Final project art 102


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Final project art 102

  1. 1. FINAL PROJECT ART 101 Hector Hernandez Exhibition: Nude and background
  2. 2. Giorgione, Sleeping Venus, 1509 Oil on Canvas; 3 ft 6 ¾ in by 5 ft9 in 1.- Giorgione painted his Sleeping Venus fully nude With a lot of light to attract The attention 2.- The background of the Painting shows some Mountains and trees but The sleeping venus takes The attention of the viewer 3.- Its posture kind of Follows that of the hills This painting is created in during The High Renaissance
  3. 3. Titan, Venus of Urbino, c 1538. Oil Canvas; 3 ft 11 in by 5 ft 5 in 1.- Titan’s venus has a very Similar posture to Giorgione’s And its mountains but her Right arm is resting on her side 2.- This painting has a Different background since The venus seems to be in A room with a lady and kid In the background near to A window This painting was created During the High Renaissance After Giorgione’s Venus
  4. 4. Diego Velazquez, Venus with a Mirror, c 1648 Oil on Canvas; 4 ft 3/8 in by 5 ft 9 5/8 in. 1.- Giorgione and Titan’s Venus were probably the Insparation to Diego’s 2.-Diego’s Venus seems to b In a room as Titan’s but Her back faces the viewer While she looks at a mirror This painting was created During the Baroque
  5. 5. Jean-Auguste- Dominique Ingres, Grande Odalisque, 1814. Oil on Canvas; approx. 2 ft 11 ¼ in by 5 ft 4 ¾ in. 1.- Grande Odalisque Was painted with a very Similar posture to Diego’s Venus in 1648 2.- The back of the woman Faces the viewer but turns Back and faces the viewe At the same time while She is in a room at night This painting was created During the Neoclassical Style in France
  6. 6. Edouard Manet, Olympia, 1865. Oil on Canvas; 4 ft 3 in by 6 ft 3 in 1.- Olympia by Manet Has a very similar posture Than Giorgione’s sleeping Venus but inside a room Accompanied by a color woman 2.- Manet’s Olympia Faces the viewer while She sexually shows her breast This painting was created During the Nineteenth Century with Realism style
  7. 7. Henri Rousseau, The Dream, 1910. Oil Canvas; 6 ft 8 ½ in by 9 ft 9 ½ in 1. The Dream by Henri presents a posture similar To Titan’s Venus and Manet’s Olympia. She has her body Towards the viewer while she Stares at the plants and trees That surrounds her 2.- The painting has a Caricaturist look while It insist in the sensuality Of the nude woman This painting was created during The late nineteenth century Inspired by the post impressionism style
  8. 8. This is a collection of Nude women painted throughout The centuries and studied