  in  common  issues   and  discussions.  
  • Enough talk.Show me the gold!
  • What  Makes  Commons  Unique?  •   Built  by  a  global  community,  for  communities   •   Administrators  -­‐  better  manage  users  and  groups   •   Content  Contributors  -­‐  efficiently  manage  content  and  collaboration   •   Members  -­‐  create  unique  personalized  experiences   •   Community  Managers  -­‐  easily  make  changes  and  produce  analytics   •   Developers  -­‐  innovate  new  social  business  processes  
  • Administrators  Can  Create  Custom  Roles     Administrator Authenticated Anonymous Users Users Roles authors editors GroupsUnlimited custom of like users roles, Permissions Create Page Edit Page Operations allowed by role permissions & views Views My Posts All Posts Determined by permissions
  • Contributors  Get  Flexibility  of  Drupal  CMS  •  No  need  for  separate  CMS  &   integration  •  Preset,  and  configurable   content  types  •  Self-­‐organizing  or  managed   groups  •  Pre-­‐defined  content  views  •  Free  tagging  and  pre-­‐defined   vocabularies  
  • Members  Can  Create  Personalized  Experiences   Users work the way they want with dashboards •  Personal  &  group   dashboards   •  Social   bookmarking   •  Curated  content   •  Subscriptions  to   content  &   discussions  
  • Community  Managers  Track  &  Analyze  Results  •  Participation  &   engagement  metrics   •  New  Users   •  Content   •  Comments   •  Group  joins   •  Variable  date  ranges  •  Complements  Google   Analytics  
  • Developers  Have  Freedom  to  Innovate  •  Extend  Commons  with  10k+  modules    •  Open  standards  support:   •  Document  management     •  Application  integration   •  User  access  &  authentication  
  • There’s  a  module  for  that!  •  Directory  integration   •   Ldap  /  CAS  /  Shibolleth  /  Google  Apps  support    •  Integration  with  other  platforms     •  Salesforce  /  CMIS  /  File  Depot  •  Import/Export  information     •  Node  Import  /  Views  Data  Source  /  Feeds  •  More  granular  control  on  groups   •  OG  User  Roles  /  Content  Access  •  Better  control  on  worflows     •  Workflow  /  rules  
  • Commons Examples
  • More Examples Symantec Novell GSA World Economic Forum Nvidia Red Hat PSCU Financial Services Mitt Romney Campaign Seventh Generation Social Media Today More case studies at:
  • Helping  Your  Community   Innovation Drupal Community Modules 10k+ Upgrades & Releases Acquia Remote Administration Support & Maintenance Acquia Network Hosting Acquia Managed Cloud Training Acquia Training Implementation Acquia JumpStart Strategy Acquia Commons Partner
  • So,  before  your  questions.   I  do  have  a  question.  
  • So,  before  your  questions.   I  do  have  a  question.  Would  you  like  to  join  Acquia?  
  • So,  before  your  questions.   I  do  have  a  question.   Would  you  like  to  join  Acquia?  We are hiring EVERYWHERE!
  • So,  before  your  questions.   I  do  have  a  question.   Would  you  like  to  join  Acquia?  We are hiring EVERYWHERE! •  Consultants •  Support •  Sales •  Engineering